Red Dead Redemption 2: PlayStation and Rockstar Games Announce Partnership

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Red Dead Redemption 2: PlayStation and Rockstar Games Announce Partnership

For the past 20 years, Rockstar have continually redefined the concept of open worlds. From the record breaking Grand Theft Auto series, the Midnight Club racing games, the schoolyard comedy Bully, to the breakout hit Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar has consistently delivered on a level that few have managed to match.

Watch the trailer, captured on PS4

Now, following up Grand Theft Auto V — one of the most successful entertainment properties of all time — Rockstar is set to return with Red Dead Redemption 2, the latest entry in the Red Dead series of games. And there’s no better place to play it than PlayStation.

Hand crafted to take full advantage of PS4, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. The game’s vast and atmospheric world will also provide the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience.

We are pleased to announce that PS4 players get first access to earn select online content in the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Check back on PlayStation.Blog for more details soon and for all of the latest information on Red Dead Redemption 2.

In addition, the PS3 classic Red Dead Redemption will be coming to PlayStation Now soon. Relive the epic story of former outlaw John Marston as he hunts down the gang members he once called friends through the harsh and punishing landscape of America’s dying West.

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  • Rockstar are the best!!!

    • In which reality?…cuz it ain’t on this one we live in.

    • I know they can remaster it. bioshock was on ps now and then the released all three remastered as a trilogy. so I HAVE DREAM THAT RDR WILL RIDE AGAIN …on ps4. :)

    • Yessss
      So goddamn exciting

    • This is all good and dandy, but how about making a partnership to bring us Agent? ;)

    • PS Now is so bogus. Some of us have a data limit on our internet and can’t stream all the time. Either remaster RDR, let us be able to purchase PS3 games, or backwards comp. Not this useless cash-grab feature.

    • RDR2 is super exciting, but RDR being on Now is an incredible disappointment.

    • @ DarthVadersFist or i dont know go buy a ps3 used for like 80 bucks at gamestop and stop complaining when a company thats main purpose is to make money is trying to make money shocker

    • Guess I’ll be playing on the Xbox one, I refuse to use PS now. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just do it as a PS2 on PS4 like the been doing for other games like bully.

    • Dude be happy that they finally gonna release red dead redemption 2….this game will be super epic…if u don’t like how PS and Sony is doing things then don’t buy the sequal ….


  • PS Now? Ugh.

  • Come on Playstation/Rockstar. Give me a Read Dead Redemption remaster is I can play it on my PS4. Thats easy money for u. I don’t do PS Now.

    • Right? I am crossing my fingers for a RDR1 remaster…though I will probably use my PS Now trial for the first time just to play the PS3 version if we don’t get it.

    • No joke, im not paying 20$ a month , or 44$ for 3 months just to play this game again.Release it as its own game on disc, you will sell more copies that way.Plus not everyone in this country has net fast enough to really stream games that well yet, come on Sony!

    • I would love to see RDR on PS4.. hack free… would rather a remaster then having it on ps now…

    • The game was such a mess of coding that they barely got it working on the consoles it released on, and you wanna ask for a remaster? They couldn’t even port the game to PC without having to remake it from the ground up. The profits do not outweigh the costs, that’s why it’ll be on Now unless they make PS3 games run natively on the 4.

    • Come on pay $100 and get PS NOW for a year…..great Christmas present!

    • That’s weird, theskitone… I bought the game and picked it up at midnight release, and played it for many more years after that. I don’t remember a single problem. But hey, I don’t just make stuff up as I go, so what do I know?

    • Actually, Wolfy, it’s well known that RDR was basically a nightmare in development. Houser himself was known to say that. While it might be a stretch to say that it would require a complete remake, RDR is not exactly the most well built game. Your anecdote is valid for your experience, and admittedly, RDR does not/did not look like a complete mess, but you’re disregarding some facts and you’re being passive aggressive.

    • A remaster? Please, just give us Agent instead.

    • Yeah, sorry, a remaster of RDR is HIGHLY unlikely. As others have said here, the codebase was such a mess it wasn’t worth their time to port it to PC. Blame Sony for not providing real backwards compatibility.

  • So, on Xbox One i can Play the game for free and here (even with a partnership) i need to PAY the whole game again for a streaming… Are you kiddin. !?

    • I can’t play the game for free on Xbox One. I’d have to pay if I wanted to play on Xbox One. How does that work?

    • You are entitled to nothing. Relax.

    • You cant play RD on X1 for free. You are not entitled to anything for free. Grow up. Sony is a business and therefore wants to make money, cant fault them for that.

    • It’s not free, you still have to own the game. Most people trade in these days, though not all. IF you have the Xbox 360 version, already, then yes it’s free to put into an Xbox One and start it. But not everyone will have that any more, so they would need to buy a used copy somewhere, or buy the digital version which is probably like 20.

    • If you own it on xbox one why are you complaining? You don’t pay for the full game on ps now you pay for a service and get a plethora of great games with that service. So I guess your just kidding yourself.

    • Damn man I can’t wait to get me another Xbox one except this time it’ll be the Xbox one s

  • Awesome trailer! Love Red Dead Redemption (bought 3 times since it came out), and am pumped for the follow-up. It’ll be hard to wait a year, but I’m betting the PS4 Pro experience on a 4K TV with HDR is going to be the best thing in gaming of 2017, so I’ll be patient until then.

    • XBox Project Scorpio would undoubtedly have the definitive version of RDR2. This would be a system seller for Microsoft’s new console. Some timed exclusive multiplayer modes are not enough to hold me back from playing this game in the best possible way.

  • PS Now? SMH..

  • Just give us a Red Dead Redemption remaster for PS4. PS Now is great and all, but I’d rather have the remaster!

  • Love yu red first person was better options

  • I have Red Dead Redemption on both my PS3 and X360. So, I can either play it free on XB1 or pay again to play it on the PS4.

    With the announcement of Red Dead Redemption on PS Now and BC, it shows me that the real reason Sony is not allowing BC on the PS4 is due to Sony’s greed and not the publishers’ greed. From the examples with Microsoft, the publishers are willing to just put their games on BC at no additional cost to the player.

    That tells me it is NOT the publishers who are forcing Sony to have these crazy prices but Sony themselves. Why do I have to pay $15 for PS2 classics on PS4? I already bought those games digitally on my PS3. I do not care about trophies. Why can’t I pay a $5 upgrade fee? I already have most of those PS Now games digitally on my PS3…why do I have to pay a rental fee or subscription? Why isn’t all games apart of the subscription model?

    Sony, you can tell the publishers that they must have all games apart of the subscriptions and rental model. If they say no, then remove rental only PS Now games. If all 500 PS Now games were apart of the PS Now subscription model and it was $99/yr, I may get it.

    • Feel same way. Why a should I pay $15 to play a game that 2 generations old. That’s 10 years. Xbox One BC is free if u own the game of course. Sony services always nickel and diming gamers. Example with PSVR titles, I own Super stardust on PS4, Hustle King PS4 and DRIVE CLUB , so just purchase PlayStation VR Bundle $499 and I still need to pay extra to play the VR version of these titles a.lready own.

    • It’ll definitely come out on PS4 too. Think about it, if Sony’s so greedy then why would they only make money off people using PS Now? PS Now isn’t available in every country. I can’t get it Ireland, I could create an UK or NA account but I’m not bothered, too much hustle, too lazy and there’s many like me ;) So if Sony is really greedy then they’ll have it available on PS Now as well as usual PS Store version. Mo options Mo $$$ Just sayin’

    • They don’t have BC because the PS3’s Cell processor is too difficult to emulate. Even folks who’ve tried to make PC Emulators of it had a hard time getting anything to work. It’s a complicated piece of tech, and the hardware’s too weak to just brute force it.

    • Moneyyyyyyyyyy, GIVE US YOUR MONEYYYYYYY

    • Most likely it cause Xbox loosing the race is paying to the upload to “backward compatability” and taking it as a loss, while sony is not loosing and taking it as a way to recoup cost since they don’t need to pressure people into buying their produces. though ironically my Xbox get used more for backward comparability over any of this generations games.

    • @ THX1138 I REALLY hope that’s sarcasm. You can’t possibly be that dumb…

    • @ Krillinfan: Do you really believe it’s too difficult to make PS4 backwards compatible? Because Microsoft said the same thing about Xbox One (until they fell behind in sales).

  • Suck it Xbox! Hahaha all jokes aside I can’t wait for this masterpiece! Already looking a bit better than GTA V! Just how RDR looked better than GTA IV!

  • The trailer doesn’t show much at all, but it sure looks pretty….

  • Can you guys just give up on PS Now already? Nobody likes it. Either add backwards compatibility or start making remasters, I’ll pay for them.

    • Just because your internet is horrible doesn’t mean PS Now is bad, it’s amazing if you have good internet. It has more gameplay value and at the same price as a COD or Battlefield deluxe edition

    • I am loving it on the vita

    • I’m with you on this one. Here in the dark continent (Africa), internet speeds aren’t all that great. I understand why PS Now makes financial sense to Sony. Getting their games on PC/other hardware expands there player base but why can’t I have BC with SONY’s hardware? I don’t buy the cell processor excuse, if they wanted to I bet they would have. A little feature like that would certainly go a long way in tying me down to future Sony consoles.

      Plus the space consoles are taking up in my living room is becoming harder to justify especially considering new hardware coming up Come on Sony make PS4 truly the best place to play. Plus, we go way back

    • I love ps now.

  • Good Job Sony and Rockstar! A great partnership!!! Hope if leads to many more Sony and Rockstar partnerships.

    • @itsjustemman nobody wants to pay for a service when we already own the games .I play for trophies ps now it garbage and will always be garbage.

  • Would gladly buy a Remaster of Red Dead Redemption on PS4.. Hint hint, nod nod :)

    As for Red Dead Redemption 2… I’ll be buying/playing on my PS4 Pro. RDR2 Collectors edition please.

    Thank you :)

  • Please stop shoving PlayStation Now in our face, we clearly don’t want it. Just enable backwards compatibility, or putting it on the PS Store as an overpriced “classic” would even work.

    • I used ps now when i had the free trial but will not pay for games i already bought from the psn on ps3, putting RDR on ps now is a slap in the face to ps4 owners and sony should be ashamed.

  • Thanks Rockstar and Sony! RDR is won of my favorite games of all time. One of the most fun Platinums I have received! This is such fantastic news!. Cannot wait to play RDR2 on PS4 Pro!

  • smh screw being able to just play RD:R on psnow. Let us download it to our ps4’s.

  • I would rather have a remaster for the ps4

  • I Can’t wait

  • When the pre order on the PlayStation store start ?????

  • I don’t want RDR on Now, I want it remastered on PS4. I don’t like to stream games.

    Also, would a partnership mean anything for Vita? I would take San Andreas at his point.

  • This made me so happy I’m about to start crying. Thank you RS and Sony. I live you guys.

  • I’m looking forward playing RDR via PSNow! I’m so glad that there’s an option for a person like me who didn’t own a PS3 or an XB360!

  • we need a re realase of this game not ps now
    ps now is only available in some regions but not most

  • Please port the original RDR to PS4 without having to use Playstation Now – I have never played it and would gladly drop $$$ on it, but not if I have to subscribe to a service I otherwise won’t be using.

  • I HATE PSNOW, i dont want to stream games.

  • I’d rather purchase and download a remaster as well, even though I’ve already bought the game for PS3. Sorry but screw PS Now. lol. :p

  • I guess this is the nail in Agent’s coffin

  • Ugh, PS Now is a scam. I’d be willing to pay for a PS Store port of the original like they did with Red Dead Revolver. A remaster would really be ideal though.

  • Sorry, but I’ll NOT pay for castles in the air. Screw PS Now, just give it up already. I’d buy the old original game for PS4 if that would be possible, even if I already own it for PS3 and have a functional PS3. But I will not rent its streaming on PS Now. Just not.

  • how about not actively playing favorites and punishing your fans for choosing one console over another? What utter anti-consumer bullcrap

  • Thanks for adding RDR to PS Now. This is a great option for PC players who have decent internet and have yet to play RDR. A PS4 remaster or having the PS3 version digitally on the PS4 Store would be great for Remote Play functionality. As well as Screenshots and Gameplay recording. Please consider those options as well.

  • Man I was hoping for an RDR Remastered to go along with this post. :( not some silly PS Now thing.

  • FFS Sony… People can play the game for free on Xbox One provided they own a copy of the Xbox 360 version, yet Playstation 4 owners don’t even get a digital download of the original game? We’re forced to either play the game on a Playstation 3 or basically rent it via Playstation Now?

  • Sony: “this PS Now thing sure isn’t catching on, maybe we should put a game on there that everyone liked”

    PS Users: “NOOOOOOOO”

    Just release RDR on PS4. If you’re that greedy for money, why pass up users paying $59 for a game they’ve already played?

  • PS Now? Lol. Aint no one got the time to deal with that garbage service.

  • I’m hoping that we will just be able to buy the game from the PS Store instead of using PS Now. If it cost $10-$15 I’m buying it once it’s up for sale on the store.

  • On PSNow? Come on… nobody actually wants that.

  • Hi:
    What a wonderful ATMOSPHERE! Jesus Christ! The Trailer looks OUTSTANDING! I hope the Gameplay will looks like this. Wanting to know about PS4 or PS4 Pro Graphics. Thank’s Rockstar Games.

  • I think this is one of the games, almost ALL gamers have been waiting for! I really REAALLYY can’t wait for this one.

    Join my PS4 community.
    Red Dead Redemption 2 – Autumn 2017 – PS4 & XB1

  • Not bad for a rockstar game it looks pretty good graphically.Oh well RDR is probably rockstar’s best game so I’m looking forward to RDR2.

    What I really wanted though was a Bully 2…but I know that ain’t happening anytime soon,what a shame.

  • I rather have Red Dead Redemption as a digital download or as a downloadable pre-order bonus.

  • I would love it if Sony would just do away with PS Now and just give us those games in the store instead. They obviously have the capability to give them to PS4 users. The extra money grab through a subscription is uncalled for.

  • Rockstargames haven’t mady a single title in 3 years . On PS2 they release up to 7 titles within 3 years you heard me i said 7 titles . They haven’t release anything this gen but a PS3 remastered but seriously that really don’t count..

    • GTA V was released right on the cusp of the PS4’s release so it was only natural to bring it over. I know this is gonna be hard for you to grasp, but with the bigger and better technology, you know, with the better graphics, more space to play around in, all the different things developers add in, it takes more time. You want yearly games, go back to COD where they practically just push out the same BS with slightly altered assets.

  • …wait wait wait, RDR on PSNow, does that mean no remastered edition?

  • Only thing Sony can do. Throw money for faster skins. Pathetic thing, killing the industry

  • Captured on PS4, but was it the original or Pro version? If it’s Pro, I wasn’t all that interested before, but this would make the console a must have upgrade for me.

  • looks like another game i will not buy because of this dlc/content crap for one system

  • Really bummed out RDR will be on PS Now, I’m really hoping they choose to put in on the store soon as well, my internet along with a lot of others’ can’t really run games on PS Now all that well due to imperfect connection.

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