PlayStation Plus: Free Games for August 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for August 2016

Update: Starting on September 22, 2016, prices for PlayStation Plus memberships will change to $59.99 USD/ $69.99 CAD for twelve months and $24.99 USD/$29.99 CAD for three months. The monthly plan will change to $11.99 CAD in Canada, and remain $9.99 USD in the U.S. If you are a current member, the new prices will take effect if your membership renews on or after this date.

PlayStation Plus strives to enrich your PlayStation experience through a world-class service built for our fans. This marks the first time that PS Plus membership prices will increase in the U.S. and Canada since the launch of the service in 2010. The new pricing reflects the current market conditions while enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members. As a member, you will continue to enjoy the benefits and features that enable shared experiences, such as online multiplayer, free games, and exclusive discounts. You will also continue to get exclusive benefits such as online game save storage and discounts across the PlayStation digital services.

If you do not wish to continue your subscription, please be sure to cancel it by turning off auto-renewal in your account settings before September 22, 2016.

We thank all of you, our PlayStation Plus members, for your ongoing support.

We’re happy to share the free PS4 games for PS Plus members this August! This month we look to satisfy your inner space pirate, and let you battle it out with friends in a frenzied tower builder.

First up is Tricky Towers, a new title from WeirdBeard Games. Tricky Towers is a physics-based puzzler that’s at its best when you’re competing against friends. With local and online multiplayer for two to four players, the game shines as you race to stack your tower while casting spells to disrupt your opponents. The gameplay is fast, fun, and addictive, as you’ll find yourself coming back for more. So gather your friends or join them online and enjoy the mayhem of Tricky Towers.

Next up is Rebel Galaxy. Suit up and take command in this space combat RPG from developer Double Damage. Take the helm of a massive destroyer as you make your reputation through trade, by being a work-for-hire mercenary or a swashbuckling pirate. In a procedurally generated universe, no two star systems are the same and there’s always something new to discover. So take the helm, prepare for battle, and have a blast with Rebel Galaxy.

Full lineup:

  • Tricky Towers, PS4
  • Rebel Galaxy, PS4
  • Yakuza 5, PS3
  • Retro/Grade, PS3
  • Patapon 3, PS Vita
  • Ultratron, PS Vita, PS3, PS4

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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2 Author Replies

  • These look like mobile game levels of quality. I miss the time before the PS4, where we would get quality games all the time. There were no misses.

  • Waiting for the day they release something good on ps4 like Sniper Elite 3 or Payday 2.

  • Oh my god what is happening to sony .. they seriously are gonna have to improve their monthly lineups… XBoX One is having a better lineups in last 2-3 months … PLZ sony listen to all the complaints. Please

  • Thank you Sony
    for giving me a reason to buy Xbox

  • The fact that people are complaining about this months line up when Yakuza 5 is on the list literally hurts me physically.

  • This is what, the fourth spaceship game since December? Kinda boring actually. Oh well, I’m sure some might find it fun!

  • :( Every month I hope we’ll get good ps plus games and every month I get disappointed :( I think out of all the free games we’ve gotten in the past 2 years only about 5 were good titles, 8 tops.. I’m glad I just got an xbox one last month; its sad that even though playstation has the most members they appreciate their members less then xbox :( :( …

  • Does this mean that someone will finally get around to addressing the Patapon 3 DLC issue on Vita?

  • This is really bad, no disrespect to the developers who made these games but for the forth month on a row I feel Sony isn’t trying. I miss the days when we got games like Hotline Miami, Rouge Legacy, Valiant Heart, Velocity 2X, The Swapper, Transistor, Apotheon, Oddworld New’n Tasty & Rocket League.
    Why not try and give us fun and Interesting games like Axiom Verge, This War of Mine, Shovel Knight, Volume, Child of Light, Hitman Go or Shadow Complex.
    Ffs for the past 4 months I’m looking for an excuse to renew but they’re not giving me a reason to. Oh well.. Deus Ex: MD will definitely keep me busy this month. Lets hope Sony will redeem themselves next month.

  • Ugh seriously!? Another month of crap. Remind me why I’m paying $20 for 3 months of PS+ again? I know AAA titles aren’t going to be given out for free, but at least something better than these would have been nice. So far none of the free PS+ games have appealed to me.

  • Well thank the lord my membership ran out this month so i can skip this pitiful selection and save my money. Sick of seeing so may sub-par ps4 games. And by the look of the comments a lot of people agree with me, but of course Sony won’t listen… they only reply to the one or two mildly positive comments there are. Hopefully i feel obliged to rejoin you in October.

  • Another month that I won’t be adding to my library. These indie games are getting worse.

  • More useless crap. I haven’t downloaded a ps+ game in months. I’ve been buying most of my games on the ol Xbone. At least you get actual full games on gold. Sony is getting real lax this gen because plus is required for online play and the ps4 is selling like a champ. MS felt the same way going into this gen, basically thinking they could do no wrong. Look how that turned out.

  • all can be said in one word…SUCKS!!!!!

  • Nice lineup but I feel riped off that after barely 8 months from release, Yakuza 5 is free… Seriously? Why not yakuza 3 or dead souls. I mean I have them all but they should have given away one that wouldn’t really sell anymore vs such a new one.

  • Wow I always wanted to play my cell phone games on my TV! This is great! Hahaha I just came here to laugh with you all again this month. Anybody saying these aren’t copies of already FREE mobile games I encourage you to look up Galaxy On Fire for iphone and continue to tell me otherwise. Actually this game is worse than galaxy on fire because in that game you can fly on the x, y and z axis but in every other way it’s pretty much a carbon copy. I’m amazed there’s people out there who would even play a game like Tricky Towers on ps4 it’s just… mind boggling. I can’t wait to see what you fools scrape from the bottom of the barrel next month. Yakuza is a pretty good game although it’s very niche and appeals to a small audience if you ask me and the other game for ps3 is pathetic in comparison.

  • Every month you give us old or poorly rated games. Please atleast for next month give us something we will play long time because all my games I have from ps plus are so bad with graphics you can run on ps3 but please give us something new or for me WWE I want something what I play longer than all my games from ps plus thanks.

  • another crappy month. don’t try and say last month gave saints row 4 when it didn’t give the full game.

  • Hey sony… how about you reply to any feedback that doesn’t blindly love what you shovel out each month?

    how about replying and ACTING on the feedback of the hundreds of comments about the games being bad.


  • Last year, we had Ultratron as a free game for PS+. What’s going on, Playstation?

  • Look I’ve had PS plus for years now and I can remember just a few games that was worth downloading. The whole ps plus community and myself included has paid countless dollars and at least Sony could put up better games! Sony what’s up with the cheep mostly crappy indie games??? Nobody wants to play that bs give us our money’s worth please. #stopbeinggreedy

  • Trials fusion, Bf4, Rayman Legends, Watchdogs, Black flag, Killzone Knack, Wolfenstein, Evil within, Alien isolation Lego or quality indie games like Hotline Miami 2, Shovel knight, The Escapist, Giana sisters, Child of light, Trine 3

    Thank you Sony

  • I have been a PLUS member since 2011. I have all 3 systems so its a good value for me. I buy stuff on PSN sales and PS4 games from retail too. I have been adding the games from Instant Collection to cart every month – all of them even if I didn’t want to download them right away just to have them in my COLLECTION when feeling like playing them in the future. For some reason I missed the INJUSTICE game in December 2014 as when I add it now it wants to charge me full price. I have witness a glitch before when you go to store on computer and select the “free PLUS games” page, it doesn’t display all of them. I remember that I had to search for the titles individually afterwards and add it to cart that way. I hope that glitch has been fixed since then but if not then unless you know what games should be free during current month you might miss on them. I think that is what happened with the Injustice that one time. I contacted the live chat and the agent ended the chat when I was typing more questions. I am very disappointed with you PSN. After years of my loyalty you simply cannot do ” anything ” about a $19.99 game. Did anyone else had that glitch?

  • Hahahahaha! Once again the Xbox One’s lineup beats the PS4!

  • The games are amazing bad, this game might make kids below 8 happy. not downloading much games from play station plus as every-time its a boring retarded games line up.

  • I was playing Rebel Galaxy with a friend and the game is really enjoyable. It is worth a try for the people who were disappointed with the line up like I initially was.

  • Why ps plus Asia don’t have rebel galaxy why why tell me why

  • Yakuza 5 !!! Damn why did I sell my ps3

  • There have been quite a few gems that showed up on PS+, that I would have otherwise never tried, and glad they were there.

    Games I am interested in, and want right away, I purchase anyhow. I would have never purchased Rocket League no matter how anyone spun it, but the fact it was on PS+ had me give that amazing game a shot.

    Not to mention there are always discounts on the memberships you can find online.

    I just wonder if there is going to be some additions to PS+ announced September 7th to coincide with the the Xbox Live price match.

  • Hahaha! Added to the crappy free games is a subscription fees increase ? ! It’s 100% sure I’m cancelling in January.

  • I think the major point is that they want to increase a years worth of gaming from 60 to 100. IDK why people are griping about the games.

  • So let me see if I get it, you no longer give good games in PSN+ IGC and on top of that you will raise the price??!!!! for real ?? I’m out if that is the case.

  • The $10 price increase is a cruel joke, right?

    I mean, I mainly get PS+ for the “Free” games and the quality has been lacking for me since December. I’m unlikely to resub at $69.99 – for once in many years.

    • Hm, can I resub at the current PS+ price via PSN even though I have plus until December?

      May get two years of sub while I can.

  • Way to stealth post about the increased price for Plus as an update within an older blog article to try to avoid a fresh mound of negative comments and one stars. Are we actually getting anything in return for the increased price that now matches Xbox Live’s cost? Better quality games? Games that we actually get to keep? Stabilized and better secured servers? Backwards compatibility? No to all of that? What exactly are we paying for again? :/

    • @SiloEyes Ive noticed that too and i just want to say I consider this an insult and a cowardly action from Sony.

      Ok i wouldnt mind them raising the price as long as it is accompanied by an increase ib the quality of the games offered (which is something they arent doing lately). So raise prices and lower the quality. Pretty good sales strategy! What a shame.

  • So because Playstation keeps handing out games that I don’t even want I have to pay more for PSN? Nice dude.

  • Straight out of the Microsoft playbook. If we have to pay Xbox Live prices then i want access my PS+ games when my sub ends. This is nonsense

  • Okay that new year sub for canadians is BS. a 20$ increase seriously? we go from 49.99 to 69? wtf?

  • so, for a crappier game selection, it gets more expensive? Ooookay Sony. Way to screw us over. The quality of games now versus before the PS4 launch is night and day. I will NOT be renewing when mine is up. This is outrageous

  • Okay, so I usually defend Plus. I love the games they give me on all three platforms.However, with the amount of backlash they get on games, raising the price seems pretty bad.

    The only thing I can think is that publishers are demanding more for their AAA games and they are increasing the price to get better games. What they should have done was announced this alongside a killer line up on PS4 for Plus.

    Better stock up on cheap cards.

  • LMAO a price increase to match the decrease in quality.


  • I need PS+ to play Destiny, so I’ll obviously have to pay it.

    I don’t mind too much the price increase.

    However, you need to improve the quality of games you’re offering. Tricky Towers won’t cut it. You better start offering some full retail games, like you were doing on the PS3.

  • What the hell Sony? No way I’m paying more for this garbage service.

  • WHAT. A. FREAKING. JOKE. You should be ashamed of yourselves, Sony.

  • 60 bucks for an online service that should be free? The death knell is ringing for Sony.

  • WTF?! Increasing the price of PS+ and nothing new to justify the increase? The Free games each month have been crap lately with these lame Indie titles that I never wanted to begin with.

  • Wow Sony just wow.. PS plus games have been awful for the longest time yet you want another $20 bucks from us Canadians. You should offer another tier for just being able to play online and have the cloud storage. You can keep your horrible free games.

  • I like how no one address price hike for plus and we will still be getting crap indie games.

  • Your real competition is the PC, Sony you need to stop stooping to Microsofts level, it’s how they lost their customers in the first place by being so greedy. I don’t need crappy free games, how about just let games without needing to play on a server play online for free like they should’ve been in the first place? Fighting games should not need PS+ to play online, your match making is not amazing in the first place and P2P game play should not warrant a $60 a year price tag.

    Stop screwing people and start being greedy just because you are winning the market, or else what happened to Microsoft will soon happen to you too…

  • Am I in a Bizzarro World or just plain crazy….

    I have Rebel Galaxy and TrickyTowers in my download list already. Is this April?

    No.. i just checked. Both of those are in my Library.

    Sony… have you been hacked? Please verify the information. Or have I just provided my credentials to a bogus hijacked site?

    • Well, my auto update is September 9, after that canceling auto renew. Will snag a 40 dollar one from amazon and that’s it for me. Two years should hold me. Getting to old for games now anyway (29). I only play online for Destiny and Uncharted but it’s really not that serious since Destiny is expensive and Uncharted Multiplayer is lackluster.

      Games not needing plus to be online are going to be that much more popular………

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