9 Tips to Get the Most Out of PlayStation Vue

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9 Tips to Get the Most Out of PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is now available in all cities across the U.S., and we wanted to share some useful tips with you so you can quickly access the shows and channels you want to watch.

For those of you who are new to the service, PlayStation Vue is designed to give you more control over your viewing experience with a powerful user interface and a lineup of more than 100 of the most popular channels — and it’s got a seven-day free trial.

So check it out. And here are some tips to get you started!

PlayStation Vue

Short Cut to Full Screen TV
If you’ve got PS Vue menus open while navigating the service, we’ve got an easy tip for you to get back to full screen.

  • Hold down Circle, and all menus will clear out of your way.

Get to “My Shows” Quicker
Get a full look at all your tagged shows on My Shows with the press of a button.

  • Click on L1 and everything you’ve saved to My Shows is there.

Shortcut to Guide
The Guide prioritizes your favorite channels first, then all other channels in alphabetical order. Use the Guide to launch Live TV or go back in time and check out thousands of hours of on-demand programming.

  • The PS Vue guide can be accessed by selecting Options on DualShock 4 or Start on DualShock 3. Press Up on the D-pad within the Guide to go back to earlier in the day to see what you might have missed.

Watch Some Live Programming from the Beginning
You can start select live programming from the beginning, even if you joined half way through the live airing.

  • While the show is on, press Down on the D-pad to open the player menu. Look for the backwards arrow (<) on the player menu to start from the beginning of the program.

See What Others are Watching Right Now
Live TV is shown in order of the most popular live programming other PlayStation Vue users are watching at that moment. These are the top results of everything that is on right now on every channel that you have access to on PS Vue.

  • Press Triangle to go to the home screen, hit Down on the D-pad and you will find Live TV.
  • You can press R2 to get to the end of the row and hit Right to get to “More.” Now you will see every show that’s airing right now. What a view of Vue!

Easily Save your Favorite Shows
You can save top programming with just one button. There are no DVR scheduling conflicts so you can save the top sports, TV shows, and movies you want to watch for later. Shows are saved for up to 28 days after airing.

  • Use R1 when you are on the guide or on any show or movie. If you see something you like but it’s not airing yet, just press R1 so you won’t miss a thing.

Continue Watching a Recent Show
You can go back to a show you were watching easily from the home screen.

  • Press Triangle to go to the home screen, then go Left on the D-pad and find all of your recently watched shows and pick up where you left off.

Create and Access Multiple Profiles
Customizing your own user profile and adding profiles for others in the home is super easy on PS Vue.

  • Press Triangle to access the home screen, then press Up on the D-pad to get to extra features, and go Right until you see Settings. Build new profiles for others in the home from your primary profile. When you login to PS Vue, you can choose who is watching and customize the experience just for the user.

Save Your Favorite Channels
A quick way to save you favorite channels so they appear first in the front of the guide, and first on the channels row on the home screen, is as easy as a press of a button.

  • Press Triangle to bring up the home screen, press Down until you see Favorite Channels. Find your favorites and press R1 to pin them to the front of your list.
  • Another way you can do it is to select any channel from the home screen by clicking X, and on the channel page you can click the heart at the top of the page to add the channel to your Favorites and prioritize it above the others.

We hope you find these tips useful. For more information on PlayStation Vue please visit the official site.

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  • If my subscription lapses, will all of my stuff still be there when I re sub later on?

    Also thanks for the tips!

    • Also, I could have sworn it said 30 day free trial. My trial just ended, it was 1 week. And now you post these tips? I have barely learned the system.

    • If you mean DVR stuff, then that only stays for 28 days. So I’m guessing if you resub within those 28 days it might still be there. But of course I’m not sure.

    • I’m not sure why we need live T.V. with a virtual DVR. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have an on demand service? If I stumble across a show I like, I’m still going to have to be on Hulu or Netflix to watch all the episodes I missed so I can see what the show is really about…

      Is there something I’m missing that you see or enjoyed Opikal?

      My internet isn’t the fastest so… that’s why I haven’t done a trial yet. It’s only a 6 meg connection and we have 3 people streaming video in the house.

    • I signed up for what I was told a 30 Day trial, but I got an email after a week saying I was canceled because my card info was incorrect….which it isn’t. I went in and tried 3 different methods, but their system won’t accept the payment. It’s impossible to find a suitable phone number to get assistance, so I guess I’m out of luck. It’s a shame because I overall enjoyed the service and planned to continue with it.

    • Proacting93 your residential address on your console needs to match your billing info and both need to match your IP addres as this is a IP address based subscription due to it streaming online.

    • The free trial has always been billed as a 7-Day trial since day one

    • Hey Dan,
      My wife and I have been back and forth with what to do w/ our cable bill and whether to sign up for vue or not. My main issue is that there is no SNY and MSG in New York. I am a huge Mets, Knicks and Islanders fan and would sign up w/ vue now if I knew you’d be getting these channels.
      Are there any discussions or negotiations ongoing w/ SNY or MSG?

    • Would love to switch but no Fox Sports Kansas City. And there is no Foxsportsgo app.

  • Are you guys planning to add Univision anytime soon?

    • I’m nor really sure but my understanding is that there are no local channels on smaller areas as of yet.

  • I wish I could use my Harmony remote with PS Vue on the PS4, it’s one of the few video apps that will not function with the remote.

  • Would you consider adding a “family” option, and/or allow Vue access across all users on a console? Watching TV on one console currently logs out gaming on another.

    • I agree with JustEaton

    • I also would like to be able to watch programming on both of my PS4 consoles, one in my living room, one in my bedroom at the same time. There should be a way to log in to use the service from a second PS4 console in the same house, same IP address, without being logged off on the first console. Also, please hurry in bringing the service to Android as well. Otherwise, PSVue is a solid service and my family and I are really enjoying it.

    • Make this happen.Sony.. I have e 3 PS4s in my Home…

    • this.

      so much this.

      i saw the new channels and prices and was going to subscribe and then i saw i can only watch tv on one of my two ps4’s at a time. that’s a deal breaker for me.

      it’s annoying enough i had to get my wife a psn account just to watch netflix. i’m not paying for psvue twice in order to add it to both accounts.

    • You can use a Chromecast, a Fire TV stick, possibly the PS TV, a PS3…

      But if all you have is PS4s, I can see how this would be a problem.

      It might just mean the service isn’t for you then.

    • I disagree. We have 2 PS4, 2 PS3 and an Amazon Fire Stick. While I haven’t logged into all devices at once, I can tell you that I have been logged in to 3 devices at once, meaning at least one user was being used on 2 of them.

    • I agree with you as well, you have to be logged in as the primary user or it does not work, it says start free trial.
      It needs to be accessed from all profiles on the same device, so people do not have access to your purchasing ability for other things.

    • If I buy chrome cast would I have to watch the same exact show with both tvs or would I be able to watch seperate things on each tv?

  • Please add surround sound to Vue. It would be a great deal but the 2 Channel Stereo only is a deal breaker for me.

    • I hope they add Full HD (1080p) as well.

    • Agreed! That was true for me too, during the trial. They have not been transparent about this or even addressed if it is ever coming!
      Please respond, I may very well subscribe if you do.

  • Hi Dan,
    Any chance of a Vue app for the Playstation TV in the future? I know that support for the device is winding down, but for those of us who do have one, using it to watch Vue programming on a second TV in the house seems like a obvious use for it.

  • Will you be expanding the local channel offering nationwide to big cities like Seattle? Because until I can get local news and local sports PS Vue is just an expensive Hulu sub.

    • They need live local broadcasts like abc, nbc, cbs, and fox in Seattle. Do not want to have to switch inputs just to watch local news

    • @killer_DA_9

      Seattle has all of those local affiliates. The issue with the area is terrain. I live less than 12 miles as the crow flies form Seattle broadcast towers, but thanks to 100ft tall trees and very tall hills, I don’t get TV signal very well. So having local would be a good option to have.

      That said, I don’t think I’d pay $10/month for it. But it is Sony’s business.

  • What’s the word on CBS? You have ABC NBC on demand.

  • I’m a new Vue convert, but using Amazon Fire TV with my universal remote. Would LOVE some of this functionality with “normal” remotes, using the Guide, Menu, Home buttons, etc. Can’t say how much I love the service enough, but the UI needs improving. Too many steps to get to a list of Live TV channels, sorted alphabetically.

    • It will be great if they can add shortcuts for fire tv, specially the stick as it take ages to scroll through the UI. Tried couple of buttons but could not find any shortcut.

    • Yep need guide on fire tv app!!!

  • Yes please add local broadcasts to Seattle! abc, nbc, cbs, and fox local channels would be the deal breaker for me.Rootsports as well would be a plus. Longer trial time too

    • I love playstation vue for live local channels i have a digital hd antenna cost $20 . Plus with xfinity i was paying $79 for tv plus 15$ for hd channels and $15 x3 for hd rental devices. With playstation vue its one price up to 5 devices

    • @ipthetech I’m doing the same. I was over $100/month with DirecTV. Now I’m down to $30!

  • Yeah just do not want to deal with switching inputs everytime i want to watch abc, nbc, cbs or fox local channels. I rather pay 5 to 10 extra if Vue adds local channels to packages. I liked the trial i had just needs more packages with those channels which are only available in 7 current cities

  • Can we get a slim package in NYC. I don’t NEED he live shows.

  • tvOS please. If not at least Roku.

  • I don’t mind flipping over to regular TV for ABC fox and cbs. Nice to have the on demand option if I miss something. Was going to subscribe after trial but spent some money this weekend watching deadpool. Definitely dubs I bing in 2wks

  • I really want to use this service, but I need local channels for watching football, cbs for person of interest (this year anyway) and my wife watches some lifetime. Do that and I’m a lifer.

    • If they get local channels ill switch over to Vue service permanently,

    • I paired mine with an OTA HD antenna and have no complaints. I recommend spending at least $50-$80 on an amplified antenna. This small, one-time investment will get you free broadcast networks forever.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We’re working to add local broadcast stations to your city. Stay tuned.

  • 9 Tips to Get the Most Out of PlayStation Vue:

    -Make it available in Toronto
    -Make it available in Toronto
    -Make it available in Toronto
    -Make it available in Toronto
    -Make it available in Toronto
    -Make it available in Toronto
    -Make it available in Toronto
    -Make it available in Toronto
    -Make it available in Toronto

    It’s the fourth largest city in North America, and we like TV…


  • Still think PS Vue should have it’s own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Also, would LOVE it if we’d get channels such as The CW, A&E, History Channel, BBC America, etc soon.

    • A&E and History are both owned by ABC so I’m guessing they’ll show up soon. BBCA is owned by AMC which is already on the service so maybe that too. CW is owned by CBS and who knows what they are doing. I know they want to drive people to their own $5/mo service, yet they let Hulu run CW shows.

    • Why does VuE not have the Sony Movie Channel…that’s bananas!?!

  • No cbs, cw, or bbc = no sub from me. Cw is the real deal breaker I need my dc shows.

    Other issues I’ve come across over the past week include stream interruption for no reason and pretty crappy dvr.

    It only streams in 720p and has had to reload the stream more times than I can count. Never have this issue streaming in 1080 with hulu or netflix.

    The dvr, while great on paper is poorly implemented. It will randomly jump ahead in the episode causing you to miss entire segments.

    Fix these issues and I would reconsider subscribing.

  • Android Devices with chromecast support and Android TV support will be great!

    • Technically they have Chromecast support, though stupidly, especially because they make some, no Android support only iOS. Hopefully that will change soon cuz that definitely is keeping me off cable even longer. That and my crappy AT&T Internet, so much for the highest speed they offer in my area it is jank as hell.

  • Android and PC users can’t get the most out of Playstation Vue because you haven’t and/or won’t make an app for our platforms.

  • I’ll check PS Vue when you add PS TV support for it.

  • There are a few things that still feel very clunky when using the official Remote. I wish the “Guide” button on the official remote would open the actual guide rather than “My shows” or w/e. I’d also like the ability to use the channel up/down buttons.

    All in all, the trial has me convinced it’s a solid buy for anyone currently paying for cable, but as a non-cable, Hulu+/Netflix user, I’m not sure if it can replace those for my needs. I’d honestly think a longer trial would be nice as I feel like after a few days I’ve still hardly got used to it/configured it.

  • I love Vue, was fortunate to be part of the test cities (Philadelphia) for it. I’m not sure why everyone else has less channel options, but I’m seeing people mention no: CBS, NBC, ABC, or local channels. In fact the only thing personally I’m missing is The CW and maybe NHK World and I’m 100% done with switching to my TV for them. The DVR functions just makes it the bees knees.

    • The wide release only offers on demand service for the broadcast networks (with no CBS). Live locals are only available in the original launch cities.

  • I would love to switch over to PS Vue, it has SO much potential!! but by not having the CW networks or supporting it on the Playstation TV i’ll have to pass on it. If they ever make those available I would be happy to cut the cord with my current cable provider and switch over.

  • Based on what I’m reading in the comment, Vue has a long way to go before it is a viable option.

  • My wife needs CW for her DC shows, I need SNY for the Mets. I see the Yankees YES network but not the Mets network, no fair.

  • Apparently I’m eligible according to the PSN Store VUE link link however it would let me sign up because I don’t have a credit card listed.
    I don’t have a credit card listed because I’m of of those who can’t add one or when I can, the PSN Store says it’s incorrect information.
    Therefore, I can not even DO A TRIAL of VUE because of no credit card.
    (There’s no sense anymore in me trying to add a credit card because even as I said, when I’ve been able to add a credit card, it won’t work after a time.)

    • Many of the Sony customers with this issue can resolve it by swapping the Address Line 2 and Address line 1 fields. I learned this the hard way when attempting to link my PS Visa card to it. Took several phone calls to Capital One but they finally admitted that Sony accounts tend to transpose those 2 lines of data.


      Joe Blow
      Apartment 23
      1234 Street Name
      City ST zip

      Instead of:

      Joe Blow
      1234 Street Name
      Apartment 23
      City ST zip

  • For me, I like Playstation Vue but the ONLY thing holding me back from cutting ties with cable and becoming a permanent member is that I don’t know of any remotes that can control the FireStick or PS3 and my TV. I don’t like the fact of having to keep up with 2 remotes. One for turning my tv volume up and down and one for navigating the Vue.

    • 1. Allow me to customize the TV guide. It currently gives the shows time vertically and I’m use to them being horizontally.
      2. I don’t like the DVR. Sometimes I need to record just one football game or TV show. When Christmas rolls around, I like to be able to records the cartoon shows like Frosty The Snowman for my kids so that they can watch it over and over and over through the holiday. Unless I’m doing it wrong, I can’t record just one program. It only records TV Series.
      3. There needs to be a quicker way to access the Vue. There are to many steps and menus to go through to pull it up. My wife is not familiar with the fire stick or PS3 and if I wasn’t home, she wouldn’t know how to turn on the TV for kids.
      4.Add numbers to every channel and allow me to access the channel via the assigned number. That’s how most of us old school guys remember channels. If I know Frosty comes on at 8 and I get back home at 7:58, in the past I would know to pick up my remote and punch in 03 for CBS. With the Vue, I would just have to keep paging down through the tv guide until I seen CBS.

    • Smk link model vp3700bt. It has rf, ir ,blue tooth,Has ps3 buttons

  • Any timeline on adding the History channel to the line up?. And is there any chance at all to get the NFL channel and Redzone access? NFL and Redzone is something I would gladly pay for! Im sure there are others that agree. I love the ESPN channels so Im able to pretty much get my NBA fix (along with TNT). I knew going in what I was losing NFL wise, but with the cost savings vs Cable I had to make the switch. I know with CBS (I dont mind going OTA to get this or the other local major networks, its a better picture anyway) I can get the 1st half season Thursday night games, but Ill miss the 2nd half. I hope Sony is actively pursuing this so we can at least get a small slice of the NFL pie! Other than that, I love the service! I cut my cable, doubled my internet speed, and I’m still saving over $100 a month! So far so good…

  • Just started using this and it works great. Only problem is, on my ps4 vue channels have a black frame around them and it’s not full screen. This is on my 50″ Samsung smart tv, whereas when I use my PS3 on my old 40″ toshiba, everything is full screen. Any advice? Doesn’t seem to be any vue specific video settings, and changing the sound and screen settings on the ps4 doesn’t change the viewable area at all.

  • I keep reading negative comments on here. I for one am absolutely thrilled for the service!! I cancelled my Charter cable, and will stream to my PS4 and PS3. I am so happy to be able to watch the Twins games again!!! Thank you Sony, you’re the best!!!

  • I’ve been using it for over a week now love the portability of streaming on my iPad. The guide on both the fire stick and iPad are cumbersome at best. Can’t wait for Roku or android support to be available. The positive is the psvue logon works on many apps like watchespn, tbs and tnt this does work on Roku and android base apps. As for the network on demand service this option works without a hitch. The picture on both the iPad and fire stick is clearer then cable and no buffering. As for savings, cable with Internet was $194 a month dropped everything but the internet. Now the Internet is $90 psvue is $35 network tv is free after spending $60 for a Hd antenna. Saved about $70 gotta love Internet tv.

  • @ youngjt80 A&E is only partly owned by Disney/ABC, Hearst Corporation also has to agree to the transaction.

  • As for History channel that may take some time as all of the shows that were on H2 were moved to History channel, so they have to also negotiate for all of that content as well as what is already on History channel, and they may also have to deal with the new owners as well who took over H2 and changed it to viceland. Not all CW affiliates are owned by CBS, some are owned by NBC or the local FOX affliates, some also are owned by Sinclair, Tribune or some local company. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_CW_affiliates_(table)

  • Would their be a potential option for a movie selection or another premiere package to add HBO and Stars? And if so in the future, would you please include on demand, I can’t tell you how many times I finally try to find the movie I want to watch just to miss it or find out it doesn’t come on for months.

  • Got to have history channel and why can’t you have an app for my smart tv like Netflix and wwe network? That way I don’t have to use my PS3 or firestick i can just use my tv control!

  • We need the ability to pause longer than 5 minutes. Also, we need DVR’d shows to start a little earlier and end a little later. I would totally buy a remote that would work PS Vue and my TV.

  • HArd to get a real feel for this when ABC, CBS are not running live or on demand. Almost all my wife’s shows are CBS….

  • Just started my trial 3 hours ago, have already pulled out the bunny ears, and the fire stick upstairs. Packed up comcasts equipment and placed it by the door (retuuuurning). I do not mind being an early customer and being around as they update the UI, devices etc or even the streamimg lag. My only issue is: Why is there no app on the PlayStation TV (duh) or Apple TV (since we have iOS apps) Playstation TV won’t even let me watch (2nd screen) Vue on the PS4…is there a plan to at least get it on the PS TV?

    Anyway, thnx for the option to ditch cable and own my device. That rental fee annoyed the hell out of me.

  • Hi I just signed up to Vue for the 7 day free trial, I’ve been waiting for Vue to get to Phoenix for a while now. I have a few things to ask first please add History and Hallmark channels second please DO NOT add local channels in Phoenix Az. I can ONLY afford your service because its $29.99 without local channels, if you add local channels here the price will go up to $39.99 which I can not afford. I get my local channels for FREE using my digital antenna which works fine for me.


  • I subbed on day one of the national rollout, and really like the service. Would like 3 things that would really bump up the service, however:
    1. As mentioned above, the inclusion of CBS (at least on demand) as soon as possible. My local CBS is O&O (Sacramento), but minimally the on demand offerings would be huge for our household.
    2. Adding A&E, History. and FYI. These are the only major networks missing from the service. I would even pay a few dollars extra a month to have them.
    3. tvOS app for the Apple TV 4th generation. I’m currently using an Amazon Fire TV Stick, just for PS Vue. Would love to be able to remove the Amazon stick altogether.

    There are definitely some UI enhancements that I’d like to see, but the above three are the biggest issues that I would like to see addressed. tvOS is the biggest, as that would allow me to watch on all 3 tvs in the house.

  • The guid is painful

  • I have never paid for cable; I have been comparing the prices between Comcast, AT&T U-Verse, Dish and DirecTV for the last year. All of these options want to charge extra for HD and extra for DVR. No thanks. I have been using Windows Media Center with an antenna for years but Microsoft dropped it from Windows 10. It was time to retire Media Center.

    This week I moved my Media Center PC to the office, purchased an Amazon Fire TV and signed up for PSVue. I’m happy, I now have cable channels, access to ESPN, and I still have my antenna for local channels.

    If they add CBS within the next year I will be even more happy. It would be nice to have local live channels and I would be happy to pay the additional $10 a month for it but I am fine with the On Demand channels.

  • When will NESN be available for customers in New England? Need to be able to watch the sox and bruins.

  • Hey playstation I’m in my 7 day trial so far so good. Wish my playstation 4 media remote had a little extra functionality is info button showing info, record records with it even using the numbers to change channels would be nice. But I’m just curious will there be hbo and starz eventually or any other movie channels will you be adding a “playstation on demand” where we can rent the movies in the ps store kinda like a pay per view right from vue?

  • How about BBC? Will you ever get any BBC channels? Also, CW would be cool.

  • I just created PSN account hoping to try out Vue. I am a long time Sling TV user but it lacks a lot of channels and that’s why I am looking for options to switch to Vue. Unfortunately all my devices at home are Android/Windows based. My Android TV is NVIDIA Shield and smartphones are LG, Samsung and OnePlus. Is there any chance Vue would come anytime soon to anything Android? Does Sony have an Android roadmap (other than Fire TV – I don’t really consider that Android).

  • How about better support for the Amazon Fire TV Game controller (with same sort of shortcuts as mentioned in this post for PS Game contollers)?

  • When are you guys going to add Univision, azteca america and espn deportes, and beinsports?

  • Playstation vue worked for a month with my Firetv and PS4 .. and then it didn’t. Claimed it was the ISP changing my location based of my IP. Netflix and Amazon don’t have this problem. Customer service told me now, “It’s unavailable for me until the problem is resolved”. He claimed if he tried too many times to fix it I would be banned from playstation vue for good! Unbelievable.. I was ready to hand them my $46.00 a month, every month, without question. Now I’m shopping around again….

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