Paladins: Champions of the Realm is Coming to PS4!

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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is Coming to PS4!

Paladins: Champions of the Realm, the new team-based shooter from SMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios, is coming to PS4 — and you can sign up for the Closed Beta right now!

Never heard of Paladins? It’s the new free-to-play fantasy-themed first-person shooter that’s taken the PC gaming community by storm.

In its first ten days of open beta on PC, more than 1 million people played Paladins. What’s so awesome about Paladins that millions of people are clamoring to play it?

1 — It’s Not Another Sci-Fi Shooter

Paladins is set in a fantasy world of ancient technology. Here, you’ll fight your way through the Realm — a world of enchanted forests, ancient temples, medieval castles, and frozen keeps. It’s just like your favorite fantasy books… with a little twist.

2 — There’s a Champion Perfect for You

Do you see yourself as a bad-ass sniper? Or are you more of a mech-riding goblin? Or perhaps you’d rather be a mystical elf, a jetpack-clad dragon, or a bomb golem?

As of this writing, you can pick from one of 17 Champions in every match you play. And new Champions are added to Paladins regularly, so there are always new Champions to try in the Realm.

3 — You Can Play How You Want to Play

Ever played a game where you kinda liked one of the characters, but he’d be so much cooler if you could tweak his abilities just a tiny bit? Us too.

That’s why we implemented Paladins’ unique collectible card system. You can build your own deck of cards to amplify and augment each Champion’s core set of abilities, so he or she becomes exactly the Champion that you want to play.

Quick example: Androxus is a creepy demon dude with a revolver. He can be a pure gunslinger, dashing into close range and unloading rapid-fire shots. He can be an elusive airborne sniper, hovering above the Realm. He can be a counter-puncher, using an enemy’s own bullets against them. Or he can be something else entirely — whatever you come up with!

4 — It’s Perfect for Console

From day one of development, Paladins was designed with console in mind. We’ve enlisted some big-name console gamers to make sure the control scheme feels just right.

Name any big-time multiplayer shooter that you enjoy most on PS4. Paladins stands right there alongside them, with one major difference…

5 — It’s free!

Here’s the deal: Paladins is free, because it sucks to not be able to play video games with your friends. We know that not everyone can afford a $60 video game, so at Hi-Rez Studios, we make our games free. We just want you and your friends to have fun together.

And don’t worry: Paladins uses a fair free-to-play model, similar to Smite. If you like Paladins, you can unlock every Champion (those released now and any we ever release in the future) for just $20 with the Founder’s Pack. Or you can unlock them for free, just by playing the game and having fun.

So what are you waiting for? Paladins Closed Beta starts soon, and the signups start today! You can sign up for the beta here.

We’ll see you in the Realm soon, Champions.

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2 Author Replies

  • Poor guy Overwatch. I need to try it tho.

    • Overwatch is for casuals only. This game looks like it actually has depth and strategy. Besides the only reason Overwatch isn’t f2p is because nobody would keep playing it after trying it out and realizing how terrible it is. Paid reviews much.

    • Overwatch is one of the best games on PS4 at the moment. So much variety.

      It does upset me a bit when I see developers taking “Inspiration” a little too far by just copying a game and changing to skins. I mean they even took the loot boxes (facepalm)

    • From what I heard the dev defended themselves from copying Overwatch by showing sketches of characters made before Overwatch was even announced.

    • @Rusty-Runcie Well Overwatch is a complete copy of TF2 which is fine. It’s okay for games to be similar to other games, that’s what sparks competition between companies and helps innovate the genre. As for the loot crates, loot crates have been in hundreds of other video games for 10+ years. Overwatch didn’t invent them. And you definitely right about Overwatch being one of the best PS4 games on the market. There aren’t many casual shooters on consoles so I’m glad this one is doing well. Maybe more will come in the future.

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    • Overwatch isn’t even original, everyone forgets about battleborn, overwatch is literally teamfortress mixed with league of Legends, every game mode is from teamfortress 2 in overwatch, literally every mode, this game is literally a moba in first person, just like overwatch, btw this game takes alot from tons of games, almost no game is original anymore

    • I have been playing this game for a few weeks on pc and the only thing that i have to say is: this game is really fun and at least deserves you give it a shot… I’ll check it out on my PS4 for sure

    • When will it be available for ps4

  • Damn! This was a much faster turnaround than I thought! When I saw you mention Online services by Sony and Microsoft in the EULA for the Steam version, I was like, “Oh neat; they’ll bring it to consoles like SMITE eventually”, I figured it would be WAY down the line. But to hear it coming so soon is genuinely shocking :)

    Already enjoying it quite a bit on Steam, perhaps I’ll be playing it on PS4 as well in the near future. You have an awesome game on your hands here, Hi-Rez!

  • Where is the PS4 Beta? It only say Windows and Steam

  • There was a champion for me, Ying, but you ruined her apparently. Last time I tried playing she wasn’t even there so you must have really screwed it up when you changed her.

    Not that it matters, you made the game utter garbage after Update 30 came out. It’s such a shame you destroyed a unique game to try and get leech off of Overwatch and being a cheap, bad, F2P version. You had something with 29, and you threw it away. And with it, me and my attention. It helped ruin Smite, and Hirez in general for me.

    I’d say I hope the gamble pays off for you, but I couldn’t care less.

  • Are you guys planning on having PS4/PC account linking like you did for Smite? I’m enjoying the game so far on PC, but I’ll move to console immediately if my progress can be transferred like Smite gave us the opportunity to do.

    • I’m wondering about this as well – I have the founders pack on Steam, so I hope I can carry that over to PS4.

  • I know everyone is comparing this game to Overwatch. But from reading the summary of this game here, I can already tell this game is going to way better. I really like how we are going to able to change our characters abilities. It will add an interesting meta to the game that I look very much forward to trying out. Overwatch is just too casual for me to enjoy for more than 10 minutes so I’m glad you guys aren’t following them and are actually adding depth to your game. I love Smite so I’m sure this will be just as amazing. Thanks for coming to PS4! Looking forward to playing and I’ll probably buy the character pack if I enjoy it like I did for Smite.

    • good job PR

    • @jriquelmepy Sounds like we a Blizzard fanboy. Enjoy your repetitive mediocre shooter is a complete copy/paste of TF2.

    • and you sound like a hater. I will still try this game and play Overwatch. Is good for people who cant aford Overwatch.

    • @jriguelmepy I paid $60 for Overwatch when it came out based the amazing and it was my worst purchase this year. Incredibly repetitive gameplay mixed with uninteresting and uninspiring character abilities. It also lacked any sort of real progression system except for a bare bones level system. The worst part was if you really liked a skin for a character you have to grind levels in the hopes of getting it at random or be forced to buy random crates and still pray that you actually get something that isn’t complete junk. Thankfully I was able to return the game and still get full credit, claiming that the game was broken. The guy at the counter even completely agreed with me. But hey if you’re into terrible overpriced casual shooters, more power to ya!

    • I’ve played the game myself, I got the founder’s pack. I know the direction they are taking the game and it’s far away from the unique game it used to be in Update 29. 30 took it far, far into the direction of Overwatch. A lot of the things that made the game unique were tossed aside, high ttk, the mounts, big open maps…

      The change was so drastic they had increased everyone’s damage, without actually factoring in deployable health. That’s how halfed arsed the shift was and how quickly they wanted to move toward overwatch’s fast paced gameplay. As if there aren’t enough fast paced, low ttk FPS out there already.

      The game was fantastic in 29, and could’ve went somewhere great. But for me they ruined it completely.

      Also, b/s on you buying overwatch and being disappointed. There was an open beta dude. Should have found out then if you hated it.

    • @Dethfuse Overwatch casual? LoL you should be a comedian

      I usually wouldn’t play an online only shooter like Overwatch but come open beta I was hooked right away, saying it has incredibly repetitive and uninteresting abilities is complete crazy talk because thats one of the reasons I bought it day one and have played it consistently every day since

      The game has become one of my favorites this year along with games like Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, Doom etc (Overwatch is the very first Blizzard game I’ve played)

      That aside I hope to get into this beta so I can see what all the hubbub is about

    • @Crazymanwalking1 I can tell from your post that you don’t normally play multiplayer games competitively. And that’s completely fine and Overwatch is a good game for your play style. But for people who require more complex and diverse mechanics, the game is a bore. That said, I feel part of the reason I was so disappointed with the game is partially my fault. I missed the beta and simply saw the high scoring reviews and assumed it was good. Unfortunately I was wrong but thankfully I got my money back.

    • @Elvick_ Yea I missed the Overwatch beta. I was busing playing better games. I watched some gameplay and it looked interesting. And don’t get me wrong the general gameplay is fun and its enjoyable with friends. But that’s it. There is no competitive hook. There is no in depth skill system. It’s just a repetitive grind. And that’s fine if you enjoy grinding. Not me though.

    • Deathfuse, the first trophy you earned in Overwatch was on 5/28, your most recent one earned was 8/20. Since you kept playing the game for all those months it must not have been that boring

    • Paladins has a lot of depth and unique systems. Should offer a lot of replay value!

  • There also seems to be a problem with the beta sign up page, nothing actually happens when I try hitting “sign up”. I’ve tried on both Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Something up with the captcha perhaps?

  • FYI people saying its a poor mans overwatch clone. This game been in closed beta for PC since almost 2005… This game will do amazing on console. Disappointed in the Ps Fan who attack a great free to play game that has been in the work for years way before over watch was a thing.

    • I don’t think its necessarily PS fans so much as it is just overzealous fan boys of Overwatch. I’m looking forward to trying it at the very least. It seems like all m favorites this gen, Paragon and Warframe to name a few, are free to play. There’s less buyers remorse, and if I really like them I can plunk down whatever I like to buy some skins or experience points boosters.

    • The thing is… It’s very similar to ov erwatch. I was interested in the game before it went through its “overwatchification”.; it was different before.

  • I know I can just go to Youtube, but I really don’t understand why it is so hard to include a video trailer on these posts.

  • Will we be able to retain saved data between the versions on PS4 and PC?

  • Looks interesting, signed up for the beta.

  • No offense, but… I already own Overwatch.

    I know these comparisons are tired, but when I see Roadhog, Reinhardt, Mei, Reaper, and Pharah in a forty-second trailer (along with knowing about the Torbjorn counterpart and more), it doesn’t make me want to drop the game I saw their mechanics in first. I’m sure that there are plenty of differences, but the very similar marketing I’ve seen just doesn’t intrigue me in the slightest. That and the fact that there are only 17 heroes (customization aside, which sounds like it could easily be Pay to Win to me) just doesn’t add up to something I’m clamoring to play.

    If I’m looking for a Free to Play game to fill the gap between releases (unlikely, because I already know of Warframe), I’m going to look for an experience different than something I already own, sorry.

  • “In its first ten days of open beta on PC, more than 1 million people played Paladins. What’s so awesome about Paladins that millions of people are clamoring to play it?”

    Yeah Battleborn had even more people, look what happened to that game.

  • Thats cool but when are we getting a Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy PS1 port on Ps4?

  • I’ve got Paladins on PC and it’s actually a really cool game, even though they specifically said it wasn’t, it is heavily based off Overwatch. Though they have this very unique card system which I like. All I’m wondering is that I’ve bought the Founders Pack on PC and I’m wondering if I can sign in on my Hi Rez account on my Play Station and keep all my progress from the PC? Anyone know the answer?

  • I have been playing this game for a few weeks on pc and the only thing that i have to say is: this game is really fun and at least deserves you give it a shot… I’ll check it out on my PS4 for sure…

  • This game looks like it’ll be fun. I’ll most def get the $20 thingy. I like to have everything. :)

  • do you have a round about date as to when palideps will be out for ps4

  • Lol, Overwatch is gonna die to this.

  • i hope PALADINS on the PS4 will support mouse and keyboard and offer a crossplatform multiplayer, like PARAGONS did. because using mouse and keyboard on this type of game is more efficient and much more fun. an it also evens the ground if match with pc players.

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