PlayStation Plus: Free Games for March 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for March 2016

Well, you’ve done it again! After an exciting Vote to Play campaign, PlayStation Plus users have selected Broforce as the first title in March’s PS4 free games lineup. You picked it, you got it!

If you’re a fan of the other two games, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Assault Android Cactus and Action Henk will be available for PlayStation Plus members with a 30% discount from March 8th to March 21st.

So what can you expect as a bro in Broforce? You’ll fight evil and rescue bro teammates using fire, napalm, and whatever else you find in the name of freedom. We hope you enjoy this run ‘n’ gun shooter with up to four of your closest bros.

Next up, Galak-Z, a two dimensional sci-fi shooter taken to the next level. Pilot your ship through this physics-driven, procedurally generated world while surviving several enemy factions. Wait, did I mention that your ship can transform into a laser sword-wielding Mech? Can this get any better? (Hint: Stay tuned for exciting news about Galak-Z in the coming weeks.)

Full Lineup

  • Broforce, PS4
  • Flame Over, PS Vita
  • Galak-Z, PS4
  • The Last Guy, PS3
  • Reality Fighters, PS Vita
  • Super Stardust HD, PS3

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • Galak-Z? HECK YES!

    • Yeah, I was just waiting on a sale for Galak-Z, and here it is for free! I guess buying Skulls of the Shogun twice paid off in the karma department. Thanks Sony and 17-Bit, just in time for my week off from work, so stoked!

    • Bought it for $20 on launch, felt ripped off

      Being added to PS Plus just reminded me of that

    • “Playstation Plus: FREE* games for March 2016”

      They are not free when a paid subscription is necessary for them to work. Many games in my library across 3 platforms stopped working last month after my subscription runned out. This service is not for me and I am okay with it.


    • Galak-Z is AMAZING. If you bought it for $20 at launch you did it wrong bc i got it for $14 w/the ps+ discount, plus i got a free theme. Galak-Z was worth EVERY penny, one of the best games of 2015.

    • @n3w-josh
      Since you’re so big on semantic’s I’m sure you would appreciate the heads up. : D

    • Oh great, more garbage! Thanks Sony for giving back just a little bit to your loyal customers! Soooo worth paying money each month just to play a multipler game here-and-there with friends.

    • Games I’d like to see:

      Killzone Shadowfall
      Littlebigplanet 3
      Hotline Miami 2

    • Dayum gina, bro force I’m super hyped, still waiting for blackflag. My long shot pick for psplus on ps4

    • I agree! Been waiting for both games to be free! Sah Weet!

    • What I ****** lineup
      I mean compare yourself to Xbox gold free games..
      Are you feeling good about it?
      Four+ in a row without one decent AAA game
      Shame on you

    • @jfdoom

      Oh my… Yeah very appreciated :)

    • Galak z sounds so awesome i just cant wait to get it. So many new games and not enough time to play them all. THANK YOU SONY!

    • Thank GOD I own a xbox one aswell because damn this lineup sucks donkey testicals..

    • Not gonna lie, past few months have been here and there with the good games. Mostly **** except for hell divers and hardware rivals. The last truly good game was rocket league, and things have been even worse for the vita. Seems like only the PS3 gets the good stuff now that everyone is upgraded or trying to upgrade.

    • LOL!!!

      XBOX One free games for march are the same ones we got for Plus MONTHS back ahaha

      but okay, you have both so you can play Styx all over again

      hats off to ya

    • This lineup blows for PS3 owners. Two games that are both 10 years old. At least I never bought them but it’s still super lame. At least give us new indies instead of super old crap.

    • The day play station puts out a good game FOR FREE is the day ill say buying a paid subscription is actually worth it.

    • @n3w-josh
      You pay for subscription, which among other thing, gives you discounts and FREE games, fool. Stop crying.

    • I love how everyone expects this stuff. .. you could be paying to play online and not get an “extra” game or two in the process without shelling out 20 bucks. … i pay 50 bucks a year to play online with friends on COD or other games. So to turn around and get a game for it, then yes that would be a free bonus. You kids who have always thrown a tantrum to get what you want need to grow up and quit complaining or just go to xbox. We do not like to listen to you. Plus it’s hard to read what you type when you have so many grammatical errors… i mean atleast use spell check.

      Btw thank you Sony. I will always be a fan

    • I’m sick of these crappy cheap indie and 8bit games. I’ve has ps+ since I first got a ps3 and it was well worth it back then. You got good games. My ps3 is filled with over 30 games I got from ps+ alone. Now that we have to pay to play online I’ve maybe downloaded 2 of these **** games on my ps4

    • I loved ps plus. But since all the free crappy games started being releases. Im officially done with ps plus. All these classic ps one and ps2 games that could be released and the revenue that could come from titles power stone 1 and 2. Nfl blitz the original. Def jam vendetta and fight for ny. Afro samurai the original twisted metal series. These games would yet a awesome reboot is given a trophy system and added to PSN network. Not to take away from the indie game developers but, dont forget the titles that made Playstation what it is today. Thats all im saying and until they start giving some of those for free or purchase in the PSN store. Im not gonna purchase ps plus anymore. I understand that Playstation online is free. But xbox gold make you pay for a subscription but actually also give you awesome free games. Maybe sony should charge for access online then give us more upgraded games.

    • Any chance of something I’ve heard of soon?

    • Why are Playstation plus users getting Super Stardust HD when that was given out for free to make up for Sony accounts being hacked. Good game, but not really fair to give as a free game to paying users who most likely already have it since it was offered to everyone who had a PlayStation account. I also agree about getting a AAA game at least once in a while on PS4.

    • Can we please get some good games? Instead of this crap we’ve been getting, don’t you listen to your customers? We’re sick of these games that arnt even worth saving to the library let alone downloading and playing. The first few months of free games were great put out more games like outlast or rocket league.

    • Awesome line up, same for xbox as well :)

  • I’m excited to try out Galak-Z

  • To be honest, there’s nothing here that interests me. It would be nice to see a true AAA title on the list for once, instead of the cheap indy stuff. Just being honest.

    • I lol’d a little, then I played more Galak Z because of how perfect it is :D

    • I’m kind of liking the lineup this month. Galak Z, Broforce, Flame Over…I mean, nothing Earth shattering this month, but all stuff I’ve wanted to check out. I’ll take it!

    • Agreed, im not going to renew my ps plus subscription this year

    • Sony sure is lazy with the YouTube Video this time.

      I miss when Naomi Kyle did the videos.
      She showed every game & had the decency to do a introduction for the games.

      Back when she was doing Plus we also got good games.

    • Why FFS should they give you $60 games for a $50 per year service? Do you value games entirely by how many GBs they occupy? Shame for you if you do.

    • So what $60 games are you willing to sell me for $5.

      AAA cost 100-150 million to make. Why should your $4.17 a month at $50 a year entitle you to 150 million dollar for development games?

      May I recommend trying free-to-play games? Sony is releasing some, there are some out like World of Tanks, Guns Up, etc… Dungeon Defenders 2 is launching this year for free as well.

    • It’s not finically viable for Sony to give us AAA games that range up to 60$.

    • Owning a Joker avatar must require having poor ideas. 3 for 3 right here. This is a way good month, Super Stardust alone makes the month worth it.

      Also, at #3, you’re tripping if you think Naomi Kyle had anything to do with selecting the games. Those videos came from IGN’s coverage.

    • same here.

    • Well, we recently got Helldivers, Persona 4AU, Grid, Dragon Age, Freedom Wars, Medal of Honor, Grim Fandango, Rocket League, Walking Dead S2, Broken Age, Beyond Good & Evil, SSX, Twisted Metal, Yakuza 4, Magika 2, Gauntlet, Rocket Birds, Castle Storm ect. Pretty good imo.

    • I love the indies. Games that I would never try and like.

    • They did give out Thief a few months ago. Asking for ‘free’ AAA games with a paid subscriptiin that costs $4.15 per month is a little much. AAA games like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Fallout, etc… They usually cost a company around $120 million dollars to develop.

    • @MakaiOokami Why do you defend Sony every month? Do you work for them? I think that if I read again next month I will explode omfg stfu Sony bow scout.

  • Xbox One with Lords of the Fallen and Sherlock Holmes on Xbox One (Games with Gold)
    What is wrong with ps plus and Sony? Start giving old AAA titles like Microsoft or i am done with the service.
    Lords of the Fallen, Sherlock Holmes, Tomb Raider DE, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Rayman Legends, Child of Light, TWD Season 1, Thief, Killer Instinct

    • Sherlock Holmes was already PS+, like a year ago.

    • Games with gold is more expensive

    • Also they get Borderlands 1 for free with the backwards compatibility.

    • I don’t get people’s obsession with “AAA” games. Lords of the Fallen was a bad Dark Souls-like game, and Sherlock has already been on + before. Do you really want something like backwards compatible Borderlands 1? A game from nearly 10 years ago that can be bought for 5 dollars?

      PS+ is so under appreciated for giving people opportunities to try games they normally wouldn’t. The indies usually aren’t even bad quality and are all relatively new or brand new to console, too. Look at Rocket League.

    • Sherlock was on the PS3, he is talking PS4/Xbone games.

    • Sherlock Holmes was the ps3 version, not ps4.

      Ps+ right is just for indies, I have a very good point. I will not renew my suscription. They can give us better stuff.

    • @ SheSaidSheSaid

      Not that I want to go there, but Sherlock Holmes was for the PlayStation 3, not 4. I know this sounds like semantics, but considering Ray is arguing Xbox One got such and such and they want such and such, it’s quite obvious they’re talking about the PlayStation 4. It’s similar to how people say they want “AAA” titles, though they really just want retail ones and then arguing Reality Fighters is retail, so thats good.

      @ The Tiny Prince

      I get where you’re coming from, but I imagine a lot of it is people looking for quality experiences, things they know and rather lengthy games. Even though there are good indies, there are also some pretty underwhelming ones too, just like there are some pretty awesome ones. But when push comes to shove, the real issue isn’t anything said (indie is typically code for “bad” and AAA is pretty much just retail), but the drop in quality, which is getting harder and harder to argue. I mean, Reality Fighter was a Vita launch title in Europe, with it releasing a couple weeks after in North America, so it’s extremely old. To make matters worse, the game has a pathetic 54 average on Metacritic, with more scores below 30 than above 75.

    • Yes Sherlock Holmes was on PS+, it was the PS3 version though,Also Tomb Raider DE was on PS+ back in March. Thief PS3 ws on PS+ last year as well . TWD season 2 for PS4 was on PS+ last year and had a sale for season 1 PS4 for $7. I got Child of Light last summer for real cheap on a sale. I saw Lords of the Fallen for sale real cheep many times.

    • Looks like you’re already done with the service. Where’s the Plus on your avatar?

      Oooooooooooh busted.

    • ^lulz! Have fun on Xbox. I’m sure once you join it’ll be another 3 month spell of Pool Nation FX or last months Hand of Fate and Styx xD

    • Just get XBox One and Live like I did. Monthly free games selection is likely to remain like this for much of this gen. Sony is taking advantage of its superiority and XBox is compensating users for an inferior console. Also I expect XBox Backward Compatibility would allow me to retire my PS3 as most of the best last gen games would come to it.

      I usually don’t play online but Street Fighter 5 is changing that. I would really like to unsubscribe my PS+ due to bad games but I don’t want to lose SF5 online either. Personally it feels like Sony’s blackmail, but I might just need to resubscribe PS+ for 1 more year.

    • I 100% agree. I use to support Sony on how they treated gamers, but this just sucks. I mean seriously, it’s been subpar for months now, but this is aweful. I think this is the first time I have wanted an Xbox over a ps4. Their subscription service is doing much better. Have you seen their game like up? This is a slap in the face. “here you go gamers, we know you HAVE to pay for ps+ to play online so we no longer have to work to make you excited about ps+; here is the bottom of the barrel for free games bc it’s costs us less.”

      And to tiny princess, it’s not appreciated because it doesn’t deserve it. Most people don’t play indi games because they lack visuals, story, or/and excitement to play. If I want to play arcade style games from 1990 I would get out my old systems. And just for a point of reference, I would rather have older aaa games that can be had for $5-10, the new indi games that can be had for $5-10. (granted, every now and again, an indi breaks through, but that is not enough to make every lineup for them).
      Sony, thank you for not making g everything digital with check in like MS tried to do at launch. But this is just disappointing and upsetting.

    • It’s kinda sad that the freebies are the only thing you see as a benefit. I buy a ton of games and rarely benefit from the PS+ IGC titles. The discounts for + members are where I feel like the value is but if you don’t buy a lot of games I guess I could see how you wouldn’t think so.

    • Do you not pay for your own subscription? If you really want those games, buy them. I wouldn’t want them on Plus. They’re so old, I already bought them much like many people on PlayStation. It’s awesome getting free games on launch, even if they’re indies. Indies are worthwhile games too.

    • Can’t threaten not using the PS+ service anymore when you’re not even a subscriber, lol. Don’t listen to this trophy level 4. The only game he’s really played has been FIFA.

    • I’d rather get a good indie than a suck AAA like the Lords of Fallens. Same reason why I won’t by Watchdogs even if it is on sale for $15,

    • Umm looks like you are already done sir.

    • You realise most of what you listed as being on xbox for free were free months before on PSN right?

    • I recently jumped across to xbox one for this reason. Poor plus offerings made me feel like Sony were taking us for a ride. Adding ea access to my gold membership provides me with more than enough AAA titles to get excited about.
      Now if i hadnt forgotten to cancel my plus subscription for my never to be used again ps3 i would be a happy man.
      Dont get me wrong Sony make a great console but the constant month middle figure birds were too much.

    • A bunch of whiney babies here. It’ll be nice once your sub expires, there will be one less online player with a poor attitude.

    • Child of Light is not a AAA game… it’s an AMAZING game, don’tget me wrong. But it was basically an indy game funded by a major publisher.

      You don’t have to be AAA to be good, and not all bad games are Indy.

    • Ur not even a Plus member.

      We got Sherlock Homes

      We got Walking Dead SEASON 2

      We got Rayman Origins

      We got Injustice Ultimate Edition

      We got Tomb Raider ages ago

      We got Demon Souls

      We got Oddworld New n Tasty, Transistor, Valiant Hearts ages ago

      We got Thief

      We also got – inFAMOUS 1st Light, OUTLAST, Resogun, Rocket League, Helldivers, Driveclub, Strider, Bioshock Infinite, LBP 2, Uncharted 3, GoW Ascension, inFAMOUS 2, Gravity Rush, Tearaway, SF4, SF x Tekken, Yakuza 4, Killzone Mercenary, Grim Fandango, Dragon Age, NBA 2K, Freedom Wars, Dragons Crown, Dishonored, Twisted Metal, Vanquish, Binary Domain, Ratchet, RE 5, Ninja Gaiden, Deus Ex ages ago, Guacemelee, Spec Ops The Line, Mass Effect 2, Just Cause 2, PlayStation ALL-STARS, Sly Cooper. This is off the top of my head.

      Also, PS+ members get 6 free games per month, while gwg only gives 4. PS+ gives all the games at the beginning of the month and has been giving free games for much longer. I’ll take PS+ and my years upon years of free games to gwg and their 4 games per month.

    • I agree with RayDonovan_ every word he said.

    • I don’t want to play any of those games you just listed.

    • I haven’t played Lords of the Fallen but I have played Sherlock Holmes and that game is not worth the money they spent to develop it. Yes ms is giving some triple a titles but killer instinct cannot be included in your list without stating that it was basically a demo with 1 or 2 free fighters ( can’t remember its been to long since I played it). Yeah I’m a little upset there are not better games some months but you can’t expect a triple a title when we pay 5 dollars a month. Those games will come, most likely by the end of the year if not early next year when it’s more feesable to put them up.

    • We got Sherlock Holmes last year on ps3, tomb raider also. As well as thief

    • See what’s problem with dumb people? He is comparing xbox one and ps4. U guy giving valid arguments about other ps devices but that has nothing to do with his statement.

    • Dude, we already got Sherlock Homes…

  • … ¬¬

  • >Flame Over, PS Vita
    >Reality Fighters, PS Vita
    Launch game which i’ve platinumed

    Sigh, nothing for me this month

  • I’m not hating but it’s been over 2 years since launch. Is it really that hard to give us at least one AAA game a month?
    What about Knack somehow…

    • Knack isn’t a good game. Still hope they give it to us one month so that people will realize it and stop asking to have it.

    • I have to disagree with the tiny prince, i get Knack on the latest flash sale and i have to say that its a really under apreciated game, specialy if you remember that we have very few platforms games this gen, so if you like a challenging platforms brawler game Knack its good, not a goty caliber one, but good, so much better than many of the ps+ over hyped indie games.

      Im really upset with ps+, so so online play, and really bad free games, im done, when my suscription runs out i wont get it again.

    • Didn’t grab Injustice: Gods Among Us, huh? And you must be a cheapskate if you want Knack. It’s been on several sales for less than $10.

    • Knack will be on PS+ around the time the sequel comes out.

    • Why does it matter if they give AAA or INdy games? As long as they keep giving us games, and some of them end up being good, I’m happy.

      I wish we could drop the titles of ‘indy’ and ‘AAA’. Some of the worst games I’ve ever played: Bound by Flame, Dark Souls, Dragon Age: Inquisition… were AAA gmaes, while a few of the best games I’ve ever played were Indy, like Journey.

      That being said, there’s good and bad on both sides of the fence.

      The one thing I kind of wish they’d do is reach out to more Japanese developers and toss us some ps3/ps4 jrpgs a bit more often. Even though I have most of them, it’d be nice for more people to get exposed to some of the really good ones./

    • Assuming ur talking about PS4.

      We got Injustice Ultimate Edition, Driveclub PS+, and inFAMOUS 1st Light. So we did get AAA games on PS4 with PS+, so ur wrong. DC and 1st have platinum trophies so don’t down play them as “dlc”. Don’t know too many DLCs with platinums.

      Would you really prefer Knack over Rocket League, Transistor, Resogun, or OUTLAST? Sometimes ppl are just immune to good taste. Who cares if it’s AAA or indie as long as it’s a quality game.

    • Everybody always says this. Knack has been on sale for less than $10 multiple times, why dont you just buy it? Sometimes people spend more time *waiting* for AAA games to hit the IGC when they could just buy them for pennies.

  • Andy, this is a bad lineup. Seriously bad.

  • Looking forward to Galak-Z. Been wanting that for a while.

    Nothing for me on PS3 though. I own all those games already.

    • Great lineup I’ve actually been waiting for a good pricepoint for at least three of these.
      Never actually got to vote for this month’s game though.

  • Scraping the bottom of the barrel for the Vita, I see.

    • Flame Over isn’t “bottom of the barrel”.

    • “Scraping the bottom of the barrel for the all 3 platforms, I see.”


    • Ya, although, whats really new to offer anyway? The last games that came out for this was when they offered GOW remasters and killzone mercenary. I could give you walking dead, but since those games has anything worth a real not been released?

  • Weakest month I’ve seen for Vita. At least i’m excited for Bro Force.
    i usually have a hard time agreeing with the people who complain about the free games, but come on, sony. what is this?

  • Great indie games for me. It’s a “different month” but at the end.. it’s nice I guess. ;) No complains.

  • terrible

  • Broforce and Galak-Z? Sounds good.

  • Only Broforce.
    You guys need to offer better games like before (ps3 gen).

  • PS4 games : good
    PS VITA games: one good, the other eh
    PS3 games; bad

  • Very dissapointing.

  • It would be good to get some big titles on this. I think if I play another top down shooter or side scrolling indie game I’ll just go mental.

  • Haven’t played a PS4 IGC since injustice

  • This is getting sad. At least 2 months in a row now that I’m not going to download a game. If I wanted games that looked like they were from the early 90s I would buy an original NES. I bought a PS4 for the graphics and don’t want to play indie games that look like they were made with outdated technology. If I didn’t need PS Plus for multiplayer, I would probably not renew.

    • You didn’t renew.

    • Agree Bro! If I knew this would happen then o would have sticked to PS3. But at least my own games like inquisition, bloodborne, games that take at least 50-100hours keeping me occupied. No time for this Bull’s sh’t IGC. In 1 and a half year there were only few decent that kept me occupied such as rocket league, apotheon, and walking dead

    • Yeah I still have plus. It’s just not associated with this account in my house.

  • You spoiled entitled baby gamers, if you think these indie games are bad you have no clue, the Sherlock homes game and Lords of the Fallen are both mediocre to bad games. Broforce and Galak-Z are amazing and if you don’t see that your close minded and need to realize not all AAA are actually good. You are not entitled to and free games yet Sont still gives you quality content. Get out of here.

    • Actually we are entitled. The “free” games are a part of plus and have been since its inception. For some of us, that is where we usually find value in Plus. For me specifically, I subscribe mostly for the Vita games, which are ridiculously bad for March. Therefore, Sony is causing me to rethink whether I plan on resubbing when my Plus runs out.

    • BTW, people are allowed to not like those two games. To say otherwise makes you sound pretty closed-minded yourself.

    • I actually like March’s lineup for the most part, but a AAA title every other month for PS3 is not too much to ask for. The PS3’s library is vast. Give us an old AAA title at least. I also think that the PS4’s AAA title library is vast enough for at least one title (an old one) every other month. I like all games AAA and indies. Sony could give us a better mixture. If that makes me “entitled” for thinking that way, I guess I am entitled. :)

    • False. We pay for a subscription that said it would provide quality games. Some indie games are fun, but the lack the kind of enjoyment and longevity that big published games provide. Broforce, maybe somewhat fun, like NBA Jam is a blast. But its get old quick, the graphics on Broforce are aweful. If I wanted to play pixelated games I get out my gameboy. Its a different mindset in development that I often don’t draw towards. If I had more hours of free time that I can count, I might be willing to play more indie games, but even mediocre AAA games are often better that good indie games.

    • It’s a paid service. It’s not entitled to feel that you aren’t getting your money’s worth.

  • I used to pay $10 more for a service that gave me 0 FREE games. Why anyone complains about free games is beyond me.

    • They’re not free…

    • “FREE”?? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahhhaaaaaaah (out of breath) aaahahahhhaahahhahahahahahahaahhahah (all blue) ahahahahahahahhahaha (cough, cough) haha haha (dead)! Ha

    • Same here. On Xbox we didn’t get anything. People on PlayStation complain way to much.

    • @Akma given the caliber of your comments, I think we can all safely say that your comments won’t be missed with you having passed on during the creation of that one.

      In the end… the games aren’t free, but peopleneed to be more respectful when providing feedback. Just because you don’t like a game, does not make it garbage. Acknowledge that you’re not the target audience of this month, make a respectful comment indicating the type of things you’d prefer to get from the service(respectful is a key word here), and then make your decision as to whether the service offers enough for you to renew.

    • @Selugir, I didn’t say anything related to march line up. Just made fun of him for calling the service “FREE”. You said comment with respect, but how about those people who like IGC line up not respecting and calling out those who doesn’t like IGC line up with words such as “baby, annoying, ungrateful”? Doesn’t that count as disrespectful towards people who giving their opinion about IGC line up? Besides, I am so sick of ignorant people who keeps constantly call ps+ service “free”. Or maybe they are kids whose ps+ is paid by older brother/sister or a parent, idk. In any case respect must be given in order to earn respect; and I have given enough.

    • @Seluhir, I c that u r very respectful, but not everybody has your temper :)

    • If you can’t hold your anger in check when talking about videogames… you might wish to seek psychiatric help before your anger causes you health problems such as blood pressure issues or before your anger costs you something important to you…

    • You still haven’t answered to my question? And see that? I tried to be polite, but nope u have to go offensive. Seeing psychiatrist is your (american’s) way of wasting money. My friends r my psychiatrists + it’s not that type of anger, cause of which you lose your mind. It’s anger of disappointment and lost of hope in intellectual life of humanity. Meaning, I can’t just stand there and watch how other people even strangers are get used and abused by large companies or corporation that work for only profit. For this reason I have stopped supporting Ubisoft also. I am not ignorant like you and others (ignorance = stupidness = not understanding the situation = thinking of unicorns which makes skittles) I am disappointed in you too. To make everything right I have made propose before to divide ps+ service between devices cause not everyone owns all 3 devices. If you look carefully most of the negative comments are related to only one device meaning that person with negative opinion about ps+ line up own only 1 device. I own only ps4 therefore I don’t think that ps+ service is covering my payment of $50 per year. What’s good of renting mostly cheap indie games if u don’t play or enjoy most of it?

    • Part 2:
      Only time I felt relived in one and a half year is when ROCKET LEAGUE was offered! Best so far. Pft…psychiatric, whatta bulljob. Creator will listen to all of your sins as well as your thoughts and wishes. Think about it! Sharing your wealth with ones who need it will bring you good karma, instead of giving it to those who already have wealth.

  • When will this trend end? I support indie games and all of that but c’mon with these games every month. Even the competitors get decent games every now and then but how about us? I can’t even remember the last time I even finished one of these games we get because it’s all the same recycled stuff in one way or another. I’m not saying Bloodborne or MGSV needs to be the game on instant games collection but seriously every month it’s just 2 indie titles which aren’t even that great. How about Killzone or Knack… what are those games up to? I understand the business aspect of that might be complicated but figure it out. Easy for me to say but I don’t want people drifting away from Playstation just because of something trivial like this. I’m not even going to add most of these to my library

  • Is it just me or is PS4 not getting any love in PS Plus? My one year subscription is almost up and I’ve seen nothing but ****** indie games month after month that is hardly representative of this next gen console?. If not for online gaming I wouldn’t have subscribed and I’d rather have spent the money on a AAA game. sigh….

  • I love indies but this list is a crap even for indie lovers. Sorry. Each month you manage to create a worse line up. You are good at that.

    • Gotta agree with that
      Found joy in nova 111 this month but that was all and next month doesn’t look good. Does anyone know if the PS3 or ps vita titles are cross buy with ps4?

  • Not surprised. After all, “greatness awaits”…

  • Aaaaaargh!!! Two crappy months back-to-back, this is becoming ridiculous. Not a single AAA title since launch. I’m seriously considering to unsuscribe.

  • Y are all the games old and x-box get better games then Sony and I thought Sony was better then x-box but it don’t seem that way with there free games every month

  • PS+ is worthless now, only reason to renew is because it’s mandatory for multiplayer on PS4.

  • Oh man, what a joke…

  • The Vita games have no appeal to me and I really hope you will stop with the PS3 games and we can start getting three PS4 and three Vita games each month.
    With that said the PS4 games are awesome this month, great work!

  • For the first time since I’m a Plus customer (About 3 years) , I am not downloading any of those.

  • Tired of all these indy games theyve been giving out for the last year or so. This is the main reason i let my plus expire

  • completely awful. What a joke.

  • Every month 6 new disappointments with psplus…

  • Galak-Z – yes! Couldn’t care less for the other games though.

  • I have to say after the two RETAIL games for xbox one and what does Sony two CRAPPY INDIE games. So xbox gives you retail and Sony gives indies, u better lower the price of the service to 20 or $30 if your going to offer udder crap. You might lose a customer when my plus is up and might just head back to xbox bc plus is not even close to worth the 50.

    • Xbox is giving out titles that every person who owns the system has probably already played… and we already got both Borderlands for free:

      The big retail titles are games that most people already pick up. I love getting the less well known indie titles. Especially if they are crossbuy.

    • ohhhh nohhhhhh how unfortunaaaaate. I’m sure you’ll be so very missed. Have fun on Xbox!

    • The price is only ~5 bucks per month, not even 20-30.

      But really… even if they give 6 ~4 dollar indy games per month, that’s ~300 dollars + access to multiplayer.

      Now I get that not every game is going to appeal, but they do give out games of all styles. They can’t appeal to everyone every month… so lets assume you’re just interested in AAA games:

      Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – Feb
      Medal of Honor: Warfighter / Dragon Age: Origins – Jan
      SSX / Far Cry: Blood Dragon – Dec
      Mass Effect 2 – Nov
      Twisted Metal – Sep
      God of War: Ascension – Aug
      Call of Juarez: Gunslinger – Jun
      Dishonored – Apr
      Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments – Mar
      Yakuza 4 / Thief – Feb

      So that’s about 1 year. Are we trying to claim there are no AAA games offered?

      If you’re talking JUST for PS4… well, there aren’t that many AAA PS4 games yet so it’s kind of hard to give away what doesn’t exist. And most of the AAA PS4 games suck(new consoles always have a deluge of bad games), and the ones that don’t suck are still selling well so no reason to give them away. They’re willing to give them away on XBO because they XBO copies aren’t selling as well, most likely.

  • the ps4 games are ok but the vita games look terrible and the ps3 games are junk… games with gold wins again this month

  • The overall quality of the games offered has definitely decreased. We Haven’t seen a “Wow month” for more than a year. Unfortunately, ps+ subscriptions are still on the rise, so that have no incentive to improve the service. Numbers paint a better picture than comments. It’s the nature of the business.

  • I have no problem with indie games, but the PS3/Vita titles this month are just bottom of the barrel scrap. You can do better.

  • So essentially, we are paying 5$ a month for 6 random games a month right? I’d say these games justify my $5….
    …but can we please stop the rogue likes? I don’t like the genre… and, at this point, never will :(

  • The PS3 gets The Last Guy for plus? You’ve got to be ****ting me!

  • I rarely ever comment, but having payed out for the PS Plus service, I have to say that this is an absolutely terrible month for those of us on PS3. Where is the value for money in paying for a service which this time round is not delivering anything worth the price. There have been some good titles included from time to time, especially for those of us who perhaps have yet to play a vast majority of titles for one reason or another. But paying for a service which delivers this sort of low quality product is frankly very disappointing.

    I’m not expecting any sort of reply from anyone who works for Sony, but I really would appreciate this feedback being passed on to those who’s ears need to hear it. Always been a big fan of Playstation since it’s earliest days, but lately, at least from the PS Plus service point of view, I’m finding myself ever more disappointed, which is a great shame. I’m sure many others feel the same way.

    • I feel your pain with PS3, but you are on their last-gen system. It’s not the best, but their focus is going to be turning towards their new hotness. I kind of expect PS3 and Vita titles to start drying up.

  • :( please sony something good!

    • Sony is laughing all the way to the bank, you put them on the top and now they don’t need to listen to you anymore.

  • Season 5 of Galak-Z? Been waiting for what seems like forever.

  • So much crying all the time know one is forcing you to stay with PS4 or to download what you don’t want. Americans complain so much for nothing. I like the line up of PS Plus games.

    • Who says it’s only the Americans that are complaining?

    • “Americans complain so much for nothing. ”

      1) Please read the European post ( ). They got the same games and honestly, many of the posts read the same way.
      2) Agree or disagree, this is a paid service and one many people originally bought for the free games. It’s also important to note that everyone here isn’t on the PlayStation 4 and or does not even use the online multiplayer stuff.
      3) If you say nothing, then you basically show it doesn’t matter. Sure I can opt out of resubscribing, but its not like I can cancel my membership today to make a point and then get a refund.

    • tusunami, go and read european bog. One thing i liked there is people who like line up are letting people who didn’t like line up get their steam off of them. And why you guys are like that? If we dont like service and we complain about it there is always people who tell us what to do. “Oh don’t be cry baby”, “Stop being annoying”, “No one made you to buy ps4”. Meanwhile, no one who is complaining is not saying to those who like service sh`t about them for liking them game. We paying for service AUTOMATICALLY gives us right to complain about the sh`tty service!

    • Actually if you read europe, latam or spaniard blog they all (almost) agreed this month is very poor. Indeed, they think ps+ service is not what it used to. They complain a lot, not without reason. Americans instead are happy with tons of 8bits games. I wonder why the rest of the world is aware of a mediocre service and you don’t.

    • @moos the ~100 or so people who comment here every month are far from the majority. People who are happy with a service are far less likely to comment, so I can be fairly safely assumed that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are happy – or at least content – with the service since they are not making an effort to complain.

  • Would live to see more ps1 classics being offered for free. or import ps1 classics

  • So XB1 gets 2 retail games the sherlock holmes and Lords of the fallen and we get 2 poor indie games. Guess it’s true when PS wasn’t doing well we got great games, as of now we get games we can easily play on our phones. way to go playstation.

  • I used to try these games out, but I just gave up.

    Broforce looks like a NES game and Galak-Z looks like something people play on their phone.

    Indie games just aren’t for me as I have not enjoyed a single one.

    • “Indie games aren’t for me” is a really silly statement. Since there are indie games in literally every genre…

      Have you tried Bastion, Transistor, Journey, Rain, Don’t Starve, Rogue Legacy, Limbo, or Shovel Knight?

      These are widely seen as some of the best the scene has to offer… but perhaps in stead of judging based off of indy/not indy, just judge based off of the game itself. Trying to apply a label like ‘indy’ to a game and judging it based off of that label is just demeaning to yourself and the industry.

  • Yea this month ain’t my month not a fan of these 2D games people should’ve voted for Action Henk that was a better choice we have plenty of 2D games as it is on ps4 looks like I’ll have to buy Action Henk or some other game that’s on sale

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