The Street Fighter World Champion Will Emerge This Weekend at PS Experience

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The Street Fighter World Champion Will Emerge This Weekend at PS Experience

The culmination of the 2016 Season of the Capcom Pro Tour is upon us with Capcom Cup 2016 this weekend on December 2 and December 3! 32 of the best Street Fighter V players will come together and fight for more than $400,000 in prizing, and the title of Street Fighter World Champion.

Capcom Cup this year will be a two day event with day one taking place at Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA, and day two featuring the top eight finalists at PlayStation Experience at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Watch all the action live at with day one streaming live from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM Pacific and day two from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM Pacific.

For more information on ticket sales and other details, be sure to check out the Capcom Pro Tour website.

Thanks to the support of all of our fans we’ve exceeded our goal by raising more than $150,000 in additional prize money for Capcom Cup 2016 due to the sales of the Capcom Pro Tour DLC. With a baseline of $250,000 this puts the total at more than $400,000 — the largest prize pool in fighting game history!

Not only does it pay to be a winner in terms of cold hard cash, but the winner of Capcom Cup 2016 will also make history in a few other ways.

First, just like last year, whoever takes first place will be able to help design their own Champion’s Choice Street Fighter V costume for whichever character they like. They’ll work with the Street Fighter V development team to provide feedback on various designs and ultimately choose the design they like the most.

Next, we’ve got a brand new trophy for Capcom Cup that is unlike any other. Each year, we will engrave the name of the champion to the base of the trophy so their legacy will never be forgotten. This mega-trophy will live at Capcom USA HQ and only be brought out each year for Capcom Cup.

That’s it for today! Remember to follow @CapcomFighters on Twitter for the latest updates on Capcom Cup!

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  • Plz Capcom/Sony bring back Ingrid to Street Fighter V she was also the poster girl of Capcom Games on PSP, plz plz

    • I disagree. I think Capcom/Sony should keep Ingrid as far away from Street Fighter as possible. Her design didn’t really blend well and she was just poorly written.

    • GTFO here, nobody who actually loves the Street Fighter franchise wants that Capcom Fighting All-Stars reject. LOL

  • Can’t wait to see capcom cup!

  • Hopefully i can get a decent front row seat!

  • Capcom, please, Trump it out. Make Street Fighter GREAT AGAIN!!!

  • Capcom is supposed to announce something big at the end of the tournament. Let’s find out when we wake up Sunday morning

  • I just looked up Ingrid, there’s no way anyone in a position of relevance will improve that tier 4 generic anime character for 5, many more storied and technical fighting characters waiting to get in, like AKUMA… saving some fight money if he is a surprise patch.

    Thanks for the great sale on the game got it for $29 CAD, and it works in legacy mode with my PS3 madcatz TE so thanks, the game has come a long way from the beta which I didn’t like and unfortunately cancelled my preorder at the time over what I saw and lack of feature set.

    I am happy to support Capcom with the game in its current state and respecting players like myself with legacy support $250-330 for the new TEs was a deal breaker.

    Excited to watch your tourney and ps experience this weekend, leading into my birthday Sunday.


    • Approve Ingrid, iPad autocorrected me. I totally believe the team could redesign her. Maybe make her a dude like Tekken has done with master raven lol.

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