Injustice 2: Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle Join the Fight

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Injustice 2: Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle Join the Fight

We announced two new characters for Injustice 2 at San Diego Comic-Con today. If you haven’t seen them yet, watch the trailer. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Good. Now that you know how they look I’d like to go a little more in depth on how they play.

Just in time for her 75th anniversary, Wonder Woman makes her return to the Injustice franchise. In the first Injustice game, Wonder Woman’s character power gave her the ability to switch between her Sword & Shield attacks and her Lasso of Truth. In Injustice 2, she is no longer limited to when she can use her Amazonian weaponry.

Now, Wonder Woman brings the whole arsenal. Combining her long range Lasso attacks with quick hitting sword combos makes her an even more powerful brawler than before. And while she is at her best dealing damage up close, her Shield Toss and the ability to reflect fireballs with her Bracelets of Submission means she is no slouch from afar.

Her new character power has her gain blessings from the Greek Gods which enhance her combat capabilities in a variety of ways. For example, Hermes can enhance her mobility and give her the ability to air dash.

The other new character we are proud to announce is a character fans have been asking for since the first Injustice. Blue Beetle makes his debut in Injustice 2. His alien technology allows him to form various gadgets and weapons for his power suit that make him a well-rounded, Jack of All Trades type character that can be effective up close and from afar.

Blue Beetle’s hands can turn into shields, blades, and clubs for punishing close range combos, and he can attack from a distance by turning his hand into an energy cannon that fires quick blasts from the ground or air. He can also use the wings on his back for air mobility, both to advance or escape from the opponent.

His unique character power allows him to transform his arms into long razor sharp blades that enhance his range and effectiveness up close but at a price: while his blades are active he can no longer use his fireballs. And his supermove is incredible. Blue Beetle cycles through many different weapons before finishing off his opponents with a powerful series of energy blasts. We can’t wait to see what players can do with Blue Beetle when they finally get their hands on him.

Introducing these characters at San Diego Comic-Con is super exciting for us. As we’ve said before, working with the amazing characters of DC is a dream come true for everyone at NetherRealm. And being able to introduce one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, along with a true fan favorite at Comic-Con, is pretty much as cool as it gets.

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  • Blue Beetle looks amazing.

  • the gameplay look 3 times better then the last one but what made the game to me was the story so my question is when are we going to get a trailer about the story?

  • I want livewire

  • Blue Beetle?! I don’t even like fighting games and I want this! :D

  • LuckyStriker1976

    Incoming Ted Kord costume DLC!!!

  • Moar leik Wonderp Woman.

  • You’d think Netherrealm could hire someone that can make women’s faces, or at least open a comic book to look at their character’s face. Her “realistic” face combined with that bright Anime/Cartoon looking suit is too Uncanny Valley, and that suit looks more Animey/Cartoony than that Ame-Comi (which ironically was really the only decent “dlc” outfit for her in Injustice).
    Since they are inevitably gonna do dlc outfits (which will be later FREE in the also inevitable “Ultimate/XL” edition) they better make alternate outifts for everyone instead of the 15+ individual alts for Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Joker while everyone else got 0-1 alt.

    • I thought I was alone. REALLY not feeling the way they’ve portrayed Diana here…she looks off.

    • I watch a lot of anime and cartoons. The suit she has on in the video doesn’t come close to looking like a cartoon variant. What an odd complaint to have about a video game based on comic book characters.

  • Ed and everyone at Netherrealm are great, and I dig most of their stuff… That aside though, what the hell, people? Why is it so hard to make Diana look good? They rarely nail female faces anymore, even Sonya in MK looked horrible. This is not rocket science… And I’m not saying Every girl in games has to be a ten…but she’s Wonder Woman for Christ sakes, she should not look like more than a man than most of the men. Stop spending 90% of developement on boobs.

  • You guess really need to hire someone that can model female characters. The tradition of women being utterly hideous in your games lives on.

  • Wonder Woman suppose to be pretty and strong!
    Make Wonder Woman Pretty Again!

  • Looking great the first injustice was very fun I’m sure this one will be even better.

  • They better add scarecrow… He would just be too cool. I’m not getting this game if scarecrows not in it. Please add scarecrow

  • They better add scarecrow… He would just be too cool. I’m not getting this game if scarecrows not in it. Please add scarecrow.

  • Never played an Injustice game. I might buy this. A little upset thought that Wonder Woman isn’t modeled after Gal Gadot.

  • Yeah, I agree with other comments here. Netherrealm needs someone who can make nicer female faces in their games. The female characteres in the first Injustice, ufff… horribles. In MKX they tried hard, but seriously, they need to fix that.

  • So…and I’m only making assumptions here…the faces look mo-capped, while everything else looks hand animated. There’s a definite disconnect here that makes Diana look a little unnatural, not sure, could be me…but based on the other comments I’m not entirely sure I’m alone in this sentiment.

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