Street Fighter V: Zangief Joins Roster, Piledrives Everyone

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Street Fighter V: Zangief Joins Roster, Piledrives Everyone

Hey everyone, some big news was shared moments ago at the IgoMir event in Russia! The “Iron Cyclone” will be making his way into Street Fighter V!

A popular mainstay within Street Fighter, Zangief is the most prominent wrestler within the series. Zangief has made appearances in Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha II and III, and Street Fighter IV, all the while fighting for “Mother Russia.”

When it comes to raw strength, not many in the world can compete with Zangief. Training day and night, Zangief believes that the only way to victory is to have a body complete with perfect muscles. Due to his intense training, which includes wrestling bears, Zangief can lift the heaviest opponents with ease!

Street Fighter V, Zangief

In SFV, Zangief shows off the results of his training through his newfound V-Skill, Iron Muscle and new V-Trigger, Cyclone Lariat. These two skills are just the tip of the iceberg however, as Zangief has even more new tactics in store for the world warriors this time around.

V-Skill: Iron Muscle
Zangief shows the true power of his body when he activates Iron Muscle. During Iron Muscle, Zangief can absorb one attack, which leaves him with recoverable health.

If players hold down medium punch and medium kick and then press a direction on the stick, Zangief will begin to slowly close in on the opponent. Upon release from the walk, Zangief flexes his muscles and hits the opponent if close enough.

Street Fighter V, ZangiefStreet Fighter V, Zangief

V-Trigger: Cyclone Lariat
Zangief lives up to his name “the Iron Cyclone” as he spins with high speed and velocity, pulling the opponent in close. If the player taps the V-Trigger activation buttons, Zangief will quickly spin and pull in the opponent. If the player holds the V-Trigger activation buttons, Zangief will continue to spin and hit the opponent multiple times.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, wraps up Zangief. With only three characters left to reveal, you’ll want to be sure to check back in frequently to see who makes it into the next announcement. Who do you think will be next?

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  • c’mooon Akuma

  • Finally, some stiff competition for that Hot Ryu beard! ;-)

  • awesome, wish they redesigned him a bit with a twist like they did with claw, dictator and ken

  • His Cyclone Lariat (0:34 of video) looks really silly… and I recently watched The Exorcist.

  • OMG! That is so epically awesome! The animation is outstanding. This is becoming a must buy day 1 for me!

  • I see Zangief took Bison and quick trip to Suplex City.

  • …is that really the final animation you guys are going with for Cyclone Lariat? Why does his head remain stationary while his entire body spins in circles?

    • The head actually spins along with his body. It is hard to tell, but you can notice once you pay close attention.

  • Suplex City B**** I love it

  • Although I’m completely ecstatic to have the Red Cyclone in SFV, I have to ask…Seriously? His CA is just a single simple suplex?!? I mean, sure it breaks the ground a little (and if the opponent still has health afterwords, does the ground stay broken?) but as flashy as his supers/ultras were in previous iterations, along with how awesomely absurd his special moves are, you would think his critical art wouldn’t be so….white bread.

  • Sagat, Honda, Sakura and/or Blanka, the most iconic not yet confirmed characters so far, seem to not be in the original release, which is kinda sad already, not to mention Akuma…I just hope, they add chars. quickly after release-.-

  • I’m oh so glad about this! I’m legit hype! I was worried Gief wouldn’t make it! but he did and for that i’m going to make a quick video! lol

  • Love hearing about upcoming fighters, and on my bday!! It would’ve made my day if they announced blanka today (fingers crossed)

  • Character slot wasted

  • So outta a huge amount of characters you chose one of the worst SF characters ever.Still the old capcom I see….you come to us with only 16 characters and waste space adding zangief?…get real capcom.

    Announce dudley and I’ll never buy this game.

  • I’ve been mispronouncing Zangief’s name for decades. That is what I took from the trailer.

  • Hard to get excited about some of these recent additions. I was excited about SFV at first, but the same old SF4 characters is fizzing out my hype. Can’t wait to see Laura in action. I can already tell Alex is going to be DLC. The only questions is how long I’ll have to wait to play the character I want. I guess I’ll main Bison until then.

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