PlayStation VR Launches Today Across the United States and Canada

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PlayStation VR Launches Today Across the United States and Canada

The wait is over — VR gaming on console is finally here!

While some lucky gamers already have PlayStation VR through our Taco Bell promotion, the system formally launches in the US and Canada (and other regions across the globe) today. We’ve got a great lineup of more than 30 first and third-party games available day one, including PS VR exclusives such as Batman: Arkham VR, Rez Infinite, Driveclub VR, PlayStation VR Worlds, and Rigs Mechanized Combat League.

If you missed out on a pre-order, the PS VR core units (which include the PS VR system, processor unit, headphones, and all cabling), are available at major retailers.

If you aren’t sure what games to buy, remember that each PS VR unit comes with a demo disc that includes a wide variety of content. On top of that, The PlayRoom VR is available for free download to all PS VR owners.

From everyone at PlayStation, we’re so excited for you to finally experience PS VR from your own living room. Just a reminder, PS VR is compatible with all 40 million PS4 systems that are already inside your homes.

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  • I wanted but didn’t find a place to buy ….. Yet

    • My local GameStop had a few of the non-bundle version available (that don’t include VR Worlds, 2 Move controllers, or the PS4 camera) but since I already have 2 Move controllers from PS3 and also got the PS4 camera at some point for the Playroom stuff my kids enjoy I didn’t need anything more than the $100 cheaper option I end up getting.

      Call up your local GameStop, Best Buy, etc. Good chance they still have some units available

  • I wanted to be there Day 1, but it looks like I’ll be hoping for Day 75 instead. Between the Pro and VR, I can really only do one with the expense.

    And the PRO has my vote for now, as far as usability. (Selling my OG PS4 to my older brother). But alas, VR will have to stay just R for me, unless someone gifts it to me.

    • Same here. I decided I’d get more enjoyment out of a Pro (and a new TV that supports 4K & HDR) so PSVR will have to wait for funds to rebuild.

    • the expense thing is easy…. dont wait til they launch to buy em.. I preordered my PSVR back when they first became available in Feb/March… SO when the Sony conference came round 6-7 monts later and announced the PS4 Pro….. by that take I had the money to preorder THAT too… and I did.

    • I was about to suggest getting hte VR, but then you said selling your PS4 to your brother, which isn’t a bad thing.

      I would caution against getting an HD TV till next year. There’s too much shift in the markets and the dang T.V. manufacturerers are all a bunch of cats, and the HDR adds game delay, so some screens have non HDR ports for gaming consoles to reduce the delay from the processing, but they might fix that next year, and at the very least the screens available this year will be cheap, and there are FAR more VR games right now than HDR compliant games, and I don’t know if checkerboard 2k upscaling is worth it.

      I think if you want to play games like Rez VR, or try out Super Stardust’s new VR add on, it’s a worthwhile investment, PS4 pro is worthwhile if you’re going to buy a PS4 anyway, but if you have a PS4 I’d recommend just going with a PS4 unless you have someone that you want to help get a PS4 to sell them your old one.

  • Mine is already out for delivery, exciting.

    PS Move Sharpshooter Peripheral support asap please!

  • Just bought two units! So exited! No preorders, just walk in.

  • Picked mine up at midnight last night! Had a bunch of fun with Thumper last night, and my copy of RIGS is scheduled to arrive in the mail today :D

  • Waiting for delivery!

  • was watching some Playroom VR last night. Someone from Japan (guessing) was streaming it. Saw some “Ghostbuster” type game where the player had to capture some ghoulish bots. Looks weird to watch a stream in this POV perspective. Can’t wait to see more (and other games) !!

  • When Parappa the Rapper launch tho.

  • Happy PSVR Launch day everyone! :-D

  • Fast forward to a year later and the same people here will be crying.

    “Come on sony support PlayStation VR we have no games”
    Sad but probably true.

    • Unfortunately I can see it happening. None of the launch titles impressed me. I’d like VR to succeed, but the first-gen VR systems are quite lacking. I’ll wait until Resident Evil 7 and Gran Turismo 7 launch, before I decide whether I’ll ever buy a PS VR or not. Also, this should have launched at $300 with PS Camera included. At the current price its DOA.

    • There’s like 50 something VR games with all sorts of games…

      Of course peopel are going to whine “We have no games!” people STILL whine “We have no games” even though they should by all rights have a backlog filled with games, but they don’t because they ignore good games because they aren’t $60 30 million dev cost games, and then they don’t even buy those $60 games that cost 10s of millions of dollars because they’d rather complain that they haven’t gotten that game for free on PS Plus, and if they do by chance get it for PS Plus they’ll complain they just bought it for $15 and that they’re going to cancel their PS Plus because… that’s what they do… Complain. Though a year later they’re still subbed and saying the same things they were saying the last year. XD

    • 50 PSVR games coming this year, but not even 1 game I am looking forward to. I prefer quality over quantity.

  • it finally over and I’m sick allergies sinus problems. itchy eyes and runny nose. and I got so much meds in me very sleepy. how do you wipe your nose with head set on? I’m scared to put it on in case if I sneeze in it. may be I’ll get to try it out this weekend. Happy PS VR day though!

    • Push the button on the bottom of the headset in, slide the screens away from you, blow your nose carefully away from the headset, slide it back into place. That’s my recommendation. Though probably should just not use it, because (I’m not a medical doctor) but I’d be worried about getting other people around you sick or yourself sick again if you have a weak immune system.

  • I’ve got a core bundle sitting on the table downstairs since this morning. However, I’ve spent about 2 hours watching YouTube impressions, reading reviews on the hardware and the software… and I’m returning it to EB Games later today.

    • So…you can’t form an opinion of your own through personal experience, apparently can’t be bothered to even try it for yourself, and you have such poor judgment that you waited until AFTER you bought the thing to do your second-hand-opinion forming research, and what, we’re supposed to be impressed by this? *shakes head*

    • I would bet a $20 PSN card you never bought one.

      Your comment just has so little commentary. Unless you’ve at least played Battlezone or Eve Valkyrie what are you commenting on?

      Doesn’t the store have a return policy?

  • I notice that about half of the “demos” on the disk do not download when you press X on them in the main menu and don’t have a play option. The only option is to press Triangle to Buy. Is this something that will be fixed with an update? Could it be that the demos are not available for them as yet?

    • If you’re talking about the “digital demo disc”, it’s probably because the whole thing hadn’t downloaded yet. You can launch it after about 8GBs of data has downloaded, but the entire thing is almost 40GB. Go check your Download tab from the notifications menu to see if it’s actually completed downloading or not.

  • Got it at the midnight launch and stayed up wayyyyy too late playing with it. Soooooooooo good.

  • there are core headset and launch bundle edition, you can order on amazon,

  • You guys should post reviews. They have been very positive – many calling it hands down the best system because of the ease of use and price. Well done!

  • Had it preordered in the uk and there was a midnight release, was the first one to get my hands on it :D , tried all the demos, got a bit dizzy on the first minute of driveclub, but after that my brain updated itself and was fine for the reat, even doing barrel rolls on eve valkirye, which i recomend you leave it for last,

    I feel like this is xmas and im 7 years old rn, best piece of gaming tech since the ps1 to ps2 jump xD ive played today for like 8h straight and no brain damage or eye sore, this is amazing i cant put it down :D

  • I’ve been sitting all day with my mouth wide open in astonishment. This thing is fantastic. I can’t wait till tomorrow to play it some more. My only advice: take plenty of breaks, even for 5 minutes.

  • Has anyone tried Bound yet?

  • well what can i say, …… im blow away, my 1st half hour, palms sweaty,knees shaking, was completely immersed. money well well spent, have only went through a hand full of games, , bought batman and havnt tried that yet, but all in all this is one happy customer, way to blow it out the ballpark sony!, cant wait to see what happens with this awesome piece of hardware, the skys the limit with this bad boy, been waiting my whole life for this experience and it did not disappoint. and to all the haters out there, most probly havnt even tried it out.. so, with that being said, id rate this a easy 9/10 , only problem i had was the lens fogging up a bit..

  • I would’ve expected more hype and excitement on launch day…

    • I’m expecting more people are using their systems, not sitting here commenting.
      I just got home from work and will be jumping back into VR a little later, but I played for almost 2 hours last night. Money well spent, imho.

    • This is one of the most positive responses I’ve seen on the Playstation Blog. Lots of positivity going on here. It feels like when they announced PS2 Upconverted ports and people lost their crazy for weeks lol.

      You also gotta keep in mind people have a headset on their head and it’s not easy to navigate to the PS Blog. Unlike with other games where you can sit on a loading screen.

    • I wasnt commenting about this blog. Just in general, whether it’s gaming sites, youtube, news media, commercials on tv. If you didnt already know about it, you could easily miss the launch altogether.

  • yea getting the ps pro first maybe tax time i will get the vr..

  • Can’t wait to finally dive into this tonight. I had a demo at a store a couple months back and was very impressed ( I also own a rift and vive, and PSVR has me the most excited ) but my missed out on preordering. I just happened to go to my local Best Buy this afternoon and was able to pick up a launch bundle!!!!

  • This really solidifies how greedy,and how much SONY and game developers simply don’t care!They are ONLY worried about profits ,meanwhile delivering BROKEN products.Why don’t they fix all the issues with the first generation PS4.So many basic features that are missing or ones that simply do not work properly.I paid $160 for an official ps4 headset that still to this day has all kinds of interference.How about the video chat option that even ps3 had!These games are now upwards of $130 and have more issues than ever,but the developers attitude is,oh we will just patch it later! Got news for you SONY ,I wont be spending another dime on anything SONY until you simply clean up your act.I dont even wanna start on the cheating im seeing but basically its deeming multiplayer gaming ruined!I use to spend upwards of $500/month but not 1 more dime and I hope it hurts!

  • Got mine Day One…Haven’t stopped playing it…

  • I purchased the launch bundle though I already owned a gen 1 camera. I also picked up Eve Vakyrie, Battle Zone, Batman VR, and Drive Club VR.

    Setup was a breeze compared to my Oculus and that’s when things went flat. Every game, every single game including VR worlds that came with the bundle had to be updated. One of the updates was over 6Gb. Is this what quality control has become? You buy something that costs more than a console, get it set up, and then you cannot use it because consoles have become auto patch machines. Ridiculous.

  • All the reviews say that VR gives you extremely blurry, low-res textures, which severely dilutes the experience since it’s hard to actually make out stuff. Most of the “games” are nothing more the overpriced tech demos. 3D gaming (on the PC) was (and is) a far better experience that converts virtually any 3D game into real stereo 3D. By contrast VR “gaming” doesn’t offer much. If you haven’t got on the hype train, don’t worry: next stop is Nowheresville. It’s gonna be awhile before VR and gaming becomes something worth experiencing and goes anywhere. In the meantime, VR gives PC gamers that one elite feather that they stick in their cap (which was otherwise plucked clean by consoles). Only high-end PCs really have the horsepower to do proper VR and even then, there’s simply not much to be had.

  • Seems like the PSVR is getting really bad reviews. Will this PSVR turn out to be the new “Vita 2.0” in a few months when Sony stops supporting their device?

  • Jumped in as a day one adopter (well, preorder adopter) and picked up seven games of varying price points and depth. The immersion is excellent, and solid tech for the price point (relative to the Occulus Rift being $200 more and about $100+ more for specialized controllers). Already had the PS4 camera and a pair of Move Motion Controllers, which also kept cost down.

    Loving it so far, especially Batman, Rush of Blood, and Valkyrie.

    I’d note that the blurriness often reported is a function of two things: angle (which isn’t obvious at first and can be corrected by the wearer) and which game you’re playing. Rigs in particular seems to really suffer as far as resolution/blurriness. That also turned out to be the one that wiped me out with motion/simulation sickness in less than 20 minutes. I’d be curious to see whether those issues are connected.

  • omg I’m having best time of my life with VR and also just got a new 4k tv with HDR the samsung ks8000 its one of the best 4k tv for 2016,anyway until dawn rush of blood scared the living crap out of me best vr experience hands down i dunno what to say I’m so speechless by it!!!


    For a first generation HMD on consoles, it is unbelievable. Been playing all night and the immersion is unreal. I don’t know how many times I said, “oh my god” or “holy crap” during certain moments.

    Well done Sony!

  • I liked playing with the ball on the homescreen of VR Worlds lol. So far, PSVR is slightly better than I imagined, bigger, more immersive. If I were to criticize anything, it would be occasionally noticing a low resolution, and the fog on the lenses. No biggy though.

  • Its Amazing! Money well spent like everyones saying, my buddy also got one and he loves his too! We were jamming on eve valkrie all night! Although cross platform we were getting owned vs pc players. Worlds is fantastic! My girlfriend really enjoyed the ocean experience and london hiest ( the move controllers are so fun!) Thumper is fastastic, i played better in vr then on screen. I just bought brookhaven but have not tried it yet.

    • Brookhaven is great! The first game i actually have to stand up and really look all around, the move controllers are great too just make sure you have enough playspace! Another 20 well spent.

  • I was wondering if the visuals will look better with VR when paired with a PS4 pro? I just got my pre order VR bundle yesterday and it’s amazing! I have to say, I do notice a visual Downgrade when playing in VR.
    I am loving the experience thought! It’s freaking bad ass

  • Just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Taco Bell and PlayStation. Thank you guys SO much for the opportunity to be able to get my hands on one of these. So excited to get it in my hands.

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