Knights and Bikes Confirmed for PS4

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Knights and Bikes Confirmed for PS4

Today feels like we are cycling downhill on an out-of-control bike, with a pocket full of water-balloons and a grin from ear-to-ear. Why? Because Knights and Bikes is coming to PS4!

Knights & Bikes on PS4 (GIF)

It’s exciting for us because we’re the biggest fans of PlayStation and its games — we’ve even been lucky enough to work on some of them like LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway, and Ratchet and Clank, and we definitely didn’t want that to stop even after going indie! We’re currently running a campaign on Kickstarter, so we should introduce ourselves properly…

We are Rex Crowle and Moo Yu and together we are Foam Sword! I was the Creative Lead on both Tearaway and Tearaway Unfolded, Moo was the Lead Gameplay Programmer on Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, and we both worked on LittleBigPlanet. In fact, it’s where we met!

So what are we making now? Well, Knights and Bikes is a co-op action adventure game, inspired by our own childhoods and some of our favorite movies and games like The Goonies, Earthbound, and Secret of Mana.

Knights and Bikes takes place on Penfurzy Island, off the coast of Cornwall; a place of medieval legend and modern tourism. Our story starts in 1987 when the island is under threat from a number of forces, ancient and modern, which can only be tackled by the island’s most overlooked heroes: its children.

Knights & Bikes on PS4Knights & Bikes on PS4

You play as Nessa, Demelza, and their gang of helpers. Nessa is an outsider from the mainland, who is searching for her family’s past. Demelza is an imaginative local who still believes in the island’s ancient legend (spurred on by her favourite video game). Together they explore the island on foot and on bikes, seeking the truth, searching for treasure, recruiting new gang members, and learning more about the adult world.

The island might be under threat, but how will our heroes deal with it? By fighting like kids! Use your ingenuity to splash enemies with mud or swerve a Frisbee past their shields; hack video game hardware to use against them, or build a lance and surprise enemies with some bike-jousting!

Knights and Bikes is a dream project for us. A combination of childhood memories, the power of imagination, and the wonderful gift that video games can be. While you can play it on your own and it’ll be a great experience, it’s also built for co-op play, so you can team up with a friend and explore the beautifully hand-painted world together.

Knights & Bikes on PS4 (GIF)

And this is why we think the game is perfect for PS4, as PlayStation has always been about bringing people together. And with SharePlay, you can even reunite with that childhood-friend who moved far, far away.

We’re so excited to bring Knights and Bikes to PS4 and we hope you’ll ride along with us!

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  • I’m disappointed to see you say that it relies on SharePlay for online. SharePlay is no substitute for native online play. For one thing only the host earns trophies in SharePlay. I hope you’ll re-consider not having online play built-in.

    • Moo here. Totally understand. Online co-op is something we’d love to do, but we don’t want to promise until we’re 100% sure we can deliver it. :)

  • This is great news :) Am already a backer and now adjusted my pledge to get the PS4 version :) Can’t wait to play the game :D

  • Not on Vita, not interested. Sorry (not sorry?).

  • Title still says you’re the Creative Lead at Media Molecule, might wanna change that as it looks like this is a Media Molecule game.

  • I hope you guys will consider doing a Vita version of the game!

  • Rex and Moo,
    Thank you for the post! I look forward to playing this game with my brother.

    • Awesome! I wonder if I can convince my brother to play video games again like when we were kids. It’ll be worth a try!

  • w00t w00t!!

    i figured it would come to playstation based on the team’s prior affiliations but glad to hear it confirmed. very much looking forward to this!!

  • Congrats! I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, can’t wait!!

  • Glad this is coming to the PS4. Seriously love the art-style of their games.

  • I could tell the MM influence from the trailer! Looks amazing I must say and glad it’s coming to PS4! Please make sure to get that Secret of Mana ( Loved this game as a kid) feel perfectly and I hoping for online play as well. 3 player co op please.

  • Huh.

    Never heard of this game. Looks cute. I’ll keep you guys on my radar :)

  • I just backed the Kickstarter campaign now that I know I can play this on my PS4. Keep up the good work, you all!

  • I love the look of this, and I’m glad it’s coming to PS4 now, too (provided the Kickstarter is successful, which I hope it is :-)

    And the phrase, “it’s also built for co-op play” is music to my ears! I enjoyed Costume Quest, but thought it would have been that much better with local co-op, especially given there was a sequel. Glad Knights and Bikes will have that :-)

    • We’re hoping the Kickstarter is successful as well, as we’re having a lot of fun building this world and expanding the gameplay all the time.

      And making it a co-op adventure means its more enjoyable for us to play while we’re making it!

  • Already backed before the PS4 news since I hoped you’d add PS4 as a platform.
    Yay hope! This look amazing.

  • This looks simply amazing, went and backed it immediately.

    I’m sad to hear you guys aren’t at Media Molecule anymore — is that a permanent departure?

    I understand that ambitious games using Unity are non-trivial/impossible to bring to Vita without nearly double the work. I would ask that you have the licensing/contracts in place to be able to tune/optimize the game on PS4 well before the release. I love Firewatch so far, but the Campo Santo guys were remiss on optimizing for the platform and it was pretty distracting during gameplay.

    who is doing the music?

    • Thanks Plaztiksyke! I still work part of the week at MM, which is what I’ve been doing off and on for 10 years now. So Knights And Bikes is kind of like a solo-album (but by the two of us!) so that Moo and myself can try out some different things.

      We’re lucky to have had lots of experience making Playstation games in the past, so we’ll definitely make sure we put the time into optimisation.

      And for audio, so far we have been collaborating with Kenny Young (who was Audio Lead on Tearaway/LittleBigPlanet and Daniel Pemberton (who composed the LittleBigPlanet theme, as well as doing film scores for Steve Jobs and The Man From Uncle). They are awesome!

  • oh, and will there be any use of the motion controls or touch surface on the DS4? I’d love to see all the practice you guys had in leveraging those PS4-specific features in Tearaway be applied to a totally different genre/game!

    • We don’t have anything we can share on that just yet, but I know one thing – I will not allow the touchpad to just be used as a big Start/Select button. That just makes me mad! :D

  • So are you guys still a part of MM, and this project is just a separate offshoot? or did you leave? :(

    In any case it’s great to see this is coming to PS4, I just hope online co-op can eventually be a reality.

    • I still work at Mm for a couple days a week on Dreams, but this is a project that me and Moo have wanted to do, to create a special type of atmosphere and art-style, and have really fast and fun gameplay that suits the setting :)

  • This looks awesome as heck. I will definitely buy this when it comes out (and it will, no doubt about it). By the way, is there a way you guys could release the song from the trailer on youtube or online somewhere. I am an author and would love to listen to the song on repeat while writing. Good day

    • Thanks Hayades, it is on YouTube – at least the trailer is, with the same song. I find myself humming it myself while working on art for the game. I hope it helpful with your writing!

  • Good Golly. I just saw the Kickstarter the other day. That was fast! Thanks Rex, Moo. You have my support!

  • I was so hoping this would be on PlayStation when I backed it! YES!!!

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  • I have been falling back in love with RPGs.

  • Wonderful news that its coming to ps4 thank you. Its amazing how many parts of real Cornwall are reflected in Penfurzy in just the trailer alone, the vibe of the place is captured perfectly. Please please can it have a flambards section and a St Ives cliffpath tin mine mission with knockers in it …. Ohh, and the Zelah big dipper, great on a bike lol. Seriously though, great news and i’ll be promoting the game to all my psn m8’s. Think Im as excited for this as I am for Dreams !

  • A bit late for comment but anyway…I need to see some gameplay but seeing the record of you guys this looks promising.Looking forward to see more about it.

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