PS4: Big Holiday Lineup, Lower Cost

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PS4: Big Holiday Lineup, Lower Cost
PlayStation 4

Since the launch of PS4, we have been thrilled with the amount of gamers jumping into the world of PlayStation for the first time. If you haven’t made the jump yet, and you’re starting early on your holiday wish list, I have good news – we’re dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 system in the U.S. and Canada. Starting tomorrow, October 9, you’ll be able to pick up PS4 starting at the new price of $349.99 USD / $429.99 CAD (MSRP). Our goal at PlayStation has always been to provide the best gameplay experiences at the best value, and we feel this new compelling price will open the doors to even more gamers that have yet to purchase a system.

Over the past few months, we’ve introduced a number of bundles that feature some of the biggest games coming to PS4 this holiday season. Here’s a snapshot of the new prices for the current PS4 hardware lineup:

Bundle (Release Date) Current Price (MSRP) New Price (MSRP) (effective 10/9)
UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 Bundle (10/9) $399.99 USD / $449.99 CAD $349.99 USD / $429.99 CAD
Limited Edition Call of Duty: Black Ops III 1TB PS4 Bundle (11/6) $449.99 USD / $549.99 CAD $429.99 USD / $499.99 CAD
Limited Edition Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars PS4 Bundle (11/13) $449.99 USD / $549.99 CAD $399.99 USD / $469.99 CAD
Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundle (11/17) $449.99 USD / $549.99 CAD $399.99 USD / $469.99 CAD
Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundle (11/17) $399.99 USD / $449.99 CAD $349.99 USD / $429.99 CAD
NHL 16 PS4 Bundle
(Available now, Canada only)
$449.99 CAD $429.99 CAD

Thanks again for remaining the best fans in gaming, and we look forward to many hours of gaming this holiday season and beyond! For those of you making the jump to PS4 this fall/holiday, what game will you be picking up first?

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    • Is this it? Only a 20$ drop for Canada?
      Xbox One go for 350$, 300$ on sale with 5 games.
      I really want my friends to get PS4 over Xbox One but it’s hard to convince them with such a huge price difference.

    • It’s probably because of how weak the CAD is to USD right now.

  • Is this a permanent price drop or one for just the holiday season?

  • Wasn’t expecting this announcement until maybe PGW, that’s great though I’m sure a lot of people will be happy. I guess that Target leak really sped things along

    • Once something is leaked, sales probably drop substantially expecting an announcement. Great timing to go along with the NDC.

  • That’s so awesome! Finally

  • Extremely smart timing, and the price is with the bundles is awesome.

  • Nice for those who haven’t gotten a PS4 yet.

  • What lineup, it’s all star wars and COD garbage no exclusives at all this holiday, the Drake remake collection doesn’t count.

  • Didn’t expect to hear this at a random time. Also I believe this is a permanent price drop, which will really be good at this time.

  • Hail shuhei full of grace

  • Fantastic NEWS PPL HAND MS a shovel now

  • I was planning on buying a ps4 tonight, decided to wait till Saturday before even reading this… wow, luck is on my side this time.

  • Finally! I had honestly been holding off buying a PS4 in hopes of it getting a price drop sometime soon, so this is great news! $50 may not seem like much to some people, but hey a save is a save! I can finally upgrade to the “current gen”. This couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • again USA….EU and UK nothing.

    • To be fair and I’m usually the first person to gripe at preferential treatment to our American cousins, the price in the UK (allowing for VAT and other associated taxes) is one of the most competitive compared with the US, Europe and the rest of the world.

  • For the higher priced bundles it’s a good drop in canada but what the hell with the $20 on the cheaper ones

  • $ 349.99 usd ? the price of the 500gb version or 1tb ?

  • Already have ps4 from last year, for this hollidays I’m already preordered nathan drake collection and disgaea 5, going to buy tales of zesteria and black ops 3 if the review are good, buying dragon quest heroes and until dawn if I have time to play. Mgs v, the witcher 3 and tearaway unfolded still on my backlog, already finishing soma, and next month starcraft 2 legacy of void coming out. Too many games to play..

  • It’s ‘Official’ then…the New SONY USA PlayStation Boss has bigger Balls :D than the old Boss Jack i.e for once in the USA, SONY are taking on MS in the Christmas Holidays :P Nice 1 SONY ;)

  • I’m really happy that the price went down on the PS4. I was already planing on buying the BO3 Bundle, but now I’m just going to buy the $349 bundle. I can buy my own TB HD. This is good news.

  • Any way i can get a $50 refund? i literally bought one a few weeks ago for $400.

  • “We look forward to many hours of gaming this holiday season and beyond! ”


    Wow, what wonderful news to wake up to :-D

    • This amazing dont have PS4 but ill be getting it ffor Christmas finally a PS4 price drop thanks you thank you!!!

  • I’m guessing we won’t be seeing another PS4 price drop for another 2 years lol

  • I’m guessing we won’t be getting another ps4 price drop for another 3 years lol
    Still pretty good hopefully more people grab the console more. I just wish i had more money at my disposal to get some of these games i want to play :(

    • They make enough on the console they could have gone to 299.99, but since they still sell at 399, they figured to compete with bundles drop it to 349.99, so when black friday hits it will have bigger impact.

      Add in the the fact there will be some last minute bundles they announce for black friday.

      Next year PS4 will be 299, unless they sell ridiculous amounts at 349.99, then they may not change the price till the following year.

  • While I agree it needed to be done before Black Friday, the problem with cutting the price of a product that is already selling extremely well is the ability to keep the product in stock. I’m sure you guys are compensating for the change, I just hope it will be enough.

  • what about the Destiny bundle? is it dropping to 349.99usd or stayng at 399.99?

  • What happen to the Destiny The Taken King bundle? Is their a price drop for that as well?

  • Too early for a price drop.

    • Incorrect. The PS3 had a price cut of $100 2 years after launch. The PS2 had a price cut of $100 2 years after launch.

      In short, you’re wrong. Cheers.

    • @justttalking – you are incorrect. Its a subjective not an objective statement. In short, get over yourself.

  • isn’t the black ops 3 bundle supoosed to $399.99 usd? or is $429.99 the lowest they will drop it?

  • Hurray for 20 dollars

  • Tekrunners has the 500GB certified refurb PS4 for $299. Quite worth it still, over the price drop.

  • Hoorah!

  • At first I was pretty bummed out, I just got a PS4 last week! But upon reading and realizing that the Destiny Bundle with the neat looking PS4 wasn’t in the price drop. Phew! At least that justifies it in my head a little bit.

  • this price drop for canada is pathetic. first it was $50 more then u.s now its 80? my disappointment with sony just keeps getting worse everyday.

    • and still more then what it was at launch

    • Just move to the United States. Home of the cheap burgers, bigger waist sizes, and Amiibo Shortage.
      I made the move from South America.

    • I’d never move from Canada to the states if I’m not rich. Health care in Canada is literally like a dream come true vs the states nightmare lol

  • I’ve never seen a product cost more 2 years after its release. we may be the best fans in gaming but sony is the worst out of the big 3. you guys are acting just like apple. your on top so why bother trying to hard

    • @fudgenasty21

      Sony did the right thing and held the price steady, as a whole the company needed a solid win like this in order to usher in a turnaround. How is Sony the “worst of all 3”? When MS released the Xbox 360 they completely abandoned the original Xbox. Nintendo force fed the developers a weird controller nearly eliminating them from the console war all together. Suggesting Sony is akin to Apple is actually a compliment when you think about it.

  • the value of canadian currency may be worth less but we are not making more money at work to reflect this. these game prices are killing me and i might be forced to switch to pc gaming if this continues.

    • @fudgenasty21

      There are ample avenues for gamers on a budget these days. You can buy used and save yourself 10%-25% in a week or two. You can wait a few weeks when most games get a price drop to $40-$50. You can wait until the “complete editions” release. You can subscribe to PS+ and have an ever growing library of games for the $50 per year.

  • There won’t be a drop for the Destiny Bundle? : (:( :( :(

  • Woohoooooo!

  • As a person that pre-ordered the LE Star Wars Bundle, this makes me very happy.

    I am also very happy that the COD 1TB bundle did not get a full price drop. Makes me feel better about my purchase considering it is only 500 gig.

    Well done Sony, well done.

  • is the last of us bundle $350 or $400

  • Good timing on the price drop.

  • I love how the Canadians are the only ones getting an Ice Hockey Game

  • I pre-ordered the Uncharted bundle a few weeks ago and paid the 399.99 price. Would I get a refund for the new price of 349.99 and get the extra money spent back?

  • This is just plain disrespectful, 20$ for Canada really Sony? Could you not just put it to 400? Saying the Canadian dollar is low makes no sense when the Yen is pennies and is cheaper and making less money when converted to USD 292$??

  • Been wanting to get myself a PS4 for a while now, but the price is still too much for me, will the drop be happening in Ireland? if so I will be running to the stores!

  • Make it backwards compatible, at least for digital titles, and you would have had yourself a deal.
    After some of the treatment from your Blog team, and service departments, I think I will wait for Xbox to lower theirs once again, and stick with Gamefly.

    But, chances are, I am done with the console wars these days and I will stick to PC from here on out.
    Games are just plain cheaper for digital buyers.

    I guess when you said that Vita (life) was a Legacy (over) , you were referring to my future partnership with Sony.
    You can’t even bring us Crisis Core or Kingdom Hearts which are already on PSP.

  • 1TB call of duty seems like a good deal. Or Battlefront (clearly the best game for me) limited edition! ^_^

    PS: I’m so sad about my lame Canadian dollar… :'( At least I bought mine before the value fell, so I already paid this “special price” :P

  • Too bad the NHL bundle is Canada only. That game is half the reason I still consider a console over PC.

  • wow… I bought my ps4 day 1`… and the price is actually higher now after the price drop than it was then.

    Sony hates Canadians, confirmed.

    • Hey, I’m Canadian too but this isn’t Sony’s fault. Our dollar is a piece of crap right now and I’d rather you blame Harper for letting our economy go this bad. Make sure you vote though if you’re 18.

      Anyways, more on topic, I’m glad that there is a price drop happening so more people can become apart of the PlayStation Nation!

    • Except that its a Japanese company, so the price should be based off of our dollar’s value in comparison to the Yen, not the US Dollar… and the Yen is doing no better than the CAD.

      It’s just an excuse to charge more. Same reason why SOME developers are charging 30 bucks more for games, but not all of them. You really get a good grasp for which developers are just trying to pinch us for all we’re worth and which ones want us to feel loyal to them.

      Thank goodness XSeed isn’t one of them… 50 bucks for the Trails of Cold Steel collector’s edition, even up here in Canada.

  • Wow. This is perfect. I’ve been stocking up on PS4 games in preparation for my imminent purchase of a PS4 on the 17th of this month. Thanks, PlayStation Nation!

  • Good job sony almost makes me want to buy another PS4 but i already have 2 PS4’s at it is lol.
    #PSNation #TheCouncil :)

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