A New Chapter in the Story of PlayStation

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A New Chapter in the Story of PlayStation

Today marks a special day in the long history of PlayStation with the official formation of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (SIE). As you may remember from my last note, this new organization will combine the strengths of both Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Network Entertainment LLC into one global interactive entertainment powerhouse.

SIE Logo

So what does this day mean for you, the gamer? If I’m honest, probably not a whole lot — at least not in the short term. But in the long run, it will mean everything. The formation of SIE will allow us to forge a unified PlayStation organization that can adapt more quickly to meet the needs of the gaming community, innovate with digital services like PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Now, and — above all else — drive consistent and constant innovation in the dynamic medium of videogames. You’re already seeing the early fruits of that effort with PlayStation VR, and the work will continue across a number of fronts.

Our full integration won’t happen overnight. But the work is well underway and I’m delighted to report that we are tracking ahead of schedule.

In addition to my role as President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, I’m also honored to be taking on additional responsibilities supporting our excellent first party game development teams as Chairman of Worldwide Studios. Working with the inimitable Shu Yoshida, leaders like Scott Rohde, Michael Denny, and Allan Becker, I am committed to building upon our strong heritage to deliver ever more innovative and epic titles. That includes Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End from Naughty Dog in just a few weeks, and extending through Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games, The Last Guardian from Japan Studio and genDESIGN, and beyond — and that doesn’t even include the powerful line up of VR titles we are developing worldwide.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndHorizon Zero Dawn: Extended Gameplay Demo Unveiled

As Blogcast listeners may already know, I have history with Worldwide Studios — in fact my PlayStation career began in game development in Japan and latterly Europe. I have enormous respect, and limitless devotion, for the creators, artists, and engineers within our Worldwide Studios, and I’m eager to be back in the business of helping developers realize their dreams.

And to our faithful and discerning PlayStation community, I thank you for your dedication, your enthusiasm, and your trust as we embark on a new journey as Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The future is surely bright.

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  • Why not focus on making games cross compatable? I’d love to enjoy playing with PC gamers and XB1 users

  • Well Shawn i’m gonna be totally honest with you, i’m a long time PlayStation fan, i grew up with your consoles and i really liked the ps3 era sony, the one that released so many quality first party games. Now this generation we have seen the closing of Zipper,BigBig Studios,Liverpool and now Evolution Studios there must be reasons why those studios were closed but to me Motorstorm is the best off road racing game i have ever played and i would love to see a new game coming to the ps4 so please keep that in mind.

  • bla bla bla… and now whe **** you with ps4.5

  • I would really Love to see a new SOCOM of some sort. I have been playing playstation since the Playstation one. That series is my all time favorite. Hate to see it gone..

  • does this mean you will upgrade our playstation account security with more up to date secure security features to make playstation account safer ?

  • Wow! I am absolutely amazed @ all the people who have fallen for the APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!!!

  • Will it mean actually supporting the vita in the US with first party and AAA games?

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment is the future of PlayStation can’t wait to jump back into the PlayStation gaming world after a long hiatus Greatness Awaits.

  • jah_92_rastafari

    The future is definitly bright, but you know what would make it brighter?

    Modnation VR!

    Come on Shawn that’s a sure fire hit, someone’s got to get on that

  • In PlayStation we trust

  • Congrats on this announcement. Thanks for all the great memories over the years, cant wait to see what the future holds for PlayStation.

  • Not an April fools joke, just bad timing. The announcement was a while ago, Hell of a day to make it official. The Japanese really have a weird sense of humor….

  • We should be able to change our user names so we can get the chance to start new chapters in our lives.

  • Wish The Best To Sony ( Playstation) New Chapter in Life , PLEASE POLISH The PS4 Media Player to Great as It Was In The PS3 , OR Much Better , Your Fan,s would Appreciate it Alot in A Big Update Pretty Soon , Thumbs Up Sony

  • I’m happy Sony’s getting it together with the Playstation brand. What I’d really love was some more focus on the PS Vita, like they do it on Japan, where it shares sales with 3DS, instead of being completely destroyed like here in the west. The expansion of backwards compatibility and greater variety of PSP games on the PSN Store would be very nice, I don’t mind buying old games of the PSN Store, but there are too few PS1/PSP games on the store, especially on the EU one (Portugal in this case)… I know it’s not entirely up to Sony, whoever holds the brand or the product has to agree to sell the game on the store and many of the companies don’t even exist.
    Still, great job Sony, been a fan and a happy consumer since the PS1 and the disk-man era :D

  • Can we get that Legend of Dragoon remake tho?

    Or even just a PS4 re-release with better translations and HD textures? :D

  • Why are you guys making request for games that, basically, Sony has no control over? Honestly, I’m awaiting fort someone to beg them (sony) to make a hd version of tony hawk, or maybe a new blood omen game (though… A new blood omen would be cool). Anyways, I wish you guys the best. I been a proud supporter since the ps1, and its it’s only gotten better.. Im excited to see what yhe future holds for you guys. Good luck!

  • Soul Reaver series remastered for ps4 would be nice to se. Square Enix would make it hapen if you arrange it. Your sincere fan from very beginning of ps era.

  • I hope good games like: Sly Cooper, God of war, Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Dexter, and other game heroes return. and maybe Ace combat. and Playstation all stars 2.

  • I hope they add more games and the on I most want on the ps4 is undertale

  • I thank ch1

  • Finally a name change feature….oh wait…

  • If Sony wants me to get involved with Vue or Now, put pressure on the American government to stop ISPs from creating monopolies in certain areas and stop them from putting crazy low data caps on the available plans. I pay $160/month for Internet but the cap keeps me from subscribing to Now.

  • THIS BETTER mean you’re bringing back UNTOLD LEGENDS for PS4!!! Miss those RPGs!!

  • Good. Now let’s see if this new “strength” is enough for your engineers to design a proper name change system. We all deserve a change.

    It’s funny some of you blame us for choosing our names “without thinking it through”, when it was Sony the one that did not think properly when they were designing their database structure in the first place.

  • I wish they could remaster the old spyro games and crash like the only time classics along with the newer games coming out

  • Please bring back Ape Escape!

    Ape Escape 4 was confirmed for PS3 back in 2010 but never happened. Its been years since we have had a new ape escape and once upon a time a new title hit the series every year!

  • Good luck and any chance of a remake of ps1 game brigandine

  • я дуже радийза цю поді., і це мало би статись і накінець ви обєднались це супер

  • good luck! and keep it up!

  • Great news! I’m happy to witness this day.

    Looking forward to what will come next out of this unification! :)

    Long Live PlayStation.

  • Playstation 4. Still doing everything =)

  • ThroughTheIris56

    If this can truly help out first party studios create better and more games, then is good news to me.











  • Mr. Layden,

    Thanks for the update. I really like how you stated “…I am committed to building upon our strong heritage to deliver ever more innovative and epic titles.”. That really encourages me and gives me hope that the following titles have a chance at coming to fruition.
    Before the PS3 takes those last few steps into the sunset, please put a team together to create Legend of Legaia 3 for PS3. And please encourage, work with, help facilitate, Square-Enix to make Brave Fencer Musashi 3 for PS3.
    Each of these fun series has had an entry on every PlayStation home console, and they deserve to have an entry on PS3 and PS4.
    That brings me to my last request. Once Legaia 3 and Musashi 3 are released on PS3, please let there be a Legaia 4 and Musashi 4 on PS4.
    Regarding the PS3 games, they could even be digital-only PSN releases, if that would save costs. They could be relatively short but high quality titles that wet the appetite for the PS4 entries. Many PlayStation enthusiasts, including myself, have many fond memories of playing these series on PlayStation, and PS2, and want to see them continued! These two series need to be institutions on PlayStation home consoles.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Thanks again for shutting down 2 great studios ( Studio Liverpool and Evolution Studios ) and also thanks for dropping 1st party support for the PS Vita.

  • It is a great news! Keep up the good work!

  • If this is the steps Sony needs to take to bring the SOE classic, “Infantry Online”, then I’m all for it.

  • Hope this mean better service for us folks in Europe.

  • SIE Is PSNI and SEI all in one the future is now for complete emersive entertainment. Complete means complete. All avenues of entertainment will be pushed beyond the limit. Prepare yourself for a new way to be entertained. Thank you from your Customer Ambassador to the PSNI SEI and the all new SIE. The Future is getting brighter. PSNI ID: bombbreath Where you will always find all your entertainment wnts and needs.

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