Disney, ESPN Networks Join PlayStation Vue, Reduced Prices Start at $39.99

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Disney, ESPN Networks Join PlayStation Vue, Reduced Prices Start at $39.99

PlayStation Vue for PS4 and PS3 - My Shows ABC

The wait is over — starting today, PlayStation Vue gets a big boost in live sports, family, and primetime TV programming with the arrival of Disney and ESPN Media Networks. This adds popular channels fans have been waiting for, including ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, Disney Channel, and more.

On top of that, we’re reducing the price of all PlayStation Vue multi-channel plans by $10. New subscribers get the pricing immediately along with a seven-day free trial. Current subscribers will see this reduced pricing reflected in their next billing cycle. Below are the monthly promotional prices.

  • Access: 60+ channels – includes broadcast TV, cable, movies and sports, available for $39.99
  • Core: 75+ channels – includes all the channels in Access with the addition of regional sports networks, available for $44.99
  • Elite: 100+ channels – features all the channels in Access and Core, with the addition of more sports channels, top movie and entertainment networks, available for $54.99

PlayStation Vue for PS4 and PS3 - Favorite Channels

Here’s the channel lineup and plans for Disney and ESPN Media Networks that are being added today.

Disney/ABC Television Group

  • ABC (Access)
  • Disney Channel (Access)
  • Disney Junior (Access)
  • Disney XD (Access)
  • Freeform (Access)
  • Fusion (Elite)


  • ESPN (Access)
  • ESPN 2 (Access)
  • ESPNU (Core)
  • ESPNEWS (Core)
  • SEC Network (Core)

PlayStation Vue for PS4 and PS3 - My ShowsPlayStation Vue for PS4 and PS3 - My Shows

With a PlayStation Vue subscription, users can access apps from Disney and ESPN Media Networks simply by logging in with their PSN login on a compatible device. Popular apps including WatchESPN, WATCH ABC and Disney Channel will be available for use at no additional cost.

Also today, ABC local stations will be added to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Plans to add ABC video on-demand programming for Dallas and Miami will be announced at a later date.

In addition, the following channels will also be added to PlayStation Vue at a later date: ESPN3, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Bases Loaded, Longhorn Network, ESPN Deportes and ESPN Classic. You can find more information about plans, channel lineup and compatible devices on psvue.com.

We’re listening to your feedback and are working on getting PlayStation Vue out to more cities. Stay tuned for more updates or visit the official PlayStation Vue site.

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  • All MTV and BET JAMS disappeared for about a week… Core subscriber from Miami.

    • Plus Chromecast support… For apple devices only… Stupidity because Chromecast is made by Google.

  • Detroit Metro area would be nice. I would sign up yesterday.

  • When are we getting an Android App for PS VUE? IOS has one for chromcasting but android doesn’t? Please make the Android app!

  • What a surprise to sign into Playstation Vue and see that the cost has gone down and ABC and Disney affiliates are now included. I Love this service and am glad that we have access to the apps too. The only channel that we’re missing and I would be ecstatic to see added is the CW and Lifetime would be great additions. Keep on improving this and It will be the best thing ever. Keep it up!

  • Any chance of this coming to Canada?

  • What a line up of channels. I was surprised to see I had ABC local today. Ps vue is the true cable killer and this is what has traditional cable companies pooping in thier pants. I feel bad for them becuase this will cause a great loss of jobs such as support and installers. But this is what they get for charing an arm and a leg and hidden costs. I can honestly say ps vue has done it right the first time while sling tv is horrible which I already had.

    Only thing is that ps vue advertises chrome cast which can only cast from an iPhone or ipad. In order to have ps vue on the apple devices you have to have a ps3 or ps4. They need to make that clear. That is very confusing for the customer as well as just explaining it. As well as the amazon devices not needing a ps4 or ps3 and as a stand alone device for ps vue.

    Bring it to the xbox and the xbox will actually be useful now lol. Lastly ps vue definitely needs more device support such as Android devices and roku which seems to be a lot more reliable than my firestick.

  • that’s actually more expensive than I’m currently paying for our cable subscription. So if it ever were to come to Canada, it would need to be much lower, especially since we have to pay for Internet service already anyway.

  • My dreams have come true ESPN and a $10 Discount thats awesome.

  • As a request, can you look into “Bein Sports”.

    The price and features are close to spot on. If you ever expand to Oregon or Washington, I will be waiting.

    • And now I’,m sorry, just checked under the “Core” package. Ignore Bein, and just “listen” to the Seattle and/or Portland request.

  • I dropped TWC last month due to their prices continuing to go up and am EXTREMELY happy with PS VUE. I was already saving some on the cable bill but with this new price, I’m saving over $30 easily and now they’re adding more channels. Instead of charging us more for it, they reduced the price! Plus TWC only gave a small cable box for the rooms which didn’t include access to DVR and also excluded some channels. With PS VUE, I can access all of the shows I DVR’ed from my PS4 on my PS3 in the room and all the channels as well. Their advertised price is the actual price not like cable that adds all kinds of charges for boxes and franchise fees etc…No yearly subscription so you can cancel anytime! Thank you PS VUE.

  • Why not make the cable channels available nationwide? You could continue adding locals as we enjoy the cable channels. Your packages have amazing value, but vue is not available where I live. I would definitely subscribe without the locals for now

  • Not sure if you guys read comments a day after the blog post was made but I’m loving Vue.. But I’m hoping for a few things

    – on the official ps4 media remote, would love if hitting the record button adds the show to “my shows” from the guide or during the show itself

    – would love an AppleTV app. How likely is this? Use Vue on the ps4 in the living room but in another bedroom we have an AppleTV..

    – Android phone app?

    -Why isn’t MSNBC a stream able channel on mobile? Is this something that will change?

  • We need this in the cocoa beach/orlando area. Come on sony bring it here next.

  • New Orleans metro area would be nice

  • If you guys can get
    America Destination
    Animal Planet
    Natgeo wild
    Nat Geo
    Adult Swim
    cartoon network

    I’ll be set.

    • Dest America, ID, Animal, Natgeo (both), Cartoon/Adult are all included already… BBCA is not very popular unfortunately and History has some issues which need to be sorted out but I assume it will be added one day.

  • Either make this nationwide, or bring this to the Buffalo area so I can try it out.

  • Awesome update! Thanks for listening to the feedback. Great price and now has all the channels!

    1) Please continue to update the app on the Fire TV Stick. The UI is still very slow. Also, while recorded video plays fine, live TV frequently buffers on my excellent Internet connection.
    – I do not get this buffering on iOS or the PS4 app.

    – Continue to bring it to more cities and more devices (smart TV’s, set top boxes, Android, PC/Mac, etc.).

    Any update on PS Now coming to more devices?

  • Is this reduced pricing only for a limited time or permanent??
    I hope permanent….

  • If I subscribe to PlayStation Vue with the NBCSN would I be able to watch Premier League Extra Time games in the NBCSN apps like I can with my Time Warner subscription?

  • I’ve been eyeing this for months. Come to Portland, OR and I’m dropping cable like a hot potato!

  • I live in Edmond Oklahoma and I would love it if this service would come to Oklahoma! We are ready for PlayStation Vue to take our money!

  • Am I the only one who thinks TV prices are crazy? $40/month is a better price than some of your competitors, but still – that’s practically $500/year! My antenna works for local channels, Netflix at a fifth that price gives me enough to keep me busy. Other than Monday Night Football and the occasional regional sports event (which I’d have to pay extra for, anyway, on Vue or cable or satellite), I don’t miss cable, and Vue isn’t quite cheap enough to get me to jump back in.

    Bring the price down again to $20/month, and let me choose which channels I get in that – maybe even less than half the bundle you’re offering now, but the ones I want and only the ones I want, and you’ve got me. Let me change that channel selection once or twice a year without another fee (so long as I keep under whatever the cap is). Heck, if you have to give me 20 channel credits, and some channels are 1 credit and some channels 2 or more credits, I’d take probably take it.

    I understand the companies selling you the rights want you to bundle ESPN with Disney with all the other crud ABC owns, and they want you to force us to buy it all if we want any of it. I’d rather go without. Help me out, if you can!

  • Is there any news on when it’s coming to Detroit, MI?

  • Been looking to cut the cord here in Dallas, Would’ve like to see the local ABC Affiliate to view live guys. Still, a price drop and OTA for the other channels is a marked improvement over the competitor and their broken product. Also, lets work on a Roku version of the app, so I can watch this in my other room..

  • Seem like i have been waiting an eon for Vue and Google fiber to hit the nj market

  • I remember signing up for the trial and needed to have a credit card on file. I will not bother with that, although I may capitulate on that though at some point.

    Brings me to this question. Is the monthly payment tied to having it auto-renewed if the funds are in the PSN wallet? Or does it need to be withdrawn from a CC on file? I would prefer getting psn cards to add to my psn wallet, then having Vue auto-renewed every month this way instead of CC.

    Is there any works on smoothing out the experience on the PS3? I have heard from many places around the net that Vue on the ps3 is pretty slow and near abysmal compared to Vue on the PS4 being “much better” to smooth and near flawless. I have two PS3s and 2 PS4s. I would gladly set up the 4 consoles if things on the PS3 side of Vue was better.

  • I AM SO HAPPY. Thank you so much, Sony! We were seriously considering dropping Vue for the time being, but the price drop and the addition of Disney and ESPN had changed our mind. We’re in Dallas, so I hope we see ABC soon, too.

  • Also, pleeeeeeease BBCA. The addition of that would make Vue complete for me.

  • Thank you so much for adding ABC and their affiliates. Any word on CW and public television channels like PBS and Create?

  • Thank you I’m in Chicago finally a great service that comcast that can’t do what u can and a price drop how about a yearly price? Just asking thanks

  • We lost the Mets games though…….:-(

  • Can you get BT SPORT AS PART OF ESPN PACKAGES. Currently with sky UK BT sport when u subscribe u get ESPN. UFC +MOTOGP ARE ON BT. If u can get BT sport I sack my sky n sign up in a heat beat

  • Can you get BT SPORT AS PART OF ESPN PACKAGES. Currently with sky UK BT sport when u subscribe u get ESPN. UFC +MOTOGP ARE ON BT. If u can get BT sport I sack my sky n sign up in a heat beat.
    Is it available in UK

  • When is this going National? You promised it would be by the end of 2015, we’re now into March of 2016 and nothing. Not only do we not have it yet but I haven’t heard any more news about it either.

    I’m in WV and I’d really like to check PlayStation Vue out. You haven’t added any new Market places in MONTHS.

  • So you just announced that you’re adding ABC and the ESPN family of networks, but WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ROLL OUT SERVICE TO THE REST OF THE COUNTRY. I live in the Washington, DC suburb of Arlington and I’ve been not so patiently waiting or PlayStation Vue to come here, and I’ve been using Sling TV in the interim because I can’t stand Comcast/Xfinity.

    Is Comcast/Xfinity paying you to stay away from its markets? Is that why you’re staying away from the DC market????

    • @Vetti2u,

      Philadelphia, which is a Vue area, is the home of Comcast/XFinity, so I highly doubt that is why.

  • There are a lot of us in northeast Ohio that would like to make the switch. Is there a date for Ohio?

  • I hope this comes to Charlotte soon. And be available on Roku.

  • I wouldn’t have considered Vue without ESPN, not only does it have ESPN now but almost every other channel I’ve missed watching in years since going away from cable! I was ready to subscribe but didn’t realize it’s still only available in certain locations … You might want to get ride of “better tv starts now” when in fact it’s really not out for everyone

  • Please Sony add SNY(Sports Net New York)so Mets fans can watch our team in NY/NJ area, adding SNY will officially make me drop Fios TV I swear.

  • I would really love if you guys would get the NFL Network. Also being on Roku would help.

  • CW and HBO,HBO,HBO please, customer rate will increase ++

  • When will this service be expanded to more cities, I like this app on both PS3 and ps4, although I’m limited to epix and showtime because I live 3 hrs from Chicago and can’t get the 54.99 package. Please add more cities, or just make it nation wide already.

  • The channel lineup for 39.99 and multiple streams is fantastic especially in my area. But not available. I live in spring hill, fl and would hop on in quick fast.

    Sony why not available in more areas? Restrictions from big companies? Retrans fees???

  • Hi guys! Any plans to add Playstation Vue to the Apple TV? That would be killer!

  • I switched to Playstation Vue in January of this year, so having no ties (outside of the internet) to Cable was magical. Now with Fios in my area, Comcast got the good old heave-ho out the door. It was a surprise to find out when ABC finally came onto the scene that prices dropped. Please, all I need is CW and NHK World and I’m 100% will never need to use my actual TV turner again. Plus reduce the packages down another $10 for all and it’ll be at damn near perfect price when you combine your internet service with it.

  • Oh and put Playstation Vue on Android Tablets, Kindle Tablets, etc. If Apple iPads can have Vue, why can’t the Amazon Kindle when the Fire TV has the app?

  • I have two questions I cannot find ABC out of Miami under the 33101 area code also is the CW available on PlayStation Vue? If so how do I find ABC on the access package and how do I find the CW on the same package? Do I need to upgrade my package plan?

  • Any news on a roku app?

  • Can You Add pix 11,CW to your line up and Antenna TV To the your line up .

  • Please bring vue the the Atlanta area. Mostly the Woodstock, Ga area. Since i live in that area. I would really like to be able to use the feature and cut the cord on cable.

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