Among the Sleep Coming to PS4

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Among the Sleep Coming to PS4

Hi, everyone! My name is Kristina and I work at Krillbite Studio. We’re a small game developer from Norway. We are so happy to announce that Among the Sleep is coming to PS4 on December 10th!

We have received a lot of attention for the story in our game. Among the Sleep is a psychological horror game where you play as a two year old child. You get to experience the world through the eyes of a toddler with a vivid imagination that could easily scare your pants off. We wanted to create an atmospheric horror game with an eerie feeling of helplessness.

Among the Sleep

We are bringing Among the Sleep from PC to PS4 and it’s taken a while. Wonder why? It was a lot of technical work.

The process required a conversion of our game engine, Unity. This project has been moved from Unity 3.0, to 3.5 and so forth all the way up to the most recent version 5.2. We wanted the game to look the best and work perfectly with PS4. We had to redo the lightmapped levels and we had to rebake everything, which is fancy developer speak for fixing lights and putting it all together.

Another time-consuming issue with conversion was related to the physics engine used in the game. Unity uses Nvidia PhysX which has been completely redone in the newer versions of Unity. We encountered a lot of weird and funny bugs because of this. We saw chairs floating and doing 360s as you grabbed them, and apples flying hundreds of kilometres an hour. Among the Sleep was actually quite fun with fruit flying around randomly, but it sort of broke the atmosphere so we made the apples go back to their fruitbowl.

Among the SleepAmong the Sleep

One of the coolest things in the PlayStation version of the game is the full audio-visual upgrade — Among the Sleep now has even better graphics and an even better sound experience. We think frame rate is an essential part of a good game experience and have worked hard to get the game to run at a proper 60 frames per second. This was probably the biggest part of the upgrade and it makes for a super smooth experience and does a lot for immersion!

We are a young studio and we started making this game in school. We made a lot of strange stuff and code at the beginning of the project that has been coming back to bite us in our behinds during the development process! But we have also learned so much that will help us make our next experience much smoother!

We are so proud of the PS4 version of the game and can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! You guys will be one of the first to be able to experience the commentary edition! The PC community have given us so much love for this horror game and we hope you will enjoy this even more polished version of the game this holiday!

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  • Hey, this looks terrific, and I’m especially impressed that you’ve got a Unity game running at such a high frame rate on PS4–older Unity games mostly seem to use less efficient code. Anyway, tech crap aside, this looks like a strong piece of software, I’ll definitely check it out when it launches

  • I will be putting my play time with Just Cause 3 on hold to play this one. So excited, thanks for the update!

  • Always love the Horror titles. I had this on my Steam wishlist for a while, will get it on PS4 instead now. Really wish that the PSN would allow wishlists and notifications. ;)

    • A wish list is something I’m surprised hasn’t been implemented yet with all of the social integration happening. I would love for it to come soon though because it has helped me remember a lot of titles on steam that I temporarily forgot about and also allows you to catch when things are on sale more easily.

  • Been waiting to hear when this was going to come out. Are you guys still planning PlayStation VR support?

    • I’m excited this game is coming to PS4, too. Sadly, it seems they had to cut VR support as the game’s style of camera movement was discordant with how VR head tracking should feel.

    • Yes, paulogy is right. We figured out it just keeps getting people sick in VR. It all boils down to lack of experience with VR, but if you are interested in finding out more about our VR development and why we are stopping it for Among the Sleep we wrote a piece about it on our blog;
      Thanks for asking!

  • I am one of the original Kickstarter backers for Among The Sleep, and absolutely love the PC version. People don’t give this game enough credit – there are some very mature, deep themes going on it. The “monsters” are not quite what you think they are ;)

    Anyways, even though I already have the PC version, I will definitely be picking up the PS4 version as well just for the upgraded graphics and sound.

    Keep up the amazing work Krillbite, and I can’t wait to see what your next project is! :)

  • This looks awesome! & scary. (i will probably have nightmares)… I have yet to find a game that really speaks out to me…THIS MAY BE IT! i hope to have this maybe as a christmas gift to myself :D

  • I’ve been wondering what happened to this game, playing as a 2 year old, huh? It’s always scarier when an innocent child is involved.

  • Been looking forward to this one!

    PlayStation VR support would be sweet [scary] too. ;)

    • We decided not to do VR for Among the Sleep (sorry!). If you want to learn why we did a piece on it on our blog;

  • Wasn’t that suppose to be a Morpheus project (Playsation VR)?

    • Yes! But it did not work out really well because of lack of experience with VR. If you want to read more about it we did a piece on it on our blog;

  • Looking forward to enjoying your hard work!

  • I have followed this game since it was a little demo 2-4 years ago and I nearly bought a new PC just for this. (I use Chromebooks) Was so stoked last winter when I heard it was coming to PS4 even more stoked for this release date!!! Thank you so much for bringing this over and congrats on making it!!

    P.S. Was this ever at one point derived from ideas and themes from Rugrats old dreams and nightmare sequences. It kinda always hit me as a sort of Chickie Finster and Tommy Pickles simulator.

    • Oh, wow, so cool to hear!
      Thanks so much for sticking with us :D

      We did watch Rugrats when we were young so it could be some subconscious part of the mind at work. Thanks for that comment! Haha.

  • Looking forward to this title, as a console player this is such a great addition. Thank you for thinking of this market!!

  • Yass Im So looking Forward for this thanks!

  • Looking forward to playing this game one question though Will the “prologue dlc” be available at launch or shipped after?

  • I’ve been waiting for this for sooooo long. I actually put money into the kickstarter for when the game was being made, this game was actually the first game I ever put money into when it comes to kickstarter because of the idea and how awesome I believed the game would be. Although I never got to play it because my PC dropped during a move and I just never tried to fix/replace it but I’ll definitely get this version though. Also I have a REALLY sweet sound setup… how much of a audio upgrade is it compared to the PC version ?

    • We are giving the PC version a patch as well so then it will be equally great! It is quite the upgrade with better tweaking and accuracy in sound production from events. This underlines the eerie atmosphere so it’s is very important!

  • Love unique ideas for games.. this one should give us an interesting perspective!! :P

  • This looks awesome, thanks for porting!

  • Is this a physical release or digital only?

    I don’t buy digital only – I don’t like companies that trample consumer rights.

  • Also (which I think I wrote accidentally on the latest update on your kickstarter page) I never really got a code for the pc version and since I don’t have a pc at the moment is there any way I could get it for this instead ? And like I said in the other one I wouldn’t mind paying the difference either.

  • Thank you! :D

  • Refreshingly honest and funny write-up. Will check it out. Any chance of a demo or a trial of some sort?

    • Hi!
      Thank you so much!
      No, sorry, we don’t have a demo for PlayStation 4.. if you have a computer we have a PC demo.

  • Awesome, the more horror the better in my book!

  • Can’t wait for this! Seen about it before and been really wanting to play! \m/ awesome

  • if your physics problem was related to dynamic non-convex colliders in unity 5, welcome to the club. A very crowded one ;)

  • Buying this game day one. Keep up the good work. Norway is one beautiful country,so picturesque.

  • Forgot to ask,but is a physical version of the game coming to ps4? If not I will buy it from the store.

  • This is the first time I’ve seen anything about this game, and I’ve only seen those pictures you posted but I must say the graphics look very intriguing and I love the soft looking textures!! I thought this was going to be some type of “Sim” first person or something but a horror game?!
    Hell yes.
    I’m already putting this on my list. Do you guys have a price for this in mind yet? And again I’m excited for this. And Norway? Beautiful looking game coming from a beautiful country. Best of luck for your guys game.

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