Street Fighter V: F.A.N.G. Revealed, Season Pass On Sale Today

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Street Fighter V: F.A.N.G. Revealed, Season Pass On Sale Today

Hey everyone! Tons of Street Fighter V announcements were made today during the keynote presentation at PlayStation Experience, and I’m here to get you all up to speed in case you missed it!

F.A.N.G Revealed

F.A.N.G, the final character of Street Fighter V’s starting roster, finally emerges from the shadows to take his self-proclaimed spot as the second in command of Shadaloo!

F.A.N.G is an assassin whose unique poison attacks leave him second only to M. Bison himself! Besides overseeing Shadaloo’s operations, his true passion comes from the evil experiments conducted within Shadaloo’s research facilities.

F.A.N.G introduces a series first mechanic; poison. Whenever his poison attacks connect, they continuously deal damage to the opponent’s life bar until he gets hit or the poison runs its course. F.A.N.G’s sinister long range attacks and slippery movements, paired with his ability to poison, will leave his opponents feeling ill.

V-Skill: Nishodoku

Street Fighter V, Image 05

F.A.N.G sends out a slow moving poison-filled projectile. If it makes contact with the opponent, it will begin to slowly deal damage.

V-Trigger: Dokunomu

The ultimate defense, F.A.N.G emits a poisonous cloud around his body that constantly deals damage to the opponent as long as they’re near him.

Players who enjoy tricky mix-ups and outsmarting their opponents will definitely have a blast with F.A.N.G in Street Fighter V once it launches on February 16th.

In-Game Currency

Capcom has a long term strategy to support Street Fighter V with new content over time, and the in-game currency allows everyone to choose how they get it. To recap, there are two types:

  • Fight Money: Can only be obtained by playing the game. Can be used to earn new content for free.
  • Zenny: Can be purchased with real money, and used to access new content immediately.

So when it comes to post-launch gameplay content, everyone has two choices:

  1. Accumulate Fight Money through gameplay, and use it to earn gameplay related content, such as new characters, for free.
  2. Purchase Zenny with real money, in order to gain access to the content immediately.

100 Zenny essentially equals $1. However, Zenny will be sold in several denominations, giving everyone choice and even bonus amounts depending on how much is purchased! Some of the options are listed below:

  • 100 Zenny = Purchase for $0.99
  • 550 Zenny = Purchase for $4.99 (receive a 50 Zenny bonus)
  • 1200 Zenny = Purchase for $9.90 (receive a 200 Zenny bonus)
  • 4000 Zenny = Purchase for $29.99 (receive a 1000 Zenny bonus)

Street Fighter V provides everyone with choices and options that never existed before, ensuring that the game has a healthy lifespan for years to come, with new content always on the horizon for fans to enjoy.

Post-Launch Characters and 2016 Season Pass

So what are some things you can purchase with the in-game currency? Glad you asked! We are happy to confirm the identity of the six additional characters that will be released post-launch in 2016. The six additional characters in the first year are: Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri, and Urien! As a reminder, all of these characters are earnable through gameplay for free, but for those of you who want to get them right as they release, the 2016 Season Pass goes on sale today in North America for pre-purchase so be sure to check it out. It will be available to European consumers at launch.

Street Fighter V, Image 04

For $29.99, Street Fighter V players get all six additional characters, each with a premium costume, in addition to an exclusive PS4 Theme. Each character would cost 600 Zenny individually, and each premium costume would cost 400 Zenny individually, making this a $60 value for half the price! As a final incentive, in North America, if you purchase the 2016 Season Pass before February 16th you will receive three PS4 avatars (Ryu, Chun-Li, and M. Bison) for free!

Capcom Cup 2015

And lastly, the grand finale of the Capcom Pro Tour, the Capcom Cup, takes place tomorrow, December 6th from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. With 32 of the world’s best Ultra Street Fighter IV players, and $250,000 in prize money on the line, you won’t want to miss this epic climax to the 2015 tournament season. Tune in here to catch all the action livestreamed via Twitch. Hope you enjoyed this big post of announcements. That’s all for now, catch you guys next time!

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  • It appears that having cash shops in full retail release games are the trend now.Time to find a new hobby after twenty eight years.This is not a business strategy that I will support.

    • You can unlock all the dlc characters by playing the game normally, games since the beginning of time have always required people to play if they want to unlock things.

      But capcom is adding another way to unlock things for people who don’t want/have the time to unlock things by playing

    • Capcom, you think 6 characters and some alternate costumes for them = $60 dollar value?

      Yeah, no. Your season pass is awful. If I want a 60 dollar value I’ll just buy Dark Souls 3 day one.

    • You don’t have to use it, it’s completely optional. The way I see it, it’s just like League of Legends where you can unlock every character without spending a dime. The only things you have to pay for, that you can’t get any other way, are completely cosmetic. They will not affect your gameplay experience in any way.

    • xXFlyHiJayXx, I get where you’re coming from. But League of Legends doesn’t have a sixty dollar price tag associated with picking it up for the first time. If they want to use micro transactions for the bulk of their game then fine, but they should pick one payment structure and stick with it.

      Full retail price + season passes + micro transactions isn’t something I can get behind. You guys can enjoy grinding your in-gamecurrency but this will be the first Street Fighter game that I’m just completely skipping over. If I wanted to farm in-game money I’d be playing an MMO.

    • PuppetShoJustice So actually having to earn your extra content is a problem? People constantly *****ed about how Street Fighter 4 had so many editions. Yet now when Capcom actually decides to do DLC in a fair way, actually making you not only making you have to earn it, but actually making you learn the game, people will go ballistic.

      To put it bluntly, the only thing Capcom is forcing you to do is learn the game and the characters. You’re not being forced to buy the season pass to get the extra characters, which when you think about it not many of the casual Street Fighter players will play every every single character. If you don’t have the patience to learn and keep playing the game, then maybe the game isn’t really for you.

    • PuppetShoJustice So actually having to earn your extra content is a problem? People constantly complained about how Street Fighter 4 had so many editions. Yet now when Capcom actually decides to do DLC in a fair way, actually making you not only making you have to earn it, but actually making you learn the game, people will go ballistic.

      To put it bluntly, the only thing Capcom is forcing you to do is learn the game and the characters. You’re not being forced to buy the season pass to get the extra characters, which when you think about it not many of the casual Street Fighter players will play every every single character. If you don’t have the patience to learn and keep playing the game, then maybe the game isn’t really for you.

  • Yeah, this is all well and good, but have you still not finalized any details on how the fight money works?
    How much per match?
    How much to buy the characters with Fight Money?
    Can you buy costumes with Fight Money?
    Will costumes have variable prices?

    • What seems plausible from the announcements thus far:

      1. There will be multiple Season Passes as the game ages
      (note the term “2016 Season Pass” rather than simply “The Season Pass”)

      2. There are at least 2 tier of costume
      (the term “Premium costume” implies the existence of non-premium costumes)

      3. They’ve announced that you can earn DLC items via Fight Money, but the economy is not yet determined.

      Given that stages and even player titles were locked behind FM gates in the 2nd Beta…everything will likely be unlockeable in theory, but doing so in practice will require lots of dedication. This is not going to be a 1 weekend rental and unlock everything sort of system.

    • Only suggestion I have is wait it out if your unsure.

  • Plz Capcom, bring back Ingrid on Season 2

    • She was included in the character vote post so she has a chance of getting in. Though I don’t know how well they would take the poll seriously.

  • I love the idea that all the new things I’d care about (characters, more than costumes) should be able to be earned with Fight Money. I just wonder how much playing I’ll have to do to accrue it.

    • Honestly, I’m planning on buying the 2016 Season Pass so I can hold onto my Fight Money for 2017’s characters…

      There’s so much in the game that they could put a Fight Money price on, and there are so many other games that I know will take up my time in 2016 (Mirror’s Edge, Uncharted, FIFA, The Division, Mass Effect, Driveclub etc. etc) it seems doubtful I will make enough Fight Money to get everything I want.

  • I don’t see why people are against these micro transactions. I think if you can pay for these costumes with skill rather than with real world money I’m fine with that. And if your not okay paying $60 buck for a game then why do you own a console then? Aside from that if you play it now you can get more experience with the game and experience the game as it changes overtime. I would rather have the option of playing Street Fighter and getting the new edition of Street fighter by Earning it rather than being forced buy the Super Ultra Duper Ex edition down the line.

    • nightsofsouls Unfortunately, it has to do with the mindset of people. I remember how annoying it was trying to unlock Gill in SFIII: Third Strike. However, I had a great feeling that I had achieved something when I unlocked something, and that wasn’t just for that game, it was for any game that had extra content to unlock.

      When you look at the modern era of games now, a lot of people aren’t aware of the times when you actually had to earn unlockables and think DLC is the norm. They don’t want to take the time to play the game and want to earn the content as fast as possible, even if it means taking it out of their own wallet.

    • People always have something to complain about. Nothing new and only true real Street Fighter fans will stick around, play the hell out of this game, and just use their fight monies to buy whatever in the game. Other people just seems to want everything for free or just given to them because they’re a bunch of babies. Regardless, I agree with TheGuy, I miss those days where you had to unlock characters yourself but now days, everything is literally just handed to you. Makes Story mode pointless to play. Looking forward to this greatly though, at least both of you guys have a good mentality, EARNING IS MUCH MORE FUN THAN JUST COMPLAINING IN THE INTERNET!

  • I already have this game preordered on PSN but why every time I get on the PSN store, it’s saying 59.99 instead of just the days counting to the release date?

  • I am one of those gamers old enough to remember how it was back in the day. Still have the SNES version of SF2 in a box somewhere. I grew up on this franchise but I’ve seen enough of this bull lately to be more than a little skeptical.

    First of all the SF series has never been “unlock” heavy, save for a few exceptions like the Alpha games with the time unlock on evil Ryu/Akuma if I recall correctly. Regardless, if you think the “Fight Money” concept is gonna be completely fair and rewarding I don’t think you realize we are talking about Capcom here… SFXTekken Capcom. New version of their game every year Capcom. To encourage sales the amount of Fight Money you will need to unlock characters will no doubt be astronomical.

    • Games with micro transactions are usually dependent on that revenue cause they are either free to play or budget titles. This is neither. While season passes are nothing new… I don’t think a fighting game with a paltry 6 characters at launch should be charging for additional characters. Full retail game price, plus season pass, plus micro transactions and this promised FM system that is supposed to negate all of the reasons for me to spend any additional money…

      Yeah… I’ll wait till after launch to see how this plays out.

  • So, what CAN’T be purchased with Fight money?

  • I don’t care about anything anymore -> Juri confirmed!!! <- playa thats what I'm talking about,you guys just got a confirmed buy from me…not at launch though lol.

    BTW Fang fighting style looks nice…him…hum…not so much but for a new character I guess he's ok.
    And about the fight money I really wonder how much we will have to farm just to buy a character…capcom never released that information and why do I guess we'll only discover by ourselves when the game releases?…lol it must take eons of play time to acquire the necessary fight money to buy a character.

  • Why do ppl keep saying there’s only 6 characters at launch? Bison, Ryu, Ken, Chun, Cammy, Birdie, Dhalsim, Zangief, Nash, Mika, Vega, Laura, FANG, Karin, Rashid…that seems like a hell of a lot more than just 6 base characters to start. Honestly, people complaining about DLC should just stop playing any game right now. This is the market trend with games from Free to Play, to triple A titles. All games have some sort of DLC. Is it so wrong for a company to get compensation for content they spent months and years and man hours to create for us to enjoy? You are not forced to purchase DLC and Capcom is giving you an honest way to earn it. Do you play games just to throw money at the screen to get everything or do you actually enjoy playing the game? If you are the latter and enjoy the content you should have no issues with unlocking items, characters, costumes or whatever like we used to do when real gamers played games.

    Game ON!

    • Six characters post launch for DLC not only but 16 only out during launch. I don’t know who said there only being 6 characters but I’ll just tell you they are wrong.

  • Wow, the amount of people complaining on here is ridiculous. “They making us buy stuff!” well actually…no one’s MAKING you do anything, YOU are choosing to spend money on optional extra characters, but MOST importantly…THEY’RE OFFERING THEM FOR FREE!!! “But they haven’t told us how fight money works!” Wait a bit, it comes out in February, patience is a virtue. “Yeah, well I still have to work to get characters and costumes!” So…you want stuff for free? I mean, this isn’t like they released a small roster then told you pay to unlock a full one, it’s a full roster and you can pay OR play to get ADDITIONAL fighters. You literally sound like a baby. This isn’t an incomplete game here, it’s a full game that they’re going to tweak and add to. This isn’t a Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Ultra Street Fighter IV situation here. They’re not asking you to continuously pay for a full game.

  • This whining sounds like all the comic book fanboys upset that there are variant covers or offshoots of a main event, as if the publishers are FORCING you to buy alt covers or ancillary titles. Stop being children and own up to your own lack of impulse control. You don’t NEED extra costumes and your reply of “But I’m a completionist!” is not a valid response to that statement. That’s on you.

  • My own personal issue is that, while i’m happy that characters and costumes can be unlocked by accumulating points while playing, i would much rather be USING the characters and costumes during the time i’d spent earning them. I play a lot of games, and only have so much time in a day. I don’t think i want to spend a lot of time trying to unlock one character using other characters i’ve already used a lot or don’t like as much. I can’t spend all of my gaming time concentrating on just one game, so that everything is available for me to… play the game. Much like RPGs that only make the best weapons and armor available after you beat the entire story, it would be useless to me – again, my own personal feelings on the matter – to have them after i’m essentially done with a game, or after i’ve spent hours grinding when i could have been using them the whole time. (Also having a wider variety of computer opponents available to fight will make the game more fun for me, and unlocking all of them, i’m sure, would be a nightmare for someone of my skill level.)

    • (cont’d)

      I might be a hypocrite, but i’ll be buying the season pass… though i wish it wasn’t such a widespread concept. But i guess it beats the days when i had to beg my mom for weeks to buy me ANOTHER Street Fighter II, and try to explain to her why the word “Turbo” justified the price. XD (And it beats spending even more money for the same six new characters and some tweaks and costumes in a new retail release down the line.)

      Yeah,. i have mixed feelings, but i’m looking forward to the game. (And Ibuki and Juri!)

  • All this people complaing about fight money and microtransactions is getting really annoying. A lot of people to this day play USFIV daily and get nothing in return. A lot of people did not buy the Ultra version of SFIV and can still play to this day with nothing to unlock and now that you CAN (not have to, CAN) unlock characters and possibly costumes (double YAY) by playing you spoiled kids wanna complain?
    Come on…

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