Vote to Play: Broforce is Your PS Plus Selection for March 2016

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Vote to Play: Broforce is Your PS Plus Selection for March 2016

PlayStation Plus members have spoken! The chosen title for March’s free games line up is Broforce.

Also, Plus members will get Action Henk and Assault Android Cactus at a 30% discount starting March 8th through March 21st. Congratulations to all three titles for their entry into our Vote to Play promotion! We also wanted to give a special thanks to all Plus members for their vote. We can’t wait until the games are released.

PS Plus Vote to Play Winner, March 2016

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Hi PS Plus members! Vote to Play voting begins today. Let’s learn about the games, the studios that made them, and how you can vote to include one of these incredible projects in the March PS Plus free games lineup.

Action Henk!

Studio Name: RageSquid
Studio Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Development Time: 18 months

From the Team:
Action Henk is a fast-paced running, jumping, and butt-sliding platformer in a glorious 3D, toy filled world!

We’d love to share Action Henk with the PS Plus players for free, so vote for Henk!

Assault Android Cactus

Studio Name: Witch Beam
Studio Location: Brisbane, Australia
Development Time: 3 years

From the Team:
Assault Android Cactus is a fast-paced, tightly-tuned shoot ’em up that plays like a modern day arcade. It’s exciting to see Cactus make it to PS4, so we hope you’ll vote for it so everyone can get to experience it!


Studio Name: Free Lives
Studio Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Time of Development for the Game: 3 1/2 years. Like liberty, it cannot be measured in a linear time frame.

From the Team:
Broforce fights terror in the name of freedom through the use of excessive force to blast liberty into terrorists. Vote for Broforce because freedom should be free.

To get your vote in, fire up your PS4. Access Vote to Play under the dedicated PlayStation Plus section on the top left corner of your PS4 home screen. Details can also be found under What’s New or the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store.

Happy voting!

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  • Broforce is amazing ive played it on pc

  • Really tough between Assault Android Cactus and BroForce. I am a Sucker for twin sticks though so I will vote AAC

    • Both are my picks as well although even though I already have Broforce on my PC I still voted for it since I was going to buy it again anyway. It’s that good.

      Average critic rating scores according to Metacritic:

      Assault Android Cactus: 79 / 100
      Broforce: 83 / 100
      Action Henk: 74 / 100

      Average user rating scores according to Metacritic (I tend to take these with a grain of salt as they’re usually just people overreacting and jacking up/bringing down the score of titles to fit their viewpoints):

      Assault Android Cactus: 6.7 / 10
      Broforce: 8.2 / 10
      Action Henk: 7.7 / 10

      I feel like the last time people voted for Grow Home based on the graphics and possibly also the publisher (Ubisoft) and it wasn’t great. I think the main thing to think about here is gameplay and variety.

    • Sorry, I meant to specify that those are PC scores not PS4 so unless it’s a really bad or good port the numbers may average around the same.

    • im was torn betwen AAC n Broforce until i looked at gameplay n broforce gets the vote. i love twin stick shooters but after seeing how AAC looks specially compared to Helldivers (which is free this month for ps+) i have to go with Broforce with couch co-op is must even if it dont win im buying it. Action Henk! is different i give it that but i cant see myself playing it at all on ps4 over my other ps4 titles and i’d probably try it for once on vita n never play it again also does it remind anyone else dorito dash 2 for xbox360… lol

  • Where exactly do we vote at?

  • Damn man, all these games are frigging awesome!
    If I had to choose for my vote I’d go with Assault Android Cactus because I love these kind of shooters. Whatever doesn’t get voted in for free will more than likely be a full price purchase. I’m so happy with my sub to PS+ I think I’ve had it since mid 2011 & it’s pretty much payed for itself every year. Thanks you Sony!

  • Yes, I have a question. How come I cannot vote? It shows the option to vote it clearly says in a box “Vote Now” but it’s shaded out and not accessible. So where can I vote? I guess that’s two questions. I am on my Ps4 by the way

  • Last vote to play, morons voted for that junk Go Home game. This time we’re in luck, all 3 games are garbage. I vote for who ever picked these 3 for the vote to play gets fired and never allowed to work in the gaming industry again.

    • That’s the best comment on here lol fire his/her a$$ …. come on psn how about a real game for once

    • I vote you both switch to Xbox or Wii, and stop polluting the comment section with your toxic negativity. Sounds like you wont be happy til you get a AAA title for free and probably not even then. IMO I for one think I get more than my $50 worth every year. Even if the monthly free game/s aren’t epic every time, the discounts more than make up for it.

  • Broforce ALL THE WAY! Had it on PC for over a year and it’s such a blast to play. Very funny and fun gameplay. Not trying to tell anyone how to vote but it’s worth it! You can also play with your friends online.

  • Too bad we can’t vote for the game we actually want

    • You CAN vote for it. But only from those 3 titles. If you don’t want any of them then you don’t have to vote or you can vote for the underdog if you don’t want to waste your vote but these are deals made with the publishers/developers ahead of time since Sony pays them upfront for their involvement in the PS+ program.

  • I’m like 90% sure Broforce will win bc it’s already so heavily marketed and out. By this point everybody knows how damn awesome the game is. So when/if it wins, I will buy the other two games just because the developers seem cool.

    • I think it’s worth it, personally. People are so focused on graphics that they forget that the reason we play video games is the gameplay.

  • Broforce!!!!! bring peace!! FTW!

  • Honestly who cares all these games are **** and I think that we should get better games considering Xbox gets good games that you have at least heard b4 and we pay 100 more for our console then them.

    • What are you talking about? I payed $100 less than the Xbots for a superior system that was designed to be used for GAMING! I play the games I want to play on my PS4 but it is nice to get a great indie game to mix things up every now and then.

    • Seems like Microsoft always has good games with Games with Gold. The games in the Sony program not so good. Also, aren’t the Xbox games usable even if one’s Gold membership expires?

  • Broforce gets my vote because that Video was freaking awesome

  • I would vote Broforce…if it had Vita support. Though the trailer was good.

    Voting for Cactus….absolutely love I think I will enjoy it.

  • i have broforce on PC it sucks, it gets boring after like 5 minutes
    Assault Android Cactus is the better choice, looks more interesting and better designed

  • Assault Android Cactus totally reminds me of Geometry Wars.

    this is a good thing. I loved Geometry Wars.

  • Assault Android Cactus is the only logical choice.

  • Assault Android Cactus & BROFORCE FTW!!! A Chance to get two great Bullet Hell Action Games for FREE at the same TIME YES PLEASE!!!

  • check the ranking. how is Assault Android Cactus dead last? I really wanted that one out of the 3.

  • Action Henk is pretty fun. I have it on Steam. It’s similar to Doritos Crash Course on XBL. If you like that you’ll have a good time.

  • If you want bro force go buy Time force.
    Assault Android Cactus gets my vote all day everyday. Not a guy yelling bro to sell a game. Johnny extreme was so 2008. *xplay joke

  • Easy choice on these 3, gotta be Action Henk!

  • Broforce!

  • Action Henk

  • Broforce

  • Action Henk, a very fast unique concept but done very well graphically. That s worth my vote!!!!


  • I am voting for Broforce. Those guys need some cash so they can buy some decent clothes, water and soap for a shower, and some razers. That that has to be the worst collection of beards and hair styles I have ever seen. The game looks awesome though.

  • broforce!!!

  • Got to play part of the final build of Broforce at PSX in December because the demo version was chugging slow for what ever reason. Broforce is hilarious and super fun and the developer I got to talk to was pretty cool. Been eagerly awaitng the release of Broforce since. BroForce has my vote.

  • This is like picking which puddle of Vomit to lick up. Give us some Real Games stop short changes us for PS Now

  • All of these games look really good. If I were to rate them, Android Assault Cactus, Broforce, and Action Henk from best to least respectively. I’m voting for Cactus, and yeah I know I have to go on my PlayStation to vote.

  • Voted for Assault Android Cactus

  • Action Henk please! It’s the only one of the bunch that seems different and fun to me. Everyone’s voting for Broforce, but there’s already a million other 8-bit side sscrollers out there so similar to it already.

  • definitely Broforce

  • I like assault android cactus. it reminds me of an old sega alien invasion game I used to play on ps2 where you jumped on a ship and planted a bomb then rescue the crew while killing aliens in an effort to get to the boss alien and kill him before time runs out and the ship explodes. once you kill him you escape the ship before it explodes and further halt the invasion.

  • None of them get my vote they all look crap

  • They all suck. I love my ps4 but 2hen it comes to free games xbox is so much better. Very disappointed

    • Okay well xbox may have better free monthly games but gotta admit ps4 has had some real good titles… Such as the walking dead season 2 and helldivers! Woo!

    • Wish there was a “none of the above” selection. You are correct that the Xbox games are generally better.

  • I am going with Action Henk. Like others said, there are many games like broforce and AAC. I still hope they work on giving free popular titles.


  • I Vote for Broforce looks like an awesome game.

  • Broforce.

  • While I am greatful of free titles, the amount of indy games being delivered is becoming increasingly prolific and less charming. The majority of them are enjoyable for a half hour. Can we get some actual titles soon?

    • Don’t be Grateful you Pay for this PS Plus isn’t giving you anything for free, its bad enough PS4 player have to pay to play online now but we have got a steady diet of garbage games for months, they owe us better

    • Agreed — too many indy games. Maybe as the PS4 library expands/matures we will begin to see more top-shelf titles.

  • Action Henk!

  • Those other games dont look bad, but Action Henk! Looks fun as hell! Ive seen gameplay and it looks like a game most people could enjoy.

  • BROFORCE!!!!

  • Definitely Bro force please

  • Assault android cactus please

  • Assault Android Cactus has my vote.

  • As your lord and master, Silver Phoenix, I must look at this with discerning eyes.

    Action Henk reminds me too much of Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic for PS3 stylistically, but the courses look fun. However, they seem more mini-game like than a full game.

    Assault Android Cactus is the most visually impressive game in the line-up, but gameplay is the most important factor. I’d be leaning towards giving this the green light if multiplayer is impressive.

    Broforce is yet another pixel-fest akin to so many indie games that have been released within the past year. What is really different here? Too much of the video was wasted on repetitive infomercializing the product instead of really making the game shine. Explosions are great, but detailed gameplay is better.

    Assault Android Cactus looks like the most polished game, so it gets my vote. I’m not a fan of the insta-death if your battery dies quickly though.

  • Action Henk for sure ^,^

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