PlayStation Underground: 4 Creepy Games for Halloween

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PlayStation Underground: 4 Creepy Games for Halloween

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our online show about video games! Today, we’re preparing for Halloween this year by sampling four creepy games on PS4 — two that are upcoming, and two you can buy now if you’re interested. Yes, four Halloween-friendly games, all in one episode! Too bad we forgot to wear costumes or decorate the set. We apologize for the oversight…

Included in this incredible lineup: the stylish and spooky strategy game Ray’s the Dead, the chaotic multiplayer mayhem of Extreme Exorcism, the unnerving, web-weaving of Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, and the critically-acclaimed, first-person thought-provoker Soma. Sure, we enjoy a few jokes during the show, but I was essentially terrified the entire time.

PlayStation Underground: 4 Creepy Games for Halloween

If you like what you see, both Extreme Exorcism and Soma are out now on PS4. They both pair quite well with all the pumpkins, costumes, and candy that are creeping closer to us on October 31st. And as someone that has played and beaten Soma since the recording of this episode, take it from me: brace yourself for all manner of terrors and lingering nightmares.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and remember that we’ll be back soon with more Underground in the weeks to come. Enjoy the show!

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  • Wow what an awesome lineup of games Ryan! I agree that both SOMA and Extreme Exorcism are fantastic games and worth playing having tried them myself. I backed Ray’s the Dead on kickstarter and have been eager to play it since seeing it on stage at the Sony E3 2013 Press Conference.

  • Sounds like a scary good episode. What a treat :-)

  • Ray’s the Dead is easily one of my most anticipated games of next year. I was hoping to get it in time for Halloween, of course, but I understand–they want to be able to put more into the game as they’ve only got one shot at releasing it.

    They’re a smaller dev, they can’t afford to release absolute crap and then patch it up later, and then people still buy next year’s broken mess. ;)

  • Or for those who still have it: P.T.

    • ☆ P.T is a masterpiece and Konami destroyed !!

    • P,T. Sucks, its lame an the ghost was not scary an i spent 4 hours going thro the same 2 hallways before i went to youtube an found out u never go anywere else, one of the top worst games ever

    • @juggalorider your grammar is atrocious, and P.T. wasn’t even really a game, more of a teaser, so your opinion is invalid.

  • For those of you who only have PS3(or who have both PS3/PS4), Catherine is a great pick. Not terrifying, but definitely a bit spooky.

    • Lol Catherine sucks an so does this list. No jump scares like the old RE game an no vita love, how lame

    • @juggalorider it must suck having so much free time and be unable find anything to do with it but go in every post and complain about the lack of attention to the Vita.

      I’m guessing you haven’t even played Catherine, but that’s fine… I wouldn’t expect it to appeal to you judging by your tone.

  • No Costume Quest 2. Am disappoint, Mr. Powerhouse.

  • Nice Selection! When I see my library I always get angry because: “If you own the P.T on your library you will still be able to download it anytime”. That was what I heard at the time. I had to make a medical procedure on other state on my country, when I returned home a couple of weeks, boom: I’ve lost my P.t. It’s disrespectful, because when I bought it (free like everyone) It was said that I was able to download anytime I want.

    I want to bring friends to play and all get scared but Sony messed up.

    Outlast is scary too lol!

    • @1

      Has nothing to due with sony. Why don’t you look it up it was Konami that had it pulled NOT SONY.

    • @carter12008
      Sony have to protect your customers, no matter what. In your way of thinking, if I buy a digital game and the developer put the game down for new downloads, it’s ok and I have to fight with them, and not with Sony that sells the game? I respect your position, but I entirely disagree.

  • Clements when can we expect a Playstation Home 2?

  • Hey Ryan! It’s DarkAngelRafael from twitter. I have yet to finish Until Dawn (I love it though and hoping for a sequel) but SOMA looks like I should add it to my large PS4 library. I’m a sucker for horror games… Even though they easily terrify me. lol

  • It is kinda disappointing that these are all unreleased games or early demo builds. What is the point of showcasing scary halloween games that won’t be ready in time for halloween? It kinda makes me feel like the PS4 library is small. You should have found a few games on PS4, and then mixed in PS3 and vita games to cover all of your platforms and make it not seem like any of them have a limited selection *cough* *cough* PS4. I think this entire video is just bad marketing. :-/

  • I should’ve known better than to expect Corpse Party: Blood Drive to be on PS4 Underground.

  • Resident evil remastered for $10 and Dead Space trilogy for $30. Make it happen , Sony!

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