Valkyria Revolution Hits PS4, PS Vita Spring 2017

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Valkyria Revolution Hits PS4, PS Vita Spring 2017

Valkyria Revolution (formerly Valkyria Azure Revolution, if you’ve been watching the title in Japan) is poised to make landfall on the shores of the Americas and Europe in 2017 on PS4 and PS Vita!

Valkyria Revolution

Now, maybe you tried Valkyria Chronicles Remastered earlier this year, or maybe you and the rest of Squad 7 persevered through the Gallian Empire invasion back on PS3 in 2008. Well, take one last look at those memories, because war is about to change.

Quite literally a revolution from previous Valkyria titles, Valkyria Revolution takes place in an alternate time, continent, and universe. However, there are a few common threads throughout: the magical, azure-colored mineral ragnite returns in this game; as do the Valkyria, the last of an ancient race of highly destructive, demi-gods.

Valkyria Revolution shows how a single spark can ignite the inferno of war. Five lifelong friends consumed by personal revenge plunge an entire continent into a terrible war, sacrificing the lives of countless innocents for a cause based on twisted half-truths and outright lies. This “Circle of Five” use their combined political and military influence to motivate their small, economically blockaded homeland to rise up as a powerful resistance against imperialist oppressors.

Valkyria RevolutionValkyria Revolution

Will the Circle of Five be remembered as heroic liberators, or will their selfish motives expose them as traitorous conspirators who sacrificed untold lives just to carry out a personal vendetta?

Heavy, right? That’s the story players will be chipping away at in Valkyria Revolution, but there are lots of other elements at play.

It’s a ground-up look at war, and the blurred lines of morality it inevitably crosses. Ultimately, the game asks: Are you truly a hero? Or just the least despicable bad guy? And speaking of morality – permadeath is a returning gameplay element as well. Sure, it may be tactically advantageous to sacrifice a soldier for the good of the team, but you’ll have to be the one who bears the bad news to their next of kin.

Valkyria Revolution

Combat is strikingly different from Valkyria Chronicles, as well. In Revolution, turn-based action is replaced with active-style combat on a living, evolving battlefield. Tactics still play an important role, and your squad has highly customizable AI. You can adjust their battle role to prioritize general roles like Offense, Defense, and Support, or you can get granular and have individuals focus on when to use spells or guns, or even whether they should target enemy grunts or leaders first.

Plus, there’s a highly customizable weapons tree. Players can decide which upgrades they want to make to their unique, individual melee weapons, and augment by figuring out which ranged weapon works best – anything from a pistol to a rocket launcher.

And finally, let’s not forget – this is war: the fate of a nation and countless lives are on the line. There are plenty of contacts you’ll have to make in order to keep the military intelligence going – and your relationship with your squadmates may mean the difference between survival or ruinous defeat.

Valkyria Revolution will arrive in the Americas and Europe in spring of 2017. The PS4 version will be available both physically and digitally in all regions. The PS Vita version will be digital-only for all regions.

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  • So, John, if Caligula and VR are digital-only on Vita, but they “do not signal the end of physical for Vita from SEGA/ATLUS”, what else do you guys have in store? ;-)

  • Thanks for localizing the game. And not leaving the Vita version in Japan, even if it is digital only.

    • I know – the Vita crowd is a passionate bunch and physical is preferred, but I’m just glad the Vita is getting it as well!

  • I am absolutely getting this game. Looking forward to USA release for PS4 version.

  • Why change the combat system?? It’s one the things that made the original a great game!!!!!

    • Maybe because this is a spinoff and not a main series entry?

      Doesn’t hurt to change things up in those every once in a while. Plus if people get into the lore/world, they may just pick up the others.

    • I also would have liked the devs to have kept the original combat system. This new game may be good, but I’ll wait for the reviews before deciding whether to purchase. If the combat system were the same, though, I would have pre-ordered. Oh, well.

    • We changed errrrrything. (Well, almost everything. Valkyrias are in it still, so is ragnite.)

      It’s still a story about the human side of war!

    • Beautiful thing is it is released in January in japan so we’ll have reviews soon!

    • Combat system was meh, but at least it was a different kind of SRPG. I started playing II and it was the same system with an awful story, and then I bought III but never played it (even the translation). I’m hoping Revolution is actually a good game but I’m not holding my breath (or buying it)

  • OMGomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgTHANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am TOO excited!

  • Im sorry but no matter how u sell it this is not the Valkyria I know and love. I’ll come back if u give me a proper sequel. No way am I touching this.

    • I mean, it’s right there in the name. It’s not a Valkyria Chronicles game. But I respect you and others that love the original VC – it was a magical game.

      Revolution IS completely different, but maybe keep an eye on it before completely writing it off?

    • I have done my research. U took an excellent turn-based combat system and gave us a generic action oriented one. From what I have played and seen of the demos I have no interest in it and am more than disappointed in the direction you are taking this franchise. No disrespect but I will be passing on this.

    • I’m a giant Valkyria Chronicles fan. I played the first game on PS3, the second game was the reason I bought a Vita and then even tried to find a way to get through the third game, but without English localization was impossible. Now… Unfortunately I’m gonna have to agree with Gundamcero here. Sega seems to have this idea that just plugging the IP into complete different experiences will transfer fans. Sorry to break this news, but people didn’t fall in love for the Ragnite or Valkyrias as a race, they fell in love for the gameplay. And even though I’ll keep an open mind before completely writing it off and think that additions to the Vita platform are always welcome, I’m sad to say I foresee the same fate to Valkyria Chronicles as Shinning Force once had, and that’s a shame.
      This is coming from a huge SEGA supporter, by the way.

    • The problem is that VC2 and VC3 which sounds really interesting never made it to the west! Never got an English Voice Acting version and full localization. I never played VC2 and VC3 because I simply can’t and that’s a crying shame.
      SAGA shouls really make an English Remaster version of the 2nd and 3rd game!

  • Really excited to see this on Vita — but still nervous that it’s abandoning the Turn-Based combat that made previous Valkyria games so great. Nonetheless though, I’m excited to see how this turns out!

    …Any chance that we can get the original Valkyria Chronicles on PS Vita too?? :P

    • Wouldn’t hold your breath for the original VC on Vita, which is a shame :(

      But yeah, I think this will be a good addition to the Vita and PS4 library, Vita especially!

  • Thanks Atlus/Sega for bringing Valkyria Revolution outside of Japan. Just out of curiosity, can I also have 2 and 3 as well since I got into Valkyria Chronicles with the remaster this year. By the way, I like the cool steel armor case I got when I preorder it.

    • FWIW, it’s just a SEGA title – that pesky Atlus John Hardin got credited by mistake. I think 2 is currently available as a PSP classic on PS Vita (IIRC, they fixed the needing a PC/PS3 to get it installed!), but there was never a localization for VC3 unfort :(

  • I’m always a little leery of games that purport to be sequels/follow-ups to fondly remembered games but feature completely different core gameplay, characters, setting, etc.

    This looks like it could be a good game but nothing about it seems like a Valkyria title – it seems like Sega made a new IP but lost confidence in how it would do in the marketplace, instead shoehorning it into an existing franchise.

    This is rarely, if ever, a move that pays off. Sure, sometimes it works – Wolfenstein 3D shares very little in common with the Apple II titles it followed, yet managed to create an entirely new genre in the process. However, most of the time you get something like Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, a great game that never stood a chance in the marketplace due to the unreasonable expectations that came with Rare marketing it as a sequel to Banjo-Tooie. A very similar situation when Nintendo insisted on Star Fox being shoved into Rare’s then-new IP Dinosaur Planet.

    I’m still interested in seeing how Valkyria Revolution turns out but the fact that Sega decided to arbitrarily tie it into a seemingly unrelated franchise is worrisome…

    • The thing is though, it doesn’t. It’s got different name from the Valkyria Chronicles series. I get wanting that to continue, but I’m not sure why people are so up in arms over a spinoff.

    • I agree with this 100%. I was incredibly excited when I first heard of this game (what, a year ago?), but everything I’ve heard & seen of it since tells me that it is exactly as you describe it: A new IP being shoehorned into the Valkyria IP. This is what happened with the abomination called Sacred III, though perhaps not quite that horrific.
      They could (and SHOULD) have given us a PS4 remaster of VC 2 & 3. I wasn’t even that big a fan of VC 2 (never did import 3), but I’d gladly take it over this.
      This may in fact be a good game, but iit’s just not Valkyria. I’ll be waiting to see reviews, but if I do get it, I’ll probably wait until it’s discounted down to $20 or less.

    • I’m interested too, honestly. I loved the original VC, but this game is going to be vastly different. From what I’ve heard about the story though, I’m really excited by ValRev’s prospects.

  • I for one welcome the change. And its great that we will see this game on Vita which I will definitely buy. Thank you for supporting this side of the pond with these amazing games.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to chip on the

  • Not having the turn-based combat like the original is a crime and a mistake. Not a Valkyria game if you ask me. So disappointing.

    • Well, that’s why we didn’t call it a Valkyria Chronicles game.

      I know, a lot of fans of the original VC may be questioning it, but I don’t think you should discount it from the get-go.

    • Ur still calling it a Valkyria game which is what fans see, hear, and think about when they see it making it seem like a sequel. U say it is not a VC game. Then call it something completely different cause it is. Otherwise u are asking fans to dismiss this despite ur claim

  • I’ll preorder this as soon as it hits amazon :D

  • DANG IT!!! Chronicles on PS3 was a unique turn based combat game that I loved… sequel loses the turn based system and follows the path of thousands of other games in going active 3rd person battle… looks like Ill be avoiding this now un-unique game.

  • So… this is going through the ATLUS brand then? That’s cool – inspires some faith, tbh. I hope this is good. Those early JP demos looked awful. Between the generic modern anime stereotype character designs, the incredibly disappointing art (not even an attempt to replicate sketchiness like the original? Or a new, bolder manga shader like, say, One Piece Burning Blood or Tokyo Warfare. Just looks like screenshots of a normal game run through a Photoshop Filter), and the weird actioney combat where it somehow makes sense to run into a bunch of gun-wielding enemies with your oversized sword, this just doesn’t look… great.

    Seeing ATLUS attach themselves to this gives me hope, as does Media Vision’s involvement – Digimon Cyber Sleuth was great, and that looked like it should’ve been terrible :P Shining Resonance also seems pretty cool. They’re a good developer, and this is their 3rd(?) go with the Valkyria franchise, so… I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m glad I’ll at least get the chance to check it out. Throwing it onto the pile of “must-play 2017 RPGs” alongside Tales of Berseria, Persona 5, Nier Automata, the Yakuza games, and if they come out, Dragon Quest XI and Platinum’s Granblue Fantasy.

  • People seem disappointed that there are changes to this beloved franchise. GUYS! We should be glad that we are getting this game at all! Let’s hope that these are improvements that only make the game more fun. I am excited, and this will probably be a day one purchase for me. PS–CROSS BUY WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

    • I was hoping we wouldn’t get it actually that way it would show that we don’t want the change. Hopefully the reception and sales makes the series go back to its roots and not some generic garbage.

    • What good is it if the game gets away from the thing that made it great, which in turn drives loyal fans away, possibly ending the series? Strategy is not improved upon by removing it. That seems like a slap to the face of fellow strategy rpg’ers.

    • Are you guys seriously so angry a spinoff got made that you want to potentially ensure the franchise never comes back just to kill any potential change?


    • Yup. Series is dead as it is going this route. It is Valkyria in name only now. Don’t try to pass it off as a spin-off. Just rename to something else as it is essentially a new IP.

    • @KrillinFan: Yeah kind of. I mean, that would be like blindly being pumped for The Bureau: XCOM Declassfied back when it was “XCOM” just because it was tangentially related to X-com, a dormant IP. Luckily 2K came to their senses and rebooted the IP proper before they did the spinoff.

      In Japan Valkyria’s been going for years thanks to portable entries. Maybe THEY were ready for a spinoff. But to the rest of the World, they’re giving us a spinoff when we just wanted a sequel (not the PSP game. A production on par with the first game). Tbh, it would’ve made more sense to do an HD Remake of the 3rd game, which had a really cool premise. It would’ve established the franchise as something healthy, THEN they could’ve messed with spinoffs.

      But make sure the core of the series is being well represented first. Outside of Japanese handheld gamers, it absolutely hasn’t been. So its either dormant that way, or y’know…. If this ISN’T a good game, than it’ll bury the franchise. It’ll be done. Spinoffs are double-edged swords like that. If The Bureau really was the only XCOM reboot, 2K would’ve just failed and never made another XCOM… like EA with Syndicate or Microsoft with Shadowrun.

    • @KrillinFan: I just don’t want to see that happen to Valkyria Chronicles, y’know? Microsoft and EA’s First Person Shooter Syndicate and Shadowrun games were awful. Valkyria deserves better. So I’m cautiously optimistic – I’ll keep an open mind. If Atlus believes in it, than I can’t write it off. It just has a lot to prove. I’ll be crossing my fingers! :)

    • @Krillinfan I wouldn’t say angry as much as disinterested. Just doesn’t have the qualities I signed up for originally.

    • @VinsanityV21: was completely in agreement with you until the Shadowrun sentiment. Know it wasn’t particularly acclaimed and their cross-platform play (and PC client) was abhorrent, but it’s easily one of the most memorable shooter experiences I’ve had. Powered up a 360 a year or so ago and was, surprisingly, able to find a game easily and teleport around as a katana-wielding troll.

  • Thank you John harden and the rest of atlus. Not just for bringing the next in one of my cherished games to the north America, but for bringing the Vita version along with it. Guaranteed day one purchase and preorder from me for both systems. We don’t get a lot of love as Vita owners.

  • Why bring it to Xbox 1 though lol guess u wanted to make up for having it on the Vita.

    • Unlike the Chronicles games, which were each released on a single platform (until VC1 was released on PC and later remastered on PS4), they’re hoping this one can actually sell well by releasing on multiple platforms. That way, whatever comes next might potentially get a larger budget instead of shrinking like VC2 did.

  • Woot a new Valkyria game! I’m interested for sure.

  • I never comment on any articles here on the blog. But reading that this will be on vita has made my day!!! Best news thi s 2016!!! Thank you!!! Vita island represent!

  • Saddened by the switch from turn-based strategy, but I loved the artwork and storyline from the original, so I’m in! Thanks for bringing it to Vita, any chance of cross-buy and/or cross-play? Also, for those of you asking, Valkyria Chronicles 2 (a psp game) DOES work on Vita, although you have to sideload it through a Ps3 and (as far as I can tell) the DLC does not transfer over.

    • Cross-buy is out, and I don’t think there’s cross-play unfortunately.

      And IIRC, I think they fixed it so you can get VC2 on the Vita w/o a PS3/PC now!

    • Thanks to John Hardin for taking the time to go through the comments and answer so many of them! I always appreciate a team that appreciates the community. Well done. Day 1 purchase for me on at least ps4 and will pick up the visa version down the road! (or vice versa)

  • Glad to hear this. Will preorder it for PS4 as soon as it is available. Hopefully, there’s an HD Collection of 2 & 3 someday for PS4.

  • I would buy this day one on the Vita for a physical release. Guess I’ll wait for it to go on sale like I do with Bandi Namco games.

  • Thanks for bringing this awesome game series overseas for NA Vita enthusiasts :) Viva La Vita!

  • Lot’s of Sega love lately!

  • GOOD NEWS!!!

    will be getting this

  • I know some friends who will be very happy. Me included.

    Thanks Sega.

  • Hi John Hardin
    Do you know if Americas and Europe ver to have Japanese Voice ?


  • Maybe you guys could work with Limited Run games to sort out a physical Vita copy? Please?

  • Oh… and let’s not forget. THANK-YOU for bringing these to the West =)

  • Excellent news. Can’t wait to play this. Any info on available voice over options yet?

  • iv seen some gameplay and it looks ok. do you think we will get a demo? also whats the situation on voices. Is it dub,dual audio,dub only or sub only?

  • I’d really like to see the other main entries (#’s 2 and 3?) to get the remastered and western treatment.

  • These are awesome news! I’m getting this game without question.

    I would like to ask a question to mr John Hardin, though. Do you guys have any plans for the original Valkyria Chronicles series, like, for example, a remaster/remake of VC3? *keeps fingers crossed and hopes*

  • If I buy this game out of support of the Valkyria name, can we get a proper sequel/reboot of Chronicles.
    It’s such a shame of a great franchise to just let the Remastered versión Die.

  • Did not think I’ll ever see this game brought to the west, awesome news.

  • You guys should look into doing a limited print run of vita physical copies via limited run games.

  • YESSSS! I will get this for the Vita for sure! Thanks Sega! Any chance additional content codes will go out weekly in news letter form like VC 2 on psp?

  • No turn based? Well, now I am interested!!! Thank you Sega….

  • Love the Vita support! But no physical = no buy from me. Sony charges too much for memory cards for me to buy many digital games :(

  • To: John Hardin- Will there be a Collectors Edition for this on the PS4? And will there be an English Dub??? I hope so!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! i was scared that this will never come out. this definitely day one for me.

    now if u could bring VC3 here would be awesome.

  • Vita?!?!?! <3 Yes please!

  • Collectors Edition? Please confirm.

  • I’ll probably be getting this, though not day one, as I have some reservations. Valkyria Chronicles my be my favorite game of all time, and missing out on VC3 in the West is something I’m still very angry at Sega about. So much effort has gone into bringing VC back on the PS4 and now this new game, but still, nothing about VC3.

    Sega really whiffed on this franchise if you look at the whole thing. I appreciate that feedback was considered from the Revolution demo, and changes were made, but the lost of the original combat hurts a lot. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but if this game is bad, and doesn’t like up to the quality of the other Valkyria games, I think Sega goes to the permanent crap list.

  • Thank you for not leaving the PSV behind; the World doesn’t need another Squeenix. Really, thank you for the continuous support of the platform~.

  • Wish you had kept Turn Based at least as an option. You can’t think TACTICALLY on a bloody timer else it is an RTS, different genre entirely!

  • Thank you guys so much for bringing this to vita, day one purchase for sure!

  • I loved all 3 games of the Valkyria Chronicles series. Its probably if not the #1 Tactical RPG that I’ve played on my PS3/PS4/PSP. (Would love to see VC3 come out in the West especially for those who haven’t played it)

    Honestly the changes in gameplay don’t bother me that much, knowing that this game will be in it’s own universe & timeline, which I know could be taken as a moot point to others. I actually welcome the changes, and am willing to give it a fair shake rather than dismissing it immediately.

    Was glad to see that the feedback given from those who have played the Demo was being taken into consideration as well, hopefully for the better.

    Can’t wait to hear more in the coming months.

  • A bit disappointed with the change in the combat system. Still I am super excited for Valkyria Revolution. Bought the original Valkyria Chronicles back in 2008 YAY!

  • I would really prefer a physical copy, but still I’m really happy for the PS Vita version to be localized even if only digital.

    Bought the remaster of Valkyria Chronicles earlier this year and had been waiting for the announcement for this games localization.

    And, I know it has been asked already, but I must insist: please consider localizing Valkyria Chronicles 3! Even now I don’t want to give up hope on one day getting to play it.

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