First Look: Santa Monica Studio’s New God of War on PS4

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First Look: Santa Monica Studio’s New God of War on PS4

Everything, everywhere changes.

Change is an essential part of life. In creative development change is often the explosive spark that transforms good enough into truly memorable.

Several years ago we at Santa Monica Studio began the journey of creating a new God of War. All of us recognized a special honor and responsibility to create a different and better and truly more memorable experience than before. I realized early on that we had to make changes in every aspect of the game.

First Look: Santa Monica Studio’s New God of War on PS4

I knew I didn’t want to simply reboot the franchise, starting over with a retelling of the origin story. I wanted to reimagine the gameplay, give players a fresh perspective and a new tactile experience while delving deeper into the emotional journey of Kratos to explore the compelling drama that unfolds when an immortal demigod makes a decision to change.

For Kratos, this change means breaking the cycle of violence, distrust and deception that his family, the Greek pantheon, perpetuated for so long. That cycle drove a whole host of bad decisions – the ill-fated deal with Ares, the murder of his family and a rage fueled descent into madness and vengeance that ultimately ended with the epic destruction of Olympus.

It also means learning how to control his rage, the intensely turbulent monster that lives within him, steering him down ever-darker paths. Kratos needed to figure out how to put the monster back in the box, how to control when he does and does not let that monster out.

Kratos’ rage has provoked a ton of bad decisions in his life, so I was fascinated to see what would happen if he actually made a good one. What would that look like? How would he struggle with this very difficult and unfamiliar road? And more importantly, why would he do this?

The last question was answered in my own life with the birth of my son, a tremendously transformative event that had me thinking about all kinds of change in life. It is hard for human beings to truly change, but one thing that can really motivate us is the thought of being responsible for a life, and especially the life of our child. The weight of that responsibility drives the instinct to protect, to want to prevent the mistakes of our past being delivered upon them. There is no end to the lengths we will go, no adversity we will not overcome, to be better… for them.

Once the decision to change was made, things got really interesting for Kratos and for all of us here at SMS. The road to creating a new God of War is a seemingly endless climb up an impossibly enormous mountain, filled with countless gut-wrenching failures and joyfully sweet successes.

Change is hard, but through it all we persevere, getting back up each time we are knocked down and celebrating each breakthrough, knowing that this journey ends in the realization of a collective vision – a great change in something we all hold very dear – a chance for us all to be better.

This playable gameplay teaser is an early first glimpse at the new beginning for God of War. We are so very eager to show you more as the game continues to take shape.


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  • would of liked a new character. Kratos has never been enjoyable to be around and I thought this new entry would be rid of him since the last one killed him. Well lets hope he doesint screw up his son and maybe we can follow him in the next game.

  • Looks great.

    People saying this looks lame you do realise this is nowhere near the finished product, you know that right?

    You kids today you complain when they don’t change anything and when they do you still complain anyway.

    Can’t wait to play this.

  • Jesus Christ… Take away my money and my life… I’m thrilled on how Santa Monica is going to link the history of Olympus and Asgard. Seems really really awesome and that phrase “is time for a new beginning” I thought everything went south when he killed Zeus and Olympus was decimated, also I remember that Kratos was badly injured at the end of GoD III… Well as I said take away my money

  • I don’t have enough info to really make a judgement on this, but I’m intrigued by the new direction. A more… thoughtful, shall we say… Kratos seems like an interesting direction.


    I love the new game it will be very interesting to see how the events of God of war 3 will change into this. I have a few problems the game looks a bit like a cross over between and assassins creed game and skyrim also it looks a lot like they are making this game around Viking mythology even the troll in the video says something about Valhalla which is part of Viking mythology but what do I know lets see how it goes further on when they release more videos

    • It will be based on Viking mythology (which is called Norse mythology). David Jaffe’s original idea was to have Kratos take on the Norse gods once he destroyed the Greek gods.

  • I can understand why this is getting mixed reactions. This definetly came out of nowhere, but I very intrigued, and love the changes that are made. Sometimes it is good to mix up the formula. You guys at Sony Santa Monica are some of the best in the business, you know what your doing and what you want to create. I am in, and I definitely cannot wait to see more.

    • It actually didn’t come out of nowhere. There was concept art leaked back in April, and there have been rumors for the past week or two that they were going to have something about God of War.

  • Anyone that ridicules this game in any way is not a true God of War fan. The true fans have been waiting for this since 2010 and are beyond excited that there is finally confirmation that it is here, even if it is a demo. Thank you SMS!!! All the real fans have been waiting for this day and once again, you have proven just how great you are.

    • Since 2013, unless you’re ignoring Ascension. Or maybe you’re just meaning an actual sequel, instead of a prequel.

  • As far as I’m concerned, based on what we’ve seen, you made all the decision. I LOVE GOW, but felt the series needed these transformative changes to remain relevant and even fresh. You guys took everything awesome about GOW and exercised restraint with a character known for having none. I cannot wait to play this, and see the entire vision for Kratos unfold before me.

  • I was blown away by this reveal. Count me in!! I am a HUGE God of War fan since day 1 (played each entry multiple times and own all GoW games, including the PSP titles and Ascension) and I absolutely love the look and feel of the new direction the series is going.

    It was time for a re-imagining of the gameplay and presentation. The graphics and production value were jaw-dropping… the combat looked different and incredible… the Norse setting is so intriguing… the music was amazing…

    And I loved seeing a more personal side of Kratos with his son. The part at the end of the demo where he wanted to put his arm around the boy, but hesitated… that was amazing. As a new Father myself with an infant son, I find the Father/Son storyline incredibly potent and poignant.

  • The game looks GREAT! Will definitely buy it. I realize that the game is in its infancy and my comment way premature, but based on what I’m seeing so far, I don’t think the title of “God of War” is appropriate for this game. Maybe a change of title is in order. I think calling the game “Kratos” or something like, would be more appropriate. The game could be a 10 out of 10 or 5 stars, but calling the game God of War when the game play or style is different would be misleading. This is just an opinion that will not be shared by many… basically what I’m saying is that as great the game looks so far, it doesn’t at all seem like the franchise GoW game. I hope SS changes the title of the game to Kratos. That would be a bullseye!

  • Awesome! Big fan of God of War! it looks amazing! Glad you guy’s brought it back :D

  • this is a sequel to the other god of wars right. or is it just a new one with a different story and all. either way looks like a great game can’t wait to play it

  • THIS is how you do a reboot.. then doing remastered crap over and over and over…
    SMS have nailed it. this is the only way to go… have to restart when using another mythologizes
    it cant have anything to do with the past, bec greek kratos is on a whole other timeline then viking kratos..

    it may not be the same Kratos. but its still kratos and that is all i wanted, in an epic tale of northern gods…

    SMS gave me a reason to look forward to a ps4 in my future. SMS and GOW is the reason why i have ps2, psp and ps3.

    keep it up. SEQUELS!!! SEQUELS!!! SEQUELS!!!


    I love God of war to death and this just looks amazing! Y’all should consider making an open world concept game, where you strive to become a god or something! You can choose to make your character some kind of god of Olympus or rule the underworld, or something a long those lines. This game looks kind of like Elder Scrolls to me, not sure why.

    I love reading all the negative comments, i mean positive comments only provide so much comedy, but these negative fools, they crack me up! I can’t tell if they are just always poisoned with hate or if they actually just don’t have a clue in life.

  • I’m glad Kratos is back on PS4 with great graphics and these cute stuff of this beast console, but l really like the old appearance of Kratos, but it’s okay since it’s a God of War game with all these changes, but l wonder who is Kratos’ son’s mother!? could be Aphrodisiac!? or someone else!? Well anyway l’m so happy Kratos made it back with this new look of his Kratos You Are Always Welcome Spartan! whenever mythology you are in Hail for Kratos for ever :)

  • Looking forward to this game however what is this a sequel to god of war 3 or a reboot?

  • God of War is my favorite game franchise of all time. God of War 3 is currently my favorite game of all time. I love how Kratos just goes all in and destroys the Greek pantheon like it was nothing. HOWEVER, I am very much so looking forward to this new game. I know that Cory can pull it off as God of War 2 is my second favorite game of all time. I love how this game looks. It reminds me of a Naughty Dog game, but I think this is even better.

  • Love what I see here. If this isn’t T.C. Carson, it sounds very much like Kevin Michael Richardson

  • So…no Blades of Chaos? We need the blades.

  • why not his son as the new protagonist, that gameplay is part of training & kratos give all power to him, kratos deserve rest.

    since this the new beginning.

  • Cory thanks so much for this new god of war game. It looks stunning. I have to ask . Does this game start off years later after god of war 3? Im asking this because kratos has the scarr on his stomach from when zues killed him in the beginning of god of war 2. So then it must be a follow up to god of war 3 . Also kratos is very old and that tells me it follows up after god of war 3 . I hope that this game is not a make-over of god of war 1 and basically you have killed off the actual god of war storyline ? I am very interested in buying this game when it comes out but i need to know that starts off after the destruction of the greek gods. I can deal with kratos taking on norse mythology but i cannot deal with a whole new god of war storyline for a new god of war 1. I think this game is and will be awesome but a remake of god of war 1 would be a insult to all the other games. Yes its a new start but by the gods please let this game be a follow up after god of war 3

  • Tell us a bit more about the storyline. Please.

  • Is T.C. Carson doing the voice of Kratos again? It sounds like him but, it sounds like he can’t get the original voice. No offense I like the voice, but somethings missing.

  • I haven’t posted on here but I do have a couple things to get off my chest.I have,being an adult played all the God of War games. I have enjoyed them all but as a dad I cannot in good conscience allow my son to play them. The main reason being the sex scenes and the Half nacked ladies. I understand this game is based on Greek mythology but I would greatly appreciate the ability to at least turn off or somehow cloth the ladies for these scenes. Thx for allowing the input.

  • Gostaria de saber se novo god of war vai ser para 2 ou mais jogadores em modo of line, e seria sugestões pois o jogo é tão bom que merecido um ou mais jogadores na mesma tela, onde 2 ou mais pessoas possa cumprir essa missão a sugestão seria que essa segundo personagem venha ser o filho dele.

  • I want to know something this question is old but why Sony dint make God of War 1, 2 and 3 for PS4???

  • Hopefully he ( or they ) will be fighting huge monsters which take up several screens like in previous GOW entrees. This is truly what defined the series and made it unique.

    I am very impressed by what I saw. The camera angle shown in the demo is fine for a prologue type experience, but I really hope we have scaling angles and viewpoints like in other GOW games. I also hope they bring back QTE. Without these things they might as well have just made a new IP altogether.

  • Absolute trifling and pathetic dialogue. You insult all gamers intelligence with such incredibly weak story telling. How in the world do you get away with writing, “don’t look at it like an animal, but as a target” That sounds completely canned and without any substance whatsoever. I’m appalled that this preview passed QC and utterly let down by your game developers by this new GOW. Say goodbye to my money.

  • I love the new direction and setting! I’m wondering if the voice actor is the same this time around?

  • Terrence C. Carson isn’t the voice of the new god of war!!!

    I am so disappointed about this!! What do you guys think about this?

    Below is the YouTube clip of the new voice actor.

  • Terrence C. Carson isn’t the voice of the new god of war!!!

    Below is the YouTube clip of the new voice actor.

    What do you guys think about this? I knew his voice sounded different.

  • Loved every second of it!

  • Athought I like god of war 1-3 and portables, by the time ascension out I think god of war series has run out it’s course, the story is done with the fall of zeus. I don’t think I will be excited again when I see the new god of war.

    Imagine my surprise when I see this new kratos, I really like it and I think this is the right way to make god of war games for the new generation, continued the story but reboot the gameplay and kratos itself.

  • This trailer, this turn of events, is nothing as I’ve expected, everything in the game have completely changed, from the game play, to the story, and this son..!, Damn, but I’m impressed, and I think, when Cory decided to create the game like this, wasn’t just for this particular game, but for games to come, frankly, I didn’t want Kratos to be the main protagonist, but also I had no idea how could they involve a new protagonist to the series, this new kid, this new family, is the answer, and if they forged the kid good enough to make fans like him, and feel the need to see more of him, this indeed, will be the, New Beginning.

  • If you ask me I’m absolutely excited about the new project and direction the God of War series is going. The last 3 and Accenions were awesome. Some I know this one will be phenomenal as well!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Kratos is back!

  • I loved the demo! I’m so happy that you didn’t choose to do a reboot. I love the look of the game, i love the combat, i love all the changes you made.I’m very happy with what you showed, and i can’t wait to play the game when it’s out. I would just like to see a bit more puzzles this time(if they could also be a bit harder than before it would be great), and i think that there should be some brutal fights and action set pieces in the game, but not as much as before, i mean like, there should be more bosses, or unique enemies, and less ordinary enemies that we would fight throughout the whole game. I still haven’t bought a PS4, i wanted to buy one, but none of the games until now made me feel like: “Wow, i have to buy a PS4”. God of War or God of War 4(i didn’t see the 4 after the demo, so i’m not sure what you will call it), made me feel like that. Thank you for bringing Kratos back in this new style. This was the step in the right direction, and i’m sure people that talk about the camera position will love it too when it comes out. Keep up the good work!

    • And 1 more thing, pls let us play as Kratos for at least 50% of the game :P Don’t pull an MGS2 on us :P Even if Kratos won’t be the main character, i’m sure i will still love the game but i would prefer to play as him as much as possible.

  • Hopefully they bring back multiplayer, I really enjoy and still play ascensions multiplayer maybe they could add norse god alliances and more powerful moves

  • T.C.Carson is Kratos… this guy has a great voice but it’s not for Kratos at all!!

  • I hope they announce a COLLECTOR’S EDITION soon.

  • for the love of GOD and all that is holy, please, please bring back TC Carson.. I feel like I’m cheating on my wife of 50 years if I play this and I’m not even married… that’s how screwed up things will get…. look at MGS, they changed the voice actor from Hayter to Bauer, and the whole thing felt like a CTU nightmare…

    Kill of Kratos, reboot the thing, but do not tell me that Christopher Judge is Kratos, because everyone knows that TC Carson is Kratos..

    Bring back TC Carson then kill him off, half way in the game so that his son can take over the series..

  • I really like how Santa Monica design the new, improved god of war and im just wonder when is the release date and like how kratos is taking a good decision and being responsible for someone to and again like the graphics :-)

  • Please bring back original voice actor!! This looks AMAZING but it will not be the same with Kratos having a different voice! I’ve played every GOW there is and am replaying them all since seeing your trailer. To hear a new voice, it feels wrong!!!!

  • Looks Like Mix With The Revenant Movie,The Last of Us

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