BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition Announced, DLC Details

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BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition Announced, DLC Details

Behold, 2D titans! Aksys Games and Arc System Works proudly announce the BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition and launch DLC details!

Exclusive to PS4 and PS3 and set to release simultaneously alongside the standard edition this November, the limited edition of the latest BlazBlue entry boasts a gaggle of great content.

What’s in the booox?! Let’s take a closer look…

  • Deluxe Hardcover Art Book — Contains 100 pages of BlazBlue art celebrating the history of gaming’s flashiest 2D fighting series!
  • Mini Noel Vermillion Nendoroid Figure — Supervised by Toshimichi Mori and forged by the masters at Good Smile. Noel strikes an iconic pose, sure to mesmerize collectors and fans alike!
  • BlazBlue Song Interlude III Soundtrack — Ten tracks of in-game goodness bound to up your fighting drive!

A new challenger approaches! The mysterious Es of Xblaze fame joins the fray, ready to lend her brawly talents to eager fighters. Es, Guardian of the Azure and sometimes known as the Mediator, carves out her own unique spot on the roster.

A cursory glance at Es reveals her suite of standard normals and specials which form the foundation of her attack arsenal. While Es can be played as a straightforward beat stick, she has the ability to enhance her special moves, offering inventive fighters strategic flexibility.

Her drive, “Crest Arts”, transforms the trail of her sword into a massive avalanche of doom which gives her devastating attack power during offensive strikes. More hits = more pain. Tricky players can also utilize her drive’s time lag to put opponents in sticky defensive situations and force them to make hasty decisions.

Es will be available for download for free on PlayStation Store for the first two weeks after launch day and available for purchase beyond the promo window. She’ll be available for both the PS4 and PS3 versions. Don’t miss out on Es, the limited edition, and the final chapter of the BlazBlue saga!

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  • My minds telling me no! …….. but my body……my body’s telling me ehhhhhehhhhh

  • Thank you for answering my prayers Aksys! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint with the LE!

  • Give it to me now!

  • series has been so good…but not giving them money after dropping the dub for the finale. Would’ve easily preordered this CE otherwise

  • So has it fully been confirmed that there will be no English VAs? Guessing it is the case, but I am dissapointed.

    • Yeah no dub is disappointing, but would you have rather waited 6-8 months for a US release w/ a dub?

    • Yes I would wait for 6-8 months for a dub

    • Personally I would not mind especially if you got a look at the autographs I have collected on the covers for my copies of the other BlazBlue games. Can you please consider it for DLC? I will seriously pay for the English Dub if that is what it takes.

    • I would pay as well. This is getting just silly with some companies just dropping dubs. Yea your in sync with the jpn release,but at the same time you pushing away half your customers with this. I could give two dams if it came out later for other regions there still will be other players to play with not just jpn. Its been like this for years why change it when it has a negative impact.Also you have no worries about importers since most rebuy the game for the dub so your getting twice the cash.

    • I would wait half a year for an English voice track for Blazblue. I was OK with Guilty Gear not having one as it has mostly not before but Blazblue always had two vocal sets since it’s localization.

      This is even weirder that Arc Systems added a Japanese track for their version of Skullgirls.

    • For the record and the other side of the spectrum. I don’t mind having JP voice only, I also don’t mind waiting for a Dub, but sooner the better for the hype at the same time.

    • I definitely would, honestly I am pre-ordering the LE, and when I get it, I’m just gonna shelve it and wait for the English dub.
      Please, it s one of my favorite part about this beautiful franchise, I want an English Dub, I would pay $20 for it, even!

    • Also this:

      A brand new chapter in the saga!

      A 40+ hour story mode with fully animated cut scenes pushes the boundaries of fighting game narratives.

      That is pushed before they even mention how many characters are in the game. The story is a very heavy focus in BlazBlue. For the fans that do not care about the story, fine, but clearly many do and it is well known. It has two prequel/side story games that are graphic novels. Sorry for the fans that could not enjoy them for different reasons, but BlazBlue is an extremely heavy story driven game and it seems to garnish more attention than even the fighting game aspect of the series.

    • I’d pay for a English dub DLC, so pleases consider it Aksys. Same goes for GGXRD Revelator.

    • Yes, I actually would rather have waited.

    • Now you mention it Danny, yeah, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem: Fates, Persona 5, etc…

      yeah delaying it would make EVERYONE happy, you released the game, and for English-Speaking Gamers, they get their Dub in the game, IMHO, delaying it to 6-8 wouldn’t be a problem, unless your company really needed that sale in Nov and why this game really needed to be release. You tell me, sales issues, release issues, or what issues that all suddenly BlazBlue couldn’t have dub.

      As Shigero Miyamoto said, “A delay in the game is good, a bad game will always be bad.” and the last I check, BlazeBlue is a good game, or is it in the same level of Duke Nukem, I’m confuse, I don’t think it’s in the same quality of Duke Nukem. So again, unless it’s a sale concerned, why not consider delaying to 6-8 month to its Japanese release and make everyone happy, or there’s a Chris Pranger conspiracy. I hope not.

      In conclusion, do what’s best for your company, but there is always going to have a reaction, you can’t please everyone, unless you can.

    • Add me to the people who would’ve waited for a dub. ;_;

    • This is probably really going to hurt US sales. Pretty much all hardcore players buy the JPN version on launch. I just don’t have a reason to buy US version now. The dub was something that really set BB apart from other fighters. I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss characters talking trash to each other while they fight. I don’t know it, just really added something amazing to the game. I still get chills from hakumen’s white void speech lol. I bought 5 versions of CPEX, JPN ps3 US ps3, US ps4, EUR limited edition, and US vita. Only getting JPN this year.

    • Yes, myself and hundreds of others can and will wait eight months, and when you see preorders and sales plummet in the months to come, you’ll have this decision to thank. This is unacceptable, and fans should not stand for it. Import CF. Buy it used. Don’t support this. #noduBBnoBBuy Change Aksys’ minds. Eight months is nothing. WE CAN AND WILL WAIT.

    • Hell yes I would have waited 6-8 months for the dub. No dub equals no sale for me.

    • I would rather not wait for a dub. I suppose I am in the minority here (Most in the EU seems to be fine with sub-only), but the JP audio track is top-notch and consists of some of the best current voice actors. Reading isn’t too much of a hassle either, as I read a lot of books. Release it now and make a English voice patch if there’s enough support for it afterwards. That way, everyone wins.

    • Where did you get the 6-8 months figure? Is it standard to take 6-8 months, to make a dub? Without any citation, I really doubt that. My bet is that they could have done it in less than a month and still have had it published by Christmas, which is, I think, pretty obviously the reason for a November 30 release date. Getting it on the 21st of December would still allow parents, spouses, partners, etc. to get it for their kids, grandkids, significant others, and so on… so that they can play it, themselves, of course.

  • That Noel nendroid will look great next to my Rachel nendroid. Now the big question is where can i pre-order this lovely LE frrom?

    • Should be up on Amazon and GameStop any minute. It sometimes takes them a while to populate the product page in their system.

  • Nice to see that this LE is available on PS3 too rather than just one system. No English Dub is disappointing (I would have been willing to wait) but I’ll get used to it.

  • Sorry its ridiculous that a series that has been dubbed SINCE DAY ONE is losing said feature. I will not be supporting your game. Hopefully when the enhanced version comes you will get your act together cause your giving use an unfinished product.

  • What tracks are on the CD? Character themes for Es, Nine, Hibiki, Naoto, Izanami, and Mai would probably be 6, the Izanami vs Ragna and Nine vs Kokonoe/Celica themes would probably be another 2 to make 8. New opening theme is likely on there to make 9. Astral theme for 10?

    I was hoping we’d get a cool announcement like Jubei was finally coming to be playable, but nothing that good is happening I see.

  • Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! Leave dubs and bring games sooner! Now I won’t have to stand hearing the english dub when playing against a player who chose them (which was weird in the first place)! Thanks! =D.

    • yea just screw the other fans so you can be selfish and happy.

    • While its good to bring in the game as quick as possible, the majority if not all mostly would usually listen to the English voices, without the problem of just reading the subtitles.

      Oh, and no, that’s not what you’re talking about, I know you’re happy for it, but most people aren’t. I’m indifferent, I don’t mind either way, but since there’s no dub happening, there’s no choice in the matter. >.>

      And yes SoulEdge, I get the point there too.

    • Hey, I’ve seen people happy about having english-dubbed-only games and for those of us who like hearing the original VO get screwed over so…

      I don’t know, I can’t understand how reading subtitles is a big trouble and you get to hear better voice acting after all.

      Just the other day, I started Danganronpa Another Episode and it was in english. Looked through the internet to see if I could change it and found a forum in which people were saying that you could download the original VO, but that the english dub was so good… Really!? It was so bad, so artificial, fake…

      Oh! And I’m not an anime fan or anything, it’s just that the original work is generally better.

    • I see, but yeah, there’s always an option, sometimes its there, sometimes its not.

  • Are you serious, no dub? This is the first BlazBlue game I won’t be buying then.

    • People gripping about dubs remind me of anime fans just watching their first anime. Stop being ungrateful

    • How is this being ungrateful? They took a feature me and many others enjoyed in the game and basically even admitted they could of added it. It just would of taken some time. Time spent that could of made everyone happy instead of just some. Also news flash not everyone like jpn voices acting. People do like dubs this goes for both games and anime.

    • Ungrateful? Are you crazy? I have to pay money for this game if I want it. Why would I feel grateful to pay money for something that is lacking?

    • Yeah, I see your point, but if we want to be more specific, that one Blazblue mobile game doesn’t even have a dub at all, its all JP voices there too. So this isn’t the first time BB has no dub, its the second.

      And yes, speaking so of anime, even at least Alter Memory got dubbed, but I too see your points across.

      I know, things happen, schedules happen, stuff happens, not much to go by though.

    • There not being ungrateful. There being entitled cry babies not buying a game over a dumb thing. I swar this generation is all about entitlement. Its either give me what i want or im not playing your game.

    • It’s not just the the lack of an English Voice Cast that would make me not want to buy the game.The story of the series has lost my interest for some time and there’s been questionable marketing advertising Lambda’s return to Chrono Phantasma as ‘new’ when she has been in the last game. Not to mention that Nu is already in that game and they play pretty much the same.

      The Special edition for the game does look nice but it has to be a game I really want for me to buy it and my heart just isn’t there for it anymore. Perhaps I will pick the game up at some point but for now it’s a pass for me.

  • As with many things in life get over it. I liked the dub but it won’t end your life. If this means we can get games faster I say drop all dubs instead of holding a game 9 months just to add some English voices. Use your imagination

    • guess we got another selfish player here who says screw other fans so they can be happy. Great work dude. Im guessing your a sub over dub guy as well.

    • @ Souledge94

      Isn’t it selfish as well making others wait so you can hear bad dubs? In fact, some great games don’t even let you choose the japanese VO and have to deal with it =/.

    • no its selfish to say to not put a feature in the game that would make others happy and the only negative is you having to be patient and wait a little. Also the dubs are far far from bad.

    • @AliciaDarky

      Unless you really need to play this game day 1, then no, it is not selfish, it’s the other way around, the fans who prefer dub for this game get the bad end of the stick, delaying the game to add dub will make EVERYONE happy, not half the supporters. It won’t hurt delaying this game, since they are many other games to play, unless you are fixated only on BlazBlue: Central Fictions.


      I agree 100%, there are other games to play.

    • @Nauto

      No, it’s selfish as well and it won’t make “everyone” happy. This is the case for you, but I’ve been “on that side” too, seen people asking for the original VO and getting the horrible dubs you always praise. They say it’s “because of licensing issues”, but smaller publishers get it done, so… Is that really the case? It seems like we get that treatment because of people wanting (generally) bad english dubs so they don’t have to waste “a lot of effort” reading ¬¬.

      Anyways, I end up getting games that don’t come with japanese VOs because I really want to play them and had to put up with it.

      I don’t know, maybe I’m just enjoying seeing you now getting treated like we get treated many times. Although, I’ve always thought that subtitles is the way to go with everything.

    • @AliciaDarky
      That doesint make any sense. How is it selfish as well to delay the game so a fstilleature that some others enjoy can be added in. Your still getting the game you want with the voices you want. Unless BB is the only game you play and you have nothing else on your plate.

    • @Souledge94

      Because very passionate people would like to play the game as soon as possible and don’t like the dubs to begin with. Maybe the way to go would be getting the dub sometime after the game being released.

      Honestly, I don’t care if it gets delayed since it’ll take sometime for me to get it since there are a lot of games coming out and have a big backlog, BUT this seems like some kind of “justice” to me.

      Now that you have experienced something like this, are you willing to fight for both sides? If people start a petition for the dub or something, I’ll sign up as long as you (everyone) supporting dubs, help us get original VOs when the time comes.

      Fighting each other when we’re sides of the same coin won’t get us anywhere.

    • @AliciaDarky
      If your that hungry to play the game then import it. People who enjoy jpn VO at least has that option. People who enjoy dubs are pretty much screwed. Also iv always been for dual audio at the end of the day cause I dont want anyone to miss out on a game they are looking forward to. I know the feeling especially in this generation and it sucks.

    • @Souledge94

      No, importing it would mean it’d come completely in japanese and we wouldn’t be able to understand the story and navigating through menus would be kind of tricky, so… That’s why I think subtitles are enough and that there’s no need to spend time and money on dubs, but… Yeah.

    • @AliciaDarky

      Except now you are trying to read and watch during the cut scenes and you lose out on the immersion factor. Plus importing it still gets it to you a month earlier and since I have no real interest in Story Mode now that it is solid reading with voices I do not care about, I am pre-ordering my copy from Japan to get it in October. They took away my only reason to wait amd that would be for Story Mode. $62.99 from PlayAsia is not going to break my bank.

      Also navigating through Japanese menus is not hard. Most of them even have pictures or the menu is in English. The only things in Japanese tend to be Story and Attack names and some menu options for like training mode which is almost always in the same order as every other fighting game.

      For English dubs I would have waited. Even if they had said well it will be DLC or a patch. Fine, but now i am just going to get it from Japan.

    • How about no. I will do without, if I can’t get the voices that the series has had from the very beginning. An extra nine months wouldn’t have been a bad thing.

      I’m sorry you are so selfish that you think other people should suffer because you don’t want something.

    • @clupula668
      I said that I liked people having to deal with the same issues other have had. Some kind of justice =).

      As if having bad dubs isn’t “immersion-breking”.

      Well, like I said, I’ll join you if you join us. Maybe something can be done =/.

    • @AliciaDarky

      Except bad is an opinion many actually do not share in this case. Plus this decision fits with an extremely low number of fans. The biggest reasons as to why:

      Those who do not care about the dubs and the story would buy the game from Japan if they were worried about being underskilled for pro play. Even the month difference for that type of player would be considered too big of a gap.

      What they are really losing out on is one the people who buy for the Story. The vast majority of those players would wait for an English dub and the double dippers. Pros that bought the game early from Japan and then wait for the US version for the English VAs to run through Story Mode.

      Now they are just removing a feature completely and saying right now they have no plans whatsoever of giving us said feature. They also want to charge the same amount for the game when it will not change the fact that next year an Extend version is likely to get launched. Especially for a game series that has often included both JP and ENG voices.

      As for being mad that Atlus does not often include JP voice tracks for their games, that could be more easily fixed like Drakengard 3 did.

    • @SilentNova
      Aren’t you assuming too much? How do you know “the vast majority” of people that buy it for the story prefer the english VO? Either way, they still get the subtitles and can understand it and it’s not like if these games had many cutscenes. Anyway, being this “the last one” I think that, yeah, “they should have finished what they started”.

      You should still be a little thankful, you know? In Mexico we don’t get many Japanese games translated. In fact, I learned english thanks to videogames. Learning japanese is harder and could be impossible by just playing.

      Well, got to go. If you have anything in mind as to what could help this case, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    • @AliciaDarky

      I know because it used to be part of my job. When subbed versus dubbed first really started becoming a big debate we quickly realized that the majority of the fanbase liked being able to understand what was being said. This increased heavily when games like Final Fantasy X came out. The argument was actually not to remove the dubs, but make sure we hired VAs who were more competent at their job.

      Besides the other factors had been changed. More companies from Japan started releasing already translated script work. Instead we started playing the part of Grammar police. Meaning skilled translation work was even less necessary.

      Basically you recieved a script that would be more along the lines of:

      My heart aches when gone you must return.

      Rough example at best, but not far off. This allowed us to get “translations” done faster. That led to many companies being able to hire greater talents for voice acting and even increase our approval with the Japanese companies and audience.

      If a selling point for BlazBlue was indeed not the Story and it was not a super heavy focus of the game, by all means it would be worth cutting the English Dub, but the Story is a huge focus for this game.

    • @AliciaDarky

      Why does it always seem like so many people who are in the “Japanese is always better that the English dub” are people who don’t really speak or understand Japanese? It’s probably because they don’t have the ability to scrutinize it beyond a certain point.

      Now, I’ve heard some sketchy English dubs in my day, but I’ve also heard some stilted, corny, grating, or screechy Japanese voice acting that the English VO pulled off well.

      You say that English VO is “weird”, but half of the things said in this game are awkward English phrases that Japanese people have trouble with, e.g. Gauntoretto Hahdehz. And it’s common in a lot of Japanese media where they have someone who speaks “English” or they use a lot of English to sound “cool”, but the English is just outright wrong or the VA is terrible at pronouncing it.

      There are pros and cons all around. But to dismiss all English dubs outright, -especially- the one for Blazblue, while the Japanese one garners no complaints from you? Can’t say that I agree.

      Now, I do think that people should have access to both the original dub and the English dub for things (if they exist). Both can add something to the experience that the other one doesn’t.

    • @werewolfgod
      I’d like to learn japanese for sure, but there are no good places to learn it where I live. I’ve gotten used to it, though. Besides, there’s no need to know a language completely to perceive when emotions are delivered correctly and at the right time. Oh! And I’m on the side of original VOs, not japanese VOs specifically.

      And yeah, there are good and bad dubs on both sides or some voices fit the characters better in either one. Still, the original work is usually better since is more supervised, better directed and so on. And, you know what? I think many times that’s the problem: read somewhere a voice actress didn’t even see the game, didn’t know what was happening and just “went with the flow” =/.

    • @AliciaDarky

      You do realize most of the Japanese VAs have never played the game and some also do not know what is really going on it? But many of the English VAs are very active and supportive of the roles they have done in BlazBlue. They have even spoken out about the fact they were never contacted in regards to a dub and have stated that they supporting the petitions for the English VAs do to their love of the games.

  • Yes!! Thanks for giving us the Japanese LE in the West, will be buying this day one!

    Although I personally prefer the original Japanese VAs, and I’m glad for once the Japanese VAs wasn’t the option that got shafted, I definitely feel for the dub fans for this one, especially if they started off with the dub since Calamity Trigger and now they shafted at the very last game.

    Some of the dub fans here and Twitter are quite disgusting, but is it unjustified? Definitely not. Aksys, you guys should definitely providing them with a dub via DLC down the line.

    • I mean, people are passionate about the dub, and that’s very very valid. Coordinating w/ Japan to make the J and US releases as close together AND squeezing a dub into the mix is tricky, if not impossible sometimes. We love dubs. We love them. Not having them always available is unfortunate. But we lobby for them, and do what we can to get them in.

  • I’m not ashamed to be selfish lol I’m glad we get this game. They can easily not give you anything

  • Not to mention blind people. Like me and many other blazblue players. No way we can play story mode now, as we don’t speak Japanese, and reading the story will be impossible as there’s just no way to access that text in an accessible manner. SO this goes beyond just people enjoying the English voices, many gamers actually need it to even play story, and story’s the major reason for me getting blazblue games. The game’s audio’s already horrible, as console version’s all mono, which makes keeping track of character positions as a blind person super difficult, now we’re hit with this no dub nonsense. Ridiculous.

    • Now this I can understand, but it’s kind of weird to imagine a blind person playing fighting games. Well, not that hard, I guess that wouldn’t stop me from doing the things I lie the most.

      Still, eyesight is very important in videogames and many of the more story driven (like visual novels) don’t even have voices for all the dialogs… Sad -.-.

  • Seems I’ll have wait for the Extend edition, which will hopefully do come to PS Vita, which is the system I bought the previous games for.

    Would definitely buy an LE of the PS Vita version if that were to happen!

    • Yeah, I’ve been playing BB games since PSP and continued to do so with PS Vita.

      If BlazBlue: Central Fiction isn’t coming to PS Vita, then I may end up not getting at all. Playing BB on a Sony handheld is just so natural to me now. BB: CP and BB:CPE would have been better if it had cross-play.

      Hoping BB:CF makes it to Vita.

  • Heck yes! A new blazblue for ps4 nice, plus some cool art book. Yep definitely getting this. Thanks

  • Where do we order the LE from?

  • @danny you have my thanks regardless!!!!!

  • Are you going to offer a digital preorder bonus like you did for Revelator? The demo was a really nice for those of us who want to go the digital route.

  • Why has the curse of the white avatar affected me now?

  • My mind and body is screaming yes, my wallet is in the corner crying again though…oh well! Who needs money anyway when your favorite series is having another release?

  • I like my anime subbed but not my games. The BB dubs are pretty great and i really enjoy them (hen Ragna and Terumi are yelling like idiots). I have all of the games and love the story, but i guess i’ll be waiting for CF Extend if it even happens after this release and includes English. Thanks anyway i guess.

  • I’m kinda divided to be honest, I personally loved both of BB’s Dubs especially the English Cast… to see that be dropped saddens me and totally not cool for the supposed final entry to the story. Also with the previous track record with Arc System Works, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this getting a “EXTEND” edition in about a year or so.

    But that Noel Nendoroid.. would look nice next to the Rachel one from the CP’s LE.

  • Alicia,
    It’s not hard to understand. Yall are just too used to sight. Take Mortal Kombat X for example. That game, and Killer Instinct, have some of the best sound design. Every single action in those games have sounds associated with it. walk, run, jump, all punches have different sounds. Then there’s stereo. If you throw a fireball on MKX, as soon as it’s launched, you can actually track its progress by ear alone. Try playing the games with headphones and without looking at a screen, then pick someone like Reptile and launch a projectile. He’s pretty loud so you’ll here what I’m talking about no problem. Try this from different distances so you can get the full effect. then try jumping around and attacking, and listen carefully. We’re actually seeing what’s going on, but without our eyes. It’s just like touch typing. I’m sure many people on here can do that. you don’t go “hmm ok, now where’s the B key? let me see… ah! Found it!”, right? It’s all muscle memory. Same for playing instruments. Many people just look at the sheet music and play automatically. Gaming works the same Once we memorize all those sound effects and what they mean, it’s as easy to play the game as anyone else.

  • So not much is new.. again, and worse there is no dub (6-8months to dub? BS) and still fully priced. I’ll wait for a sale this time.

  • Guys, the answer is simple (and… hopefully possible? Maybe?): You know how so many games these days tend to come with dub only but then get a JP Voice Language DLC? Do the same thing here, only Eng Voice Language DLC a couple months later instead. Hell I’d be willing to drop 5 bucks on it if need be…

  • Shut up and take my money xD

  • Central Fiction? Why do manga titles rarely make any sense. It might as well be called Purple Sleeve Cauldron Slice.

  • I ABSOLUTELY would have waited for the 6-8 months for the English dub. The English VO do such incredibly good work that I can’t even imagine playing the series without the banter I know and love. Hopefully it gets patched in or they change their mind, because I absolutely, 100% support an English dub for this series, and I’ll wait on this game until it happens.

  • really disliked guilty gear xrd revelator having no dubs, and wont be buying this until there are english voices. maybe offer the 6 new characters as DLC instead of a full game – a new full game suggests a full featured game, not a subtitled game that deviates from the rest of the series.

    • +1 this! When Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator was released with no English VO, I skipped it. I really hated doing that, but I also hated having to miss the English VO. I’ll just wait until it’s super cheap on Steam to snag it. Same with this title since they will likely release to Steam eventually.

  • been a huge fan of BB since CT even came out. If i had to name my current favorite franchises of all time this would be my number 1. Me and my best friend have a beautiful rivalry since CT, where we both trade wins and have a blast with every new iteration. I will crack a smile at most of the tiny little voice lines you hear before during and after a match. We would always laugh when Bang claims is hatred for bell peppers after defeating hakumen.

    When Tony Oliver was switched off of Bang it was a big deal for us. But after awhile we got use to the replacement though in our little fan boy hearts it would never be the same. I have also been collecting Autographs on my box copies from the voice actors at cons. Getting Bang Celica Jin/Hakumen Azrael and Arakunes. Probably my biggest nerd moment of my life was hearing Arakune Spike Spencer do a broken up voiceline of his live after asking if he did it himself or was it edited.

    As a huge fan it really sucks to not have the dub. I feel selfish but god damn it Is important to me anyways.
    Delay it.
    Patch it in.
    Charge for it if you have to.
    But at the very least get the gameplay VO in. I can live with the story not having it.

  • I would have been very happy to wait for the dub. I don’t know what I want to do about that now.

  • Nice. Dubs suck anyways. To me at least. Glad to have Japanese audio. Only wish Atlus could do the same with Persona.

  • “Yeah no dub is disappointing, but would you have rather waited 6-8 months for a US release w/ a dub?”

    Hey Danny, it depends who you are addressing that, to the FGC or to the casual gamers who prefer English Dub in their Japanese Game, if you are asking me that, then I embrace the 6-8 delay to make the game complete.

    It is not 1999 like the arcade, it’s 2016 where games should be evolving, and add English Dub is part of it. I really wished that game companies should consider putting English Dub as an industry standard.

    Because of this decision, I can tell you that you just cut your sales, now for English Speaking gamers who prefer dubs in their games, might not support it. You add English Dub on the previous games, then all the suddenly, nope, because of the release issue. BlazBlue is a story driven game for the fighting genre, most gamers play it for the deep story, and your company decided to drop the ball.

    “A Delay in a game is Good, a bad game will always be bad.” Shigeru Miyamoto, and last I check, BlazBlue is not a bad game. Real shame, well good luck on your sales now.

  • First of all I highly doubt it would even come close to taking 6-8months to do dubs these days. Im a fan and I really want to be optimistic but seeing how every game is trying to be lazy or milk their fans these days. Don’t be cheap, this is a full priced product 59.99! and you guys want to leave the dubs out?? Is it that expensive to hire people to voice? What next? Leave out subtitles?

  • signing in for the first time just to call all of the people who won’t buy this. this is way better than not buying this game’s NA release for the 3rd (or is it 4th time?) now because it’s not even worth buying by the time it launches. usually when NA release for BB drops it’s not worth playing because there’s no one online. i’m tired of games getting delayed for a year+ for **** dubs.

    • but heres the thing all the other times the game has released later in NA and ther regions the online was never dead. It was constally active. its only when the extend version of said game came over that it started to drop.

  • I’ll join in with the others by expressing my disappointment over the lack of an English dub. And while it is understandable for the online players would want a quicker release, I hope Aksys/Arc System Works changes their mind and either works on a DLC patch for English voices (even if we have to pay), or at least dub the inevitable Extend version.

  • I’m pretty sure that in Blazblue Chrono Phantasma the Japanese version came with dual audio for the battle voices as well so don’t give me that “6-8 months” crap. They could have added the dual audio if they wanted too without a delay, for all i know they probably had dual audio in all of the other Japanese versions of Blazblue too. I’m not going to buy the base game if it doesn’t have a dub because the dub is a big part of it for me since i found the story interesting and the voices entertaining, so without a dub half of the experience i get from the game is just gone for me, but i will wait for the inevitable extend version to come out and buy that even if it doesn’t have a dub since i’ll mainly be buying it for the gameplay because blazblue was the first fighting game i played competitively and actually got fairly good at. Of course if the dub is dlc later on i’ll be sure to snatch that up.

  • Okay, so NO DUB,NO BUY!

    I really enjoyed the VA in BB:CPE, an awesomely deep fighting game with a long story mode. It would be way too jarring to suddenly hear Japanese voices.

    This is just a cut-costing maneuver that slices the fans.

  • Still not up yet. But any new games please remove sure she if we get it faster. The real fgc does not need dubs. Only casual anime fans care for them

    • yeaaaa your so far off from the truth.

    • @Souledge94

      Yep. A few pros have already said they have no reason to bother with the US release at all then and I agree with them. We played Story Mode because of the English VAs. Without it, might as well just get the JP version since it comes out a month earlier. I already have a JPN PSN account and so I can get the DLC characters.

  • Also decided to let my voice be heard and am requesting a delay to release dubs for the game. I’ve played every mainline Blazblue since the start of the series dubbed, not having that option anymore is just baffling to me. I understand with Guilty Gear since that started subbed but BB had always been dubbed.

    I don’t mind waiting to have the story dubbed and I really want that LE. I won’t be buying the game until I see a dub for it though, you won’t bribe me with that adorable Noel nendroid. As much as i’d love to give you guys money and support the series but I can’t if you won’t listen to the fans requests.

    Oh and to those who want the game quickly, just buy the Japanese version and play that. The fighting is only 40% of the reason I buy these games. I play BB because I love the stories the characters and the universe it has created.

  • So what will the Ps3 version get? this stuff too?

  • i think the Aksys Games are delaying the game for the dub…. so we might get the game on the end of the year we might get it on Jan or Feb for 6 months or Mar or Apr for 8 months to be release for dubbed? (my thoughts what i thinks)

    So let Hope Waiting for 6-8 Months will be worth it

  • I personally will not play the Story Mode without the English Dub and so I think I am going to just buy the JP release. I have a JP account already and the current strategy is that DLC is free for characters for the first week. I actually have no reason to wait period without the English VAs and just get it in October.

  • Dear Aksys: First of all I admire thy decision to close th release gap date and second…. Thank You! Another awsome Limited Edition! Thank You! Want it about now!!

  • As someone who bought Calamity Trigger day one and has been a fan for a while, a fan definitely invested in the story, I definitely would have preferred to wait 6-8 more months for an English dub. Those English voices are who the characters are to me. Playing them in Japanese just won’t feel right. I’m not going to sit through the several hours long visual novel-like Story Modes without the characters speaking the way I am used to. No way.

    I will wait for the EXTEND version, I guess, and pick that up day one…if it has an English Dub. If not, then I guess, my time with BlazBlue will end with Chrono Phantasma.

  • Very nice Limited Edition. It would complement my Limited Edition of Chrono Phantasma quite well. Unfortunately ArcSys and Aksys, I will do everything in my power to ensure I obtain it second hand to alienate you from my wallet utterly. As stated, the omission of the dub was was a “tough decision, but [you] stick by it.” Likewise, I will neither endorse your decision nor shall I be purchasing this title day 1 as I originally sought to. Sorry, it is a “tough decision, but I stick by it.” You are getting the Capcom treatment from here on out. And unless the English VAs are patched in or are included with the inevitable Extend release: I am done supporting you entirely. I say this as someone who is studying Japanese; the English dub is plays a monumental part in my enjoyment. Your (Akysys twitter) justifications for it are also duplicitous. “Dub scheduling is always tights?” 6-8 months? Except for the fact Patrick Seitz (Ragna), Cristina Vee (Noel), David Vincent (Jin), and Mela Lee (Rachel) have all confirmed they have not been contacted whatsoever. You made no endeavor to contract them for the dub.

    In addition until ArcSys began handling the localization to Strangely Compelling to cut costs with BBCSE’s inception, the JPN and NA/EU release gap for BBCT and BBCS were a week and nearly a month respectively. The quality of the localizations via Strangely Compelling has taken a nose dive along with a 5-6 month gap between releases beginning with Chrono Phantasma. And now, you have forfeited the dub entirely under the clear facade of “we want to release it close to the JPN release” – even though BBCP is demonstrable affirmation you have no qualms taking the extra few months? Laughable. It is quite blatant you are doing this because you feel you can get away with it after REVELATOR.

  • (FINAL)
    Sorry. I cannot in good conscience pay you money for a slipshod and rushed localization that reeks of cut corners. I sincerely hope your reevaluate this course of action. I will pay top dollar for English DLC, but if you cannot even extend that grace to us, I am afraid this is where I am forced to part ways with you.

    • Good post and observations! I can see where they wouldn’t to say, “Hey, we’re trying to maximize profits by minimizing expenditures, so no dub.” On the other, being duplicitous about it is a complete turn-off…as if not having the dub wasn’t a turn-off enough. I am making sure this info appears in some form on the Amazon page for pre-orders and I encourage other people to do the same.

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