Yakuza 5 Launches December 8th, Yakuza 0 Coming to the Americas

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Yakuza 5 Launches December 8th, Yakuza 0 Coming to the Americas

As you saw at PlayStation Experience, we’re launching Yakuza 5 in the West on December 8th and we’ll be bringing Yakuza 0 to the Americas.

Besides being the 10th anniversary of the series, the release date for Yakuza 5 couldn’t be more perfect. While the Christmas holiday is a time for catching up with family, no sane person can spend more than two hours with relatives you see once or twice a year. One can only handle so much small talk and Christmas music before the madness starts creeping in.

With that said, I’ll be spending a lot of time over the holiday exploring the open world of Yakuza 5. Taking place across five different cities in Japan, Yakuza 5 follows five protagonists who have been involved with various yakuza syndicates in the past. Through a series of events, the protagonists are forcibly dragged back into the seedy underworld of Japan and will need to rely on their fighting, driving, shooting, and dancing skills to survive.

Yakuza 0, Image 06

Moreover, we like to call the game “the Japan simulator” because the game’s numerous side-missions and mini-games genuinely make the game feel like being in Japan. I know that the myriad of things to do in the game will help recharge my batteries before explaining to my aunts for the one hundredth time what PR is and why it’s a real job. So, if you’re looking for an escape this Christmas, Yakuza 5 will be available digitally for PS3 on PlayStation Store.

But of course, you’re probably very interested in the other announcement we made. Yes, you heard correctly. Grab your gold chains and break out the party favors, we’re bringing back the 1980s by releasing Yakuza 0 to the Americas. Players will witness the rise of junior yakuza member Kazuma Kiryu, not yet the Dragon of Dojima, as he tries to regain his honor after a botched debt collection that ended in murder.

Yakuza 0, Image 08

Additionally, for the first time in a numbered game, gamers will be able to play as Goro Majima, the Mad Dog of Shimano, as he tries to rejoin his clan. You don’t get nicknames like “Dragon of Dojima” or “Mad Dog of Shimano” for being soft, so expect each character to have his own unique fighting style and abilities that can be unleashed on poor rival gangsters.

The game is set in Tokyo, December 1988, and players will experience the cold weather and cold hard cash that is flooding the city. Cash is king and everyone, especially the yakuza, needs to have more of it. Thankfully, Kiryu and Majima are the “entrepreneurial” type and will have plenty of ways to make, spend, and take money. From telephone clubs to disco halls, there will be ample opportunities for Kiryu and Majima to flex their colorful suits, gold watches, and fat stacks.

Yakuza 0, Image 10

Yakuza 0 will be localized and released physically and digitally for PS4 in the Americas. Stay tuned for more news soon!

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  • why u no phantasy star nova on my vita

  • Sweet! I love the series, and a prequel set during their rise would be fantastic.

  • Hellz yeah!! Now THIS made my weekend! For one, we FINALLY get a release date on Yakuza 5 and we get hit w/ the epic news that Yakuza 0 is coming to the West, too, and it’s not gonna take eons of years to see it come over! Keep ’em coming Sega (and Sony)! Next up…..Kiwami

  • Wow I’m so happy. I was hoping you guys would go on stage and be like “And it’s available RIGHT NOW” alas Tuesday is just as good. Have it pre-ordered and ready to download. Very happy with announcment of Yakuza 0 too! Can’t wait to play a Yakuza game on PS4.

  • Thank you Sega and Sony for making this happen! And also thank you for listening to the fans on a physical release for Yakuza Zero! Can’t wait to play both 5 and Zero! Hopefully news of Zero’s release is the start to the “rebirth” of the series on PS4.

  • Somebody buy me a PS4 for YAKUZA 0!

    Too bad YAKUZA 5 won’t be out today. Every day of waiting for that PS3 masterpiece is a day of pain!

  • Thank you so much SEGA for releasing Yakuza 0 in the west and also having a physical copy! This and the Yakuza 5 release are the best news I’ve had all year. Thank you so much for listening to your fans. I’m definitely going to be buying multiple copies to give away to my friends and family.

  • Great news about these two games releasing and a very good PS3 exclusive. I’d like to see the Yakuza 1&2 HD collection that released in Japan on PS3 brought over to the west also later.

    • Yes, PLEASE bring the Yakuza 1 and 2 PS3 re-release to the US. PLEASE!

    • Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition is very important even with Kiwami on the horizon because those two versions are very different. And don’t forget about Europe while localizing Yakuza series!

  • I cannot thank you enough, Mr. Hardin !!!

    Praised be Sega \o/


  • Thanks, especially Yakuza 0.

    Would not mind Yakuza 1+2 remake to appear on the PS4….we didn’t get the PS3 one from the east.

  • “Yakuza 0 will be localized and released physically and digitally for PS4 in the Americas.”
    WOW! THIS is how you trust fans in the series!!
    Can”t wait to play 5 on Tuesday!!

  • any chance we can get the first yakuza game as a ps2 classic on ps4?

    • Kiwami might come to the west (it’s actually the remake of 1 with better combat system using modified Zero’s combat system and new features) so there’s not point to release the first game as the PS2 Classic.
      My next dream is to make Sega and Sony localize Kiwami and 6 next.

    • well aware of the remake. My only gripe is that it’s most likely subtitled only while ps2 version is the only yakuza game that is english dub.

  • For the first time ever I signed in on PS Blog just to say THANK YOU!

    Already have Y5 pre-ordered and can’t wait to play it this coming week and we’ll do the same with Zero the moment that pre-orders go up.

    Thank you so much Sega and Sony for bringing these titles to the west. THANK YOU.

  • Is the release date same for EU? Also as long as there exists Japanese PS3 version, don’t only bring the English PS4 port of Yakuza 0, Kiwami etc. if you want me to purchase them.

  • Thank you very much, I really love this new, many many Love to Sony and Sega. T-T you made my day

  • Any idea how big the install size is gonna be for Yakuza 5 on PS3? I cleared 25GB or so of Data on there deleting everything I REALLY did not want to keep, I hope it is enough! Can I get any confirmation on that?

  • Yakuza 0!!

    I was really interested in this game, will get it

  • No lie, I never 0 would ever come to the west. I had given up hope, but man when it was announced that 5 was releasing on Tuesday and 0 coming to west with physical release I legit cried. I’m am so hyped!!!!!!!

    • Lol, I know right! I ain’t gone lie, I swear I was the only one that did that! This literally made my weekend….hell, I’ve already lost track of how times I’ve watched that damn announcement trailer (I’m literally re-watching it again as I post)! XD

  • With the asking of my question I forgot to say HELL YES to Yakuza 0 being confirmed for America! With that we will have 6 of the 7 main series games released here, hopefully increasing our chances of getting Yakuza 6 here by A a lot.

  • Yakuza 5 and Zero WOW! awesome!

  • Big thanks to Sega of America and whomever else is helping bring Yakuza 0 over to America. And a physical release? Much like Yakuza 5, I’ll be pre-ordering a physical copy as soon as I can. So very cool :)

  • Physical release is AMAZING!! and since Atlus seems to be in charge, then we could even get a LIMITED EDITION!!!

  • Thank you so much for Yakuza 0!!

  • I really want a Yakuza game for Vita.

    Isn’t there any Yakuza games on PSP that could come to Vita?

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH. Physical for Zero too? You guys are on fire! HELL YES! I’m looking forward to playing Yakuza 5! Thank you for having faith in the fans of Yakuza.

  • More Yakuza is more awesome.

  • can’t wait for this. yakuza is one of the most under appreciated franchises out there. hopefully it won’t be too long until we have a release date for zero.

  • Too short notice for yakuza 5, pretty definitely will be my GOTY!

    One of my favorite series, really excited that 0 is beIng localized! Still hoping for a localization of 1&2 HD but ill take what I can get!

  • Thanks Sony and Sega! Already have 5 preordered, gonna day one 0 so hard. Hope 5 does well so you can consider localizing Ishin as well! Love the Yakuza series!!!

  • Woot! So the ishin yakuza game was one of the first ps4 games I got and I totally feel in love with the series. Very excited for this. Will pre order yakuza 5 tomorrow. I’ve been waiting till a date was announced. Woot.

    And people ask me why I have a ps4… Cause I get Japanese games.

  • Sega and Sony, I love you both for announcing the localization of Zero, both physically and digitally too, no less! I still would’ve been so happy if it was digital only, but I love you even MORE for deciding to release it physically!

  • @Sega/Sony

    Since you’re a bit stubborn, let me repeat what we customers think about Yakuza 5:


    • I’m a customer and you don’t speak for me, I’m buying it.

    • Wrong, I already have it preordered. Speak for yourself.

    • While I would prefer a boxed copy, getting it for $34 (almost half off a retail PS4 game) with all the DLC included makes up for it. Already have it pre-ordered. Oh and they DID announce a retail version of Yakuza 0, so we can be happy about that too.

  • Yes. Yes! YES!

  • Best news of the show! LOVE seeing the words “localized and released physically”!!!

  • So good. It took a while, but thank you for listening to the fans, Sega and Sony.

  • This made my day, thank you sooo much! It’s too bad they never translated name as “Like a Dragon” tho,was probably hard to market as just Yakuza

  • So…I am assuming that I cannot play this because I have a PS4 and not a PS3, right?

  • This is great and all, but you know what I think would really make this even better? How about putting Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 on PlaystationNow? I think that would be great and totally cool and totally make alot of people actually want to use PSNOW.

  • Amazing. Thank you so much Sega and Sony to have bring again those licences to Europe & US. Just localize Kiwami , Kenan , Ishin , Yakuza 6 would be great. Already awesome to get the chance to have Yakuza 5 and 0. On the good way !

  • Yakuza 0 only for PS4 or the PS3 release as well? Would appreciate that since I’ll buy the PS4 as soon as Shenmue 3 gets released. However, when it takes a year or two to localize it, it doesn’t matter at all :D

    But I’m hyped as ****!!!

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