PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 Announced

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PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 Announced

E3 Experience

With E3 just around the corner (wow, is it really only two weeks away?!), I’m excited to announce that the PlayStation E3 Experience is coming back on Monday, June 13, to over 85 movie theaters across the US, Canada, and for the first time, Latin America!

In 2014, we had this crazy idea to partner with Fathom Events and broadcast our E3 Press Conference LIVE to some theaters North America, not knowing if this was something people would even be interested in attending. Two years later, and we’ve had to more than double our seating capacity to accommodate everybody!

There’s just something special about watching the news and excitement of E3 together with fellow PlayStation fans that makes this an event I look forward to every year. Between the loud cheers that, honestly, probably ruin movies for people in adjacent theaters (sorry not sorry), and the camaraderie felt in the air from being surrounded by the PlayStation Nation, there’s no better way to experience E3.

In addition to getting to watch an HD simulcast of our E3 Press Conference, fans in attendance will go home with special PlayStation goods, including a commemorative Coca-Cola E3 Experience Cup and #37 from the PlayStation Collectible Card series first introduced at PlayStation Experience 2015! This is the only way to get your hands on these exclusive collectibles, so don’t miss your opportunity.

Of course, we didn’t forget about the digital gift basket this year, but the contents of that will have to remain a surprise for now…

E3 ExperienceE3 Experience

Tickets for US and Canada

Tickets, as usual, are absolutely FREE and will be available at starting Tuesday, May 31 at 10:00am Pacific Time, so set those alarms. Once tickets run out at any particular location, we’ll be taking names down to go on the waitlist. We have a select number of seats reserved for waitlist attendees, who will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Here’s a list of participating theaters:

Theatre Name City State
Anchorage 16 with XD Anchorage AK
Trussville 16 Birmingham AL
Colonel Glenn 18 with Xtreme Little Rock AR
Deer Valley 17 with IMAX Phoenix AZ
Park Place 20 with XD Tucson AZ
Century City 15 with IMAX Los Angeles CA
Mission Valley 20 with IMAX San Diego CA
Van Ness 14 with IMAX San Francisco CA
Daly City 20 with XD Daly City CA
Greenwood Plaza 12 Englewood CO
Pavilions 15 Denver CO
Brass Mill 12 Waterbury CT
Gallery Place 14 Washington DC
Brandywine Town Center 16 Wilmington DE
Sunset Place 24 with IMAX Miami FL
The Avenues Stadium 20 Jacksonville FL
Sawgrass Stadium 23 with IMAX Fort Lauderdale FL
Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 with IMAX Orlando FL
Hollywood 24 @ North I-85 Atlanta GA
Dole Cannery 18 with IMAX Honolulu HI
Davenport 18 with IMAX Davenport IA
Boise Stadium 22 with IMAX Boise ID
River East 21 Chicago IL
Galaxy 14 Indianapolis IN
Hollywood Stadium 14 Topeka Topeka KS
Tinseltown Louisville Louisville KY
Elmwood Palace 20 with IMAX Harahan LA
Solomon Pond Mall 15 Marlborough MA
Fenway 13 with RPX Boston MA
Rockville Center 13 Rockville MD
Brunswick 10 Brunswick ME
Lansing Mall with RPX Lansing MI
Brooklyn Center 20 Minneapolis MN
Kansas City 18 Cinemas Kansas City MO
Cinemark 16 Gulfport Gulfport MS
Gallatin Valley Cinemas 11 Bozeman MT
Brier Creek Stadium 14 Raleigh NC
Stonecrest 22 @ Piper Glen with IMAX Charlotte NC
Oakview 24 with IMAX Omaha NE
Fox Run Stadium 15 with RPX Newington NH
Hamilton 24 with IMAX Trenton NJ
Seacourt 10 Toms River NJ
Albuquerque Rio 24 with XD Albuquerque NM
Village Square 18 Las Vegas NV
Empire 25 with IMAX New York NY
Union Square Stadium 14 New York NY
Transit Center Stadium 19 with IMAX Buffalo NY
Western Hills 14 Cincinnati OH
Georgesville Stadium 16 Columbus OH
Tinseltown USA Oklahoma City OK
Lloyd Center 10 with IMAX Portland OR
Cinemark Robinson Township with XD Pittsburgh PA
Riverview Plaza Philadelphia PA
Columbiana Grande Stadium 14 Columbia SC
Sioux Falls Stadium 14 Sioux Falls SD
Opry Mills 21 with IMAX Nashville TN
Northpark Center 15 with IMAX and ETX Dallas TX
Houston Marq*E Stadium 22 plus IMAX Houston TX
Cielo Vista 18 San Antonio TX
Metropolitan 14 Austin TX
Salt Lake City 16 Salt Lake City UT
Lynnhaven 18 with IMAX Virginia Beach VA
Westchester Common 16 Midlothian VA
Pacific Place 11 Seattle WA
Lincoln Square Bellevue 16 Bellevue WA
Tinseltown Kenosha Kenosha WI
Morgantown Stadium 12 Morgantown WV
Fox Theater 6 Laramie WY
Scotiabank Chinook Calgary Alberta
SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas Burnaby British Columbia
SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas Winnipeg Manitoba
Scotiabank Theatre Toronto Toronto Ontario
Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal Montreal Quebec

Tickets for Latin America

If you’re a PlayStation fan in Brazil, check
PlayStation.Blog Brazil soon for more details on which theaters are participating and how to get your tickets.

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  • Alright! Got my confirmation for Union Square Stadium 14 in NY! Anyone else going there? This will be my third year in a row.

    • omg! Hey man congrats ! I was in the page finished putting my info . I had 2 tickets. But when I click register the damn thing told me that the support team was notified . I was like ” NOOO . My wait was for nothing .

  • ok so i just signed up for 2 and everything was going well it even said that i am reserved for 30 min while i filled out the info and after i did i received an internal error message and now im worried because i am thinking my reservation has been cancelled and so i go back to the event and now it shows it’s all sold out so then i re-regestered for the waiting list. please tell me i am still good with my first one. i wanted to take my little brother this time to the event.

  • Wow….so i waited until 1:00pm my time right when the tickets went live….got all my info entered….on the last page got a huge screen INTERNAL ERROR then was sent back to the beginning and guess what????? NO MORE TICKETS!!!!! So now i’m on the wait list cause there system f-ed up….awesome so glad to be a PlayStation insert shaft here!

  • Complete disappointment. Get in to claim 2 tickets. I enter all the info and submit to register and I get an internal error message. No tickets. Now sold out already.

  • what do you know! I had two tickets for the Toronto Location, fill in the registration, hit submit and then there is an Internal Error / “Bad Request” that came up. Did not allow me to go back and try again and I lost the tickets. Now, I have to join a wait list? Bunch of garbage Sony

    • Yeah I was trying for Toronto location too. Sorry you got the same difficulties. Sucks.

    • Same issue bro. Chose the Toronto location and got internal error, went back and it said sold out. :(

    • Yeah, it definitely sucks. I was even logged in under my PSN because I thought if I had issues, it would remember me. Then when I saw a cart I thought I was golden… Nope! Have fun everyone else that was able to snag a ticket without issue!

    • I went onto the site nearly two hours after it opened.
      Managed to get my single ticket just fine.
      Half of the tickets got locked out due to this bug so You just had to wait an hour for them to free up again.

  • I was putting in info for Deer Valley, AZ general tickets and pressed register just to have it error out:( disappointed because I was so close:( grrrrr………

  • please playstation help those who deserved the tickets. if it said we have been reserved for 30 min and then we get that stupid error message then we should get our tickets.
    this mistake is on you playstation please make it right.

  • I also had the Internal Error and now all tickets are sold out. This is extremely disappointing. I filled out everything in due time and still ended up with no tickets.

  • Great…. now it’s sold out. Joined the waiting list. How did I lose my reserved ticket when I was putting in my info?

  • Got in and was kicked out mid registration because of internal error and now there are no tickets. I hate how everyone tries to do this stuff online but no ones network can handle the extra payload.

  • Sure do love this terrible site they insist on using. I was on it 3 hours early and it was still crashing just as it was.

    By the way, having seating and options available before they’re up on the site is REALLY unprofessional. Guess I won’t bother going this year, half of last year’s rewards were never even delivered, including the $5 PSN credit and kill strain beta access, although I got the latter from being PS+ anyway. Have fun, anyone going. Hope it’s better than last year, for your sake.

    • What are you talking about? Did you even register the code they gave you? Because I got everything. INCLUDING Kill Strain and I am still able to play it when it goes up…

  • Is there a trick or specific browser to use when getting tickets? This happened last year, too, but I keep getting an “internal error” and website problems when trying to secure my tickets. Grrrr.

    • I feel your pain. I’m trying to get in touch with one the sites support folk and even sent them a screenshot… nothing… nothing at all. no response.

  • So I’m royally ****ed. I’m on the site at one, i get to my theater and start registering and as the system is processsing the tickets it errors out and says something along the lines of theres been an internal error.. when i check back, tickets are ssold out… thats some bs if you ask me


    Side Note: If you get an error guys, make sure you wait a while and try again. Because chances are your tickets are still in reserve and wont release until the timer is done.

  • Already sold out in Montreal 5min after the site went live. Hoping it’s in the error and to give me a email.

  • Does anyone know if the waiting list is usually okay for these? Site wouldn’t let me register for the first 10 minutes! I loved this event last year!

    • Nope. Last year in the NY theater I went to, nobody on the wait list was allowed in because the people who’d reserved (rather, got lucky and got reservations) showed up and took the seats instead. That’s just NY though, maybe if you live in a smaller city it might be better for you.

    • I know in Phoenix last year everyone on the waiting list got in but your taking a chance of not being 100% sure to get in:(

    • Sigh…I’m in Chicago. I might just go early and see what happens. There were a few empty spots in the theatre last year so here’s hoping.

    • Scrap that…checked the site again and now it’s open. No wait list! Go check and see! Maybe they had to fix something!

  • Same for me i managed to get to the 30 mins reserved tickets window put in all my info hit enter anddddddddddd…………internal error sighhhhhhh

  • Same thing happened to me. I had my ticket locked down and then I got an “internal error,” and now it’s saying “Sold out.” Not cool.

  • Same as everyone else. I was about to get my tickets at Montreal and then it crash. Now I am in the waiting list.

  • Same happen to me,kept getting internal error for 8 mins straight just to have to join the waiting list

  • How do u loose reserved tickets tho? smh

  • Same thing happened to me. Logged in right at 12CST, entered info, then got the error message. Tried it again a second time, and again got the error message. Third try it wanted to add me to the waiting list. NOPE… I’m not driving 2 hours for a “chance” to get in. Guess I’m not going this year, unless Sony actually got these requests the first time and can see we actually registered. But I doubt it. Good job Sony. Disappointed.

  • So I got through registration and then upon hitting submit get an internal error and nothing was processed.. Last year the site was even worse yet you still couldn’t manage to get the servers prepared for the (obvious) influx of traffic. Sony and event grid’s incompetence was cost me the ability to attend this.

    Next year try splitting up the go live times between east and west coast to reduce the server load. Or release the tickets in waves.

    You failed 2 years in a row, can’t say I don’t expect the same issues next year. Terrible job today Sony.

  • In there like swim wear baby whoop!

  • So Houston sold out FAST, which is crazy as I spent nearly an hour trying to get tickets and was still able to. Got my brother and I on the wait list…hopefully we’ll get in.

  • Well my Internet glitches and now I can’t go sense there is no guarantee to get a spot to get off of work

  • Sucks with some of the issues you guys are all having. As soon as the ticket option came up clicked it, my theater and within a few mins registered and got the conformation email. I have auto fill in my browser so all i had to do was click in one of the boxes and it filled it all out for me. Maybe thats why i was able to get them without a problem.

  • “Reserved for 30 minutes.” “Error.” PlayStation, you guys have to sign up with a website that knows what they’re doing. Eventgrid has not been able to handle high server capacity three years straight now. You’re screwing every one of us over when you do this.

  • Tickets in YNC sold out in a mtter of minutes. Sight crashed when I was filling out the form after being told my tickets would be held for 30 minutes while registering. When I finished I was redirected to an error page stating sony was going to fix the problem. I started the process over again and when it came to choose # of tickets it said sold out apply for waiting list. B@#$S^&*

  • So why is it that I had two tickets reserved with a 30 min count down then once I fill out my info and hit the registration button there was an “error” and now tickets are sold out…..BS MAN!!

  • I find this event messed up. I got on the form on three different theaters. While it says the tickets would be held for 20 minutes while I fill out the form yet I get internal errors once completing. So they lied about the tickets and sold out as people filled out forms

  • Tried to get tickets today, I finally got to register after numerous internal server errors! Upon submitting my info an email another internal error occurred. The Philly theater was sold out the momen I refreshed. Is there anyone I can contact?

  • Sony.. Please choose a different site next year or fix the issues we are having now. Some of us had our tickets reserved yet the site simply kicked us all out and forced us to sign up for the waiting list… why?

  • This sucks, I really wanted to go but it gave me an error message as soon as I finished and now I’m on the waiting list :/

  • I was happy that I had 30 min to fill out my info and when I finished and hit “Register” I get the internal error screen. WTH

  • Lost my reserved ticket when putting in my info… This is like that episode of Seinfeld. “You know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to HOLD the reservation.”

  • Sweet!, sold out is gone and I was able to add myself and two other friends.

  • Those who didn’t get in, try again! Houston just reverted back to general seating being available and now I have tickets…it must’ve been an error in the system!

  • FYI I just tried looked and the location I tried to sign up for that was “wait listed” was back to having open tickets. So anyone on the wait list should take another look.

  • To all those that went last year, how early should I expect to show up? Seeing how this is a big thing, I don’t want to loose my seat. Should I get there 1 hour early or more?

    • From my experience, I got there an hour and a half early. You wait in line until it’s time and they pass out the passes and what not. Then they get you seated. (any seat) and have a chance to get any snacks before you get it if you’d like. Then be seated and watch. You shouldn’t lose your seat but be there JUST IN CASE they pass them out.

    • I’d get there a little before 8pm eastern (show starts at 9).

    • Mkay. Thanks guys! First showing for my fiance and I so we are excited.

    • An hour seems good. I got there two hours early last year and the line wasn’t too bad. So I went and got something to eat. My theater is in a mall. Came back an hour later and the line had doubled.

  • SOLD OUT REFRESH!! I was just able to register! Everyone who got the error problem hurry back. Thank Sony! Awaiting my email

  • Yea guys keep refreshing if u had error. The theater that im going to was sold out but now it says it aint. So dont give up just yet.

  • Kept refreshing and got back in to reserve tickets. Keep trying guys!

    • I think all of the “reserved” tickets started to be let go after the 30 minutes passed and opened them back up for new reservations.

  • I signed up and got my registration number but no email yet how long will it take please help need info!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guys! TRY AGAIN. I somehow got my ticket registered! I kept refreshing!

  • Myself like many others here seem to have encountered errors, I had trouble with it recognizing my post code, in Canada, took a couple of tries to get venues list up, then i get an error when clicking on get tickets, when i finally get it to work its sold out. I am on the wait list, with no guarantee of entrance I can’t drive for 4 hours to Montreal to have a small chance of getting in.

    I feel this whole situation and the website used has not anticipated the demand appropriately, i am hugely disappointed, as this the first time I have been able to attempt to go this event, Montreal being he closest venue to me, why do we always appear to be treated as an after thought in Canada…:-(

    • Refresh and pick the place you want it should work now.

    • Yeah dude. Keep trying! I was all the way to the screen where I put in my info and I got an error. Waited 30 minutes after it said sold out and now it’s open again!

    • When I got my ticket for Montreal I also got a problem with post code. I never saw in state list any Province and so selected a random state and entered 4 number.

      They don’t have my real info but at least I got a ticket.

    • OK edit the above, seems i now have reserved my tickets, and have a confirmation number, just waiting for confirmation email, so thanks to those that said to try again, however it doesn’t take away the fact, that the whole process has been handled very poorly.

      I hope everyone is successful getting their tickets now it seems to have cleared the errors.

  • It’s all good got my reserve ticket for NYC AMC Empire 25. Can’t wait!!

  • Last year, the site crashed like this too. I kept registering as both Waiting List and reserved seating. When I went to the Pittsburgh area they were like “Are your guests with you?” I was like, “Naw, the site kept ****ing up, so kept submitting until I got my confirmation e-mail.” There wasn’t many people in the Pittsburgh screening, because of this situation.

  • All the tickets that error’d were on hold for 30 min, but now they have been released. Now’s the time to check if you error’d or were put on waitlist. Good Luck!

  • Update!!! Just went back in and now it wasn’t sold out and I got my tickets PLZ TRY AGAIN GUYS!!

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