Push Me Pull You Crawls Onto PS4 May 3

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Push Me Pull You Crawls Onto PS4 May 3

Hi! I’m Michael from House House — I wrote about our game Push Me Pull You a few months ago in an earlier post. It’s a nice/horrible local multiplayer game where you and a friend share control of a big, wriggly body, and then play sports together. I’m very happy to announce that it’s finally ready to launch for PS4 on May 3!

We have a brand new trailer to celebrate, which shows off some of the more advanced techniques we hope you’ll be trying out on each other:

If you’ve never heard of Push Me Pull You, here’s what you can expect:

  • Frantic local multiplayer gameplay in the vein of Sportsfriends or Towerfall.
  • Multiple game types that will test your friendship in different ways, as well as a sandbox area filled with toys and secrets.
  • Controller sharing which lets you split one controller with a friend or attempt to control two heads simultaneously — a two-player game can be played with just one controller!
  • Accessible yet deep gameplay — play it as a noisy party game or hold a fiercely competitive grudge match.

We’re so grateful to everyone who has been following our development. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve got something we’re really proud of. We can’t wait for you all to get a chance to play in a couple weeks time! In the meantime we’ll be putting all sorts of stuff on our blog and Twitter leading up to launch.

Also: Jake and I are bringing Push Me Pull You to PAX East this weekend, so if you’re heading to the show, make sure you find us and challenge us to a match! (You will not win the match.)

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  • Can you play this online against others?

    • This screams ps plus

    • Hi! The game is local multiplayer only. Adding online would have forced us to leave behind lots of other things that make the game special (due to both technical and non-technical limitations) so we think we made the decision that made the best game.

      The good news is that you can play 1v1 even with a single controller, and the game is relatively easy to learn for non-gamers. So if you can’t meet up for a competitive match in person but still want to play, it might be a good one to try with someone you wouldn’t normally play games with.

  • This just seems so ridiculous and that’s why I love it! Glad to see it’s coming out so soon, too.

    I’m undecided about how to pronounce the abbreviation “PMPY”. Should it be “pumpy”? “pompeii”? “pimpy”? Is there any consensus among the team? :-)

    • Hey, thanks so much! We have always said “pumpy”, but lately it’s morphed into variants of “pempy”. (Writing it out makes me realise how often we say our own nonsense word).

  • This looks interesting to play with the girlfriend! Any word on the trophies? Platinum maybe?

  • Irony is funny don’tcha think?

  • I saw this at GDC and it’s ridiculously fun, like a combination of Noby Noby Boy and Sportsfriends’ “Get on Top” game.

    I love games that allow for two players on one controller, and there’s almost no games with that kind of control scheme on Vita. Are there any plans to bring this to Vita? We need more Vita games that allow for cuddling + 2-player gameplay :)

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