PlayStation Plus: Free Games for August 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for August 2016

Update: Starting on September 22, 2016, prices for PlayStation Plus memberships will change to $59.99 USD/ $69.99 CAD for twelve months and $24.99 USD/$29.99 CAD for three months. The monthly plan will change to $11.99 CAD in Canada, and remain $9.99 USD in the U.S. If you are a current member, the new prices will take effect if your membership renews on or after this date.

PlayStation Plus strives to enrich your PlayStation experience through a world-class service built for our fans. This marks the first time that PS Plus membership prices will increase in the U.S. and Canada since the launch of the service in 2010. The new pricing reflects the current market conditions while enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members. As a member, you will continue to enjoy the benefits and features that enable shared experiences, such as online multiplayer, free games, and exclusive discounts. You will also continue to get exclusive benefits such as online game save storage and discounts across the PlayStation digital services.

If you do not wish to continue your subscription, please be sure to cancel it by turning off auto-renewal in your account settings before September 22, 2016.

We thank all of you, our PlayStation Plus members, for your ongoing support.

We’re happy to share the free PS4 games for PS Plus members this August! This month we look to satisfy your inner space pirate, and let you battle it out with friends in a frenzied tower builder.

First up is Tricky Towers, a new title from WeirdBeard Games. Tricky Towers is a physics-based puzzler that’s at its best when you’re competing against friends. With local and online multiplayer for two to four players, the game shines as you race to stack your tower while casting spells to disrupt your opponents. The gameplay is fast, fun, and addictive, as you’ll find yourself coming back for more. So gather your friends or join them online and enjoy the mayhem of Tricky Towers.

Next up is Rebel Galaxy. Suit up and take command in this space combat RPG from developer Double Damage. Take the helm of a massive destroyer as you make your reputation through trade, by being a work-for-hire mercenary or a swashbuckling pirate. In a procedurally generated universe, no two star systems are the same and there’s always something new to discover. So take the helm, prepare for battle, and have a blast with Rebel Galaxy.

Full lineup:

  • Tricky Towers, PS4
  • Rebel Galaxy, PS4
  • Yakuza 5, PS3
  • Retro/Grade, PS3
  • Patapon 3, PS Vita
  • Ultratron, PS Vita, PS3, PS4

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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2 Author Replies

  • You guys want to prevent people from flocking over to PC, and yet…

    You’re charging more for your walled-off service for multiplayer games
    You’re not providing value for continued subscriptions with your game library lineup
    First party exclusives are drying up and are worse than what were available from previous generations.

    You guys are taking advantage of your “players”. IT HAS TO STOP NOW.

  • This is absurd. It really feels like us gamers are subsidizing Sony’s flailing..well everything else not Playstation related.

    Or are we paying for them new shiny olympic playgrounds?

    Remember when Steam started charging PC gamers for the privilege of playing their games online? Yeah, me neither.

    PS4 plus games better start getting a whole hell of a lot better than they have been.

    • I have been a fan since PS1 and the way Sony is treating their fans this gen is disappointing. First Sony screw the early adopters by announcing a better PS4 2 years into its cycle. Now a $10 increase on a service without any new features or improvements except the statement “the new price reflects current market conditions”. When Xbox Live went up in price Microsoft implemented GWG. All we get is some PR bs. Xbox Live is still $59.99 in Canada and Sony want to charge us $69.99. That’s not “reflecting current market condition”. That’s milking the fans until they are dry.

  • For that $10 dollar increase. I sure hope we get better servers and server security and better free games because most of those games look like something out of the NES era and play even worse.

  • I hope the service and free games get better for that extra price bump.

  • Price increase huh? So let’s bet that September has an actual triple aaa title and some other indie game and then starting in October again it’ll be all the indie games we’ve never heard of again. If that does happen, I’ll be done with Ps plus. I’m already annoyed at this price increase.

  • Thanks for letting me know I should cancel my PS Plus. I only keep it for free games, not multiplayer. At least my PC online is still free. It was a nice run PS Plus, but like DLC and on-line passes, I think I’ll pass on Plus for the future.

  • Dude, seriously why don’t you create a new article instead of making an update in this one? Do you know how shady and bad this looks?? . Now, let’s go back to the point, in your shady update you state the following “enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members”, do you really think you are providing an exceptional value? Do you guys really think PS+ is a good service?? Lets be honest in here, please take a couple of minutes and compare PS+ before the release of PS4 it was such an amazing service, awesome IGC, awesome deals, awesome everything… Now that we have to pay play online the IGC and deals have gone from bad to worse.

  • A price increase is ridiculous. Saying that “you get more than that so it’s not a big deal” come on guys. It was free for ps2, free for ps3, then ps4 came and to play online you have to pay. Sure you get the games that’s not the point. You force us to pay for PS + just to play games and give us some free games as a consolation. Then after dominating the console race you increase the price. Ridiculous. Usually if something gets more expensive there is a reason, hopefully a good one. This is bull for an online service without dedicated servers. Just my 2 cents.

  • Everyone should share this news with everyone they know who has a playstation and even on facebook and twitter…people deserve to know what a scummy move Sony is trying to pull…which is exactly why they tried to bury it in a month old post to begin with you know they want as few people seeing it as possible.

  • This is what would be nice…
    1. PlayStation Plus should be for extra stuff only
    2. Play with friends online without PS+
    3. You can still play the games you got for free with PS+ paying the subscription again (Which I know would never happen…)

  • Really haven’t seen a game I’m interested in that’s even worth downloading for PS4 or Vita since Rocket League… And it was ages before that one.. Was considering cancelling my Plus subscription, and now with the price increase, I won’t be renewing.

  • Speak with your wallets people !!! Play 4 free on PS3 :D

  • So what the hell Sony, your giving us garbage games, and then you raise the price of ps plus, you damn money hungry pieces of garbage.

    Like come on now the Xbox selection for monthly free games 1000 times better then the damnext garbage your putting out, Xbox one you can digitally buy xbox360 games.

    Yet we cannot buy ps3 games, Noone wants you ps now garbage PERIOD, I see why Xbox is doing better they actually take the gaming fans into consideration.
    And actually give them the decent games yet all you through out are indies month after month.

    Give us some decent games, are at least through out an update where we can download our ps3 games and the ps4.


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