Neverwinter Coming to PS4 This Summer

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Neverwinter Coming to PS4 This Summer

We’re proud to announce that Neverwinter is coming to PlayStation 4 in summer 2016! Almost three years after our initial launch on PC, millions of adventurers have travelled along the Sword Coast to slay the mightiest of foes and to form the most courageous of parties. We can’t wait to welcome in a new group of adventurers to Neverwinter and eagerly await their arrival. Here’s your first glimpse of the adventures that await you in Neverwinter!

Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG that transports players into the Forgotten Realms, where they will explore a fully realized experience based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. When Neverwinter arrives on PlayStation 4, it will feature all existing content from the base game, including eight playable classes and nine expansions worth of content giving you hundreds of quests to play through.

Fight against the likes of Tiamat, Demogorgon, Orcus, Valindra and many more sinister enemies from Dungeons & Dragons lore. Adventurers will also travel through iconic locations such as Icewind Dale and the Underdark while teaming up with characters straight from the novels of acclaimed author R.A. Salvatore, including Drizzt Do’Urden.

Neverwinter: Orcus

Neverwinter: Valindra BattleNeverwinter: Sharandar

We are also happy to announce that Neverwinter on PlayStation 4 will be free-to-play for all PlayStation 4 owners as you will not require PlayStation Plus to dive into this full-fledged MMORPG experience.

Are you ready to defend the realms? What class are you planning to play? We look forward to seeing all of PlayStation Nation in the city of Neverwinter later this year.

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  • Mixed feelings here.

    I checked out Neverwinter on PC, but sadly my PC’s specs were too bad.
    When i just read this article i was really hyped at first.
    Then i saw the free-to-play thing and to be honest i got a mixed feeling about that….
    i really hope the game won’t be too much pay to win.

    I think exp-boosts and vanity items and that stuff are awesome and a good way for a developer to earn money on a free-to-play title whilst maintaining a big player base, but I think the line between free-to-play and pay to win is very thin.
    If I remember correctly ingame-shop-currency can be traded for in-game gold and vice versa on PC?!…. so if it’s the same on ps that’s a good thing for me.

    I really, really hope the devs will find a good balance and a fair ingame pricing system and we will see the one MMORPG we have all been looking for for so long on the ps4.

    sry for the bad english ^_^, I’m not a native english speaker :D.

    I will definitely check the game out and wish the best of luck to the devs!

    hopefully see you soon ingame,

  • So when is the actual release date??

  • Is there any possible way to get my character from xbox 1 over to ps4??

  • Can’t wait to get back into neverwinter, question though do you all have any plans for adding bards, for they are my favorite dnd class.

  • i can’t wait you can lunch game now

  • I’m also wondering the same thing as @EonbIue. When is the actual release date? I’ve been trying to find out but it only says Summer of 2016. Well if I am not mistaken we are a few days into summer. Aren’t we? Anyways as you can tell I’m super excited for this game! Hope it gets released real soon!

  • This game is amazing I check google everyday for release date. Cant wait to make cleric and control wizard. The lore, the environment, the action combat system. Will there be aa early beta for it before or going straight for it?

  • Can you please give us a release date other than “this summer”. I’ve been waiting patiently for a long time for this to come out and summer is already here and we’re moving in to July so please give us some kind of release date.

  • will it be out next month

  • Please stop toying with us and give us a release date. Its not right to make fans wait when you promised to release this game this summer we’ll give us a damn release date and stop messing with our heads -.-

  • We’re going into July and still no word on release. Not a single piece of information. . . Give us something and stop teasing! It’s not funny anymore -_-

    • Exactly it’s bs the way they’re doing us ps4 players

    • it makes perfect sense as gamers we obsess over games. Horizon Zero Dawn PRIME EXAMPLE. Because of this the more they tease us the more we will want to play it and enjoy playing it. This is brilliant on their part for both gaining a ps4 following as well as a marketing prospect too. It sucks for us because well we obsess over games but there are plenty of examples that prove this method works amazingly well. Black temple patch of world of warcraft. No one in the world downed kael’thas sunstrider in tempest keep Black Temple was released BOOM 3 days later world first. The teasing and taunting of players works wonderfully. Now there is a patch coming out for the pc and xbox 1 called the storm kings thunder in august my best guess is after that so it is released with the game so we won’t get 9 expansions but 10.

  • What will be the format for the game? Will it be a disc or download through PSN?

  • So…. no character transfer from pc, for now…

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