Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Coming to PS4, PS Vita in February 2017

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Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Coming to PS4, PS Vita in February 2017

As a gamer, it always bothered me that English-speaking gamers were denied the goodness of Summon Night. But making the connections required for an English license to happen is not a simple undertaking. But back in 2014, our madness paid off — the planets aligned, years of work paid off, and our karma glowed bright enough that we were able to license Summon Night 5 so we could finally release the first mainline Summon Night game in the United States.

It turned out Summon Night 5 was only the warmup — Summon Night 6: Lost Borders would be the main attraction, and would be our very first multi-platform release on PS4 and PS Vita.

Even 9 months before the Japanese release, it was clear that this was a beautiful, fun strategy RPG — and a Summon Night game, through and through. And it was extra special because the game celebrated the 15th anniversary of Summon Night; it would bring together many key characters from the whole series for one grand, trope-free romp.

Okay, I lied about the “trope-free” part. There are as many JRPG tropes as you would expect in Summon Night 6: Lost Borders — maybe more. But they’re as fun and funny as you would hope. The game centers on three main characters living in isolation. Their solitary routines are upended when people literally begin falling from the sky into their world. At first, they struggle to learn who the visitors are and why they dropped in, but as they unravel the mystery they learn the power of friendship, eventually using that power to help them overcome a dark secret that cuts to the heart of their reality.

The gameplay is classic Summon Night, but turbocharged and streamlined. The usual strategy grid is displayed when you move, but the characters are free to run anywhere within their movement range without being limited to the squares. The Summon magic is represented here, as expected, as are assists, but there’s a new huge Summon Burst type of attack that unleashes crazy devastation on enemies.

Terrain is expressed in 3D beautifully, as are the characters. And the ever-popular night conversations are available with more characters than ever to help develop strong ties with allies at the end of every chapter. Summon Night 6 also supports cross save, allowing the game to be played on both PS4 and PS Vita. And players will need that edge because the game is a replay beast, with more than a dozen endings to see.

There will, of course, be a regular retail release for the game with a case, disc, and even a physical manual, but what I’m really excited about is the Wonderful Edition I’ve put together for fans. I feel like it’s the best Collector’s Edition value in at least the last decade.

The Wonderful Edition eclipses anything I put together before, including my work at Working Designs. It’s, well… wonderful. The set includes the PS4 game with full-color disc label and full-color physical manual, a 200+ page hardcover art book with a dust jacket, a full 32-track soundtrack in a full CD case, one of three possible adorable 7″ plush (randomly inserted) of the sidekicks, four PVC coasters with the main characters and game logo, a huge 21″x30″ poster, and an awesome, enormous box it all comes in.

This special item will only be available from the Gaijinworks website via the pre-sale that opens today. The early birds will get a special price, and the pre-sale that reserves copies of this for fans closes forever on October 31 so we have time to get everything manufactured, shipped, and assembled in time for the game’s launch in February.

Whichever version you choose to play, whether PS4 or PS Vita, regular edition or Wonderful Edition, if you’re a JRPG fan you’re in for a rare treat that opens the door to a fantastic universe.

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  • Will I need to have played the first 5 to play this one? Are the stories linked or can I jump right into this one, Final Fantasy style?

    • According to the series’ wikipedia page: The games from the main series… take place on the same world and in the same continuity, but the stories do not have much connection.

    • You can jump right in to Summon Night 6 even if you haven’t played the English SN5 or any of the Japanese SN 1-4. Summon Night 6 has characters from prior Summon Night games that appear in it, but the scenario is unique to this installment, so you can enjoy it without prior knowledge. However, if you HAVE played a prior Summon Night, the recognition factor makes it all the more enjoyable.

      Also, looks like the picture of the Wonderful Edition stuff got left out. I’ll see if I can get that fixed.

    • I’m pretty sure each game is separate from the other plot-wise.

  • Great news! I hope Vita is a getting a physical cart, right? Or else I can’t get it because of Sony’s absurd memory prices

    • Yes there will be a regular retail, physical PSVita version, just not a superdeluxe release for PSVita..

  • Would it be possible to feature Japanese voicing at a later stage via DLC download if the sales go as you hope?

    • We tried to include it, even though the licensing was crazy expensive, but since this is being handled in Japan (we don’t have source code for this one) we were told that there was no time on the developer’s schedule to implement dual English/Japanese audio. Not saying it’s impossible that it could happen after release, but it’s probably unlikely.

    • Have lost all interest now. Hope you can do it one day.

    • Sadly no Japanese audio will mean no support from me.

  • Since it will be just one randomly chosen plush in the Wonderful Edition, will they all be available for purchase later so that we can collect the entire set?

    • We intend on including some kind of indication of which plush is inside the package on the outside of the box, and on the order page we say that if multiples of the Wonderful Edition are ordered, we will try to make sure that they aren’t all just the same plush, but we aren’t selling the plush separately. We have a prototype of the blue one, but it’s an earlier build, so it’s smaller and not as detailed as the one we included on the Wonderful Edition contents shot, so we didn’t show it. It’s pretty much equally adorable, though.

  • Just supported Gaijinworks – preordered!

    • Thanks for the support! Hopefully we can get the picture of the WE contents updated in the blog post soon. It was supposed to go where the last picture in the blog entry is now.

  • So original audio is definitely not happening right now?

    • You mean Japanese voice? No, but not for lack of trying. Price was an issue, but when we were working out getting past that hurdle, we were told that there wasn’t time for the developer to implement dual audio, which killed it.

  • Please, No retail version for europe ?

    • Right now Europe is digital only, but we are in discussions about a possible physical release. It will just be the regular retail edition if it happens, though, no Wonderful Edition.

  • Why is the Limited Edition only for PS4? Do you guys think Vita owners don’t like limited editions?

    I’ll pre-order the standard edition for Vita whenever it goes up.

    • I love PSVita personally (I’ve stockpiled OLED versions in case my main one breaks!), but we had to go for the version with the most user base in NA, so we chose to make the PS4 version the one for the Wonderful Edition. Now, if there was a huge tide of Vita owners that wanted a Wonderful Edition for PSVita, maybe we could consider doing it, but I don’t know if that kind of interest on the level required is likely to happen.

  • Awesome! Thanks for bringing it over! It’s a great tactical J-RPG franchise and I hope it sells well, so you dont have to take risks by releasing SNs in the west :D still playing no.5 on my Vita xD

    • If you’re enjoying Summon Night 5, you’ll REALLY dig SN6. It takes pretty much everything to the next level. The combat is more varied, graphics are amazing, there are more characters possible to use per battle, more spells, summons and assists, and even more endings than SN5. The story is entertaining, too, which is always a plus.

  • thanks for the answer victor, i transfert the information on my ps vita blog for the french payer

  • Can’t wait for this one. Off-topic but any news on Class of Heroes 3? Any hope for another UMD or even a digital copy?

    • The UMD situation abruptly ending took us by surprise. CoH3 is almost done (we’re in testing now), but we haven’t said much since we don’t know if we’ll be able to pull out a UMD version for it. At the very least we’ll do a digital release, but we’re hoping to find a way to do a UMD release, too. We’ll post updated information on it as soon as we have it, but know that the game itself is definitely coming, one way or another. It works on PS Vita, too, using the PSP emulation!

  • phoenixkissme_01

    We can preorder the PS4/PS Vita digital version on PSN, when the store get update?

    • The direct presale is only for the Wonderful edition. The regular retail versions without all the extras and the PSN digital release will happen in Feb, although I’m sure places like Amazon and Gamestop will probably have preorder programs for the regular retail version soon, too.

  • Disappointed there is no PS Vita Wonder edition, or even one with just the artbook and OST, but I guess it’ll spare my bank account.

    However first, I still need to sort out my damaged Summon Night 5 copy with Gaijinworks. I could not find any Customer Service Contact info on their website.

    • What happened to your Summon Night 5 copy? Also, we have a dedicated customer service person coming on shortly you’ll be able to email customer service directly for assistance.

    • My UMD case was cracked along the long edge where it opens, plus looking through the transparent Jewel case the cracked plastic seems to have damaged the instruction manual. I ended up ordering another copy from Video Games Plus and did a comparison to confirm the damage.

      I haven’t actually opened the damaged UMD case yet as the Production Number sticker is on the outside of the shrink wrap.

  • Victor I think you’re making a mistake by not giving the Limited Edition to the Vita version.
    Xseed has been dropping the standard retail boxes for their Vita games and instead just sold the Limited Editions for Shinovi Versus and Estival Versus.
    PQube has said their Steins;Gate sales was 4:1 in favour of Vita to PS3, psnprofiles also pretty much confirms there is a 3:1 ratio between them.
    NISA’s Grand Kingdom Grand Edition also sold out for the Vita edition before it sold out for the PS4 edition.

    The PS4 userbase is one which buys both the standard box as well as Limited Edition box.
    But the PS Vita userbase usually prefers the Limited Edition box and don’t buy the standard retail box so much.

    You can also see this phenomenon in Koei Tecmo’s handling of the Vita. they release the Digital Edition, skip the physical retail box, then puts a Limited Edition up on the NISA webstore, and that one sells out no problem.
    This has happened for Koei Tecmo’s Ar Nosurge Plus and Atelier Esch&Logy Plus so far.
    And it’s pretty much identical to how Xseed is handling the Vita: Digital-only + Limited Edtion box.

    • I said it a few posts up, but if there’s a big swell of demand for a vita collector’s edition, we’re not opposed to making one of those. But there would have to be significant interest to make it do-able. Maybe we’ll put up a poll…

      Thanks for the detailed post!

  • Will the US version of Summon Night 6: Lost Borders be voiced? (unlike Summon Night 5 which didn’t have any voices, except for battle cries and such).

  • why no vita ce?

  • Will there be some English gameplay footage out between now and the end of the earlybird price? I’m kind of tempted by the Wonderful Edition but don’t want to drop over $200 (damn our Canadian dollar and ‘international’ shipping rates) non-refundable in full months in advance without more knowledge on what I’m getting myself into.

  • No original audio. Easy pass for my. I would check it out if you get it as DLC later. But something tells me it won’t happen so I will probably never play this. Looked good though.

  • So if I’m reading this correctly, there aren’t gonna be any voices whatsoever?

    • Whoops, nevermind – the link within confirms that the game will be getting a dub. Which is a plus in my eyes!

  • Excited to see this.

  • Yikes, I think I might be summoning other..uh…personas…in February, but I’ll definitely pick up the Vita version to play later! Really glad to be getting more Vita games(dubbed or otherwise =P) so thanks for keeping that awesome little system alive. Games like these are they main reason why I bought it….even though that wonderful edition does look truly wonderful ;_;

    • The Vita does rock! We’re giving the physical release for PS4 and PSVita a physical manual, too, which is a rarity these days!

  • Fantastic Collector’s Edition but no Japanese audio is a HUGE turn off. How long until a vid with dub VO is released?

    • I explained the situation trying to do the dual audio above. We tried what we could, despite insane licensing fees for the voice and still were unable to do it.

  • “PS4 game with full-color disc label and full-color physical manual”

    Will the standard edition PS4 version also come with a full-color disc label and full-color physical manual?

  • I usually buy the collector’s edition of these games, but I intend to buy the PS Vita version. I hope you can make a Wonderful Edition of the PS Vita version as well, otherwise, it will be the standard version PS Vita for me.

    • We’ve had quite a few votes for a PS Vita collector’s edition. Maybe we’ll put a poll up to gauge interest in a vita collector’s edition.

    • That’s why I suggest buying this CE now, then trade in the PS4 copy and get a Vita one. It’ll only cost you about $10 more.

  • have you fixed the issues with summon night 5 yet? because i’m waiting for the bugs to be fixed on that one in order to buy it

    • also i’m waiting for a price drop since i’m short on cash :3

    • Which bugs are you talking about? We fixed the ones we were aware of and put out a patch back in March.

    • ? The bug was fixed months ago. Beside if you are planning on playing the game on the actual PSP hardware then there was no bug in the first place. From what I hear, the bug was only a thing due to the Vita’s PSP emulation, which was patched months ago.

    • hmm okay now that i know that there is no issues(yes i no longer have a psp only a vita and vita tv )i will buy it but after a fire sale or something because like i said i’m short on cash.thanks for replying,vic

    • “i will buy it but after a fire sale or something because like i said i’m short on cash.”

      Use this:

      Register an account and ask them to send you an email whenever the games prices gets lowered.

  • Thank you sir. I miss working designs. But it seems as if you have picked up the cause.

  • Victor, When I see someone take the time to respond to the questions like you have, that makes me want to support that game even more. I look forward to adding the retail version to my Vita collection.

  • Look at all those comments from the Devs!
    Very nice!
    I did get excited when I saw this but I noticed this is a square based rpg.
    I played the first two so expectations versus reality.
    I’m sure this will be good but i liked the more beat em up style.
    Best wishes regardless.

    • “Look at all those comments from the Devs!”

      The comments are from the US publisher, not the (japanese) devs.

    • @ Apollyon_Vice: Those weren’t “the first two”. Those games, which I also played and still have, were Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 1 and 2. They were action game spinoffs. Apparently the mainline games are SRPGs, which I have no interest in. I was very sad to discover this upon the release of SN5 late last year.

      If they were to make a Swordcraft Story 3 and bring it over here, I’d be all over it. Until then, I’ll just sit here in my corner and wish Gaijinworks good luck.

    • @AizawaYuuichi

      I really liked the one that Atlus U.S.A. released on the DS.

      Unfortunally the mainline Summon Night games were never released in the West until Summon Night 5.

  • No Playstation 3 english version of Class of Heroes 3?

    • We’ve got our hands full with the UMD manufacture situation with CoH3. We need to solve that before we think about licensing the PS3 version.

    • I see, that’s unfortunate but not surprising given that the PSP is not a supported system anymore not even in Japan. I still have my copy of Class of Heroes 2G I got from you guys in December 2014!

  • No CE for Vita? Damn :( Hope you get a poll up soon to gauge Vita CE interest!

    • With the interest I’m seeing in a Vita collector’s edition, we probably will put up a poll to see if there’s enough real interest to do that, too.

  • So, when can we preorder the Standard Versions, particularly the Vita game? I see on the site you can only preorder the PS4 Wonderful Edition so far.

    • The Wonderful Edition is the only one that will be direct on our website since it’s limited and will not be widely available. Since the regular versions will be a retail release this time, there will probably be preorders open from places like Amazon and Gamestop before long.

  • Interesting looking game. I probably won’t be able to play it at launch…. February is already looking like a REALLY busy month for me as far as games go.

    But will definitely be considering going back to it to stream down the line. :)

  • Know this may be a weird question but will there be bloopers and outtakes? Always one of my highlights for WD games (outside of wonderful packaging). Sadly don’t have the money for the special edition but can’t wait to try out the game when it comes on.

    • Well, we’re saving the bloopers and outtakes that happen in the studio. Not sure if we can get the Japanese developer to implement a player after the credits or something, though. Fingers crossed.

  • I miss Working Designs. Will definitely support!

    • Thanks for that! The more support we get, the cooler we can make these. This is already a pretty impressive set, but we can do even more with wider fan support.

  • I’m so excited that you’re localising this, but please please release this physically in Europe!!

    • I made a post about this earlier in this section. Currently it’s slated to be digital only for Europe, but we’re in discussions to try to get a physical out there also. Hoping we can make that happen!

  • Great news….nice to see some more JRPG’s on PS4. Will support this and pre-order it.

  • Will the retail physical be on Gamestop, Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy, Target and stuff.

    • And how much will the regular retail version cost.

    • Walmart is unlikely because it’s a whole…thing to get set up there. But you should see the regular editions on Amazon, Gamestop, etc for preorder soon.

  • Hi, would you mind telling me how the vita version stands up to the PS4 version? I imagine the graphics and such must not be as good given the Vita’s limitations, but the vita’s pricepoint and ability to play on the go may make it worth it depending on how different they are.

    • It looks beautiful, actually. The only place the Vita version takes a hit that I’ve noticed is the sound doesn’t seem to be as nice. It’s still good, but the PS4 version seems to be better sounding.

  • If I purchase the PS4 wonderful edition and you announce a vita wonderful edition later on, will it be possible to refund the PS4 edition and switch to vita?

  • Looks awesome

  • The Wonderful Edition looks so nice. I’d love to buy one but for PS Vita (._. )

  • Can’t believe there’s still gonna be physical vita games in 2017.

    • Less shocking than a physical PSP game in 2016, though. We did that, and still have one more to try to get out. :)

  • I will wait for the regular PS Vita release.
    To sum up most European gamers feeling :
    Wonderful Ed. : $129
    Shipping to Europe : $48
    Import processing fee : $13 – $23
    Import taxes : $35
    Total : $225 – $235

    • Yeah, the shipping to Europe on something this heavy (almost 4 lbs) is really awful – no doubt about it. There’s nothing we can do about it, either. We’re charging what we actually pay with a discount, even. I guess the only bright spot is that our games do well on the secondary market. CoH2 routinely goes for about 2x what we charged ($80-90, and CoH2G goes for up to 5x what we charged currently (often $200-$250, depending on variant). So the small bright point is that even with all that shipping and VAT nonsense, in the long run it’s probably still cheaper than picking it up for a collection later.

  • Pretty neat to see! Haven’t played a Summon Night since the GBA days, and I quite enjoyed Swordcraft Story from what I can recall. Didn’t even know it was a spinoff, nor did I know that the series is still going. The main series I guess; there aren’t any more Swordcraft spinoffs? That’s a shame, but luckily, I do really like turn based strategy :) I’ll keep this on my radar. For some reason, most of these games tend to avoid “big boy” platforms and stick to handhelds. That’s a shame. Seeing this hit the PS4 is pretty awesome. Haven’t played a Japanese strategy game on a console since Tears to Tiara came to PS3 last year or something. So yeah, I’m definitely gonna be keeping this on my radar.

  • I’m a big Working Designs fan(and a huge Lunar fan). I will definitely be purchasing this.

  • Hey two quick questions

    1.Is there a difficulty option

    2.Is there permideath?

    Also thanks for having a dub. Alot of other companies are starting to cheap out on one.

    • 1. Yes.
      2. No, your characters can be knocked out of the current battle by hitting 0 HP, but they’re not obliterated from the game. There are, however ways to reinforce the characters to bounce back from a 0 HP situation once so even that can be avoided with the right prep and enough training/money.

    • @victor
      Thanks for the info. Imma look up some more gameplay to be sure I want the uber edition.

  • Sad is hard to find a new Ps vita in store o will

    • Yeah, it’s pretty clear Vita’s days are numbered, but we’re not going to scrimp on the release for this title. It’ll be getting a real manual!

  • Hi Vic, I’m really glad to see this title being localized. I’ve been a WD fan for years and still have all those PS1 Collectors Editions from years past. I do have one question though, which might be silly all thing considered, but will the PS Vita version have PSTV support? I love the fact that I can play games on the go but when at home I can then play those same games on a large screen with PSTV. Either way, I will at the very least be buying the standard edition of this great looking game! :D

    • We *expect* the North American Vita version to work on PSTV since the Japanese one does, but nothing is 100% until it passes certification just before release so it can be officially whitelisted for PSTV.

      Thanks for being a fan!

  • Big news!!

  • Looking forward to Summon Night 6. Also wanted to thank Mr. Ireland for all the great work he’s done for game localization for decades. Personally hoping from Saturn games you worked on years ago can someday be enjoyed by future generations. :)

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