Dragon Quest Builders Confirmed for North America on PS4, PS Vita

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Dragon Quest Builders Confirmed for North America on PS4, PS Vita

When we released Dragon Quest Heroes last year, we always said that we wanted to bring more Dragon Quest games to the West. You could say that Dragon Quest Heroes laid the groundwork for Dragon Quest games on PS4 and we’re now ready to start building on those foundations!

Today actually marks the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Quest franchise and as part of the celebration, I am very happy to announce that Dragon Quest Builders is officially coming to North America this October (2016) on PS4 and PS Vita!

The Dragon Quest games are famous for being turn based RPGs but Dragon Quest Builders is different. So what is Dragon Quest Builders? Let’s bust out those hammers and break it down!

Dragon Quest Builders for PS4


The story of Dragon Quest Builders actually follows a “what if” story following the original Dragon Quest. In this story the realm has been destroyed because the Hero (from DQ1) who was supposed to save the world by defeating the evil Dragonlord, actually got tempted into accepting a sham deal with him. This plunges the land into darkness and despair and the few survivors scattered around the world no longer understand the concept of creativity and live through scavenging what remains among ruins.

This is where Dragon Quest Builders begins! The protagonist (that’s you), who can be either a boy or a girl, is awoken by a Guardian Spirit as the Legendary Builder who is the only person in the world with the knowledge to create objects through combination and imagination. It’s now up to you to rebuild the world and restore it to its former glory!


Dragon Quest Builders is a sandbox action RPG where your imagination is the limit! Everything plays out in real time and the world is made entirely of blocks (although it may not look that blocky) and you can use these blocks to build pretty much whatever you want. Building is easy and can be done in three steps:

  1. Plan what you’re going to build!
  2. Gather your resources!
  3. Begin construction and create your masterpiece!

There is an overarching main storyline to follow in Dragon Quest Builders so if you want a narrative to get attached to and pull you through, that’s in there too. It wouldn’t be a Dragon Quest game without one after all! Oh and there’s plenty of quirky side quests and NPCs to give you that full RPG experience, just with the additional sandbox gameplay and monsters to battle as well.

It’s kind of crazy to think that the Dragon Quest franchise is 30 years old today but despite that, you don’t have to have played any previous Dragon Quest game to understand and enjoy Dragon Quest Builders.

Dragon Quest Builders is coming out later this year (October, 2016) on PlayStation 4 (boxed and digitally) and PS Vita (digital only). We’ll have more information to share with you before the game comes out but in the meantime, be sure to secure your hardhats, polish your hammers and get ready to build!

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  • Just give me ps4 steelcase edition with artbook SquareEnix and it will be day one buy :). Also does this game have cross-save between ps vita and ps4?

    • I share the same concern for this feature being present. I don’t care if it’s cross buy. Cross save = Sony & Square take my munnies!

  • I may have to actually buy this on the PS4 after I buy it for the Vita first! STOKED!!!!

  • I’m in for physical releases, especially on Vita. You guys should take a hint from NIS America, Idea Factory, etc.

    Hell, if you guys really need help, just reach out to Limited Run Games for your physical releases


    Because they all know what Vita owners want. Does Square Enix?

  • Also, let’s get I Am Setsuna as a physical release for Vita as well as this.

  • I’m so glad it’s coming to the west! I was SO close to importing the Japanese version for the Vita so I could play it. I do wish we were getting a physical copy, but heck I’ll take any version of the game as long as I can play it on the ol’ Vita. Hopefully it will do really well here in the states and Limited Run games can pick it up for a physical release since Sony seems to think there’s no demand for physical copies in the US for the Vita.

  • Already imported it on release and played it for weeks, but I told myself I’d double-dip if they brought it over, and I definitely will. Thank you for bringing more Dragon Quest over, I will never hesitate to support the series.

  • Great news! I can’t wait for both this and Dragon Quest XI!

  • Bought Heroes 1, and will be buying this and Heroes 2 *only* to show my support for an English release of DQ11 on PS4 (current version only, none of this Neo crap for at least another year please!). Don’t let us DQ rpg fans down Neal!

    (also, quick port-beg for DQ8 on PS4, HD remaster preferred over PS2 emulated of course)

  • I will definitely be picking this one up. If it’s cross save compatible, will be buying it for both platforms so I can play it at home and then continue my compulsion on the go. I was very interested in this game when I was overseas in Japan and saw it.

  • I am VERY happy about this! The demo was a ton of fun. First day purchase for me for sure.

    I hope to see more DQ titles coming our way!

  • need more dragon quest games for Current-gen

  • This is cool for people that want this but I hope a localization for Dragon Quest XI is in the works.

  • Oh, I have to keep an eye on Amazon. Gonna pre-order it as soon as I see it. Will this game have local and/or online co-op? My girlfriend and I have a blast with these builder games.

  • Looks amazing!
    Is it cross-buy cross-play?

  • I’m happy the Vita version is coming, just wish it was physical as well.

  • Now will it have cross buy???

  • Is this a fussion with Dragon Quest and Dark Cloud.. Hey Sony COntact Level 5 to Develop this game again while Dragon Quest is another jewel from the Disney Japanese Square Enix. Even though the Kings from RPGJ are NamcoBandai and SquareEnix Now a Days. By the way I miss this franchise I would like a new Tale… about building cities the game Called “Dark Cloud” Im Waiting for Dark Cloud 3

  • Hi Dan,
    Just two things:
    1 – A BIG THANK YOU for bringing the Vita version together
    2 – Please consider releasing on Vita the US Versions of Adventures of Mana, I Am Setsuna, Romancing Saga 2, Dragon Quest Heroes 2, and of course, Final Fantasy Type-0 (yes, the PSP version so we can play it on our Vitas).

  • Big DQ fan since the days of Nintendo, Day one buy for Vita.

  • psychobillynight

    Will the Vita version allow MP3 playback? I just love that kind of feature for some reason <~<

  • I never played or cared about minecraft but this game I want. It looks great and I can’t wait to play.

    Thank you Square Enix for bringing Builders over to the Vita in NA. I hope it sells well enough to encourage more Vita releases. Please consider releasing a physical version as well for Vita. The memory cards are just too expensive and adds to the cost of buying games digitally.

    I just have one question. I intend to purchase both the Vita and PS4 versions of Builders. Will it support cross-save like FFX/X-2 HD?

  • I wanna see the US get that limited edition vita. i want it so bad

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