Update: New Media Remote for PS4 Hits Shelves Today

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Update: New Media Remote for PS4 Hits Shelves Today

PS4 Media Remote

UPDATE: Small, sleek, and simple to use – the new Media Remote for PlayStation 4 is hitting store shelves today.

The remote’s compact design and improved ergonomics offer intuitive navigation and control for your favorite movies and TV shows on PS4.

It also comes with dedicated PS4 buttons, allowing you to easily navigate through system menus and apps. Click here for details and purchasing options.

If you’re looking for a remote with extra features and the ability to control devices in addition to your PS4, read on for details on the Universal Media Remote for PS4.

Original story:

We all love DualShock 4, but sometimes when you’re watching movies, you just want a remote. The good news is now you can, since we’ve worked closely with Performance Designed Products (PDP) on a Universal Media Remote for PlayStation 4 that will let you turn on the system, navigate the UI, and control video content on apps like Netflix or on Blu-rays and DVDs.

PS4 Universal Media Remote

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PS4 Universal Media Remote

The Universal Media Remote for PS4, which will be available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico when it launches later this month, uses Bluetooth to control PS4 and can also be set up to control up to three additional devices, including a TV, cable box and audio receiver. It also features many of the most important buttons for navigating system menus and entertainment apps on PS4 including the Action buttons (triangle, circle, cross, and square). Like DualShock 4, the remote also features the SHARE, OPTIONS, and PS buttons.

At launch, the remote will be fully compatible with the following apps and services (with more to come later):

  • Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Crunchyroll
  • FUNimation
  • HBO GO
  • Media Player
  • Netflix
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • PlayStation Video
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Twitch
  • YouTube

Pick up the Universal Media Remote for PS4 when it releases later this month for $29.99 (MSRP) or pre-order it now.

PS4 Universal Media RemotePS4 Universal Media Remote

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2 Author Replies

  • People have so many questions here. I hope Sony surprises us and actually sends someone here to answer.

    My questions;
    What’s the price in Canada?
    What devices are compatible? What limitations are there? Brands etc…
    Can I pair this with my PS3 as well as my PS4?

    Please bring more apps to Canada!

    • 39.99

      Everything that is a TV, compatibility hasn’t been much of a problem in recent years. Limitations are to the functions the remote offers.

      No, you cannot pair with the PS3.

  • I take this to mean this remote will work with all apps as well as a DualShock 4 will, but if you want extra options only the remote has like Guide, the number pad, etc. to have a purpose the app will need to be compatible. Is that right?


  • You should have stuck with the Bluetooth remote functions from PS3 though. You were ahead of your time. Going back to direction oriented IR technology is not good. And let me guess, I need to clog a USB port for this? UGH.

  • And STILL no backlight?! Come on guys…. the 360 media remote AND the Xbox One media remote have had backlighting forever.

  • Sony RMT-TX100U Remote. This remote works perfectly with The PS4 It actually comes with Sony 4k Android TV its bluetooth The remote navigates all UI and works with netflix, youtube etc.. It even turn on The PS4. Check it out

  • There should be a video game which uses this controller. Like Jeopardy or something.

  • I have mine coming in the mail right now, should arrive Moday. As nice as this is though, I think a first party PlayStation Vue remote should be made and packed in with every PlayStation 4 and PlayStation TV. Perhapps, this is something better suited for later on when Vue is more available Nation Wide, but is is definitly something that really needs to be considered. If Vue is to compete with Cable and Satilite, it has to have the feel and comfort of traditional TV, to attract customers from legacy TV platforms.

    • GameStop have them early but I’m on my second one and they don’t work correctly. Volume punch through will not program for amp. Also there are four soft keys and the manual says that you can reprogram the input button. Also cannot program that button for amp. I’ve contacted pdp support but so far a big disappointment.

  • Been waiting for this forever. I don’t suppose you know anything yet about a European release?
    Or, if I imported this, would it work with my PS4? Might seem like a silly question, but I know different regions get different firmware.

  • Any word on when, this will release in EU?

  • Why don’t we have “voice commands” that do all these things nearly 2 years later? Js. It’s almost the only thing I like about my Xbox One besides it being inferior to my PS4.

  • I didn’t care for the ps3 remote, and this looks like they pretty much copied it over to the ps4. I mean, it works fine and all, but I hope the remote has more support for devices, I believe the ps3 remote only worked with Sony receivers. Also, no backlighting, still? This is why you guys need IR support, the ps4 cant really be a home theater hub without a proper universal, which this remote isnt, and it has no support for 3rd party universal remotes. And don’t give me that nonsense about it being primarily a game system, it’s promoted as a media hub device and will have a long life in many systems as such a device, but this is an area the ps4 lags behind the competitors, why allow this when you could offer IR support and just crush the competition in every category? All you need is to authorize a properly licensed device to implement an IR dongle.

  • My PS4 is for playing games only.

  • Does anyone know if this will be compatible with DVR? I know it works with cable boxes, but it doesn’t have a List button or anything similar that would bring up the DVR list of recordings. And will the play/stop/FF/REW buttons work with DVR as well, or is that just for apps?

    • I’m guessing it will have DVR support. Even though it does not have a dedicated “list” button, many of the other buttons can serve this function. Also, there is a separate REC button that looks to be for DVR recording.

  • This is the US remote. Ofcourse they will not release it globaly. Any remote for any other region requires a subtitle button, and Sony knows this.

    • That’s what bugs me! I don’t want to have dig around a menu to swap audio tracks or subtitles. Part of the reason I wanted a remote for the PS4 is so I wouldn’t have to do that. Now I’m back at square one.

  • Does this mean the PS4 will be updated to allow 3rd party (Harmony remotes) to power the PS4 on/off, like you could with the PS3?

  • For god’s sake Sony, just let us use the existing PS3 remote. This new remote doesn’t even have any new features over the PS3 one (a headphone port would have been nice!), so there’s really no excuse.

  • Does this mean that Harmony remotes will finally work well with PS4? Please???

  • I’m excited pending how robust the universal remote functions are. I’m guessing this doesn’t have any learning capabilities, so if it doesn’t allow me to access my cable box’s DVR recordings and use its a, b, and c buttons, it will be pretty useless to me. In which case, I’ll have to give it a pass and stick to the PS3 for all media related functions, including CD playback since the PS4 still seems to be the only device with an optical drive that I’m aware of (including $25 DVD players and $15 mini boom boxes) that doesn’t allow CD playback.

  • I bought the remote for my PS3 and used it twice and NEVER touched it again. I did everything with the controller… so for $30 and definitely will NOT be bothering with this remote… when it supports more apps, costs less and such… maybe.

  • This remote looks awesome….I can’t wait till it comes out. Sony NEEDS to make a soundboard dedicated to the PS4 now. :-)

  • Where the heck are the audio and subtitles buttons? Virtually every other bluray player let’s you engage the subtitles audio tracks at will. What’s up with that obvious omission?

  • Hopefully it’s compatible with Amazon video soon after release. That’s the worst video player to have to rewind right now.

  • Makes me wish it was a tad smaller to server as a one handed controller for visual novels and the like.

  • @GooRooMan Actually the Ability to Turn On the PS4 by selecting the HDMI port from the TV and/or also Turning the TV On by Turning On the PS4, is called “HDMI Device Link”.
    I’ve been doing that with my PS4 + LG Cinema TV since the release of the Console…

  • It says that the YouTube app on the PlayStation 4 is supported by this remote out of the box, I purchased this yesterday and it does not navigate nor does it recognize the PS4 YouTube app even though it was advertised as working out of the box with the YouTube app as one of the apps that would work with it.

    Just a question, was this an oversight, and if so when will a updated YouTube app be provided so the PS4 universal media remote control Will function with it?

    Just to be clear, it works fine in the regular menuing system and also with Netflix, it functions but it will not even allow navigation or movement at all in the YouTube app.

    Any insight on this issue would be gratefully appreciated!

    • Glad you said it, because I was actually about to type the same thing! I picked mines up Saturday, too, and quickly notice the same thing once I got it up & running. I can vouche it works w/ all the other apps that you guys listed that it would (at least the ones I have installed and use) it even mostly works on Amazon Video (the actual ‘play’, ‘pause’, ‘stop’, etc buttons don’t but you can still use the corresponding face buttons–like you would on the DS4 controller–to control the video), but I call bs on YouTube app unless Google is gonna update the app by the time ’27th release date’.

      I can use the remote even all the way up to using it to launch YouTube from the homescreen, but after that…..NADA. You guys at Sony need to get at Google about checking on that, just sayin.

    • Bought the remote today. Circle button…or any button for that matter, doesn’t let me go to the previous screen when watching hulu. I have to PS button out and back in again after closing the app.

  • Why not let the people who have already bought the PS3 BR remote use that in a simple update.

  • So this wasn’t made In-House at Sony?


  • Is the remote compatible with smart TVs?

  • Nice. Too bad it took two years to release. This should have been available at launch, ridiculous. At least let us use the PS3 remote Sony !

  • When will it release in K.S.A.

  • bit pricey for a remote £10.00 seems more reasonable

  • Three devices in addition to the PS4 is a bit few. Needs five, in all honesty. But, since Sony is crippling the production of third party universal remotes by not allowing anything but their own stuff to turn the system on, that’s not likely to happen.

    Will this thing at least learn functions from other remotes? Because I’m guessing that the odds that it supports my Windows Media Center remote’s functionality are pretty slim.

  • So I just picked up my PS4 Universal Media Remote and I’m not too happy. The remote is nice, but some of the advertised functions do not work. The remote is supposed to support Volume Punch Through, but if you follow the instructions in the manual it doesn’t work. You are supposed to (taken directly from the manual) “Hold down the gray device key for the device that should always control volume and the MUTE key at the same time” and “The red LED will flash 3 times to indicate Volume Punch Through is successful”. I have been holding that button down for 5+ minutes and the LED doesn’t flash nor does Punch Through work. When I go to the support site there isn’t a section for the remote. It took me a few minutes just to find the manual. What the heck guys?

  • YouTube doesn’t work. Please fix it, I bought it for youtube. Everything else works ok so far

  • Youtube doesn’t work, no back button for Hulu, so many issues, and this is an officially licensed product? Really

  • Programmed it for my receiver with no problem. Then attempted to set up what they refer to as “Volume Punch Through”. No go. Tried it 5 times with each code that worked with my receiver (There were 3 that worked). Anyone get this to work?

    • radamo,

      According to the PDP support specialist who answered my ticket, Volume Punch Through to an AV receiver is NOT a feature, and the instruction manual wording implying otherwise is a misprint.

      Great, huh? :/

      When I indicated to them that I was not happy about this, I was told that their developers are working on an updated version, and that they would send it to me when it becomes available. (holding breath)

  • It’s advertised that the remote works with Youtube. It currently doesn’t… Any idea when it will?

  • Sony, this product is a joke! Please take the time to read the reviews being posted to retailers’ sites. This is what happens to your customers when you put the quality of their experience into the hands of third party vendors. Sure this thing is cheap, but I would gladly pay more for a Sony-made successor to the PS3’s excellent media remote.

    Lowlights from my laundry list of complaints:

    Spotty control across apps.
    Volume buttons can’t be set to control an AV receiver.
    Goes into sleep mode within the runtime of a TV episode.
    Buttons missing (Audio, Subtitle, Display, Instant, Slow/Step, etc.).

  • I wonder if YouTube/Google will have to add thoes functions into an updated YouTube App, or If Sony can add additions to the PS4 operating Systems Bluetooth Stack for recognition of each button push of the remote to register correctly.

    As with most stand alone apps, they are controlled and written by the provider of the Application.

    Google/YouTube Application’s are always written by Google/YouTube software team and then submitted to the provider, but if it’s just a rewrite of some Bluetooth code so the PS4 can recognize the button assignments, we may see a fix in the next firmware.

    One other mention is that “PDP” web site states “Other Application’s coming soon”, but The YouTube App should have never been mentioned as one of the Applications that was supported out of the box.

    I do believe Sony will make it right with the cooperation of “PDP” so the remote control function’s as described.

    Thank you all for your time!!

  • bought this on release day, ITS NOT WORKING WITH YOUTUBE.

    I sent PDP a message, they said delete youtube & reinstall. STILL NOT WORKING.

    they said check if latest system update, it was already installed.

    whats going on???

  • I saw that this remkte FINALLY came out. When I read that it was a “Sony Licensed” product, I decided to do some research first. If you have not purchased this yet, I Recommend going to Amazon and Best Buys sites to read reviews. They are not good. The common issues I read were incompatible with most apps (including YouTube, Hulu, Crackle) the volume punch-through feature does not work or is limited, at best. Buttons too small, instructions chock-full of typos, no batteries included. This, just to name a few. I decided to hold off for something better. I bought both official versions of the PS3 media remote and thought those worked great. I am stunned as to why no one, especially Sony, can get this right. There should have been a PS Media remote at launch of the PS4. Why it has taken this long, as still is far from perfect, boggles my mind. I really want to use my PS4 as my complete home entertainment system but I still have to use my Chromecast, PS4, and Blu Ray player (due to not wanting to use the PS4 dualshock controller as the remote) to rely on media. The XBox One has a fantastic multimedia setup. i am considering spending the money to have both systems and use the XBox for my multimedia purposes.

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