PS Plus: Free Games for October 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for October 2015

One brutally difficult platformer, one heart-warming, coming-of-age story. This month’s PS Plus lineup has a great mix of flavors and you’ve come to the right place for the details! Starting on the first Tuesday of the month, a new lineup of free games comes to PlayStation Plus members, including Super Meat Boy and Broken Age on PS4.

Super Meat Boy will challenge even the most devoted platforming players with teeth-grinding levels, insane obstacles, horrible traps, and smiling chunks of meat. Yum! Can you stand against the gory onslaught of near-impossible tasks in Super Meat Boy? You’ll find out soon enough…

PS Plus: October 2015

If that’s a little too intense, why not point and click at things, instead? Broken Age is joining the PS Plus lineup, too! In it, guide two teenagers through strangely similar circumstances but on two different worlds. With a gorgeous soundtrack and award-winning cast, Broken Age is perfect for gamers that grew up with the adventure genre. Or people that just want to hear some jokes. Jokes are always good.

Last thing! Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition will no longer be available as a free download for Plus members starting on October 6th, 2015. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, be sure to go to PlayStation Store now before October 6th!

For the full PlayStation Plus lineup this month, check the official page on (Note: the Plus page has not yet updated, so we’ve included the full lineup below. Thank you for your patience!)

Full Lineup:

  • Super Meat Boy, PS4, PS Vita
  • Broken Age, PS4, PS Vita
  • Unmechanical: Extended, PS4, PS3
  • Chariot, PS3
  • KickBeat, PS3, PS Vita
  • Kung Fu Rabbit, PS3, PS Vita

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • To add to the echo chamber: Where’s the rest of the list? The link just shows last month’s games.

  • Glad I didn’t resub, this indie marathon keeps going, I didn’t bought my PS4 for PC indies.

  • Are you guys intentionally trying to destroy this blog? Every couple of months you do something to make it less and less worth checking this place out. You don’t give heads-up on sales/promotions anymore like you used to, you keep making it harder to read the posts by changing the formats on posts to things that are much less clear, you don’t respond to comments nearly as much as you used to and there are almost always details left out that we can’t get answers for, and now you won’t even show us the full PS+ lineup here.

    I’ve always been a big supporter of all things playstation (for well over 10 years now), but lately I feel like you guys are TRYING to lose the loyalty of your fans…at the very least it’s testing my loyalty.

  • “If that’s a little too intense, why not point and click at things, instead?”

    Point & click at things… on a PS4.

  • I’m happy to finally get to try Super Meat Boy and Broken Age.

    But can we go back to having ALL of the PS+ games for the next month listed in the blog post, and not just a couple, then being linked to a page that DOESN’T SHOW the rest of the games, despite what the post says?

  • Full list in Europe :

    Broken Age (PS4/PS Vita)
    Super Meat Boy (PS4/PS Vita)
    Unmechanical Extended (PS4/PS3)
    Kickbeat (PS Vita/PS3)
    Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita/PS3)
    Chariot (PS3)

  • this lineup looks like what i’d expect to see announced on april 1rst as a joke. this lineup in comically awful, and it would be funny if it wasn’t actually the lineup.

  • I’m so excited for Broken Age! That game has been on my radar since it was on kickstarter. I’m not familiar with the rest of the titles, but Broken Age is worth the five bucks for this month! Thanks!

  • Another month and more crap games. Thanks Indie Games Collection !!!

  • The comments here is pure cancer and cry babies.

  • More indie games, and not even the full list of free games listed anywhere. Sony is really making me not want to renew my plus membership

  • Thanks for letting me know to buy an XBOX 1!

    • Thats exactly my thought after months of pure indie crap every month, totally disappointing

    • You won’t regret it. Even if some games run bellow 1080p, it’s proven to be the better system.

    • Yep, and one of your 2 free games every month will be a game that was for download on 360 a few months ago. I am not an xbox hater or sony fanboy either. I’m a Live member as well, and with backwards compatibility becoming a reality… what does that mean for my Games for Gold? That it will truly become only 2 free games a month. … as it is this month. I already have Valiant Hearts anyway. Got it on ps+ in March.

  • wow that sucks hard. I want Broken Age, but thats it. It would be really nice to have some diversity in the offerings rather than just ‘all Indies all the time’

    I continue to see no reason to bother PS+ anymore. the game library sucks virtually every month

  • wow that sucks hard. I want Broken Age, but thats it.

    It would be really nice to have some diversity in the offerings rather than just ‘all Indies all the time’

  • Sweet! Both are games I have been looking forward to play. Keep up the awesome work Sony!

  • What is this nonsense? Two games for the month (disappointing games at that), no vote, and four games missing from the other platforms?? Success getting to your heads

    • If you read the post, you would note that there is a link (not updated) to view the full IGC content for October.

      They never stated the vote was monthly. They said it was a “test/trial”/

  • Could you please post the full list?

  • WT F just happened? Why not post the full list? its like you guys want for gamers to complain OMF.G

  • why don’t these announcements have the link to polls anymore where we can submit feedback about the awful lineups being terrible?

  • This blog post might possibly be the worst post EVER! Not only are you guys too “busy” to post all the games, but the link we were given to see the rest of the games isn’t even up to date. I’m about done with this site. I can’t imagine it’s hard to get these things right, but you guys seem to get worse every month.

  • There must be a valid explanation for the Blog laziness!

  • “Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.”

    Where are the rest of the games? I own a Vita and a PS3, both are still viable platforms, please do not treat them like they don’t exist. It’s bad enough Sony has Abandoned the Vita, but things like this make me consider going to Xbox after 25 years of gaming on PlayStation. Get your act together please.

    Also, two indie games I’ve already played to death last generation. Ya no. How do the cross buyers feel?

    • Hah, I agree with you, but you should see how Microsoft treats its consoles. Support basically ends before the next generation even begins.

    • + Shadowbhiemes

      That was only true for the first Xbox. Rise of the Tomb Raider is also coming to the 360 next month. The 360 still has just as much support as the PS3 at this point. It still also gets AAA games on Xbox 360 for Games with Gold.

  • Where’s this month’s PS3 and Vita games? Please don’t tell me they are cancelled this month Ryan my buddy.

  • Extremely disappointed by this!!! Broken Age is OK, I had it because of Kickstarter already. But Super Meat Boy… ugh…. showcases everything that’s wrong with indie games.

    What happened to giving us big AAA releases on Plus?! Bring’em back!!

    • Not to be a jerk but you just said SMB is bad and then gave a very blanket non-statement as for the “reason” it’s “bad.” All I know it to showcase is a very tough and rewarding 2D platformer with brilliant, often dark, humor and plenty of content! (6 worlds with a dark version of each level, with 20 bandages to collect for each world which unlock playable characters from other games and media, and [spoiler]

      a secret world where you play as bandages!

      Also NAILS level difficulty.

    • Because that’s what we support now old Indies that we got 12 for a dollar off of steam for ten years ago ok

    • What is this “everything that’s wrong with indie games,” you speak of? It’s not really my type of game either, but… I mean, I get it. You’re dissappointed. But you have to calm the hyperbole or explain a statement like that. I would think.

  • I really don’t wanna say anything negative cuz I love you guys so this is hard for me but…

    this is 2 games, not the usual 6. And where is the one we vote on?

    Come on guys, don’t be lazy just post it all at once… -_-

    Because I know this ain’t it, for one month of Plus. It better not be.

    At least change the title to say “Free PS4 Games For PS+ in Oct” or something.

    This feels less like a PS+ post and more like a rushed, unfinished rough draft. I would have waited til you had the WHOLE lineup. This is gonna cause confusion and problems and by the looks of the comments, it already has…

    • I will also add that indie haters don’t have a valid argument here because “I don’t like indies therefore they are bad” is not a valid or justified argument against them, it’s just graphics obsessed entitled children that think PS+ should pander specifically to them and no one else.

      That being said, every other complaint about this blog post is valid.

      I’m just going to play devil’s advocate here and assume Ryan and the crew are in a rush or falling behind with work and wanted to get SOMETHING out there… which I understand but it still feels like we’re the ones getting the crappy end of the deal :S

  • WoW!!!!! An unexpected Bomb‼️ I trying to be nice but really Sony wtf❓

  • Poor communication kills.

  • Ok………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • What the..?? Wheres the PS3 and Vita Games??

  • As usuall, the plus line up is ****. Why im glad i cancelled my plus subscription back in april when it was up. And before the obligatory comments “well its free you should be glad you get that!” happens, let me say this.

    THESE GAMES ARE NOT FREE! You pay $50 a year to RENT them! How is that free??? Especially when you go back to when plus was 1st launched, the whole purpose of it was to get NEW GAMES EVERY MONTH. Thats why you paid for it to begin with. That was the only advantage to being plus. And back then it was worth it. More often then not you actually DID get games you wanted to play.

    Then came ps4. With its “you have to be plus to play oine now” crap. So now they figure they already have people stuck anyway, so they can throw whatever crap games they want, and people will still pay. Still have a ps3? Oh well, your screwed. Your $50 a year gets you NOTHING! Unless you count the $1 or 2 discounts off the store, which requires you to spend MORE money, and still dont add up to 50 a year in savings, let alone more.

    This is why people are so angry at sony. They are screwing the people who pay for their hardware software and services, cause they know they can. They have been slowly turning into Comcast.

    • Just because you don’t like the games doesn’t mean the service is crap. Between these games and Rocket League I’ve already redeemed the value of my yearly PS Plus subscription and then some, I’d happily pay full price for those three which is more than the $50 I pay for PS Plus. They’re delivering good games, just from smaller developers.

    • Dude its the same as every other cfonsole on xbox you pay 60 and you rent them also so who cares. These kids act so spoiled and think they entitled to the best games LOL Look how long it took for ps3 to get some games so you will have to wait atleast 2 years till them monthly tripple will come out.

    • Sycophants are gonna defend sony. Were cry babies because we want more value for our money? Guess your parents pay for your ps plus, but when you get a job you might be mad too.

    • This guy here nailed it right on the head!

    • Nah man, it doesn’t get you nothing. It gets you Twisted Metal, a game with an online mode that never worked correct and was never fixed entirely. Isn’t that great value for PS3 owners! One broken game.

      My subscription expires tomorrow. It will not be renewed.

    • I love you both

    • @mmoparhippy420
      “get games you wanted to play.” How do you know about what i want to play? Fyi I’m excited to play out broken age and super meat boy. I’m also interested tp try out the other games on the list.

      @mmmoparhippy420 and @Ibldblu02
      I didn’t want to say this, but how poor are you guys? You are paying $50 a year (let’s be realistic here. Most people even don’t pay that. They’ll wait for black friday sales or whatnot and end up paying even less than $50 a year for plus). $50 a year means less than $4.20 a month. And this mean you are actually paying less than 15 cents per day. Is less than 15 cents per day forcing you to beg on the streets or something (because the way you guys are acting, clearly implies it).
      “More value for money”. Do you want games like bloodborne, infamous ss, shadow of mordor, etc. for less than 15 cents a day? Wow how cheap can you get?

  • Yet another crap list of games

  • “For the full PlayStation Plus lineup this month, check the official page on”

    If I wanted to check, I would.

    For years, I’ve been getting my updates from the Playstation Blog.
    Why ? Because it was reliable and put all the information in one easy to access spot.

    For years, I’ve been whining that the PSN is slowly turning into XBL. And today , today is the day the transformation is 100% complete. That whole Call of Duty thing was only 90%, today ; Rather than put it in the blog, they redirect you towards the main site that hasn’t been updated.

    I’m not being pointlessly critical, but for goodness sake when you say ” CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION” it would be very prudent for the MORE INFORMATION to actually be available at said location.

    tl;dr I’m old and cranky.

  • As much as I like Super Meat Boy, releasing it for Instant Game Collection is a cop out. Most players sych myself already own this game on their PCs and it is not demanding in PC requirements so even console players already own Super Meat Boy on their budget PCs because you did not release it on PS3. To put it simply, you are too late for the hype.

    Also, stop referring Instant Game Collection as “free games” because they are not free. Subscribers still have to pay to play If your customers have to pay to play them, it is not free.

    • I don’t have a “budget” PC (my laptop’s non-gaming, but was $700 when I got it), while I own SMB on it, I can’t hit a solid 60 FPS, I can get, like 40. Plus a PS4 controller is a lot more responsive than my Logitech gamepad (and more comfortable), and I’ve tried using my PS4 controller on PC and I can’t get it to work, despite native drivers being out for it, most games still don’t support it.

  • I’m not even dissapointed because month after month the lineup is exactly the same…a full list of games that 80% of ps plus users don’t want to play…so you did’it again…great job….and i’m eager to see the lineup for november…i’m convinced that it’s going to be just perfect….

  • Sony y’all need to do better. There’s a wall building up. we’re doing beta’s for the firmware and no feedback we give is being implemented. These titles aren’t my cup of tea persay but it would definitely be nice to get more options and a better selection of games PS plus wise. The games don’t have to be Triple A but they need to a better selection.

  • Oh come on man, at least post the entire lineup.

  • No full line-up announcement? Is it the same as EU?

  • Why no PS3 and PSVita titles?

  • What a train wreck! Give us a AAA game!! **Raises pitchfork**

  • If they don’t post anything, you cry. If they post a partial list, you cry. If they post all indie games, you cry.

  • Wow, this is a terrible month. Glad I’m getting an Xbox One soon.

  • What a terrible month. Glad I’m getting an Xbox One soon.

    • Oops, for whatever reason my comment didn’t show up and I thought my content blocker was acting up. Sorry for the double post.

    • Yep, give me that free Valiant Hearts and Walking Dead Season 1. I think we haven’t comprehend the service of PS Plus and Games with Gold. As many have already said, vote with your wallet :D and use those extra 60 dollars for games you really really want.

    • OK bye…..Don’t forget to take your sense of entitlement with you…..Maybe you should get a job and purchase your own games instead of waiting for everything to be free, stop living off of mommy and daddy buy your own stuff

  • Wow there are A LOT of babies crying in here. The PS4 is turning 3 in a couple of months. How long did it take to get AAA on the PS3? Also, look at where XBone is. The PS4 is out-selling it 2-to-1. Of course they have to try ANYTHING to get people to buy their system. So of course they are going to ape PS+ and add AAA games. Sony doesn’t have to do anything it doesn’t want to. People are referencing TR: Definitive Edition, well, don’t you think that is because they have Rise of the Tomb Raider coming out in a month and a half?


    1] Indie games are games too. Just because some bloated AAA developer didn’t make it doesn’t mean it is worth it.
    2] Indie games ROCK. Helldivers is 10 times the game Destiny should have been.
    3] Could Sony be waiting till it has to put AA titles in PS+ to do so. They might have an amazing line-up for when M$ starts gaining ground.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: 4] Don’t you need PS+ to play most games online on the PS4? OH…WAIT…YOU DO!!!

    • “Also, look at where XBone is.”

      ok. *looks at where xbox one is*, oh, it looks like they’re actually giving out retail games. you know the thing that playstation owners are demanding.

      there’s nothing wrong with indie games, however there IS something wrong with ONLY indie games when we are a quarter of the way through the console’s life cycle. with 1 retail and 1 digital only per month per platform, you’d see the anti-indie complaints disappear overnight, just like they did with xbl (which received similar complaints until they got their act together).

  • Total garbage. Just say the PS Plus cost is for nothing but multiplayer. THIS is what you are saying I bought a PS4 for? Indie games that could be played on a classic 32bit console? Bah.

    Just stop

  • I had Plus till June or July. I won´t renew it anytime soon, terrible line ups for most of the year.

  • What happened to Voting?

  • I would rather for the full list to be posted like in the past. Broken Age would have been a nice surprise if I haven’t already purchased it before. This keeps happening to me: I buy a title just to find out it comes out FREE three months later. But I guess Super Meat Boy on Vita has potential. And if the rumors are right, Kung Fu Rabbit is a decent Vita title as well and Unmechanical is pretty intriguing. Not a great month, but not a complete waste like last month where I only played Grow Home and it wasn’t even my choice.

  • PlayStation Plus completely sucks now.

  • Just stating my opinion, but PS+ has been awful as of late. I have no problem with indie games, some are better than retail games, but I hate that it’s all Indie games. Give me something worthwhile. I have played plenty of crap games, will play plenty of more, but give me something that shows off what a PS4 can do. Some of these indie games my phone could play, and some of the graphics are worse than my nintendo. Please go back to the old formula, some AAA games and some indie games. Put something out these for more people. Thank you

    • I agree with you. I consider myself pretty fair to Sony, I like indies and I don’t expect them to cut off their profits giving a AAA release directly to PS Plus. But, honestly, the last good lineup for me on PS Plus was in August. I guess I really got unlucky because I already own Broken Age and it is actually a pretty good game. But the last couple of months have been pretty bad in my opinion as well.

    • not trying to say youre wrong but the ps4 is still relatively new there are no AAA titles that are cheaper than 50 bucks i think we will have to wait for the prices to drop for them to start giving those out, which kind of sucks but then again you cant exactly blame them.

      once again before people flame me. i agree with him but i just dont think sony can do it with such few big games out that are cheap enough for them to give to us. :<

  • Well consider me disappointed. Black flag would of been a nice addition. Never wanted to play meat but.. Wth PS… Just once retreat a AAA have

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