Fight-to-the-death Shooter H1Z1: King of the Kill Hits PS4 This Summer

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Fight-to-the-death Shooter H1Z1: King of the Kill Hits PS4 This Summer

You drop into a high-intensity, arena-style grudge match. You activate your inner beast mode, gear up fast, throw together a game plan, and jump into the fray, ready to see if you have what it takes to be the last man standing. Whether you’re racking up a kill streak or just adding to the chaos, you’re ready to spill blood. After all, dying is for losers. Welcome to H1Z1: King of the Kill, coming to PS4 this Summer.

H1Z1: King of the Kill on PS4

King of the Kill started out as a special game mode inside of the original H1Z1 (an open-word zombie survival game), but as we watched the popularity of the mode grow and grow, we knew it was best for the players to give these games dedicated resources so they could develop and flourish on their own merits.

King of the Kill is being developed as a fast-paced shooter that will be comprised of multiple fight-to-the-death game modes, including Battle Royale. Players will compete in large-scale chaotic PvP spectacles of skill, wit, and a little luck, where everyone must fight to the death to stand alone at the top of the podium.

H1Z1: King of the Kill on PS4H1Z1: King of the Kill on PS4

Will you be the type to hide among the berry bushes, letting most of the crowd thin themselves out before you join the ruckus? Or are you going to dive in, guns blazing, adding kills faster than you can count? Which weapons will you grab first, and what other supplies will help take you to victory? King of the Kill game modes are all about scavenging and strategy (and, yes, a little bit of luck and a whole lot of crazy). King of the Kill also lends itself well to competitive play, as we saw in 2015 with our TwitchCon Invitational and in-house Showdown event.

We look forward to bringing you this fast-paced, large-scale, chaotic spectacle on PlayStation 4 later this year!

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  • Sooo…. what about the original H1Z1 coming to PS4?

  • Interesting. I’m definitely intrigued. What about the full H1Z1 game though? Is that not coming to PS4 now or just later?

  • I’m obviously excited for this, however i doubt they’d be putting the original game mode in this… which sucks

  • Awesome news. Will this be an expansion from the actual game? And also we’ll have Free-to-Play mode or something as it was planned before?
    Looks great and I was really looking for some news
    Thanks for the hads up Greg!

    • This is the game. So far no word on the pc version called survival coming to ps4 which is the other half everyone was wanting for.

    • It wont be free to play and just survive will come later. This is basically so they can work on the game and it will copy over to just survive

  • Another day, another arena PVP shooter. Wake me up if a real open world online zombie game happens.

  • If this is all we get (the worst part of H1Z1) then I am going to flip out. We have been waiting for H1Z1 on PS4 since LAUNCH. So please tell us – WHERE IS THE GAME? I’m sick of waiting and now we finally get….something no one wanted. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

    • Battle Royale is the worst part of H1? Have you even played the game? Survival is the most boring thing ever. I can promise you 60-70% of the playerbase is from BRs, and if they were to stop development in that area the game would flop.

    • Exactly. I don’t want this, we have arena shooters. The whole point of getting H1Z1 on consoles was to have a SURVIVAL title! WTF?!?

    • John Smedley tweeted out on March 23, 2015 (and Gamespot reported on March 24) H1Z1 reached a million copies sold. That was pre-Battle Royale and WHILE in Early Access. Survival may be boring to you but it wasn’t for a million other people. The game can’t flop AFTER selling a million copies. Just because online MP is the mode you enjoy does not mean it’s what everyone else was waiting for and/or expecting. We were told we’d be getting H1Z1 on PS4 long before Battle Royale ever even existed. We were promised a game that STILL is not coming (and instead we are receiving something we never asked for) I have a right to be angry. Especially at Daybreak.

    • @Droogie, I can respect that, and you do have a point. I’m surprised at your mature response, I was expecting somebody to call me a few choice names. But, you can’t say BRs are the worst part of H1, just look at the H1Z1 Twitch community. They’ve already held two tournaments, and there are hundreds of consistent players fighting to get on the leaderboards. BRs are some of the most fun I’ve had in a video game, and no, it’s not like every shooter on console, far from it.

    • Calm down buddy. Its going to be ok…

    • Yeah personally, I enjoyed the survival part due to every single arena shooter that’s out there. I’ve gotten bored with them. A coop of dying light with friends with no one to take the fun away is great fun. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing between myself and my friends who is the king of kill. But this announcement kinda is a low blow.

    • We have plenty of shooters on PS4 and the only announced true open world survival games we had coming to PS4 was H1Z1 and DayZ. DayZ has been silent for so long that I’ve lost faith in them, but H1Z1 was once being made by a Sony developer so I always had faith even after the studio was sold and formed as Daybreak. Hearing that we only get the arena shooter part of this game is terrible news for someone like me who was looking forward to a completely fresh gameplay style that we as PS4 only gamers do not have access to. This mode just sounds like TLOU multiplayer which is great, but we already have if we want it. Deeply unsettling and horrible news as I’ve been looking forward to an announcement since it was teased just a few days ago.

  • I feel like this is the final nail in the coffin for H1Z1 ever coming to PS4 in its entirety. I hope not, but it definitely feels that way.

  • Gemespot has an article up explaining this whole situation and frankly everyone needs to read it. They are basically splitting H1Z1 into 2 parts and the other part (the open world game we’ve all been waiting for) is either coming long down the road or never coming at all. I’d post the link but I’m not sure it’s allowed.

    • So far according to the devs they don’t plan on it, even though that’s what some of us asked for during the early access on steam to come to ps4.

  • Been following the original H1Z1 for a long time, for the open-world and RPG elements. Still wanting it on the PS4… but the arena version I could careless about… too many games like that already. ;)

    • Completely agree.

      An Open World zombie game? Only a few of those exist for PS4.

      An online multiplayer Arena shooter? Half the PlayStation library fits that description.

  • This post told me I pretty much have to wait for DayZ now.

    Just add the entire game. This better be 1080p locked 60fps as well with how little it is.

    • For those that keep asking, the game split into two and the original is now called H1Z1: Just Survive and is still coming to PS4 but there is no release date. There is more information on their website.

    • just because a person wants something doesn’t mean it’s going to happen what if they had to lock it at 720p 60fps, it wouldn’t be that bad.

    • @tje420 that is the pc versions. So far no talk about Just survive coming to ps4.

    • Just survive is still coming!!!! Its harder to make and not as popular so this can be a good money maker to fund in and its still a survival just not for days on end

  • Free to Play?

  • TAIWAN #1! CHINA #2!

  • What?! We want the REAL H1Z1. We have enough “shoot everything in sight” games.

    • It’s completely understandable but don’t worry survival should be coming soon after, and in all honesty battle royale mode here is actually pretty fun on pc.

  • Very interested in this game. I will give it a try

  • What will the price be I wonder. I have been waiting for this for a long time

  • Did anyone ask for this?? We want H1Z1, not this MP crap.

    I’m actually really bummed out because the resources used on this could have been used on bringing over the actual game, instead of this watered down MP fest.

    • Me too. I’ve been wanting to play this on PS4 since the day they announced H1Z1 was coming. We keep waiting and waiting and now all of a sudden, I see H1Z1 coming to PS4….and reading the article was such a gigantic letdown.

      I have to wonder if the shenanigans at Daybreak are part of the reason Sony split with them. Planetside 2 was delayed from launch to like 2 years later. H1Z1 – still no release in sight and it was supposed to be a launch title I believe. Everquest Next….so much disappointment from one single company.

      I think Daybreak have had ample time and opportunity to earn our trust and they disappoint at every turn. Much like Mighty No. 9 (I know, different company but still it feels like a similar situation) there’s only so far you can push your customers before they just won’t take it anymore.

      I’m rambling…anyway…this news ruined my weekend. Thanks Daybreak.

    • Exactly. RIP SOE. Daybreak sucks. We’ve been waiting years for this and this is what we get. ANd the worst part is that they’re going to get away with it, because the people that haven’t been following it this whole time and waiting for it are excited about it. This truly sucks.

    • You’re anger is understandable but they are their own seperate company now they don’t get the benefit of being part of sony and getting their game up easier, but h1z1 battle royale what their mentioning here is for quick based fun with friends or alone, and really feels like a fight for survival, but don’t worry the survival version should be coming soon after, the problem is, we don’t know if it’ll be free to play.

    • Its still coming. Atleast its something to play

  • Any hint on how big the games will be? I can’t see the PS4 handling 150+ players like the PC version

    • Ps3s MAG supported almost 300 players in pvp at once.

    • Well our closest bet is to look at how planetside worked out it holds 2000 players per map, so that means 200 seperately rendered players, and the h1z1 engine is the same as the planetside, I am able to play this on my pc and it has a dual core, and a gtx 950 it will most defnitely run well on ps4.

    • @SmokeAdellic, sure, but what was the resolution and framerate for that game? I have a GTX 970, which is better than what the PS4 has, and in some of the more urban areas of Battle Royale my fps can drop down into the 40s from 90+. It would either have to run at a much lower framerate or allow only a certain number of players per game.

    • MAG was the best game mentioned in all these comments. Bring MAG back and it shuts everyone up. MAG.

  • I’m hyped for this and I can’t wait. Shut up people I don’t care of your opinion. I’m ready for this game and I wanted this to come out for a long time. If you actually did research you would see that they are making to modes. Now all we have to do is wait for a release date.

  • Another arena-style multiplayer game! Just what we needed!

    • it’s not like team deathmatch or just deathmatch this is a fight for survival who will be last one alive kinda deal if you have a competent pc I really do recommend trying it out.

  • I was definitely looking foward to this game, the original game not this, when it was announced but its just to late now for me. Wake me up when it releases so i can avoid it.

  • Great this game went from a free to play title to 2 different games that we gotta buy man I was excited when it was a free to play title coming to ps4

  • Where can I see gameplay of the ps4 version of this game at?

  • For those worried about the original H1Z1 (now referred to as Just Survive) not coming to console, put your worries aside.

    “We’re working on our plans for bringing H1Z1: Just Survive out of Early Access and to console as well, and we’ll share more details about that in the future.” –

    It’s still coming folks, it’s just not nearly as ready as King of the Hill. Especially after this outcry, I can’t imagine consoles not getting Just Survive.

  • Well so basically it’s the hunger games!! Yeaaah!

  • So we have been waiting for a very long time either H1Z1 or DayZ to come to PS4 like promised and instead we end up getting another arena shooter based on the open world survival game H1Z1? I usually read all these posts and never comment, but this actually infuriates me. I know Sony sold off this studio, but it looks like plans would have already been made or at least the game would have been being developed side by side for both the PS4 and PC. Xbox One has a port of State of Decay out for the One and that developer is now either owned, or partnered with Microsoft to only make their games for them. Sony should really find another multiplayer open world serious survival game to invest in because this genre is not dead. Hopefully DayZ is still planned, but I don’t personally have any faith that it will ever be on PS4.

  • I want to play Battle Royale so bad, love watching the steams of it on twitch and youtube. Praying for a early summer release, May or June. Really excited for this game.

  • Great,.. split up a title and feed console gamers a deathmatch instead of giving what made people interested in it at the first place.
    Something unique to Console gaming, a survival game.

    Wake me when the “actual” game i’ve been waiting for comes.

    Random thought: I wouldn’t be surprised if the Survival part gets dropped, because they’ll claim there wasn’t enough support on the consoles in the deathmatch version,lol.
    What would be ironic, is that it’ll probably sell well though because of console gamers and their deathmatch games generally, lol *sigh…

  • Humh…Not what i was expecting or wanted from H1Z1. It’s not you, It’s me. Don’t text or call me, i’ll call you when the console version with emphasis on survival releases…If ever ;)

    My .02

  • Wooow Ive been waiting for this game for soo long an all we get is the area!? I want the survival aspect rpg game. SMH well I mark this game off my wishvlist and pray for The Forest And DayZ to come through for me

  • Am i the only one who thought this was suppose to be free to play? Was hoping i would get to play a good free to play game like DayZ without having to pay for the game and online because i thought when they announced it last year they said it was going to be free to play . Note i don’t play online much unless its Resident Evil or Persona 4A on the ps3.

      Q;Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

      A:“Initially available as a Steam Early Access title with optional in-game RMT marketplace purchases, H1Z1 will later launch as a Free to Play. Your Way™ title with optional in-game RMT marketplace purchases.”

      Q: Will H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill become Free-to-Play games after they come out of Early Access?

      A: At this time, we do not have any plans to make either H1Z1: Just Survive or H1Z1: King of the Kill Free-to-Play titles.

      2 weeks makes a huge difference eh? was announced for f2p version but scrapped. Read the dev team updates on steam and whatnot

  • So do we pay for one and get the other one free like we do on pc because battle royal is free in game or do we have to pay for both so they make more money?

    • have to pay for both. its how sony does things. the game could’ve been good but thanks to greed its becoming a joke

  • Hope they look at adding 7 days to die that would be better then another shooter

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