Street Fighter V: Rainbow Mika Enters the Ring!

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Street Fighter V: Rainbow Mika Enters the Ring!

Hey everyone! We have a very special character joining the Street Fighter V roster today! It’s none other than the 7-Colored Bomber herself, Rainbow Mika!

Having made her first and only appearance (until now) in Street Fighter Alpha 3, R. Mika has long been a fan-favorite, and we’re super stoked to bring her back after a long absence from the series.

As a flamboyant young wrestler, Mika dreamed of one day becoming a star in the ring, much like her idol Zangief. Training under the strict tutelage of her coach, she traveled the world engaging in random matches with street fighters in order to spread her name and popularity.

Street Fighter Alpha 3Street Fighter Alpha 3

Above: R. Mika in Street Fighter Alpha 3

R. Mika’s wrestling prowess will be on full display in Street Fighter V, as she dazzles opponents with a large variety of high-flying moves. This time around, her wrestling tag-team partner Nadeshiko also assists in the fight!

By calling Nadeshiko at the right time using R. Mika’s V-Trigger ability, you’ll be able to setup sneaky attacks and punishing command grab mix-ups that are sure to knock the stuffing out of your opponent. Players who enjoy close-combat guessing games and striking fear into the hearts of opponents will find R. Mika an absolute delight to play.

V-Skill: Mic Performance

R. Mika pulls out her trusty microphone and gives a heart-pumping monologue to the crowd. The longer the buttons are held down, the more powerful her normal and special throws become!

Street Fighter VStreet Fighter V

During her monologue state, she is able to absorb one hit from the opponent and can also cancel the speech at any time by letting go of the buttons, causing her to fling the mic at the opponent.

V-Trigger: Nadeshiko (3 Variations)

Now this is wrestling! Depending on the direction held during the V-Trigger activation, R. Mika’s faithful tag-team partner will deliver a surprising, high flying attack at the opponent from different angles: neutral (body splash from above), hold back (dropkick from the front), hold forward (dropkick from behind).

Street Fighter VStreet Fighter V

The different variations keep opponents guessing and afraid to hit buttons, perfectly setting up R. Mika’s damaging command throws.

Fans lucky enough to be attending PAX Prime this weekend in Seattle will have a chance to try out R. Mika at the Capcom booth, so be sure to swing by to see how she plays!

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  • Awesome! I like the tag partner mechanic. R. Mika looks and sounds very much like a female New Japan Pro Wrestling figure, so I can absolutely appreciate that.

  • If I had to pick a way to be K.O.-ed I can think of much worse ways to go out :-)

  • Stone Cold Stunner at the 30 second mark! JR voice: “BAH GAWD, SHE’S KILLED HIM!”

    Good to see her back.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSS! This is amazing news! I’ve missed her.

    Now all we need is kKarin, and i’ll be the happiest i can be about this game. :D

  • THAT STONE COLD STUNNER THO! 2016 really needs to come faster >_<

  • That ending LOL!

  • show me Karin.

  • 15 seconds
    Wardrobe malfunction?

  • PERFECT… next: Karin

  • SFV Music is good.

  • C. Viper or GTFO

  • It’s good to have her back in action fighter. :)

  • Wow thats some sweet news,a pleasant surprise.Glad she’s back,after seeing Birdie announced I thought you guys might add other old characters but you know kept ma faith really low.Well a roster of 16 is as lame as it can get but at least you’re bringing back old characters.Great now hoping for some others.

    Nice trailer,good idea with the tag…that end though,(sigh) you guys just won’t stop will ya?…no limits nowadays.

    • It’s a Japanese game they have no limits haha… Surprised it wasn’t more boob physics lol

      But for real I can’t wait for this… Hoping my boy blanka makes it to the roster

  • I like that there mixing it up with various characters from the Street Figbter series.

  • Spelling error I meant to say Fighter.


  • Closer and closer to Karin.

  • such an over-rated character

  • All I need is Juri and im complete<3

  • I’m sorry, but REALLY Sony??

    If there were any more T&A in this video it would practically have to be X rated…

    I LOVE Street Fighter, and the SFV beta so far is awesome, but c’mon man as leaders to our new children we GOTTA draw the line somewhere.

    • The game is made by Capcom, not Sony. Get your facts correct.

    • What did Sony have to do with this video and character, other than allow Capcom to post info on it here? Do you also complain about violence, or is human sexuality a bridge too far for you?

      There isn’t anything outrageous here. The human body isn’t something to be ashamed of. Nobody is having hardcore sex on screen. Children should be monitored and taught by their parents, rather than leave it in the hands of society at large… but[t] really, this is such low-hanging fruit.


    • Hi there,

      First of all, this is a thread about Street Fighter, so why are you bringing up Call of Duty?

      Second, Sony’s PlayStation brand has literally nothing to do with Activision porting Black Ops 2 to PS4. You should probably ask the developer and the publisher (Activision) about that on their own forums.

      Third, Activision doesn’t need helping making money on CoD. They do laughably well with it as it is, although porting a rapidly-more-obscure and dated entry with Black Ops 3 on the way makes little sense at all. I’m sure they’ll do fine with Blops3.

      Finally, why don’t you encourage Activision to take bigger risks with their annualized shooter franchise, if you care about it so much? Remasters are beginning to be one of the biggest complaints about this generation, so another one from a franchise known for milking it isn’t a huge win for the gaming community. Innovation can breed fantastic things, especially when hardcore fans, like yourself, push for growth.

      P.S. Try fewer caps next time.

  • Seeing this old character back in her former glory makes me smile. I loved Miku back in SFA3 and what I see here makes me smile even more, especially because of her tag team partner Nadeshiko. Now THIS is real wrestling XD

  • Excellent!. Urien next please.

  • There hasn’t been a disappointing character yet. Thank you Capcom/Sony.
    Any news on when more tracks from the official BGM will be released?

  • I love that R Mika is back but think they took too much away from the outfit. When compared to the Alpha 3 screenshot it is easy to tell how much skimpier her outfit has become.

  • Awesome news! She looks amazing. :)

  • Capcom really needs to fire their art director. They should look at GGXrd and make SF Alpha 4 in that style. SFV looks horrible by comparison to even SFIV which isn’t a looker itself. Miss Bengus & Akiman.

  • Pullum from SF EX 2 Plus
    Skullmania from SF EX 2 Plus

  • This character really interests me as a non street fighter player. and a mortal kombat dead or alive type player

  • Talk about an opening picture.
    Of course, when people have to use gratuitous images to sell something, it usually isn’t very good.

    I loved Street Fighter for the anime style, an abundance of techniques/combos, and my all time favorite “Ryuken”!!!
    But Street Fighter Vs Tekken was a little bit of a let down.

    Maybe try
    A Much Better Tutorial walking players though ALL THE COMBOS.(Playstation Allstars had a one, but still needed more)
    AI that doesn’t pull off moves faster than humans can, and yet, be beaten by repeatedly using high kick.

    -Then if you want, throw in a few Senran Kogura cutscene for the ladies, or Guile running his comb through his hair.
    Maybe if you did something with the title instead of skins, you could make something like Senran Kogura that is more mission based and not so 2D.

    -I don’t want to spend all day making an imaginary game, but Blanka’s roll could bust down walls for hidden objects, or Ryu’ s dragonpunch or Guile’s kick could reach higher placed items.

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