PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Pre-Orders Start Tuesday

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PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Pre-Orders Start Tuesday

UPDATE (June 29, 2016): As promised, we’re opening our summer wave of PS VR pre-orders starting Thursday, June 30 at 7:00 AM Pacific on Supplies are limited, and this is your final chance to pre-order. If you miss out, we will have product available in retail stores nationwide at launch.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for sharing their feedback on PlayStation VR pre-orders! It’s clear that there’s a lot of interest from many of you to secure the PlayStation VR core system, and I’m happy to share that we’ve decided to make it available for pre-order on Tuesday, March 29, at 7:00 a.m. PT at participating retailers.

So to wrap it all up, here are your pre-order options:

  1. PlayStation VR Launch Bundle ($499.99 MSRP) – pre-order on March 22 at 7:00 a.m. PT
  2. PlayStation VR core ($399.99 MSRP) – pre-order on March 29 at 7:00 a.m. PT

If you’re interested in owning PlayStation VR on day one, mark those calendars as we’re expecting these units to sell out quickly!

It’s been an exciting week for PS VR, but we still have more news to share. Starting at 7:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday, March 22nd, pre-orders will open for the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle at participating retailers. Exclusively for pre-sale and in limited quantities, this bundle will include:

  • All contents of the PS VR core bundle:
    • PS VR headset
    • PS VR cables
    • Stereo Headphones
    • PlayStation VR Demo Disc
  • PlayStation Camera
  • 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (disc)

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle

At $499.99, this bundle provides an unbeatable value for those of you looking to get right into VR gaming with your PlayStation 4. Since we’re including one of our top PS VR launch games, PlayStation VR Worlds, we know you’ll have a great experience right out of the box. This bundle will also be available in Canada for $699.99 CAD.

If you miss out on this wave of pre-orders, fear not – we’ll have another wave in the summer.

The core PS VR bundle, which has a suggested retail price of $399.99 USD / $549.99 CAD, is not available for pre-order.

We’re thrilled with the response to PlayStation VR so far, and can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on one.

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  • Lmao nice job adding an extra $50 on top of the exchange rate for Canadians, get ****ed Sony.

  • Wow look at all these long comments, PS VR is finally getting the attention it deserves, but many are sharing their thoughts on the price not on the product and what it can do.If you think PS VR is pricey, I don’t think so, in case if you haven’t noticed, compared to the competitors its $100-$200 less. So stop talking about prices guys, they are just the same as any newly launched smartphone or tablet, with that being said, your new smartphone ranging between $399 to $699 wont do what a PS4 or PS VR can do, so stop talking about the prices, put your comments to some better use, share new ideas, tell Sony what are you expecting in terms of immersive game play and entertainment so that they can work on it and deliver you the entertainment you’ve always dreamed of. As the comment footer says, ADD YOUR OWN, DON’T BE A JERK. What a shame, many chose the price over the power of PS4 and PS VR. Grow up and think straight or work hard and earn enough, so that you can lavishly spend on the products you love and adore.

  • Thank you playstation I love you

  • Wait. So, you announce it as 400 bucks. But you need the camera and Move controller. The camera and controller start selling crazy. THEN you announce the only bundle available is the 500 one with the camera and Move controller.

    In other words, loyal Sony fans like myself who already had the Move controller and camera just got shafted with “pre-orders for the core bundle coming soon”???

    Shady Business.

  • 700 dollars. Canadian.

    I paid 400 and 13% tax for my PS4 at launch.

    700 and 13% tax equals – 791 dollars.

    Nearly TWICE WHAT I PAID FOR MY PS4. For the ability to properly use a VR headset as intended.

    Yeah. I don’t think so. This thing is going to crash and burn horribly Sony. Not that you care about Canada in the least of course.

  • I can’t wait!

  • I Will I be able to pre-order this bundle in Germany or another EU Country???

  • Like many people, I bought two move controllers to go with my PS camera, in preparation for PSVR. To exclude specifically and only the United States from a basic PSVR preorder, and force Americans to buy unneeded extra components is really greedy-evil.

    Sony is aware that the PSVR will be in limited supply. Preordering is going to be the only way to get a unit this year at all. There are not enough units to go around. Europeans and Australians got the option of a basic preorder, without the camera and two move devices. But not the US. I find that very objectionable.

    My opinion of Sony, like that of many people, has been damaged by this marketing decision. This is something that I think will hurt Sony in the long run, and is a mistake. It is seldom true that greed in the present gains dependable customers in the future.

  • where is the headset????

  • Who are the participating retailers in the US that I can pre-order the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle on Tuesday

  • Sony please clarify this. In every interview they say we have the core system because we want to keep the price down and many fans already have the camera and move. Then they announce only the bundle is up for preorder making it look like the first shipment will all be bundled. They have to clarify the pre order or it looks like they are just BSing during the interviews they had at GDC.

  • Same old typical Sony to punish their most loyal fanbase by not offering the core bundle for preorder. It’s tactics like this that make me not want to buy one all together and hope it suffers the same fate as their precious PSPgo and PS TV. Hey Sony, follow your own advice and DON’T BE A JERK. If you guys end up with poor sales don’t blame us. Blame yourself. This is disingenuous to people who have already purchased the accessories and just want the PS VR. You’re losing the trust of your most loyal fanbase.

  • If there’s another launch bundle besides this one, please consider making a bundle that excludes the PlayStation Camera. You guys did say that majority of the PS4 users, me included, bought the camera already. I’d like to buy it with the move and PlayStation VR Worlds without having to get the camera again.

  • Times like these make me happy that i live in the US and i sold the peripherals. Just have to try and get my pre-order in. Good luck boys…

  • I was completely on board and ready to preorder until I saw that the bundle was mandatory if you wanted to preorder.

    No thanks anymore. As a sporadic purchaser, it would of been in Sony’s best interest to sell it to me fast and correctly. I will be spending the money on something else now. Probably best this way anyway as Sony can somehow find a way to mess up a wet dream. Been doing it since the launch of the PS4.

    I mean seriously, Sony’s marketing team is one of the worst elocutionists of all time. Sony continues to come up with ideas and innovations while their marketing and sales continue to completely drop the ball.

  • Don’t know where you guys are getting your exchange rate from, but you are seriously f***ing Canada in the a** with those prices.

  • So what’s going to be the standalone price for PS VR Worlds?

  • Well despite comments to the contrary, those of us who wanted this Core preorder never even remotely suggested that there would NEVER be one, just that we were hoping to be able to preorder along with everyone else.
    So thank you for making the core preorder available so soon. I’m eager to jump into PSVR on day one!

  • Confused.? So I have to wait another week or so to get the basic set. Seeing as I already have camera and move controllers??? This is a weird way to do this.

  • Should have been other way around core released first and then the bundle. All PS fans already have camera and move. Seems silly to me.

  • Yay core bundle.

  • I dunno why so many people are complaining about when they can pre order. Think about this now. Exactly what are you doing… You are pre ordering something that doesn’t come for 6or 7 months. What does it matter if you have to wait a few extra days in MARCH.

  • Core available for pre-order (ont he 29th) in Canada also? (Eb Games)

  • If I’m honest, i was a little disappointed in the preorder bundle announcement as someone who already owns the camera and move controllers… Thanks for listening, Sony. I will be preordering the core system next week!

  • So now that we have a date to pre order the headset without the camera or move controllers, will it come with a VR demo disk or PlayStation VR Worlds or anything like that?

  • Will I have to put in any money if I preorder because currently I am broke but I will have have money before this releases.

    • @daston619

      Depends on where you order it from.

      I know for a fact that Amazon does not charge you until your item is shipping.

      I think Gamestop allows you to put a deposit down on pre-orders and pay the rest when you pick up the item.

    • Ya, Gamestop is $100 for the deposit on the pre-order.

  • Thanks for listening Sony! The Core Bundle will be mine!

  • Thank you for listening to the feedback and making the core system available for preorder. I can’t wait to order mine on the 29th. I already owned the camera and move controllers, so I didn’t want to get the $500 launch bundle. However, I was worried that there wouldn’t be many core bundles available this fall. I really didn’t want to wait until October and possibly not be able to get one at release. I hope that I will be able to preorder mine next week.

    I had such a blast trying out Playstation VR at PSX last year in Vegas and this year in San Francisco. It was one of the main reasons I came to the event both years. I can’t wait to have my own headset at home and share it with friends and family. I am already the biggest proponent of VR and look forward to being able to share the experience with people and not just trying to verbally explain it.


  • Very cool. As a guy that has a camera and 8 PS Move controllers ( because of Sports Friends ), I’m glad I won’t be getting any more :-)

  • Tks for updating guys, definitely only need the core as I have a camera and 4 moves (Sports Friends) so this bundle suits me. Now, how about those PS4K rumors?

  • Anyone know if the core system includes a game? Or any of the game prices yet?

  • Thanks for listening to your fans and offering the core system for pre-order. I hope I have better luck pre-ordering it than I did this morning’s bundle. LOL ;)

  • The original site said there would be another wave of preorders and since there was such a big amount of folks who wanted it, we now have March 29th to look forward to.

    I got myself the bundle, as I have no PS moves and my kids and I have 3 PS4s and we needed a 3rd Camera, so all and all it is going to work out for all of us.

    If people show respectful posts saying they want a certain product and we do it in big numbers, a company should and usually answers. We know this as an obvious reason as they stand to gain more people in the VR to sell software and also sell more PS4s.

    These are companies, sales forecasts and the bottom line is what matters. If we all owned a business, we would do the same. The more people in the original group can branch off and tell their friends, so I and so forth.

  • Will Canadians be able to buy a core ps vr now that core bundles in NA are confirmed?

  • Was going to just get core bundle as I have a camera (never used it heh) but the disc the bundle comes with made it worth just selling off the camera it comes with for that disc. Having seen and my co-worker played The Heist which is on there makes it worth it to me. I’m a developer and saw PS VR at Vision Summit and GDC recently it’s bloody impressive, honestly I still enjoy my Vive more but they’re vastly different and Rez VR is incredible plus can’t wait for Psychonauts.

  • Why doesn’t the core bundle come with the VR Worlds disc (only a demo disc is listed)? As with others, I already have the camera and 2 move controllers (which the extra $100 of the bundle more than covers) – I would very much like to have the VR Worlds disc without having to pay an extra $40 or so.

    • Me too top of that im cancelling my bundle sony will realese another ps4k with better hardware and it will kill the early adopters like me who bought the ps4 day one realese sony is disappointed not only me but millions are talking about it the psvr will not be the same experience with the old ps4 next to new ps4k thank you sony I’ll buy the vive or oculus

  • Spec’s are good but why is it Field of view 100 only? It should have 110 Field of view, any reason why its 100? Latency should be less than 1ms and no more then that. Isn’t Latency of 18ms still going to make you sick overtime from using the headsets and ect?

    I haven’t once got to test the headsets out myself yet but i would love to try them and see how good their are. Wish i could travel to the PlayStation Event’s happening so i can finally have chance with the headsets but unable too. I’m going to stick with using my HDTV then dash out $400 for it but if the headsets drop in price overtime to the next PS VR headsets i might get them. ^_^ I hope that Next Gen hardware for PS5 is truly head of its time in Power and Performance.

  • I hate the fact that you can only pre-order a useless bundle!!! I am pretty most of us already have camera and motion controllers!!!!! Sony should introduce a bundle with just VR headset and Game Disc for preorders….

  • Sony will shoot they own foot they are divide the community with this new ps4k i have my psvr paid off but I’ll cancel it if they realese another ps4k to run better with vr its like they are turning they back in 36k million people don’t be like microsoft be yourself listen the ps4 fans don’t bring a powerful ps4 right now if its not a ps5 and people will not buy 4k tv just to use with the new ps4k sony im fan from you since 1990 ps1 don’t kill the brand and ps brand everyone is talking about this bs ps4 upgraded with better gpu and cpu you going to lose millions of fans like xbox did good luck

  • Sony is killing ps fan base with the new ps4k the new ps4k will run better the vr than the old ps4 is better sell the ps4 with my 30 plus games and get a pc and run oculus or vive true vr experience i will have my psvr cancel tomorrow done with sony trying to be like microsoft also only 5% of the population have a nice 4k tv

  • So I went to store to pre- order the ps vr and they said that it’s no longer available for pre-order , and I know someone pointed it out but when will we know to go back to try to pre-order it again

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