Gravity Rush 2 Coming to North America on PS4

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Gravity Rush 2 Coming to North America on PS4

Hi, PlayStation fans. In addition to Gravity Rush Remastered coming to PS4 in February next year, I’m excited to announce Gravity Rush 2 is also coming to North America, exclusively on PS4.

In the sequel to the acclaimed PS Vita original, you’ll have brand new gravity-shifting options and combat mechanics at your disposal. Kat can now use three gravity styles that add more variety and combat options: Normal, Lunar, and Jupiter.

In Lunar style, the force of gravity is reduced, making Kat lighter and quicker. In Jupiter style, gravity is increased, slowing down Kat’s movements but making her more powerful. You can switch between Kat’s three gravity styles seamlessly to combine the styles into different combos for each situation.

Gravity Rush 2 Coming to North America on PS4

Also new to Gravity Rush 2 is the Tag Battle system which pairs you up with an AI-controlled ally to take on the more serious opposition like Raven assisting Kat.

For all you fans who can’t get enough, Japan has a slightly extended gameplay trailer with a bit more footage of the various gravity styles and combat.

That’s all we can say for now, so I’ll leave the concluding words to Gravity Rush creative director Toyama-san himself, who has a message for you:

As you saw from the footage during the Paris Games Week press conference, you’ll be able to mix and match a wide variety of combat styles any way you want, so there’ll be enough action to please Gravity veterans and new players alike. And of course, there’s a whole lot more we haven’t shown you yet, so stay tuned!

Gravity Rush 2 Coming to North America on PS4

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more Gravity Rush updates, and watch out for Gravity Rush Remastered landing in February for $29.99, exclusively via PlayStation Store.

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  • Sequel on vita? No? Sigh

  • No Vita, no buy.

    • Wake up and smell the ashes.

    • The only ashes I smell are Sony’s. Once NX is out they’re going to become an irrelevant company in Japan.

    • @gernic

      Haha, NX? Oh wait, you were serious?……AHAHAHAHA!

    • 1. Wii U didn’t outsell PS3, so NX will not at all outsell PS4. Especially with DQ Heroes 2, FFVII Remake, FFXV, etc. NX will flop.

      2. Vita is niche, so “no Vita no buy” is pointless. lol, oh no, 100k people at most aren’t going to buy it. End of the world. Oh wait.

    • Looks like you won’t be buying this game.

      Sony become irrelevant because of NX? Now THAT’s funny.

    • oh…guess u ignored the fact that they’re not supporting first party titles anymore…

      no vita no buy? guess you haven’t bought anything besides that vita… LOL

    • Sony aren’t making any more Vita games. They announced that previously.

  • Interesting the new gravity options.

    @Brian Dunn
    any English voiceovers? I can only take so many “achoo” every time Kat attacks.

    • Kat’s not speaking in Japanese in the original GR, she’s speaking in a made-up language, like they do in Ico and SoC. So yeah, a dub in any language that actually exists in the real world is unlikely.

    • Hey Aries,

      Sorry, no additional voices are being added to the game. As spleener says below, the world of Gravity Rush has its own language, so that’s the only language audio you’ll hear!

      Hope you’re looking forward to the game!


  • I’m guessing this rules out the collector’s edition for the US?

    • Hi guitarist_4_him,

      Gravity Rush Remastered is a digital-only release in SCEA.

      Hope you’re looking forward to playing the game!


    • Digital Only, so if you end up not liking the game you can’t trade it in for cash or store credit.

  • As much as I love my Vita, some games are too big to be contained on it. Gravity Rush has potential to grow, as on PS4 it can do just that :-)

  • “exclusively via PlayStation Store”

    No physical version?!?! *sigh*

  • A physical release of GR Remastered- even as a limited direct-order-only collector’s edition thing like Koei Tecmo did with Ar Nosurge Plus- would be nice.

    Alternately, include it in a collector’s edition of GR2.

  • Gravity Rush: Remastered is only on PSN? :( Was hoping to get that sweet collector’s edition that Japan is getting.

  • YES!!!! It is nice to have a confirmation despite the propitious announcement at this year’s E3. And the price of the remaster is too good to be true! I can’t wait to pick up both of these amazing looking games!

  • Glad to have confirmation. The remastered price isn’t half bad either, so I’ll gladly double dip.

  • why is it digital only though?

    .. i wanted to get it physical and have the actual box, if the second game is physical as well, id like to have them both….

    i dont get why .

    • Hey Crimson-XIII,

      I really can’t comment on that, as I don’t make the decisions there.

      I appreciate your enthusiasm though, and hope you’re still looking forward to the game!

      Please make sure to let us know what you think – really appreciate all of your feedback!


    • Nick, who can comment on that?

    • Agreed, Nick. Who can comment on the digital only release?

    • You may not be able to comment and I get that… But can’t you take our comments on the lack of physical back to the powers that be and show them that the players want that? Can’t you tell us that our feedback is going somewhere? Instead of falling on deaf ears?

    • I would also love to know who it is that can comment on that? It would be great if Sony had some sort of way to let us know that our voices are heard (and not just brushed off and ignored).

  • Please tell me this makes heavy use of sixaxis controls.

    • Hey KazeEternal,

      Yes – you can definitely use the sixaxis to control Kat in Gravity Rush 2! It feels great – hope you’re looking forward to it!


  • I’m very disappointed there won’t be a physical version. I didn’t expect the collector from the Japanese version obviously but even Europe seems to be getting a physical version, I can’t comprehend why we can’t.

  • Gravity Rush 2 looks amazing on PS4.

    And who do i have to pay to get a Freedom Wars sequel? c’mon Sony, put that on PS4!

    • Yes, I want Freedom Wars 2 on PS4 solely so that when it comes out and sells worse than the original on Vita the press can write headlines shaming Sony.

  • no vita still no buy

  • No physical? No CE? Guess I’m importing.

  • Please reconsider putting out a physical version or at least include it on the disc of Gravity Rush 2.

  • Pretty upset that it’s digital only. I definitely won’t be pre-ordering or buying it, until it’s on sale, without a physical retail copy.

  • I don’t think the GR1 remaster should be digital only. Physical tangible media is one of the perks of console gaming, fans a-like would totally buy it if it was on dcci, hell I was going to day 1 buy it despite finishing the game arleady on the vita but now that’s it’s digital… I may pass.

  • Ahhh no physical release? I’d pay 40$ just for that….. guess I’ll wait for a sale:(

  • Ugh, no physical release? I’m sorry to say I will be skipping the remastered version then -_-
    (Platinumed the PSVita version!)

  • Played GR1 on a friend’s Vita and it was awesome, can’t be more happy about this and the remastered release!

  • Japan gets a sweet Collector’s Edition and we get a digital release only?? My interest in this just dried up completely. :-(

  • All of your other remasters/ports of PS3/Vita games get retail releases except this one (which has a pretty fervent fanbase). Pretty shocking, to be honest, especially since fans were so excited for the collector’s edition Japan got. Even Europe is getting a physical release.

    Also happy to see you guys finally acknowledged GR 2 is a thing, over a month after Japan/Asia and Europe confirmed it.

    Sorry to sound like a grump, but it’s really disheartening to see how SCEA just doesn’t seem to give a flip about this series, when it could be a bigger thing if you gave it more support.

  • Just ordered an import copy. I really wish they would stop with these digital only releases.

  • Disappointed at the lack of a physical release for GR: Remastered. I really hope SCEA reconsiders and give this series the push it needs to succeed.

  • I’m sorry but no. You have ZERO excuses for making GR digital only. It’s quite pathetic how little confidence SCEA has in Sony 1st party IPs. We’re the ONLY region not getting a physical release and this is becoming a recurring thing. I’m getting sick and tired of us being treated this way, and you won’t get a sale from me. What’s funny is you’ll probably look at the sales and think people aren’t interested in the IP when its actually your fault that you constantly send games out to die.

    And yeah, I know hardcore fanboys are gonna dig into my post and insult me. No I don’t really care, so go ahead and waste your time on me. Have fun with that.

    So sick of this garbage treatment.

    • Agreed – the game deserves a physical release, complete with the collector’s edition option as well.

      It makes no sense when Europe gets a physical version too.

      So frustratingly… ugh…

  • The news of a digital-only release for Gravity Rush: Remastered on PS4 is greatly disappointing.

    Please inform your supervisors that such a release – one without a physical copy at North American retailers – for this title is completely unacceptable.

    Your publishing partners such as Namco Bandai can find ways to release physical retail copies of niche Japanese games, but for you? “Nope, sorry.” Even a smaller publisher such as XSeed – who regularly deals with niche Japanese titles – can produce retail copies of their own games. Continually and successfully, I might add.

    That you decided that this was your only choice in regards to Gravity Rush: Remastered being released here in NA is a failure on your half and no one but yourselves. You have no excuse in this matter. None. That is -unless- that your excuse is that you and your management have no faith in this game or its upcoming sequel (Gravity Rush 2). But I honestly don’t think this is the truth.

    I sincerely hope you change your mind on this matter, because I do not agree with. Not one bit. And I’m sure there are others here and abroad on the Internet who do not either. Thanks for hearing me out.

    • “Your publishing partners such as Namco Bandai can find ways to release physical retail copies of niche Japanese games, but for you?”

      where is my english physical copy of digimon story on vita

  • No vita, no buy.

  • No physical is disappointing to say the least, I’m still planning to get the game but come on Sony, even super niche games like Omega Quintet get physical releases in the West how does Gravity Rush Remastered get digital only? Now I get Gravity Rush may not be the most high profile, triple A title in Sony’s catalog, but I can guarantee it’s at least bigger than Omega Quintet! It’s not just Compile Heart either. Xseed, NIS, and to a leaser extent Atlus live and breath on niche games and 99% of the time we get physical releases. It’s even more frustrating when you see that EVERY other market get’s physical EXCEPT NA. Seriously even a limited print run would have been fine for most of us, just give us something Sony! Honestly I hope you guys look at the fan outcry and reconsider, still excited for the game (and GR2) but I feel let down as a Sony fan.

  • It’s bad enough that GR2 isn’t coming to Vita where it belongs, now there’s no physical version of GR Remastered? The first game is so great, it should be played by everybody, including folks who buy games at Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Gamestop. Digital only makes it sound like it’s being sent to die, and it sure won’t help the sequel I really hope you’ll rethink that.

  • Really looking forward to physical version on Vita!

  • I hope you’ll pass it on that a lot of people still want this physical. I’m still looking forward to Remastered! I would just rather not have to import.

    Gravity Rush 2 looks amazing so far!

  • why no collectors edition for NA? I wanted the nice figure dang it.

  • Is there going to be any digital add-ons or DLC codes of any kind? I *need* a physical copy, so I plan on importing a copy from EU, but if that means I can’t access any DLC, I might just pass and stick with my Vita version.

  • Why the hell digital only? What a deal breaker.

  • “Hi PlayStation fans”

    Hi PlayStation. Long time fan here indeed. What’s with SCEA treating this release as if it were insignificant? Why is it that SCEE and SCEJ are capable of giving this title a proper physical/digital release but SCEA is not? Clearly, judging by the feedback of these comments most PlayStation fans are unhappy with the decision to release this digital only. I sincerely hope after receiving such negative feedback from the fans, a physical release is being reconsidered! Until any further updates on this, I will NOT be purchasing the NA version!

  • So gravity rush remastered is only a digital download but part will be a disc and digital download? Not liking this if that is the case would like them both to be disc based. I don’t like to buy digital games I like to have the disc version.

  • I loved Gravity Rush! I’m happy to see that the sequel has been confirmed for North America now.

    I must admit being a little disappointed that the PS4 port of the first game is only going to be available as a digital download. Many games from much smaller publishers are managing to get physical copies manufactured in an effort to satisfy the demands of devoted video game enthusiasts and collectors. I’m certain that SCEA has the capability to do the same here.

  • SCEA what are you doing with your fans? Really? Digital only? I feel so bump about this. First BloodBorne then this? Thank you a lot for giving a dann about the people that want to buy your games.

  • Like most of the comments before me – I need to chime in and say that a digital only release for gravity rush is unacceptable.

    Europe gets a physical release, Japan gets a physical release AND a kickass bundle.

    North America is the only place NOT getting a physical release – it’s as if you want the series to die in the west. Give the series the support it deserves and it will bloom; don’t, and it’ll wilt away.

    And when it does, you’ll wonder why.

    I’d buy a Collector’s edition with the Figma in a heartbeat – heck, I’d buy a physical version for sure – but if it’s just a digital release, you’ve lost a sale.

  • If this had online co-op with Kat and Raven that would be amazing.


  • Super disappointed Gravity Rush 2 is not coming to Vita. Congratulations on losing a sale! I hope it fails miserably! Don’t bother making another handheld game console, as its clear any support for it will disappear immediately after launch.

    • Clearly you don’t care about the game if you want it to fail and for the IP to die. lol, I love my Vita and I bet I own more games than you do and bought most of them day 1. But I still want Gravity Rush to live on despite the Vita’s niche nature. ANd the PS4 will make the game 10x better at a minimum.

    • Watch out, we got a bad@ss over here. Buying up all kinds of games day 1. Thinks nobody loves their Vita but them…Sad fact is that Sony doesn’t care about Vita anymore. Can’t even bring a sequel to a Vita exclusive to the handheld…I still remember when SCEA actually cared about it’s customers. Now they are becoming just is bad as Microsoft, 100% about the money.

  • physical disc for Gravity Rush Remastered please. I really wanted to be able to get the CE with the statue

  • Very disappointed that this is digital only. SCEA will get none of my money, I’ll just have to pay extra to import it from SCEE instead.

    SCEA is terrible with SCEE and SCEJ content, and I’m absolutely sick of it. Worst division of Sony hands down. INDIE GAMES GET RETAIL RELEASES ON PS4 SONY. WHY ARE YOUR FIRST PARTY TITLES NOT GETTING RETAIL?


  • No Vita No Buy.
    No PsPlus too

  • Digital only? Just wow. Retail copy would’ve been Day 1 for me. No way will I pay launch price for a game like GR Remastered ($30) and get just a digital copy out of it. Looks like I’ll be importing this from Europe sometime down the line, because SCEE actually made the SMART decision to give us the OPTION for either one.

    Looks like all my money is going towards Street Fighter V in February. Thanks for making this decision easy for me SCEA.

  • what a bummer about digital only :(

  • I’m so disappointed about this being a digital only download for the US. I was looking forward to a physical copy or even maybe a nice collectors edition of this game. Also I have a cap restriction on how much data I use a month & would have to change & restrict my data useage or have to pay extra a month. Playstation if “This Is For The Players” then can’t you have a limited run printed up to gauge the demand of a physical version of this game to see if you, maybe are underestimateing the demand of your North American audience, A substantial portion of your Players?

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