Primal Carnage: Extinction Comes to PS4 on October 20th

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Primal Carnage: Extinction Comes to PS4 on October 20th

Heya, PlayStation folks. My name is Adam from Austin-based independent studio Panic Button.

In celebration of International Dinosaur Month (it’s really a thing), we’re bringing Circle 5 Studio’s dino-versus-people, first-person frag fest Primal Carnage: Extinction to PS4 on October 20th!

Primal Carnage: Extinction Comes to PS4 on October 20th

In a nutshell, Primal Carnage: Extinction is a class-based biter/shooter in which you play as your favorite dinosaur or mercenary to bite/claw/douse-with-poisonous-spit members of the opposing team in a variety of gameplay types.

The game is no-frills, jump-in-and-have-fun PS4 multiplayer mayhem with up to 16 players in player-hosted online and offline (single-screen LAN) modes. It makes great use of DualShock 4 and even has a custom control scheme for PS Vita Remote Play.

  1. Team Deathmatch — (un)Traditional dino-versus-human team-based multiplayer in unique battle arenas.
  2. Get to the Chopper — Control key parts of the map in this objective-based game mode, ultimately unlocking the escape helicopter and the Tyrant dinosaur that will try to stop it.
  3. Survival — Play solo or co-op through wave after wave of AI dinos.
  4. Free Roam — For those who want to strut their dino-might without the pressure of timers or kill counts.

Primal Carnage: Extinction

Playing as dinosaurs, spit, pounce, chomp, and tail-swing your way to the top of the food chain. Not exactly your typical FPS.

  1. Dilophosaurus — Ambush and blind your enemies from a distance or put your poisonous fangs to use, which will blind and slow the bipedal meat sacks.
  2. Novaraptor — Fast and scary is your namesake. Mercilessly slash your enemies or pounce and maul them into the ground. Watch out for the counterattack, though!
  3. Pteranodon — Reconnoiter from the sky and hone your swoop-down-and-carry-off skills or practice juggling your prey with a Pteranodon friend.
  4. Carnotaurus — You’re a two-legged cross between a bull and a T-Rex that charges your victims to death and can also heal by taking a bite out of them.
  5. Tyrannosaurus Rex — As the King of Lizards, be a high-health fearsome tank of an adversary.

Primal Carnage: Extinction

As far as the human team, use weapons unique among first-person shooters to tranq, net, snipe, shoot, flame, or rocket your way to homo sapien superiority.

  1. The Scientist — Snipe from afar, or slow down opponents with your unique-to-class tranquilizers, but don’t let the beasts get in your personal space (You can say goodbye if they do).
  2. The Commando— On the other end of the spectrum, humble those legendary beasts with your assault rifle or rocket launcher. Remember you may be strong, but you’re not quick. Good thing you can take a beating.
  3. The Pathfinder — Get up close and personal with your powerful short-ranged shotgun and leverage your agility to reload without getting eaten.
  4. The Trapper — Net smaller dinos and lock the jaws of the larger ones to make them more susceptible to damage — a great tactic to slow them down for your team mates.
  5. The Pyro — Because fire.

Whether you’re comfy in your human skin or dinoLARPing is more your thing (we don’t judge), we hope you enjoy this modified take on the class-based first-person shooter genre.

Happy International (First-Person-Shooter) Dinosaur Month!

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  • I don’t see any feathers on the raptors or T-Rex. Also a Pteranodon’s feet weren’t designed to carry anything. They lifted things with their beaks like pelicans.

    Jurassic World got all this stuff wrong too.

    Game looks fun though. :p

    • technically in jurassic world/park they weren’t dinosaurs, they were scientifically engineered animals made to look like dinosaurs, and it was stated in the world that if the scientists didn’t use amphibian dna the animals would look different, so if they had used bird dna then the animals would probably have feathers

    • @jchill001 – that was lazy writing on their part to give a reason why they didn’t update 25-year-old science so the director could make a movie based on his fanboy nostalgia of the original movie. It doesn’t make sense in the movie world either because they said they did it to make the dinosaurs what people expected them to look like. Well 20 years after Jurassic World opened I’m pretty sure the people who would go to a dinosaur park would want to see real dinosaurs, especially the kid who knows everything about them yet never says anything about real dinosaurs even though he should.

      Amphibian DNA also doesn’t explain why a Pteranodon’s 65 million year old instincts would change and make them want to lift their prey with their feet. :p

      Also, technically, Pterosaurs like Pteranodon weren’t dinosaurs, but I don’t have a problem with them being in the Jurassic World movie or the Primal Carnage game. One of my favorite prehistoric animals after all. :)

    • eh yeah it’s not accurate science but whatever even the original Jurassic Park was scientifically accurate for it’s time but thats what is great about science fiction is that we can have some fun with science XD Regardless I see your point and your not wrong I just don’t let it bother me and it didn’t effect my enjoyment of Jurassic World and I’m sure it won’t effect my enjoyment of this game XD Just felt like tossing in my 2 cents :)

    • *meant to say Jurassic Park was scientifically inaccurate for its time but my spell correct screwed it up sorry lol

    • Oh. My. God. Who the hell cares, ain’t none of y’all know what a dinosaur really looks like. This game however, looks fun.

    • It’s fun

  • I think This would be something I can get into. A much different type of shooter than what I am accustomed to.

  • 2 questions adam. how much will it cost and will i need ps plus? also the sound in the video won’t work

    • Sorry the sound isn’t working for you!

      We’ll be announcing a price soon, and you will need PS Plus for the online multiplayer (but not for the single-screen LAN mode).

  • Oh, that’s pretty smart. This is releasing the same day Jurassic World releases on Blu-Ray! Dinos!

  • fudge its a free to play game free to play but you can buy pruim packs and items for the game ive been playing since they where in beta on pc now its on staem and facebook for free and beta time preuim was free to earn when you complete the quest objest now you have to buy them it would not make seince sony to charge you for a free pc game

    • Free-To-Play? It’s $20 on Steam as of right now. I don’t think it will be free unless you’re thinking of that other free Dinosaur hunting game on Steam? Everyone should expect $20 unless it really is Free and I am dumb or something lol. Sorry if I am mistaken!

    • This isn’t a free-to-play or freemium game – It’s a purchase-to-own title for PS4, and the price will be posted soon.


  • So, this game is mainly multiplayer game…? No single player campaigns…???

    • Yes, this is multiplayer only.

    • Yes, the game is designed to be basically multiplayer only (online and single-screen LAN).

      There is a Survival mode that pits you against waves of dinos, and you can play that solo, if you want (and there are Trophies available from the mode).

  • Any Split Screen please respond

    • Sorry, Kevin – No split-screen for PC:E. We looked at it pretty seriously, but it just wasn’t an option in the time we had for this game.

  • Hoou thought this game was cancelled,remember seeing it announced even before PS4 was released if I’m not wrong.Anyway glad to see it being released…shame its online-only but looks ok and the survival mode got me pretty interested.

    No chance of a demo?…at least for the survival mode?

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  • Hi, me and my brother love playing split screen. Does this have splitscreen on the ps4? If it does it will be a definite purchase for me.

  • i signed in just to ask if there was going to be bots but i see someone already asked a question that got mine answered
    my questions are
    will there be a rank/leveling system with unlocks?
    how many maps are in the game?
    will there be vehicles?
    estimated fps?

  • Another Jurrasic Park kinda game. Nope not something I would play considering the comparison with games like GTAV, Fallout4, Batman, etc!!!!!!

  • This game reminds me of Evolve, If you know what I mean. But I still might get it, if I hear good things about it. Good luck.

  • I’m down for some dinosaurs! :D

  • sorry I was thinking dino storm it looks the same to me but good news jrassic world game is free on androd

  • Awesome! But will it released in worldwide?

    • We’ve announced with Sony Computer Entertainment America for October 20, but we’ll have more announcements very soon!

    • So the game just released for the American release today but still waiting for the Europe release. I’ll wait if they announced.

  • Will it cost $19.99 right
    And plus will the
    Test map be playable

  • Will it cost $19.99 right
    And plus will the
    Test map be play-

  • Is this going to be $20 like it is on Steam?

  • I will buy this game and convince all my ps4 owning friends to buy this game just please tell me your still thinking about doing primal carnage genasis that game looked and sounded brilliant and honestly would do so well considering there are no dinosaur games for new gen consoles

  • If buying this game means you guys will finish primal carnage genesis i will totally give extinction a shot

  • Congrats Panic Button!

    Can’t wait to grab this, love me some dinosaurs.

  • I don’t understand why the PS4 keeps getting old PC games that have been around for years already. Primal Carnage is from 2012! It sells for $7.99, you can play it today! Sony will talk it up like it’s a new product and sell it to you for 60 bucks? I don’t understand…

  • Hey Adam, i still can’t find it at the PSN store (eu).

  • where is the gameeeee

  • Where is primal carnage extinction on the so store I can’t find it anywhere it’s not even in the new games section and today’s the day it is expected to be realased if you check the ps website it says it’s out now. Why?!

  • What game modes can you play offline?

  • im in the ps4 store right now and can’t find it :( anybody knows why?

  • Hey guys! Loved Primal Carnage before it was brought to PS4. I was just wondering, when can we expect Extinction to be released in Europe? Any feedback would be appreciated!
    Good luck in the future!

  • Why can’t I find it!?

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