PlayStation VR: Launching October for $399

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PlayStation VR: Launching October for $399

With the annual Game Developers Conference in full swing, I’m pleased to give you an exciting update on PlayStation VR. Today, we are announcing that the PlayStation VR headset will launch in October of this year for a suggested retail price of USD $399 / CAD $549.

PlayStation VR

That is a bit later than the timeframe we previously stated, and I want to thank everyone for their patience and continued support. PlayStation VR represents a transformative experience in gaming, and we wanted to take the time needed to launch with a broad variety of content and a sufficient supply of hardware. We are beyond excited to deliver to consumers the amazing experience that PS VR offers.

I’m also pleased to reveal the final consumer version of PS VR, including all of the contents that will come in the package.

PlayStation VR

Today more than 230 developers are building content for PlayStation VR, from smaller independent teams to larger studios at the industry’s top publishers. We expect to have more than 50 games available from launch in October 2016 until the end of the year. Of course, the full promise of PlayStation VR will continue to grow over time as talented developers create new experiences and new genres that wouldn’t be possible outside of VR. The future looks bright indeed.

Additionally, The Playroom VR, from our very own Japan Studio, will be available as a free download from PlayStation Store for all PS VR owners at launch. The Playroom VR will include six games that can be enjoyed with friends and family, demonstrating why we believe VR can also be an impactful experience when it’s shared.

With PlayStation VR, the future of gaming is almost here. We’re excited to share more with you as we head into launch later this year.

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  • I’m in, just tell me when I can preorder in Canada. Just found a nice deal on new in box Move controllers on eBay, already had the camera. Just added a goal to YNAB of $650 by October and put the first $80 towards it (tax and a game or two). My face is ready!

    I’m fine with it not being rift/vive level and look forward to what Sony’s partners will deliver for content!

  • Hmm, couldn’t seem to edit, sorry for back to back. I just want to echo a huge level of support for this suggestion and want it seen by Sony powers that be:

    “On a side note. I would like to know if developers would be allowed to use the external processing unit for traditional games. Adding an option to their games for those with or without PSVR. That option being 900p @ 30fps or 1080p @ 60fps respectively. Depending on combined power of PS4 & PSVR processing unit, maybe some games could output even a little above 1080p @ 60fps.”

    That would be an amazing feature for non vr games.

    • From GDC 2016:

      The Processor Unit (PU)

      What is it not?
      -Extra GPU power
      -Extra CPU power
      -PlayStation 4 “expansion unit” or “upgrade”
      -Accessible by the developer in any way

      What does it do?
      -Object based 3D audio processing
      -Displays social screen (Mirroring mode and Separate mode)
      -Displays PS4 system software interface in “cinematic mode”

      So in other words, it will not make frame rates faster.

  • i smell a repeat of the vita here, big promises with little pay off. Canada sales will not do well…

    love the comments about how x usd = x cad so its not that dif.. yes it is if your canadian… may equal the same usd but its not the same sitting in my wallet, that’s extra hours worked to produce the necessary CAD. yes our dollar is weak compared to the US but when it does equal out we hardly ever get a price break..

  • I bought into PSMove last generation (I still own 3 move controllers) and I was an early adopter of the the PS Camera so Im extremely satisfied with the 399$ price tag.

  • October is so far away :(

  • Lower the price Sony.

  • day one cant wait.. i think eve valkyrie should be packaged in though. n the move needs a redesign. other than that I’m hyped

  • I can see this thing being a hunk of junk, just like the DS4 controllers and their ridiculous battery life and wireless latency.

    Also…. how many cables does it take to make the VR work? Talk about cumbersome. Every time you want to be immersed into the game, you get hooked up likes hospital patient.

    Until I can try it in store, I’m out. Too much money, too many wires, and it has “Sony” written on the product (which unlike the PS1-PS3 era… no longer means quality).

  • The VR is priced higher than ps4 at launch. Now I’m having second thoughts $549 with no controller or move!

  • sorry would rather pay extra $200 for a way better VR device as Sony already said there not even close to the quality of the other two thats why its cheaper and games well you have to be a moron to think PSVR will even have even 5% of what the other two will . PSVR is a joke and second you trust Sony the company that just gives up on there products months after release .

  • wow their is no mods answering any questions at all normally you see their red post every ware with their two cents bit its radio silence in hear

    so questions that still need answering is this just the base model with no move controllers no camera no games just the head set or dose it come with controllers and the camera

    if their is only one model and it dose not come with move controllers and the camera a lot of people well fell ripped off to spend 400 to then have to spend even more on controllers and cameras considering the ps4 was suppose to come with a camera but was pulled to save a buck

    if their is a base model and a full bundle how much is the full bundle and what all comes with that

    in this post you really did not give any info we need to diside if we run out and pre order

    sorry sony you are already leaving a bad taist in people mouths with this one i will remember my lube this time pleas go easy

  • This will be amazing. Day 1.

  • Does the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset fit over this?

  • I really don’t see me buying this any time soon. VR has a lot to prove. Sony has even more to prove. If this thing isn’t as successful as Sony projects, their history is worrisome for any early adopters.

  • $399 DOES NOT TRANSLATE to £349, taxes considered.

    That pricing is cancerous, unfair, and unnecessary. Shame on you. SCEE should be called out for its horrible pricing strategy.

  • If it had games I wanted and a controller I liked I would think about getting it. But it doesn’t so I’m not getting it.

  • Big question: I am blind in my left eye completely (I was born with that issue). With that in mind, is this something I should even get excited about? Or is it like 3D movies, where I will never be able to see in 3D, so I don’t even bother?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    • Sorry dude you wouldn’t be able to see it in 3d. But you still may feel Kiel your really their since our brains compensate since you can only see through one eye. You just have to give it a shot.

  • Is you look at what this offers vs the vive or oculus its around the same price, the vive ira self With just the headset would probably around 500 to 400 dollars yes you need a decent computer to run it but your paying 1000 for a computer that can run games very well and to other stuff as well vs just playing games on ps4 I just think t evens out at the end. I still hope that this does very well we need more vr in our life.

  • Y’all at Sony smoked some heavy stuff…cuz you MUST be high to set this price for VR,lol the same price of PS4?….want us to pay for an accessory the same damn price of PS4?…hell if I’m not wrong PS4 is even cheaper than $400 nowadays.This is a joke a very laughable joke.

    Anyway very nice of y’all to give people a free game to test VR,thats how its done…I also hope like Move in the past devs make a lot of demos available…as freakin expensive as it is I’ll buy VR eventually.

  • So you Canadians are not going to pay 411 usd for it, but 399 usd is acceptable? We in Europe get to pay 399 euro for the psvr. That’s 440 usd. Stop crying you’re still paying less then we do over here in Europe…

    • Today

      399 EUR = 442 USD
      399 USD = 534 CAD

      In Europe the prics it’s with the taxe not in Canada so in Québec it’s 534 + 83 Tx = 617 CAD

      I think you know anything in money….

      i have worked in France and in Québec and the paid are 1200 CAD and for the same job 1200 EUR so there is a big difference in the end of the month

      Talk when you know please

  • Question:

    To use Playstation VR, does the PS4 still need to be plugged into a TV?

    I want to remove the TV from the room and only use the VR headset with the PS4.

  • Please release a VR Essentials bundle containing PS4 camera, PS Move controllers and wrist band x 2 in dual-tone Black & White color to match with the PSVR headset. Gimme a reason to get ready for the ultimate VR experience before the October launch.

  • I will be on some Daft Punk ish.

  • PSVR is underwhelming as possible. I was betting high on the PSVR having had an Oculus and Gear for sometimes. No information on packages? No new accessories like a Dualmove controller? In fact no informations on accessories at all? And dat release date…

  • PlayStation I anxiously await.

  • What hames can you play with the PlayStation VR. Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto 5 would be cool with it.

  • Hey PS would I be able to wear it if i wear glasses? If not could that be an improvement that could be made?

    • Yes you can wear glasses and your own headphones for those who wonder and yes playstation move as well as available camera are all compatible with it. Im sure sony will offer a $499 bundle that comes with move and camera down the road. Perhaps an E3 2016 announcement or a Ps4 with PLAYSTATION VR Bundle for $599 Black friday Bundles.

  • Every one who keeps complaining about the Canadian price doesn’t understand exchange rates. Yes the Canadian dollar isn’t worth as much as the American dollar which is why it is higher but to keep the economy on a more even plain it is balanced out with a higher minimum wage which is like $10.50 all the way up to at least $12.00 in other parts of Canada. Compare that to about $9.00 an hour for Americans you can see why the higher price for vr in Canada

  • Finally… A company is willing to be open, direct and informative about their VR product. And at a realistic price for most gamers hoping for a good VR experience.

    Thank you Sony! You have my business. The moment they are open for preorder, I am in. HTC was terrible about communicating with the vive, and Occulus was way too expensive(as we later found out the vive was moreso). This is good stuff!

    • Finally a reasonable individual I to hope that either Gamestop , Best Buy , Amazon or even Sony themselves make pre orders availble very soon to get a better understanding of how many true fanatics such as ourselves are anxiously waiting its release. This will also help developers gauge how much they should invest in this technology. I can’t wait to play DOOM or GTA V in. VR but I’m happy with London Heist for now ;)

  • Wow nice I like to buy one

  • After the PS2 blu lazier burn out , PS2 EYE , EYE 2 , THE LIGHT GUN on PS3, The PS3 backward capability , the card camera game PS3 ,PSP 1000,PSP2000,PSP3000 AND THE VITA I’m not ready to pay for anymore things from Sony that may get drooped within one year or two ! PASS for now .

  • So I want to play a 2 player game with my daughter, assuming there will be multi-player games. $800 for this to happen, just for the headsets alone???

    • Or is that a package that is complete with a new PS4? If so, what will be the cost of the headset for current PS4 owners?

    • sadly yes, the price is for headset only. if you want to play multiplayer games, I don’t think ps4 gpu is powerful enought to drive two headsets.

  • Sony this Is a waist of your customers time and money all Virtual Glasses over time had been and will always be too expensive very unsupported device from developers not many sing on the program limited titles and just only a small hype at the beginning cause after a wile on the market people lose interest very fast. example 3D TV’s many people ended up breaking glasses and don’t even buy 3d movies no more after spending $300.00 for 3d glasses and $1,000 for a TV instead of focusing on this useless device make the most out of PS4 game titles and add more to the catalog and bring back ps3 greatest hits to ps4 blu-ray format not a stupid rental service and sell them at 20.00 each you will sell more and do better than wasting money on this and making your engineer’s break there heads trying to make this thing work.

    • If you look into the future VR Will be the stepping stone of many new technologies to come. Be garteful you get to be part of a new medium such as the internet that so many people said in the past that it should have been free and now we can’t live without regardless of the costs.

  • 550CAD? I would rather to buy one cross the boarder

  • 50 games at launch would be unreal. Price point is just what has been rumored so no issues with that and now have 6 months to save . Only question is when does it go on presale

  • I would not rush to buy the camera although I already have one nor the move controllers as it doesn’t say you need either in the press release

    • They do say it in a tweet he said that 399 price does not include the camera. It’s what tracks your movement. That’s why it has lights on it for tracking.

  • NZ$630 IN NZ

  • + colpain Coming back from the boarder cost more and the gas as well.

  • In Canada if you a buy a PS4 With it Cost about $1000CAD + HST or PST.

  • playstation VR is gonna burn a hole on my pocket now lol

    • You have plenty of time to save up :) actually if you set only $2 per day of your every day use aside in your piggy bank starting tomorrow you will be able to get it without burning a hole in your wallet :). Ive been setting a dollar aside since last e3 now getting the rift and playstation VR and wont feel any pain whatsoever!!

  • When will GameStop open pre orders in the us.

  • sounds cool the only thing is what kind of games ? open world and fps especially call of duty or maybe try to bring back killzone in VR or resistance the best alien game on ps3 you should revive it i know that Sony that crush Xbox(windows) in the consle wars go Sony

  • great concept but what games ? open world ! and fps ! in fact get you should get google too let you use google earth on it that would be epic and don’t forget you can beat Xbox at the consle wars Go sony

  • Yes, it’s good that the Sony are releasing a VR headset, however it annoys me a bit when I see all the headlines saying it’s cheaper than Oculus Rift. The headset is only as good as the graphics and processing power will allow the games to be, by October that means the Playstation technology will be 4+ years old. You would probably give a PC that was 4 years old to a charity shop. This is the reason the Oculus rift has the edge, the PC you plug it into can be massively more capable than a Playstation 4 console and so the Oculus Rift will run rings around Playstation VR in terms of quality. So please lets not hear about Playstation VR being compared to Oculus Rift, there capability and potential are in different leagues depending of course on the PC you have.

  • First of all it is annoying to see anyone complaining , but what makes it worse is reading so many ignorant comments. Anyone who has been following Project Morpheus (Now Playstation VR) would have predicted a $399 to $499 price point. Because several months back they announced it would be priced as a console. For those that complain about the price or predict that Sony won’t back it up are as ignorant as those who once said Sony was crazy about going up against Nintendo in early 90’s. VR is the future of entertainment and the price of early adoption has always been steep, no one is asking anyone to buy it let those of us that not only can afford it but more importantly understand the costs that are involved. Sony sold not t that many years ago the first OLED TV and it was only 10″ yes 10 inches for $10,000 US Dollars (Ten Thousand) this device comes witha 5.7″ OLED SCREEN Same as the LG V10 or Samsung Note 5.

  • So I thank you Sony for making an affordable VR HEADSET And can’t wait for October to arrive. I will be attending E3 this year to get more PLAYSTATION VR Playtime. Last Year lines were insane and evryone had a great time. P.S I’m just curious why do so mant Trolls have such a hard time spelling their comments correctly????

  • For those who claim pc will run circles around ps4 all i say is yes pc and nvidia grapic cards may be more powerful but it is now a thin line between them unlike a decade ago. It’s as simple as going to youtube and doing a side by side comparison of top pc ($1,100) rig vs $349 or used ps4($200) of a top notch game such as The Division and it wont justify the $750-$900 price differential.

  • Unfortunately, $550 CAD plus the camera and a game is much too steep a price for me. My ps4 Canadian gaming friends feel the same way.

  • When do pre orders start

  • I hope people don’t fall for this and let it fail like it should. The ps4 is way to under powered to make anything like this worth while or to do it without half the buyers complaining about motion sickness because it can’t keep up with the 90fps minimum needed to avoid motion sickness for some. The price is also a bit high considering it appears to be lacking a lot of the tech that is in the other mainstream vr sets. The ps4 struggles to keep a decent frame rate on one screen at 1080p so to even think it can do anything different on two is a pipe dream. Until the next playstation or xbox I will get my vr on with my pc.

    • This may help you “Sony announced the new Playstation VR. One of the things that really stood out was that Playstation VR will support a frame rate of 120 fps — far more than competing headsets from Oculus and HTC/Valve.

      While both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have a frame rate of 90, Sony’s VR headset will push that number to 120 — and all games will always run at 120 fps. How does Sony do this? With a proven technology called reprojection.

      What is Reprojection you ask? Here it is:

      Reprojection creates an additional frame between the first and second frame, this way, 60 fps becomes smoother 120 fps. In fact, Sony has confirmed that reprojection will always be on, even if the game runs at 120 fps natively. This is to ensure that it’s always 120 fps no matter what.

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