The King of Fighters XIV to Debut August 23 on PS4

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The King of Fighters XIV to Debut August 23 on PS4

Ladies and gentlemen, 50 fighters are ready to meet in The King of Fighters XIV, coming August 23 on PS4!

While preserving the classic 2D gameplay and three-on-three team battles that made the King of Fighters series popular, The King of Fighters XIV brings a fresh change to the series with full 3D visuals. It also includes a wide variety of multiplayer and online features for the best King of Fighters experience yet!

The King of Fighters XIV marks the first chapter in a brand new saga, so you’d better come prepared.

Here’s a little backstory…

KOF has become a major business, generating huge profits and numerous spin-off tournaments worldwide. However, this led to a lowering of the overall quality, and voices began to rise across the globe demanding the formation of one unique, worldwide KOF competition.

One day, a billionaire claiming to be the “first champion” bought out all of the rights for the KOF Tournament. His name: Antonov. The announcement of a new KOF Tournament by the self-proclaimed champion created unprecedented enthusiasm around the world. From there, this excitement reached many of the classic participants of the legendary tournament directly in the form of an official invitation…

The King of Fighters XIV, PS4The King of Fighters XIV, PS4

Here’s a quick look at what else is in store for players in The King of Fighters XIV:

  • 50 Fighters — King of Fighters returns with a gorgeous roster of 50 characters. Besides the returning fan favorites, numerous new combatants join the roster.
  • Nakoruru, one of the heroines from the Samurai Shodown series, joins the fight along with her fellow hawk companion Mamahaha!
  • Shun’ei is a new character who will play an important role in the game’s story.
  • Plus, numerous emblematic and original characters prepare to duke it out in the KOF tournament!

3-on-3 Team Battle
The series’ traditional three-on-three Team Battle system is back in The King of Fighters XIV, so that 50 character roster is gonna come in very handy when picking out your best team.

The King of Fighters XIV, PS4

Climax Cancel
The trademark mechanic that defines the KOF Series has deeply evolved. In The King of Fighters XIV it allows the player to strike Super Special Moves up to three times, leading to the ultimate sequential combo and devastating damage!

New Max Mode
The KOF Series’ Max Mode returns with significant improvements! Activation of Max Mode gives you access to EX Special Moves for new combos.

The newly introduced Rush feature allows players to perform combos by mashing the Square button.

Game Modes
The King of Fighters XIV features a large variety of game modes such as a Story Mode, a VS Mode, and a Gallery Mode for the best KOF experience.

The King of Fighters XIV, PS4The King of Fighters XIV, PS4

Party Battle
Have a group of friends online? Compete in a three-on-three Team Battles via online between teams of players!

Online Training
Newcomers and veterans alike can learn how to become stronger with master players via the Online Training feature! Find a senpai who will tutor you to greatness!

Online Communication
The King of Fighters XIV will make full use of the PS4 online functionality in order to widen players’ communication and communities.

But on to the best part…

For the Americas, we’ll have a special Pre-order/Day One edition!

The King of Fighters XIV, PS4

First, physical copies of the game are going to arrive in a collectible SteelBook case, with series mainstay Kyo on the cover!

But we’re not stopping there (Maybe you’re not understanding the tagline “Burn to Fight!”) because Atlus U.S.A. is also making the Classic Kyo DLC costume free for the week following launch as a download on PlayStation Store!

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