God Eater 2: Rage Burst Hits PS4 and PS Vita on 8/30

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God Eater 2: Rage Burst Hits PS4 and PS Vita on 8/30

Hello again, fellow God Eaters!

With the release of God Eater 2: Rage Burst upon us, here are some tasty tactics to get you started:

  • Focus on completing Story Missions until Blood Arts are unlocked. Once Blood Arts are available, level up each type until you find two or three that you like. It is recommended to acquire at least one ground and one aerial Blood Art.
  • Actively switch between melee & gun God Arc forms to maximize damage.
  • Every Aragami can be defeated with any God Arc type. The best God Eaters will change their loadout in order to maximize efficiency:
    • For example, the Aragami “Chi-You” is fairly well armored over most of its body. This armor can be broken off by repeatedly attacking its legs or wings. Crushing attack from a Buster Blade or Boost Hammer can speed up this process. Don’t have a Buster Blade or Boost Hammer? Equip a gun God Arc with high Crush damage and use Blaze or Freezing bullets to pepper the Chi-You with attacks until it succumbs to the pressure.

  • The defense attribute on a shield determines how much damage Aragami attacks deal. Deploying the shield to block an attack can mitigate damage even further. There are three types of shields:
    • Bucklers have low defense but generally have support skills that help with offense. These deploy faster than the other two types but do not absorb as much damage while blocking.
    • Shields are the middle ground between Bucklers and Tower Shields. Pick this type if you want a balance between offense and defense.
    • Tower Shields have the highest defense of the group and generally provide defense/support skills. These deploy slowly but can block most, if not all, of the damage while blocking.

  • Buster Blades allow God Eaters to instantly deploy their shields by blocking mid-swing. This is called Advanced Guard and it can be paired with Tower Shields to negate its slow deployment times.
  • Dodge Aragami attacks by either sprinting or dashing out of harm’s way. Blocking with a shield should only be used for attacks that cannot be avoided since blocking can drain both health and stamina.
  • Always keep a good stock of healing items on hand.
  • Clothing serves no defensive purpose. Look good, feel good!
  • Use the Bullet Editor to create your own bullets. With some tinkering around, you can create lasers that rain from the skies or bullets that explode for tremendous amounts of damage upon hitting an Aragami.
  • Devour your enemies as much as possible to keep your Burst Gauge up. While in Burst you gain increased movement speed, lower stamina consumption, shorter charge times for special attacks, and Oracle Point regeneration.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst drops tomorrow in digital & physical formats on PS4 and digitally on PS Vita. If you’re looking for a high-paced action-RPG to get you through that September stretch, God Eater 2: Rage Burst is your ticket! See you on the battlefield, God Eaters!

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  • Hello Again fellow GOD EATERS! I’m here to answer as many questions as possible about the upcoming release of GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst.

    • Is there cross-buy? Will the preorder DLC work on Vita too since there was no option to preorder the Vita version on the PSN? Do Vita owners get Resurrection if we buy Rage Burst like the PS4 offers?

    • You said you were here to answer as many questions as possible. I guess that you can’t answer any that have been left. I really wanted to buy this game. But I am not going to buy a digital copy. I only want a physical copy. It takes way less space on the overpriced vita memory card. My question, will there be a physical copy in the US? Does your company even care about what the consumer wants? I am still waiting for a patch for Ridge Racer on Playstation Vita TV.

    • Is there cross-buy?
      – No, just cross-save.

      Will the preorder DLC work on Vita too since there was no option to preorder the Vita version on the PSN?
      – The Vita version of the pre-order DLC will be available free with the purchase of GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst (Vita). Look for it on the PlayStation Store tomorrow!

      Do Vita owners get Resurrection if we buy Rage Burst like the PS4 offers?
      – No.

    • Can you explain WHY only the Vita users aren’t getting both games bundled together?

    • How much is it for the vita version

    • So, I honestly don’t really care too much whether us NA Vita owners get GE:2 and GE:R in a bundle, as I already bought Resurrection a couple months ago when it came out on its own, and I pretty much buy all the good blockbuster (and most of the good indie) vita games. I will be purchasing the GE:2 RB digital for Vita tomorrow, but here are my real questions, which are gonna be a bit different than most people’s:

      1) So, it’s 10:46 Central time right now in NA, where I’m at, and since I just got off work and will be up until about 4am, I’m wondering, what time will it actually release in the PSN, considering 8/30 is now only technically 1 hr 14 min away for us here…?? I’d love to get to play it some before I crash…

      2) since it is digital only, what is the specific file size for the game??? I’m not too concerned, I own one of every memory card sizes there is for the vita (4,8,16,& 32) just like to know what I got to work with…

    • I want to download God Eater 2 Rage Burst for the psvita but is not appearing in the PlayStation store
      right now for some reason!?

    • @Natural_Blazer The Vita version will cost $39.99 and comes with the Day One Costume DLC.

    • is there a digital copy for ps vita?

    • I waiting whole night till 1 and nothing! Now it’s morning and still nothing!!!!!! I’m at the point
      Where I will insult Sony!!!! Where the hell is god eater 2 rage burst for ps vita on the playstore??!!!!
      I really don’t like being promise something and nothing happens,because then I will go out of my

    • Where is god eater 2 rage burst for the ps vita ??????? I’ve been checking the psn store since early in the morning and it’s still not up I just dont want to miss out on the first day dlc

    • Anyone know when rage burst for the vita will be going up on PlayStation store??? Cause I don’t see it and I’m trying to not miss out on the dlc??

    • Where is God Eater 2 for PS Vita?

    • When does it officially come out on vita cause it’s the 30th and still not out?????

    • On my Vita it said it’s 53$ like it’s pissimg me off like bruh

    • I preordered gods eater 2 rage burst I got all the costumes except for the Tokyo ghoul collaboration sets. Any idea why I didn’t get them??

    • I have a question. So I already have resurrection and I have the pre order day one edition, now what I want to know is of the download code provided in the case is solely Resurrection or does it have the game plus the dlc costumes because I wanted to give my code to a friend so they can have the game since I already own Resurrection.

  • How come there’s no discount for Vita owners? If you want both Resurrection + Rage Burst, it’s $60 on Vita ($20+$40) on PSN. That’s $10 more than the Steam price for those two and the same price as the PS4 physical copy.

  • Will the free copy of RESSURECTION be for the Vita or the PS4? Also is it on disk or just a download code?

    • The free copy of Resurrection is only available with the PS4 version of GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst. It’s a download code.

  • Why didn’t the US get a physical Vita release for God Eater 2?

    • Since the man who said he would answer any questions refuses to address the big elephant in BAMCO’s room….

      They decided against it (just as they have with numerous recent titles sans Sword Art Online) because BAMCO US feels that the projected sales would not justify the cost of making a physical chip.

      As for how much BS that is, I direct you to look at the hyperdimension games. IF manages to publish these games physical and still manage to sell enough to turn a profit on most of them.

      Either BAMCO has no idea just how many people love this style of game and has NO respect for the portables (which is where God Eater sold well). Or they have egregious ideas as to how much it needs to l to be worth a physical chio

      If you really want a physical copy there are MANY sites you can order UK games (though you will probably not be able to redeem the code for the free GE:R that comes packaged with it…. yes, the UK got a physical chip AND the bonus of GE:R for free)

    • I will add this here since I couldnt in my original reply, but these companies dont care if Sony is still charging ridiculously high prices for their proprietary memory chips, they will still release games that take up multiple gigabytes of precious space instead of doing right by their customers.

    • @FPFALL:

      Yeah, it’s not exactly a surprise to see Bandai Namco treating Vita owners like second class citizens, just that they’d limit it to NA this time. I still remember how their solution for SAO: Hollow Fragment’s poorly translated script was “buy the PS4 version, we fixed THAT one.”

  • i know that there is no way to preorder the ps vita version, but if i buy it on day one, will i get the copy of resurrection for free?

  • Any word on any God Eater avatars or themes?

  • Thanks for bringing this game over Bamco :D . I’ve been wanting it for years so now…. it feels really, REALLY weird that the day is pretty much here ….

    • You’re welcome! It’s been a journey to get both GOD EATER games here. We can’t wait for you to play it :)

  • Loved the first one. This series has excellent gameplay. Especially like the bullet creation mechanics.

    • Glad to hear it! Bullet Creation is my second favorite feature, my first being character customization :)

  • I need more info about the Vita..

  • http://www.god-eater.com/en/cross-play-for-god-eater-games-and-cross-buy-for-ge-resurrection/

    they said we got GE:Resurrection for both PS4 and Vita. and you said we only get PS4 version. which one is right? I’m so confused now.

    • In European territories it’s cross-buy and cross-save but in the US it’s only cross-save. Hopefully that clears things up.

    • That link is for Europe. god-eater.com/en is Europe and god-eater.com/us is North America. Each region has their own branch and handles things differently.

  • Will this game have the same DLC issue that Digimon had with the cross save where you needed to have the pre-order DLC for both the Vita and PS4?? I plan on buying this day one for Vita and planned to buy it later for PS4 when I buy a PS4 but need to know if I need to pre-order both to be able to do that. I’m actually thinking of buying it first for PS Vita then for PC and after that I will buy it on PS4 so basically Bandai take my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Glad you’re super pumped for the game :) The DLC costumes will only transfer if you own both versions of the DLC (PS4 & Vita).

    • Correction! The DLC is cross-buy; if you get it for either Vita or PS4, it will transfer between the two systems :)

  • Can you guys make the pre-order DLC for GE 2 Burst free for Resurrection VIta owners.?

    I think I, like many love the Physical format. Have imported the UK Ge 2 R Burst Vita copy while getting Resurrection from the NA Store.

    Is there any transfer between both games?

    • Mostly asking about the Tales of Costumes and such. It would be nice to have those….because I can’t redeem the UK codes on a NA Vita.

      Thanks for localizing, and helping us from importing the JPN copies. Never expected both games to come here…and very happy they did.

  • No Japanese audio no buy. Heard some of the english audio in God Eater Resurrection and I couldn’t stand it. Shame as I really wanted to play these games.

  • (question continued) So in regards to the cross-save, if I use a Vita save file with the DLC and then try to use it on a PS4 without the DLC will it let me, by which I mean will the game still play but the (DLC will not be present at all which i’m with) and then when I transfer the save back to my Vita the DLC will show up again or will it not let me use the file at all

    • The game will still be playable when the save data is transferred to a PS4 but the DLC costume pieces will be removed, when you transfer the save data back to the Vita; the DLC pieces will still be removed but you can re-equip them. Hope this helps :)

    • Correction! The DLC will transfer when the Save Data is transferred between the PS4 and Vita. The DLC is cross-buy; if you get it for one system it will transfer to the other one :)

  • Thanks a bunch for bringing both God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2 Rage Burst to Vita! Although there will not be a retail version for vita (which would’ve been awesome) I will definitely pick up both sometime soon!

  • I would have bought this day 1 if you guys could have given NA the same deals on the Vita as other countries. My money goes to the companies that truely appreciate their customers.

  • I already pre-ordered this game. But I will not start it yet. I am currently stuck in God Eater Resurrection, with the Amaterasu halting my path. I just do not know how I can beat it. I am doing a playthrough with my scythe and assault gun. But I am still having trouble.

    Will the story of Resurrection greatly impact the sequel? Will I need to fully complete Resurrection to fully enjoy the sequel?

    • The story in GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst does make some references to Resurrection but overall it can be played as a stand alone title without any prior knowledge of the first game.

  • If I buy the PS4 digital version of God Eater 2 on Day One, do I get the code for Resurrection or do I have to buy the physical copy for it?

  • Following on UnshavenBox94’s question, I was considering buying the PS4 version of Digimon, but I found out that my file from the PS Vita version, which I bought a launch and had the pre-order/launch DLC, wouldn’t be compatible since the DLC is not available for the PS4 version.

    Any chance that Bandai Namco will work a solution, such as giving giving those who pre-ordered the game on one platform the DLC from the other platform, or putting the DLC available for purchase?

    As it stands its pointless for me to buy the PS4 version if I can’t transfer my file, and sadly it even feels like I’m being punished for buying the game earlier rather than being reward from doing so :(

  • Why isn’t there a physical release for PS Vita when Asia AND Europe get one? Why does the PS Vita total cost more than Steam and the same as PS4?

  • have the game pre ordered. Thanks for bringing it over and most importantly dubbing it.

  • Hate it when different regions get entirely different deals. Same thing happened with GG Xrd Revelator, where Europe didn’t get all characters as free DLC on release. God Eater 2 in Europe has a physical Vita version that includes God Eater Resurrection code. Same for Asia, if I am not mistaken. However, since the Vita only supports a single account, anyone importing the game cannot access Resurrection and would still have to purchase it separately if they want the game.

    So it is a shame for US buyers that not only they miss out on the physical copy, they are forced to purchase both games as standalone purchases instead of getting the nice bundle, which is one helluva good incentive to purchase.

    From my side, what I will end up doing is getting God Eater 2 EU, and maybe one day purchasing Resurrection if it ever goes on sale, but most likely I will just end up skipping that game entirely.

  • Got God Eater 2 physical on preorder waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. I wish God Eater Resurrection got a physical release over here in the States but alas I will enjoy it via download code. Thank you for bringing it over here. Thought we would never get this.

  • Why are all the characters’ names in lower case during missions? It wasn’t like that in Resurrection….

  • Thanks for bringing these games over. Shame I won’t be purchasing since its dub only though. These type of games are rarely dual audio and I’d rather play this with JP voices and subs especially after hearing some the voice work. Maybe next time.

  • You really want people to buy the PS4 version to justify just scraping up a vita version, don’t you? Hard to believe with Bamco Europe pulling through for the vita. Meanwhile the Vita version here doesnt get Resurrection and Rage Burst is digital only

    It just doesn’t make sense, I think I’ll try to import this one.

    Considering SAO Hollow Fragment being top of the charts material back a couple years ago, I’d wish you took that knowledge and learned from it. If Hatsune Miku rhythm games (which I love, but they’re super niche) get physical on vita, it’s hard not to laugh at the Bamco US branch’s decisions sometimes.

    Nonetheless though, thanks for localizing it. It’s better than nothing.

    • It is pretty sad, I mean many of us are importing our vita NAMCO games from EU…and that only strengthening the notion there the Physical is doing well.

      One Piece Burning Blood
      Sword Art Online ( the Newest One)
      One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
      Ge 2 R Burst
      and so on…..

      I wish Namco would go back to even limited physical editions( Tales of Hearts R, One Piece Unlimited Red)…make VGP/EBGAMES/Amazon to hold 1,000-2,000 copies.

      LimitedRunGames has been successful..

      If you don’t want to support too many physical copies, at least create a demand for small amount of copies.

    • Just read the news that Sword Art Online Realization will also be digital only in NA while Europe will get a physical and digital release. So glad we have companies like Xseed and Atlus that give NA a chance for physical releases.

  • Is the pre order DLC timed or will receive anytime as long as you buy the digital version? If it’s timed, how long till it expires?

    • The availability time frame is still undecided but the DLC is only available for a limited time. Keep an eye on our Twitter account (@BandaiNamcoUS) for further updates.

  • What will be the price for the Vita version of God Eater 2: Rage Burst?

  • Just turned on my PS4 and noticed this was done downloading, played a bit, loved it :) Haven’t yet finished Resurrection though, so I don’t know if I’m gonna jump straight into this, bounce between the two, or try to finish off Resurrection first. But I am super happy to see God Eater 2 in the US. God Eater Resurrection really surprised me with how much I’m enjoying it, so its pretty cool to have GE2 ready to go right into once I’m done! :D

    I hope these do well enough to push ahead with another sequel; this franchise deserves a fresh, modern start and the chance to shed its PSP roots for good. I would love to see this series get hit with a more modern presentation; something that technically could compete with Toukiden 2 or Dragon Quest Heroes (or I guess Gravity Rush 2 or Guilty Gear Revelator, to name some gorgeous cel shaded games) is what God Eater 3 deserves :D

    • Glad to see you’re enjoying it so far. Keep playing, the story gets so much better :)

    • God Eater 2 and Rage Burst have already sold well enough to justify a sequel on … Vita. The PS4 versions sold next to nothing in Japan.

      Asking for it to pull a Toukiden 2 or Gravity Rush 2 is asking for the franchise to die. Toukiden 2 has been a commercial failure in Japan because Koei Tecmo decided that despite Kiwami and the original pushing huge numbers on Vita, PS4 should be the lead platform for 2. As a result of that, the Vita version of Toukiden 2 is really rough and put people off the game (yet it’s still the best selling version). Few people wanted to play Toukiden on PS4, so it didn’t do nearly enough to make up for KT pooping on Vita fans.

  • Hay gods eater 2 for the vita isn’t up. What gives? It’s 3 am here in the usa on Aug 30th only the ps4 vers. Is up

  • Anyone no what time the vita vers. will be out

  • It’s 5:27 cntrl time in america and no vita release of God Eater

  • Do you guys even care about how vita players are basically second class citizens and we’re already not getting the free ressurection game and it’s only digital, now it’s not even up for grabs

  • What time
    will god eater 2 rage burst release on ps vita

  • I just want to know when it will appear on the vita i don’t care if i get ressurection or not cause i already got it its 20$ people just buy it but really though wheres the vita version i mean i could buy it on the ps4 but i want my God eater to go.

  • I’m so excited to play this! Finished Resurrection with great joy! :) Thanks for bringing this, I remember last year hoping this would come to the West and I’m super happy it did. No qualms here!

  • So because I live in NA and have a Vita I get screwed. Nope. You wont get my money. I was looking forward to playing this.

    • I really want to have Faith and say Sony cares about his people who own ps vita,but it looks
      like that’s not gonna happen.maybe I should stick to Nintendo,because they really love game and not
      the money like someone I know.no wonder things don’t go good for him,he doesn’t show love to
      his customers even through the crazy times.now no god eater 2 rage burst for vita user? Wow back to Nintendo for me

  • So…it’s 9:06am here in Canada. When is the Vita version appearing on the PSN?!

    • Honestly whats going on I’m from canada aswell and have beeen checking for a few hours and still not their its 10:02am now so im going to check.

  • I knew this was going to happen where the heck is the Ps vita digital download? There’s always something.

  • okay see the problem is that playstation goes by PST for their time basis so that means that the vita verson of the game will probably not show up till around 8:00 to 10:00 am or even later this is a norm of playstation why say release date is thistime then make us wait over half a day for it its 9:55 here for me and still nothing i called playstation support over a week ago asking them about the game they didnt have a clue about the ps vita version only the ps4 one and redirected me to bandai/nanmco support who has still not called me and it has been over a week

    • Wow that’s messed up that they didnt have a clue about the vita version which could possibly mean it may not even come out.
      Wtf I have work at 5 I don’t want to miss out on the dlc.

    • If what you say is true about the time,then that’s I’m happy to hear I’ll still get it.but this time
      That they have for vita user to get a new game is wrong and they think they should fix that just
      Like ps4 getting of a new game,because we’re gamers here and not different.game doesn’t diff colors but makes us one.so please fix

    • 8-10am… Does that also include the redeeming of the DLC codes for the physical copy?

  • So, I went to GameStop for the midnight release (9pm in California) of GE2:RB, but the DLC code inside the game’s case doesn’t work. I thought it was a time zone thing, so I just waited till I wake up the next day to redeem the code to no avail. Went to Google my problem with no explanations or solutions regarding it. Just posting this to see if anyone can help me with this…

  • sounds like playstation is trying to be the 9th circle of hell

  • Why is god eater 2 rage burst still not out on ps vita in north america

  • I can’t even find the PS Vita copy anywhere! It’s not in the Playstation Store, It’s not at Gamestop. I can’t find it anywhere. I was really looking forward to this game too and I just can’t find it.

  • Come on its 10 already here where the heck is this game!

  • $53.49 in Canada? Are you kidding me?

  • Just picked this up during lunch.. Can’t wait to get out of work and play it!

  • Dude when is the vita version dropping? !

  • Took you guys long enough i thought i was gonna have to give in and buy it for me ps4 I’ve had god eater since it was a psp game I’ve been waiting at least 2 years for god eater 2 nothing will stop me from getting it now

  • I just got the game and I try to put in the codes to download the costumes and the digital game and it keeps telling me the code is no longer valid

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