PlayStation Plus: Free Games for June 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for June 2016

PS Plus fans, we’re pleased to share with you two excellent PS4 PS Plus games for June.

First up, to help get everyone hyped for the NBA Finals, we’ve teamed up with 2K to add NBA 2K16 to the June lineup. One of the most critically acclaimed sports titles ever, NBA 2K16 has tons of great gameplay for everyone. With robust offline modes like MyCareer and MyGM, and deep online modes including MyTeam and MyLeague, there is an incredible amount of content to offer all types of gamers. So be the baller you always wanted to be and guide your team to the NBA Championship.

Next up is Gone Home: Console Edition. Gone Home is one of the most talked about titles from the last few years for good reason. While it’s an interesting exploration/adventure game, it’s the narrative of Gone Home that’s so remarkable. The game has a strong development team, including Steve Gaynor, who worked on a few titles in the BioShock series. The Fulbright Company (now just Fullbright) created an intimate and unique story that is well worth your time.

Full lineup:

  • NBA 2K16, PS4
  • Gone Home: Console Edition, PS4
  • Echochrome, PS3
  • Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12), PS3
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus, PS Vita
  • Little Deviants, PS Vita

I’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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2 Author Replies

  • Booooooo, Gone Home is terrible, you can beat that trash in 47 seconds. I’ve seen the speedruns on Youtube. No more Gone Home trash.

    • AGREED! :D

    • …so because speedrunners have figured out a way to beat the game quickly (which is what speedrunners DO), the game is trash?

      Three cheers for the person that bases their opinion of an entire experience off of the way someone else experiences it. Especially when their experience is specifically catered toward bypassing the *actual gameplay,* just trying to finish it as quickly as possible.


  • Pretty good month and back to back decent months. So will the new games be up tomorrow or next week?

    • They generally don’t release stuff on Wednesdays – and Plus releases are the first Tuesday. So, look for it June 7.

  • *facepalm* And yet another disappointing PS Plus lineup. A basketball game that is a simulator, and a game that has little-to-no challenge/replay value whatsoever. If you like those type of games, then that’s fine. It’s just that I prefer arcade-style sports games over simulation-type sports games, and I’m still not really into indie games (so no, I don’t hate indie games (since I do like a couple of them), it’s just I’m not really as much into them like most people are).

    • I love arcade-style sports games, but those are a dying breed. I don’t think there’s an NBA Jam for the PS4, and there aren’t many other arcade-style basketball franchises left. Sims are where the sports video games have gone, and that’s where they’re likely to stay, apparently.

      Given that, I’ll take NBA 2k16 and give it a whirl. I love basketball games, though I often don’t have the patience to learn the offensive sets to really take advantage of them.

      I do see this as a step up for Plus, though – nice to see some bigger-name titles. Hopefully they’ll do more that pick up even wider audiences.

    • NBA Jam would be so amazing. I am a huge fan of that series.

  • YES! 2K16 and Gone Home, PLEASE. I was actually going to buy 2k16 last night but decided to wait on it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

  • Huge thanks!, NBA 2K16 is a huge tittle! its the best basketball game for next gen and its even the last one its 48€ on amazon, im really curious about Gone Home and Siren: Blood Curse.

  • Dang you fine. Nice line up.

  • Since I buy sports games generally every other year this is great for me. And NBA2k16 is a game I have been fighting the urge to get. All the rest are just a bonus. And awesome ones at that.

  • For once no games I am interested in. I have plenty to play right now anyway, but still I am a little surprised. Usually I like at least one game.

  • It’s brilliant, can’t wait to play!

  • UnitedUnderUtada

    I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but what an incredible month! I already have half of the games already (Siren, Deviant, GOW) , but the PS4 titles easily makes up for this. I had my eye on both 2K16 and Gone Home for a while now. Siren is also a nice touch. Thank you guys for listening and giving us such a spectacular month. Cheers to the idea that future months are as great as this one.

  • This lineup is more disappointing than I am to my parents.


  • Well, nothing for me this month. Guess it’s back to warframe and Doom I suppose….

  • Came here to see people complaining about the line-up for no good reason. Wasn’t disappointed.

  • I’ve been really wanting to play Gone Home. The other games I’m not thrilled with. I’ll probably download the Vita games but the others I won’t even touch.

  • Omg thank you Sony! I work at Wal-mart and was just about to buy this last night cause we lowered it to $39.96 you guys are the best! I love playstation plus.

  • Never played NBA, but it’s a real game, unlike all those junk indie games they added so far, we on the right track, a lot of catching up still needed though, XBL is miles ahead.

  • Just wanted to chime in and say thanks. Best lineup in a longtime. Legit happy about 5 of 6 which is fantastic. Thanks again

  • An indie and a shooty hoops game. I’m not even going to bother downloading this.

  • I know your not going to make everyone happy with ps + line up, but giving us a game u gave us 2 years ago on ps3 with id say a very similar line up is abit low sony, yes its classed as a AAA title but not everyone likes sports simulatior or sport based games, plz plz plz can you go back to the golden days when we had awesome games that made everyone happy, been ps+ sub since the start of ps+

    • There has LITERALLY never been a month where Sony made everyone happy. Why? Because it’s impossible.

      Take off the rose coloured glasses.

    • ‘Not everyone likes sports games’
      Not everyone likes FPS’s or racing games etc. Sony can’t please everyone.
      If they had given The Crew for free (like Games With Gold this month) you’ll get loads of people on here saying “I don’t like racing games, give us something else” so they can’t win no matter what they do.

  • so when will this happen?

  • older games plus games already bought makes this another bad month…i’m gonna quit buying games so it will make my subscription more worth should credit customers accounts with something to those that already bought these games

  • Well the only game i want is NBA2K16 so thanks! xD

  • Honestly I’m happy. Been wanting to play gone home and I already own siren but that’s an awesome survival horror game. So more people playing is a good thing. Though that was on the Japanese plus about 3-4 years ago. I have no interest in nba but I know that’s a AAA title that everyone’s been complaining about not having.

  • Nice! Best games I’ve seen for plus since Rocket League. I’m looking forward to playing them both. Thanks.

  • Amazing lineup. I’ve been looking for NBA to drop price and what a great surprise! Gone Home also in my list so no complains at all this month =]

  • Even though im not into sports games, I appreciate Sony’s effort to provide games of higher quality and pricetag. Im so looking forward to get and play gone home, seems interesting enough. Will getbnba 2k16 just in case too.

  • Rusty_Paperclips

    I just..ugh..that PS3 lineup is so lackluster. That’s not bringing me back to Plus anytime soon.

  • Actually good timing with the NBA game, since the Finals start this week. Occasionally, someone at Sony uses their brains.

    • I think it has a lot more to do with nba 2k17 being released in september, although the finals are more than enough reason to choose june to give away 16

  • I get that a new God of War is coming, and both PSP titles are fantastic, but as a Vita owner I truly hope that replacing a Vita game with a PSP title isn’t going to be a trend moving forward.

    • Not to discredit the rest of the list, of course. NBA 2K16 is a HUGE addition, and I’m surprised to see Gone Home on there as well.

  • StrangeMunch1991

    One of the worst????? Major AAA Titles and very few indies., im satisfied. Also BTW If You Own Battlefield hardline the addon Gettaway is free till the 6th

  • How long is it going to take for Sony to start considering not giving PS3 games for PS+ anymore? How many people actually play PS3 PS+ games? I’d much prefer it if they dropped the PS3 already and gave us better current gen games instead–including the Vita.

    Vita offerings have been terrible for a long time now. Really, giving PSP games so often as “Vita” games is not alright. If Sony would offer interesting Vita games, PS+ subscribers who don’t have a Vita might consider getting one. But as it is, Sony have utterly given up on giving people reasons to buy their handheld.

    They’re not giving me much reason to keep renewing my sub, either–for PS4 or Vita. Time to ditch PS3 support and improve current gen support.

    • You’re creating a false connection here. Bad PS3 support is not the reason you don’t like the PS4 games. It’s that the PS4 games they’re getting are ones you dislike.

      Them stopping PS3 is not going to make them more likely to have PS4 games you like.

    • That’s not what I said at all. In fact the PS3 is often the console with the best games. That’s besides my point though. Surely offering games on PS3 costs Sony resources. Regardless of how good the games are, I’d rather Sony redirect those resources towards better PS4 and Vita games than giving games on a console I no longer care to play.

      I can only speak for myself, not knowing if others feel the same way, but personally I don’t care how good the PS3 games are. I don’t want to play my PS3 anymore.

  • Okay… This is the PSN free release lineup that sucks the most. Seriously. :(

  • Almost half the year gone, and only a couple of decent things on plus. Another lackluster month of games you can get in a discount bin at some 2nd hand store. NBA only good for sportsfans, too bad they dont want to give us gamer’s a game instead of the couch-bros.

    • Racing games would only be good for racing fans.
      Shooting games would only be good for shooter fans.
      RPG’s would only be good for RPG fans.
      Your argument is not a very strong one.
      Just because you don’t like the games on offer, doesn’t mean it’s a bad lineup.

  • dragonsandlasers

    NBA 2k16 and Gone Home are AWESOME choices. First month I’ve been excited for PS+ games since Rocket League. More of this, please!

  • Some people are going to be very excited about this month’s lineup. Not me, but… some definitely will.

  • Yes thank you SONY!

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    Siren Blood Curse <3 heres a song from Siren Blood Curse.

  • NBA: 2K16 I can’t believe it. Time to re-up my plus membership.

  • Little Deviants was a launch title for Vita. In fact, it came free in the box with the Vita, so a ton of people have it already. Also, Chains of Olympus is from 2008.

    What a garbage offering for Vita. Maybe next month we’ll get an exciting fresh title like Pong.

    • We’ll be lucky to get Pong. At this rate, I think they’ll start giving us free Vita themes instead of games.

  • monkeylighting96

    Now this is a good line up a triple A title for people who want it (might not be for everyone because gamers have a tendency to hate on sports) A indie game that has been getting some traction and other games for people who still use the PS3, good job guys.

  • While I recognise that others might enjoy NBA 2k16, I’m ultimately disappointed in the offerings for this month.

  • Literally you guy’s are so greedy lmfaoo. It’s just nasty.
    You’re literally getting a full game for the current year & your still not pleased. If you don’t like it, buy your own game & stop complaining.

  • Sports games don’t seem like a good fit. Its such a niche thing only hard core sports people like and they’re already buying the games. So giving it out here is basically like not giving anything at all.

    • I’m not a hardcore sports person and I enjoy playing sports games. I’ve never watched an ice hockey or baseball game but I’ll play video games of them.


  • Thundercleese_83

    Gone Home is a great choice! As always, thank you!

  • Holy 2k. I buy them every year always one of the best basketball games available. I wasn’t playing 2k16 as much because of other game so I traded it in a few months back for $15. Now I can download it if I want to play this summer. I usually always mess with legend rosters and add rookies to the game after draft.

  • Can I trade nba for nhl please? Thank you

  • Dang! I literally just bought Gone Home on May 20th!! Love the game, but how unlucky can I get (refund??)! Great line up though.

  • 2k16 basketball?!? oO fuuuuuuuuudge yea

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