Vote to Play March 2016: Voting Begins February 9th

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Vote to Play March 2016: Voting Begins February 9th

By popular demand, Vote to Play is back and the voting begins on February 9th! The candidates include Action Henk!, Assault Android Cactus, and Broforce. The game that secures the most votes will be added to the March monthly games lineup for PlayStation Plus members.

Vote to Play, March 2016

Action Henk!

Publisher Curve Digital and developer RageSquid have put together a light-hearted racer where you run, jump, and — yes — butt-slide your way through a host of toy room environments with past-their-prime action figures.

It’s a game where timing and momentum are key as you attempt to outdo your opponents as well as your own past performance. How can you not love a game with the tagline “Butt-slide to victory?”

Assault Android Cactus

While the mechanics of this twin stick shooter will be familiar to many, developer Witch Beam has created a unique battery mechanic (in lieu of lives), providing a fresh experience that helps Assault Android Cactus stand out from the crowd.

This one also supports Shareplay, a “virtual couch” that lets a friend join your game for up to an hour at a time, creating an online local co-op experience. According to designer Sanatana Mishra, the goal with Assault Android Cactus was to make a game that he and the rest of the team wanted to play.


While we didn’t know it at the time, Broforce is the game that we always wanted as we cheered beloved 80’s-era action heroes on to victory. Publisher Devolver and developer Free Lives have teamed up to deliver part irreverent spoof and part loving homage to what are now classic movies and classic games.

With its online co-op experience and over-the-top presentation, there’s a really great game here that deserves the heaps of praise it’s already received.

The thread that brings these three games together: fun titles that can connect the Plus community to play together with friends. For me, personally, one of the sweet spots in game design is a title that provides casual fun for almost anyone who picks up the controller, while providing a depth of mastery for those who want to push the game’s mechanics to their limits. We hope that you’ll enjoy learning about each game and the developers behind them before casting your vote.

Starting February 9th, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member and you want to cast your vote, simply log into your PS4 with your PSN account and access Vote to Play under the dedicated PlayStation Plus section on the top left corner of your PS4 home screen. You can also go to What’s New or visit the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store, where you’ll find details for Vote to Play.

We look forward to seeing your votes!

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  • we can pick indie games? this is a crock of ****. Can’t blame them, they’d lose a lot of money.

  • Broforce would save me money. I like saving money. So I will vote Broforce.

  • I think I am changing my vote to Henk. Saw some Youtube on this game and it looks like a lot of fun. I know it has no chance of winning but eh, vote with my…. vote?

  • Action Henk on Metatric: 74
    Assault Android Cactus: 79
    Broforce on Metatric: 83

    Broforce was listed as one of the Best games of 2015 by Angry Joe.
    Pleaaaaase let Broforce wiiin!

    • Saying Angry Joe likes it literally means nothing. I was going to say that about Metacritic but then you added that last bit of Angry Joe… just no!

      Broforce is a good choice, though.

  • Assault Android Cactus

    At least there’s no drunk robot simulator this time…

  • Assault Android Cactus looks good but doesn’t have online. Broforce looks great and does have online (also getting very positive reviews on Steam). So my vote goes to Broforce for sure. Action Henk is the least interesting to me, but even that doesn’t look bad. So really I’d be fine with any of these for free, but hopefully Broforce wins.


  • Um…Action Henk.
    (runs outside before the anarchy starts)

  • Yup. . .just checked the gameplay on both Assault Android Cactus and Broforce. . . . .Assault Android Cactus allll the way!

  • Wish Broforce was coming to Vita

  • BROFORCE!!! I have been awaiting for this game to come to PS4 for what seems like an eternity, so there isn’t even a question as to which game I will pick. And I have a feeling I’m in a large majority. I’m sure when Broforce wins this vote by a landslide there will be a lot of bitter complaints on this thread, but I don’t care. BROOOOOOFOOOOOOOORCE!

  • HOW BOUT a U.S. release date for Shadow of The Beast and Alienation?!!!! EU has a release date already in the month of March for both. Really hoping it’s at or around the same time. April is too crowded with games for those two huge digital titles to release then. Stop beatin around the bush and let us KNOW!

    Oh yeah I guess Broforce?

    • I have a feeling both of those could be apart of the Spring Fever 2016 promotion they always do that time of year. Last year the lineup included Helldivers, Bastion, Axiom Verge, Shovel Knight, Jamestown+ and more. I expect an even better lineup this year.

  • Hoping Action Henk wins.

  • Assault Android Cactus…definitely.

  • Oh, you mean we get to CHOOSE which indie garbage you shovel down our throats again?! Boy gee golly!

    I’m sorry, but if PS+ weren’t required to play PS4 online, I wouldn’t subscribe. But that’s the idea about being the “indie friendly” console isn’t it? Bring more indie crap to the IGC so you don’t have to actually make PS+ appealing.

    Ya know what? How about this; instead of giving us 6 less desirable games each month, how about cutting it down to one AAA title per console. I know I’d MUCH rather have 3 quality PS+ titles each month rather than a grab bag of 6 games which may or MAY NOT contain worth while games.

  • Action Henk for the win Whoop Whoop

  • I would go with BROFORCE!!

  • Assault Android Cactus will most definitely be getting my vote. I love twin stick shooters!

  • If anyone chooses anything other than Broforce… i will slap i with a bag of sunflower seeds.

  • I’ve been playing Assault Android Cactus on PC and its awesome! I’ll buy it here also if it doesn’t end up winning.

  • Broforce, please.

    4 player ONLINE co-op.


  • Please stop with garbage ps5 games.Ps3 has gottten way better games for free than ps4 I know you want to be the home for indies but news flash most of them suck why can we not have good games?

  • Also as far as angry joe or any other youtuber and what they think about a game makes no diff in what i buy play or want.I think for myself i dont follow along like a sheep because some moron who is not funny says so dam people what happend to free thinking

  • If you are a Vita gamer, you simply HAVE to vote for Assault Android Cactus. The other two are PS4 only, and if you’re like me then you’re drowning in AAA backlog on your PS4 and starved for quality gaming on your portable. Make the smart choice, people!!!

  • I c that many vita owners r excited but vote to play is exclusively for ps4 only :/ choose wisely!

  • Can I vote for Armello again?

    If not, my vote will go to Assault Android Cactus.

    By the way PlayStation, you should really included some gameplay videos. This is an extremely lazy blog post!

  • Broforce will win just because of its popularity.


  • Broforce is the only option. Been waiting on this for months. If this doesn’t win, I’m buying it regardless but hopefully everyone votes it.

    Assault Android Cactus looks alright but still prefer Broforce.

    Action Henk looks like browser game garbage. No thanks.

  • BROFORCE !!!!!!!!

  • So…why am I not able to vote on my Vita yet? Or better yet, vote for NON-CROSS-BUY Vita games?

  • a.a.cactus looks awsome must watch to see.

  • Broforceee

  • To be honest, these all look rather uninteresting/mediocre. But let me explain.

    If I had received any one of these games, I would have tried them out, thinking alright…It’s a weak selection, but I can have some fun with it for a little while…At least those that are on the PSV. However, because I can go see what all 3 games are, and that we will be receiving one of those, it means that there are only 5 other games that I could possibly have a lot of interest in.

    Last time they had this vote to play promotion for PLUS, they had very different types of games. A Risk/Card game, a beat ’em up, and a casual 3D platform/Puzzler.

    Now we have 3 80s-style arcade games that look as if they are just another takes on a proven format.

    I see

    Joe Danger
    Contra/(HardBoiled Chicken)
    Dead Nation

    Where’s the innovation?

    • (Continued)…

      I would have preferred more varied genres, and maybe less Indie choices. More 3D games, 3D platformers, racers, RPGs, etc…Give a choice from that end. An example would be a Styx quality game, I’m not asking for The Witcher 3 or anything. Just want variation in the voting process.

      Cause right now, Broforce is lookin’ good, and probably will get my vote, only because I already have Dead Nation on my VITA. I don’t need another one of those endless twin-stick survival shooters clogging up my expensive memory card.

  • I dont know about any of those games

  • Can we get some more japanese games or PS2 classics? What’s the reason for these not being more prevalent. Now Persona 4 Ultimax is cool for February, that’s a step up.

    • I personally would LOVE more japanese games

    • I thought your avatar was Orange Heart for a sec, lol.

      Anyways, I’d love to see some Neptunia on Plus (as well as many Japanese franchises, because that’s all the Vita ever really gets these days).

  • My vote goes to bro force because it looks awesome

  • Can we have video of each of these games? Either in a compilation or links to their respective trailers.

  • Easy win for Broforce.

  • Broforce please

  • Don’t vote for Broforce, the developer cancelled the Vita version. Support Assault Android Cactus which will be on Vita. As a PS4 owner, I find these game a better fit for Vita.

  • Yeah, my vote is definitely going to Broforce. I could care less about the other two.

  • I have no idea what these games are or how they play so I will NOT be voting. The last voting game we got was GROW HOME and I got to say I played it for 5min and never touched it again. Besides I got a backlog of games so I don’t really need these. have fun ALL O.W.N.

  • It’s pretty lame when I have to choose the least bad instead of the best… hasn’t been a good free game in a long time, all that money that we’re paying to play online wouldn’t be so bad if they spent a little of it on fixing the trash servers or at least kicking out a GOOD freebie once in a while.


  • From reading these comments, it seems we’re getting the crappy AAC (which is going to be another “Grow home” incident)

    I can’t fathom why anyone would choose anything BUT Broforce. Having said that, all in all this vote to play sucks and they need to up their PS+ game.

  • Gonna vote on this like a primary, It’ll be between Assault Android Cactus and Broforce. I’ll have to watch gameplay of both before the 9th.

  • Brofroce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pleas vote for bro force I bend waiting for this game for years when’d to be free

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