Black Friday Weekend Deal: $249.99 Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle

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Black Friday Weekend Deal: $249.99 Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle

As you get ready for a great Thanksgiving holiday with family, friends, and food — plus hours and hours of gaming — we wanted to send a quick reminder about our Black Friday deal that may make your holiday even sweeter.

During Black Friday weekend, you can pick up the Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle for just $249.99 (MSRP) starting Thursday November 24 through Cyber Monday on November 28 in the United States. In Canada, the bundle will be available for $329.99 CAD, also starting Thursday, November 24 through Monday, November 28. This is the best price for a PS4 yet.

The Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle includes the new, slimmer PS4 with a 500 GB hard drive, a DualShock 4, and Naughty Dog’s hit game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The bundle is a great gift for yourself or that special someone on your holiday list. Be sure to check your local retailer in advance for details.

It’s never been a better time to be a PlayStation gamer, with the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Watch Dogs 2, plus the transformative experience we introduced last month with PlayStation VR. More great games are around the corner with The Last Guardian launching next month, and Horizon Zero Dawn and GT Sport coming next year.

We’re looking forward to an amazing holiday season, and watching the PlayStation community grow even bigger. Thanks for making PS4 the top selling console, and hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. Here’s to more PlayStation gaming!

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  • That’s great!!
    Is there a PS Store flash sale for Black Friday?

    • It wouldn’t be a flash sale if they told us about it in advance.

    • Hey Sony. I haven’t bought a PS4 Pro. I’m waiting for you to have a 4k Blu Ray Drive.
      I’d be willing to pay 450$ USD, just have that option. I already own a Sony 3D Home Theater System, a Sony 4k TV, I don’t want to spend more money on 2 separate devices.
      My Android TV does do Netflix in 4k and plenty of other Streaming apps, I don’t need a PS4 Pro for that.
      I want a 4k Blu Ray Player and will buy a PS4 Pro when you include one.
      Why do you think the Xbox One S has been outselling the PS4 for the past few months? Because it’s a cheap 4k HDR Blu Ray Player.
      If you include that in your consoles, you’d be selling tremendously.

    • There is only a Black Friday sales like it is every year for now Lol.

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  • 500GBs is a joke. New Ps4 should have 1 maybe 2TBs max

  • With all these great deals coming what’s the solution for family sharing, take my house for example I currently have a PS4 (sons room) and a PS4 Pro, I would love to buy my daughter a PS4 but there is really no point because if we wanted to game together as a family I would have to buy the game 3 seperate times. Heck even now if I want to play with my son I have to buy the game two times.

    The solution that was suggested to me by Sony was to activate his PS4 as my primary, that will not work because then I would have to connect to his for my vita tv, and then anyone who would want to play the Vr digital games could not.

    Someone needs to re think the whole digital process! because how it works now sucks!

    • @Pudge1997 Have you made sub-accounts for your son and daughter? Because I think the reason why you have to re-buy the digital games you already own is because you gave them master accounts instead of sub-accounts. Whether with sub-accounts, I think they can download the games on the sub-accounts you already purchased on your master account for free. I could be wrong though since I’ve never tried the whole sub-accounts thing on PSN.

    • The sysyem does suck…i game share with my son digitally and i can only share to one otger system plus when psn is down only he can play the games because i have it as the primary.

      They need some sort of fix to this and allow it to be downloaded to at least 1 more system.

    • For some reason with the PS4, Sony has adopted the Xbox approach. With the PS3, you could have download your games to 2 PS3. Originally it was 5. You could play offline on both PS3.

      While with the Xbox 360, you only get one primary console for offline gaming. For other Xbox 360, you needed to be online logged into Xbox Live.

      This is the approach Sony has adopted for the PS4. One primary for offline. While you have to be logged into PSN for additional.

      I think this is really bad.

    • 1st world problems. *sigh* SMH

  • You can always Game Share with your kids

  • @smokeadeliic while I generally despise most of sonys business practices, their game sharing setup is actually top notch imo. at least the way I use it. On steam, you can share with multiple accounts, but you can only ever play that game with one account at any one time. xbox seems to be the same as ps. honestly, the only complaint I have is the fact that I can’t play when the network is knocked out, BUT, I figure it’s there to stop people from sharing a single player game with all their friends and just telling them not to log into the network to play. unless you’re marked primary, you need to prove you have rightful access to the game, and I get that. it sucks, but it’s a part of modern day life. don’t like it? don’t share. it’s as simple as that really.

    • I don’t consider it sharing if it’s in the family.

      Take apple, we each have an iPhone, do I have to. It apps 4 times? Nope….just sayin…

  • With PS4.Pro in the market there is absolutely zero sense in purchasing 1 of those.

    • Well, if you’re in the part of Canada that I am, it’ll cost you about $637 to get a Pro with Uncharted 4. So paying $360 for the Slim with Uncharted 4 sounds like a pretty good deal, especially since PS5 will be around by the time I have a 4K TV.

    • Without a 4KTV “there is absolutely zero sense” in purchasing a PS4 Pro.

      You can have practically the same experience with a Slim (shockingly atm even BETTER in some cases, do your research) and you’re saving $150…and you have one of the best games EVER…in physical format.

      Yup, buying “the flashy one” sure is “the best deal” alright…

      There’s no doubt people should be listening to your super-expert opinion on the matter! Thank you for help.

  • I want to buy the slim, but already have Uncharted 4. Why is that the only game that the only slim bundle for $250.00

    • if you buy it through walmart you get the uncharted 4 bundle and 30 dollar walmart card with it, If you buy it at best buy on black friday you get 2 games with it along with uncharted 4 and a couple other stores were offering a total of 2 or 3 games with it.You can always get the game then do a trade at game stop as well if you already have it

  • It’s basically the same exact price as a year ago except instead of receiving 3 Uncharted games in the Nathan Drake Collection bundle you are getting the one game, Uncharted 4.

    It should have been the PS4 Pro and with a 2TB drive. 500GB drives just don’t cut it when installs are taking 50GB each.

  • Everyone is complaining about the 500GB. FYI, you can upgrade it to 2TB.

    But more importantly, this is why we gamers need to demand that Sony support plug and play with external HDD like the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U.

  • I see Sony is putting all their effort into pushing the Slim and no love whatsoever for the Pro. Don’t cry later when the Pro bombs…

  • Not too great of a deal IMO. UC4 is great, but already 6 months old. And the Slim should have been $249 from the start since it’s basically a smaller launch PS4 from 2013 with no added features.

    • I think it’s a great deal!! Wasn’t the launch PS4 in 2013 priced at $399 ? And now I can get it for just $249 ? My calculator says that’s a savings of $150!! Thank-you Sony!! My patience is about to pay off.
      Also, I don’t think the launch PS4 included any game – – – but this deal includes a game, and not just a lousy throw-in either, but an “A+” game, Uncharted 4.

  • will this deal come to also? i live outside the us i would love to buy that through amazon

  • 329….still not budging. Need 299…Sony Canada…make it happen.

    • Perhaps next Black Friday, although the dollar keeps dipping…

    • Probably the only place on Earth where the PS4 jumped up in MSRP price. From 399 launch to 459 Cad….

      Now 379… we get 50 dollars off.

      Can’t wait an year…..hopefully retailers have some special bonus. Extra Game or Controller.

    • Why would Sony let Canadians buy a PS4 for $221.97 US while they sell it in the US for $250? If you look at a currency converter right now $329.99 Canadian is $244.98 US. So you’re getting it for a few dollars less than we are.

  • Honestly, this is a pretty good deal. But if people could be patient for just another week, most big retailers (best buy, Walmart, target, amazon, etc.) Will have this bundle with more free stuff thrown in for the same price.

  • We need more options than just Uncharted 4 bundles last year we had a wide range of options. You all should work with retailers for more variety this year!

  • The only reason I’m saying so is due to me buying a bundle for my nephew and one for my daughter.

  • we also have the awesome black friday deals at walmart to handle as well, with the sales of titles such as elder scrolls skyrim and batman return to arkham both selling at $25.00 as physical hard copies beginning thursday evening.

  • Costco will have this for $279 with two controllers. Same deal but with a $30 controller added in. Plus they warranty their electronics for two yrs for free. Take my money already!

  • Just bought this bundle on Ebay for 240$! go go!

  • BTW sony Put PS Plus Half the price for BF! 60 is insane and since me and my wife have a ps4 each make that 120$ on subscriptions! that’s BS right there. like 3- 4 years ago the ps+ were 30$. make that happen again this year please.

  • Last year, Sony had a Black Friday flash sale that began on Thanksgiving. This slashed the prices of more than 100 PS4, PS3, and Vita games and combined with an offer that took 10% off everything you purchased. hope this returns or a better deal!

  • Unless you’re planning on a Flash Sale for Black Friday, this sale is really really weak!

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