Vote Now: PS.Blog Game of the Year 2015 Awards

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Vote Now: PS.Blog Game of the Year 2015 Awards

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It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re finishing up last-minute holiday shopping, booking a trip back home, prioritizing your gaming catch-up plans, or just taking it easy until 2016, there’s one thing we can all come together for: Game of the Year voting!

We’re lucky enough to live in a world where every year is pretty darned good for gamers, but 2015 was a year where PlayStation 4 really started to hit its stride. We started 2015’s list of GotY nominees nice ‘n early with FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, but things have stayed steady throughout the year.

A few quick housekeeping notes before we dive in:

  • Nominees are limited to games that have never appeared on a PlayStation platform before.
  • Additionally, if a game has won for a specific category in a previous year, it’s no longer eligible to win in that category this year.
  • We tried to include a (very) wide range of nominees for each category, but if your favorite isn’t on the list feel free to write it in at the bottom of each form.

We’re keeping the polls open until the end of 2015 to give folks time to catch up on any games they might still have in their backlog (I’m looking at you, Geralt). Once the polls close at 11:59pm Pacific on December 31st, we’ll start tallying ’em up, with the big Winners post following in early January.

But enough stalling — let’s vote!

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  • my votes went mainly to Rocket League and Psyonix, well deserved, killer game. This game is a showcase of how to make a solid netcode and fun engaging mp game.

    • My votes went to Helldivers which has become my favorite co-op game to date. Aside that, I would have voted for Rocket League as well.

  • Best PS4: Bloodborne
    Best PS3: Yakuza 5
    Best Vita Game: Shovel Knight
    Best Story: Bloodborne
    Best Soundtrack: Axiom Verge
    Best Expansion: Bloodborne The Old Hunters
    Best Digital Release: Axiom Verge
    Studio of the Year: From Software
    Best PS Plus Game: Transistor
    Best Multiplayer: Destiny The Taken King
    Most Anticipated 2016: Street Fighter V

  • Dis too much☕

  • Please everyone vote Life Is Strange. It’s the right thing to do:)

  • Most anticipated game? Persona 5. No doubt about it.

  • Best PS4: Bloodborne
    Best PS3: MGSV (Yakuza 5 is 2nd)
    Best PS Vita: Helldivers
    Best Story: The Witcher 3 (Soma is 2nd)
    Best Soundtrack: Tearaway Unfolded (Axiom Verge is 2nd)
    Best Digital Release: Galak-Z (Rapture is 2nd)
    Best Multiplayer: Helldivers
    Most Anticipated: Horizon Zero Dawn (hands down)
    Best PS Plus: Killzone Mercenary
    Best Expansion: Driveclub Bikes (Old Hunters is 1A)
    Studio of the Year: EVOLUTION STUDIOS (write them in for all the amazing work on DC/DC Bikes)

    • I should’ve written in Driveclub PS Plus Edition for PS Plus game of the yr.

      How about Tomorrow Children for most anticipated?

      London Heist for most anticipated, should’ve had a most anticipated PSVR game.

  • I’m seconding that Steins;Gate should be a nomination for Best Story. Not like it would have much chance under the deluge of PS4 games, but I think it should at least be recognized.

  • Here’s mine

    Best PS4: Bloodborne
    Best PS3: Yakuza 5
    Best Vita: Oreshika
    Best Story: Bloodborne
    Best Soundtrack: Hotline Miami 2
    Best Digital-Release: Yakuza 5
    Best Multiplayer: Fat Princess Adv
    Most Anticipated 2016: Horizon
    Best PS+: Rocket League
    Best Expansion: Bloodborne – The Old Hunters
    Best Studio: From Software

    Bloodborne, Yakuza 5, and From Soft deserved more love!

  • For Honor for the most anticipated game of 2016
    Rocket League for best Soundtrack

  • I know im alone in this, but I voted for Tales of Zestiria. That game is so well done, I put 100 hours in it and still playing. Wish people would give the game a chance, but oh well, its cool to hate on Bamco and Tales these days.

    • I enjoyed Zestiria(and am enjoying), but… it just didn’t live up to the other recent entries in the series for me. Gameplay was missing something for it to be that high for me. Atelier Shallie was my pick for PS3 game, that series just keeps getting better and better.

    • @Seluhir

      To me, Zestiria is easily better than Xillia, Symponia and Grace, (<Will, it feel like an updated Grace game). Anyways, even if Zestiria isnt the best in the series story-wise, it still have the best main cast in any Tales or any JRPG game ever IMO. Atelier games are good but Tales series have an advantage and that is a fully voiced game with a bunch of dialogue.

      My two cents, anyway.

    • Hm. I disagree with the cast component. Sorey, Mikleo, and Alisha were all really hollow characters… Lailah and Edna were very strong characters, but no better than Sophie, Leia, Gaius, Elize or Elle…

      And Zestiria’s gameplay just felt so restrictive and inconsistent. I felt like I had very little freedom or control throughout the game, and I kept noticing moments where I’d get different results for the same button inputs, for seemingly no reason. Just not a good feeling.

  • Persona 5 isn’t highly anticipated enough? Can you guys add it in voting other is no fun!

    And Megaman Legacy for best soundtrack!

  • Most Anticipated 2016

    Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5 Persona 5

  • CDPR for studio of the year by an absolute landslide. Other than that, a lot of tough, close choices.

  • It’s pretty funny that the best digital only game came out in japan like 2 years ago.

    I’m mean yakuza 5 btw.

  • Bloodborne was the best followed by the Witcher 3 and Disgaea 5 (monster hunter 4 on the 3DS was up there too but shhh we don’t talk about that here)

  • Why is Persona 5 not on the most anticipated games list?

    • Persona 5 was originally confirmed for a 2015 release, so it was eligible for — and won — in last year’s poll. Now it’s been delayed to 2016, but since it won last year, it’s ineligible to win again and, thus, won’t be included in this poll.

    • @Astraleaf I thought Uncharted 4 won last year? So is it all nominee that was in last year’s poll that can’t be in this one?

    • The PS.Blog awards hand out Platinum, Gold, Silver, and bronze awards for every category. If a game one any one of those awards in a previous year it can’t win again. That is how Uncharted 4 and Persona 5 both won last year.

  • Kojima is God, Kojima is God, Kojima is God

    (PW reference)

    • Kojima makes games. Good games, but others make better games. I don’t understand how he has reached this level of celebrity when there are others that are just as good. Too much hype.

  • Really sad to see Disgaea 5 not on the PS4 list, dood.

    • Also REALLY sad to see Legendo f Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter not on the Vita list.

    • I wrote in “Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC” as my pick for best Vita game. Hope it counts! Such a cool game, especially for those of us who finished the first game. For anyone wondering what game we’re talking about, check the Playstation Store for Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC.

  • Uh.. when was Prototype 2 a PS+ game?

    Been PS+ all year, except a brief period between Nov and Dec, but I don’t recall – nor own – Prototype 2. Did I some how lose it or something? Wtf.

  • I’m too indecisive. I was only able to vote for one thing. >.<

  • If Rocket League doesn’t win a single award, heads will roll!!

  • Win or Lose (WIN)
    WARFRAME from Digital Extremes is My pick for GAME & DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR!!!

  • Wanna play No Man Sky

  • How is Uncharted 4 not even on the list of voting options for Most Anticipated in 2016? Anyway wrote that in

    Also, Helldivers should be in the voting list for best Soundtrack because after 300-400+ hours playing that game, I am still enjoying its soundtrack.

  • Best soundtracks: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

  • A lot of games I have not played…


    You cannot forget AMPLITUDE!!! The best music genre game before rockband and guitarhero.

    It is the most anticipated, most funded game in the market to have kickstarted to blow your minds with all new music and visuals as they roll out to launch on jan. 5 2016. Check the youtube trailers. Like i said AMPLITUDE IS the most anticipated game since 2007 to 2016.

    Backers earned a 2 week early game access. So be sure to check it out from live from playstation to get a glimpse of pure epicness.

    Game is up for grabs at only 19.99. Jan 5 2016.
    Thats one hell of a deal. Game would be broadcasted live on december 23rd on ps4.

    See you there!

  • Shouldn’t Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End also be in The Most Anticipated 2016 category?

  • Last of us was such a great game. The story was heart touching, the characters were also. Best story ever.

  • Where is Persona 5 in the most anticipated games? Its not an obscure title. There is really no reason it shouldnt be on there, especially when it could be one of the highest scoring games of next year

    • “•Additionally, if a game has won for a specific category in a previous year, it’s no longer eligible to win in that category this year.”

      From the opening paragraph.

  • Konami has a lot of nerve to let themselves be added to the ‘Studio of the year’ category after the **** they pulled. Lol!

  • How in the world is the battlefront soundtrack not on there?! John Williams is a genius and deserves to be praised even more than he already is being. Oh and secret ponchos for the best ps plus game would be sweet, those guys need as much love as possible

  • Why is Megadimension Neptunia VII on here? It doesn’t come out in the West until next year! Unless you’re counting the Japanese version which is already out but I don’t think most western fans own that version.

  • Square Enix wins for Studio for me. I mean, Witcher 3 is great as is Fallout 4…but Square has had Life is Strange, Just Cause 3, Monster Quest, FFVII announcements, FFXIV: Havensward, Rise of the Tomb Raider, which, despite NOT being released on PS4 this year did meet with good reviews if not so good sales…So, Square has been busy pumping out lots of really good titles. No offense to CDProjekt Red and Bethesda, but…Square has been the hard worker of the year.

    Bethesda might get it next year with FO4 console mods and maybe another Elder Scrolls game? At least the announcement of the next one and Doom. ’cause id Software is Bethesda, now.

  • Most Anticipated game of 2016
    others:Uncharted 4.

    make sure you do that please.

  • Can’t believe I had to write in Persona 5 for most anticipated game for 2016.

  • Where is Disgaea 5! Come on, guys! I bought the console for that release! LOL

  • No Rockstar Games for studio of the year? They came out with free DLC almost every month.

  • I am not sure why there are any other PS4 titles besides the Witcher 3 and Rocket League are included on this list. ;-)

  • Most Anticipated: The World of Final Fantasy
    Best PS Plus: Transistor

  • New category “Best Ego” and the award goes to Greg Millers Ego

  • I really hope that Tales from the Borderlands gets some awards in the industry, haven’t seen that game got any attention at all. Telltale’s engine might still be cr@p, but Borderlands is probably their best game to date.

  • Superbeat XONiC it is!

  • the what . destiny has a story

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  • How is Uncharted 4 not on the most anticipated list unless I’m just blind?(That could be a possibility)

  • It’s wierd, I thought Uncharted 4 would make the list of most anticipated. I know that’s what I’m waiting for 2016.

  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture in every category available! The Last Guardian is finally coming next year!!!!

  • I verry love Ps4 , Ps4 in my heart.

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