Quantic Dream’s Latest Game Detroit Revealed, Exclusive to PS4

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Quantic Dream’s Latest Game Detroit Revealed, Exclusive to PS4

Hi everyone. Some of you might remember a PS3 tech demo called Kara that we released in 2012. It was about an android who discovered she could feel emotions and appeared to be sentient. Many people were deeply moved by this character and felt empathy for this character who just wanted to live. But everyone had the same question: what happens to Kara when she leaves the factory?

I kept asking myself the same question since we released this short. I knew I had to find out!

So we imagined our world in a near future where androids like Kara would look, speak, and move like real human beings. We wondered how we — humans — would react if we were confronted with a new form of intelligence, how androids conceived as machines would be perceived if they started to have emotions.


We didn’t want to do another story on AI (there are already so many great ones), we wanted to talk about what it means to be human and what it would be like to be in the shoes of an android discovering our world and their own emotions…

I am really excited to announce that Quantic Dream’s new title is called Detroit.

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  • Wow! I know when you create these tech demos they’re usually just that. But I’m so glad that you found the Kara demo as compelling as I did and we’ll get to experience the whole story for ourselves :-D

  • Kara lives! I’m so glad she wasn’t forgotten. I can’t wait to see it in action

  • Is Kara being played by Valorie Curry (from The Following)? Looks and sounds like her

  • Hello Mr. Cage! Just wanted to say I absolutely adored Beyond: Two Souls and I’m excited to see what you do with Detroit. The PGW trailer was great!

  • NICE!!! can’t wait, you guys are getting better and better at bridging the gap between cinema and games.

  • Been into Detroit since kara demo apparently, can’t wait

  • This looks fantastic! Sign me up.

  • Looks interesting, looking forward to seeing more.

  • David I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not a fan of Beyond Two Souls or Heavy Rain after completing them both. I hope you take this criticism in a healthy manner because I want to like this game.

    Heavy Rain had good ideas in game play, Beyond Two Souls should have expanded on that and while improving on its weaker points. One such point is a weak story. Please look into possible outcomes for our new found AI friend and the challenges she needs to over come. Find what was wrong with movies like Spielberg’s AI. Try to really double down on interactive elements and make decisions feel like they matter.

    I have faith in quantic dream to really knock this one out of the park with good acting, visuals, and interactive story elements. I hope you don’t take these criticisms as toxic and negative feedback.

    • No idea what else you could have possibly wanted out of Beyond: Two Souls. It was amazing and the story blew me away.

  • Quantic Dream, you guys make the best PlayStation exclusives, hands-down. Cannot wait to play this masterpiece upon release.

  • Amazing! Can’t wait! So many good games, so little time.

  • Sold. I’m *so* sold on this. I love story-driven games, and I love sci-fi that delves into questions of culture and humanity. Kara reminds me a lot of the Animatrix’s “Second Renaissance part 1”. I can’t wait to see Quantic Dream’s take on on these ideas!

    Oh, and the studio name Quantic Dream is very, very clever. It signifies a appropriate amalgam that I suspect is the QD vision for world creation!

  • Son of a —-!

    Thank you! I remember when I first saw Kara, you guys and gals over at Quantic Dreams have a passionate touch when it comes to your work. I missed Beyond Souls but I will not be missing this game.

    I know Heavy Rain was $20 later on, but I don’t care, I still played it. To play this game Day 1 will be a priceless for me and hopefully a few friends.

    Thank you. You can do it!

  • Definitely interested and will pre-order when available.

  • Hopefully it is more than a walking simulator. You guys should team up with someone to refine the actual gameplay experience.

  • Freaking happy right now. Can’t wait for this. Will buy this and will also buy the ps4 versions of Heavy rain and Beyond two souls. Now all I need is a hd remaster of Indigo prophecy with trophy support :)

  • Please let it be good and 20-30 hours long at least.

    Any release date?

  • They should of just called the game Kara. Looking forward to this,as long as they don’t use Heavy Rain stupid controls like R2 to walk forward.

    Looking forward to Dreams and also Wild. And possibly Horizon. Apart from these four games,the rest of the show was rubbish.

  • Hi david cage. I’m your biggest fan of games you make in the future. I love heavy rain, beyond two souls and one PS2 game called Indigo Prophecy. I always been wondering whatever happened to Kara when she leaves the factory when I saw the PS3 demo of Kara on beyond two souls game disc. Quantic Dreams surely do make greatest games in the world especially when there’s no game over at all on those games. I also will buy that new game for PS4 called Detroit as soon as comes out for retail version. Keep up the great work, david!

  • Detroit looks so Amazing i loved the demo they showed before about Kara and i was hopping they would make a game, and now it’s finaly here!, Really looking forward to it! =)

  • The Kara demo was touching. It actually stirred emotions and left in a cliffhanger letting the viewers imagine all sort of scenarios. I didn’t really care much for the PS4 demo that followed, but never forgot the potential Kara had to being developed into a longer story. You have us intrigued and expectant, Mr. Cage.

  • that looks like the psychopath from “The Following”

  • Please change the title name to Kara. The present title name sounds stupid.

  • I will refer this game from now on as Kara.

  • OMG, instantly got excited about this!! Loved that PS3 tech demo and so glad to hear news on your new game!

  • Quantic Dream, thank you for making a game with a future Detroit that’s not a post-apocalyptic wasteland. A simple decision, but one that means a lot to those who live here. The game looks and sounds great, and I can’t wait to play.

  • Amazing story line, reminds me a bit the Almost Human (TV Show), btw so great graphics, I can’t wait!

  • looks fantastic. I’d love to get the original Kara demo and Dark Sorcerer with a “camera mode” on PS4.

    no updates on the PS4 versions of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls? I got the platinum in both games on PS3, but would love to play them both again on PS4!

  • I loved Heavy Rain on PS3. I would love to play Beyond Two Souls, but I am moved on to the PS4 before I got a chance to purchase it. Any word on bringing Beyond Two Souls/Heavy Rain Collection to PS4 to US? Also, what are the chances of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered coming to PS4? Loved that game on PS2, would gladly replay it. Keep up the great work.

  • Looks like an interesting game hopefully a demo will release so we can try it out to see how it feels. Really enjoyed your other games hopefully this will be fun like the others.

  • Trailer was great, almost felt like a sequal to Ex Machina.

  • Was a huge fan of Heavy Fan as you can see from my avatar so this one will most definitely be a must-buy for me! Can’t wait.

  • I been going back to the Kara Tech Demo so many times since it came out. It was really breath taking on how it really made you feel bad and smile at the end. It really pulled me into it and I when at the end the guy even judges if he did the correct thing on the outcome.

    Can’t wait to see how she acts when in the real world and of all places Detroit. Made me laugh a bit. Always hear how bad that place is.

  • Damn its nice to see this…I was hoping for a big new IP from the show and this is it.I loved the Kara tech demo and I remember at the time I wished you guys were making a game out of it…ha I gotta say I never expected but boy am I glad that turned out to be true.
    Can’t wait to see more about Detroit…as always great job Quantic Dream,you guys are one of the few devs that keep making great games and they’re never a sequel.

  • Out of all of the trailers that I just watched at Sony’s Paris Game Week presentation Detroit struck me the most poignant as being the game and the story that I most want to play. Many of us struggle to be more humanely human, yet this game is about a machine that wants to be recognised as just that. Perhaps this is really what the story is mirroring in us. How we can discriminate and exclude others due to pre-conceived notions that we take in as we grow up. How skin colour, sexuality, religion or creed can see ourselves set apart from others for their being the “other”. Maybe David is trying to teach us something here, and if he is, then let us hope that we take it in and listen to what he might be saying, for our own betterment.

  • Take my money now! I really hoped that Kara would become a game and my prayers were answered :)

  • PlayStation event had more exlusives than all its press conferences out together (minus this one). The two great games I cannot wait for are definitely Detroit and absolutely amazing the Wild. I think it would then be the “The Greatest Lineup of ” games in PlayStation’s history Come next year with big exclusives. This game has great potential, great setting, great ideas, full of emotion and reminds me of Christian Bale’s Equilibrium. I hope this game is open world if it is a choice game where you click left and right and moves to another scene it will literally destroy my taste in the game. It looks like it’s going to end u like beyond two souls so if it does as much as I enjoyed beyond two souls it didn’t feel like a game just a movie. But good stuff.

  • Mr. Cage, I am very happy about this announcement, but I ask that you make this game more interactive than Beyond. I loved Heavy Rain and believe it is one of the greatest games from last-gen. I think Beyond had a great story and obviously great acting, but it was so boring from a gameplay standpoint. It was like watching a movie that required me to occasionally press the circle button. Heavy Rain really had the controls perfect. They were occasionally challenging and would make the game tense. I loved it.
    The Kara tech demo was beautiful and, like so many others, I wanted to see more of it. Now, you are bringing us that opportunity, and I don’t want it to be ruined by an overly-minimalist control scheme.

  • Amazing!!!

  • This was just posted on the PlayStation YouTube site.

    Detroit – David Cage on Quantic Dream’s new PS4 exclusive

  • I am so happy right now, I loved the Kara Tech demo and I always remember saying to my friends that it would make for an interesting game to see what happens when she leaves the factory. To see that I will get to follow her story is in my humble opinion fab. I have loved every game from QD and there is no doubt in my mind I will love this one too…cannot wait!!!

  • It’s exciting to see what Quantic Dream has been working on all this time. Seems like a cool concept and I can’t wait to find out more!

  • Please include the Dark Sorcerer as a bonus content with the game

  • I’m sure I’ll love this one like Indigo/Heavy Rain/Beyond before it. I’m totally ready for this.

  • yes! Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy already has an “HD” version on iOS — it would be great to see it come to VIta/PS4!

  • I didn’t see this coming! I loved the Kara tech demo, and usually your tech demos are just that, tech demos.
    This is a pleasant surprise, David! I’m looking forward to this one. I’m not usually one to get games on releases day, but like Beyond, I’ll be getting Detroit the moment it hits the shelves.

    Thank you! And take my money!

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  • As a native Detroiter for over 40 years, I know that Kara better come with a Kevlar vest and a Lo-jack tracking device. Although Detroit is getting better, the last 5 years have brought 1) Our former Mayor is in prison for corruption. 2) Inner-city graduation rate of only 25%. 3) unemployment of nearly 12% 4) The Lions.

  • the day Ive been waiting for! this will be awesome.

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