PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015

PlayStation Plus members! Your voices have been heard. Thanks to our Vote to Play campaign — which gave you the ability to vote on a game for our September Plus offering — we’re delighted to reveal your selection, and the first title in next month’s free games lineup: Grow Home on PS4. If you voted for Armello or Zombie Vikings, don’t worry: Plus members will get a 30% discount on both starting on September 1st, all the way through September 15th.

So what can gamers look forward to this September? Grow Home is an adorable game about BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), who is traveling the stars in search of new flora to help his home planet. In Grow Home, players will climb a massive plant that stretches from the planet’s surface all the way to his ship in space. Don’t look down.

PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015

Super Time Force Ultra is a fast-paced action platformer that tasks players with rewinding time and creating “time clones” to clear out levels. In Xeodrifter, players explore strange alien planets and discover valuable secrets to cobble together a way home. Twisted Metal celebrates classic car combat with tons of power-ups and delectable explosions. Teslagrad features beautiful platforming and smart puzzles, and La Mulana EX brings a riddle-filled adventure to challenge-hungry gamers.

These games are free for PS Plus members starting on the first Tuesday of the month! Enjoy.

PS4 PS4, PS Vita PS4, PS Vita
PS3 PS4, PS3 PS Vita

Before you go, we want your feedback! Leave us a comment below. If you’re still feeling chatty, join us in our PlayStation Community forums.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • I remember the days that the industry actually got excited for new AAA games and when AAA games weren’t mostly horribly dull.

    Take for example that Super Time Force rubbish.. It’s completely unplayable. I am a tech specialist and highly educated, but I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how to play it. It makes Braid look like a cakewalk.

    • Shhh..!

      You’re going to upset all the Sony F-boys around…and then you’ll be sorry! =(

      My advice? Just ask for forgiveness now…and save yourself all the ensuing troubles. =\

    • @Orpheus_Aeons

      You do know that STFU was a multiplatform release, yeah? Well, it will be soon. It’s already on Xbox One and PC. And a point about the Industry having less excitement for a lack of AAA games, a point I do personally disagree with, but whatever, has nothing to do with Sony in particular as a company.

      Case in point…I don’t see your point.

  • Wow, side scroller indies, we never see that.

    The only game I even remotely care about, Twisted Metal, I own already.

    Another stellar month.

    • Didn’t u get God of War and Lara Croft this month? Didn’t u just get MGSV GZ? Rocket League? Styx?

      Yep those are 2-D side scroller all right…

  • I was split between Armello and Grow Home, but ended up voting for Grow Home because it looked like a fun one to play with my girlfriend’s little kid, passing the controller back and forth. Did that with Never Alone a few months back. Can’t wait to play Grow Home with him, and Super Time Force Ultra after he goes to bed. Great month!

  • Unlike the other times, I can not say anything about this lineup because people voted for this, even if its crappy in my eyes people still want to play this so fine, I will let the kids play and have fun. My sub ends in oct and I will not be renewing, only online game I play anyway is ESO and I can afford to drop that makes no difference to me.. Thinking about XB1, they are trailing behind but it makes sense they would put up the most effort.. ;/

    very very hard I am fighting between loyalty and common sense.

  • Awesome!!! thanks PlayStation :-)

  • Grow the hell outta here, BUD! Zombies had to be in your place… Who voted for ubisoft’s title – idiots.

  • Again…only one that caught my attention was Twisted Metal and I have that one. I give up even voting. These games hold zero interest and yet most months it’s these Indy games they keep tossing us. On rare occasion we will get A or B list stuff but most months umm no.

    • So a little education here:
      Now just focusing on the games and NOT counting the other features of PS+ such as online play, uploading saves to online storage, etc. here is what you pay for. (This is going under the assumption of a $50 1 year membership.)
      $50/12 months = $4.16 a month, $4.16/6 games = $0.69 per game a month
      So more simple math shows it would take about 58 MONTHS to pay for a older AAA title costing about $40. Thats almost 5 YEARS!
      Now more complicated math would show that every month you are a playstation + member you are actually paying LESS than $0.69 per game as you are paying to keep ALL other games from the months since you started your subscription. (again, not counting the other perks of PS+). That math would show that in almost an infinite amount of time your subscription would not pay for a $40 AAA game, or even a $20 indie game for that matter.
      So stop being entitiled, your litterally getting games for pennies on the dollar. If you dont like it. Stop subscribing and use that $50 on a older AAA game and loose out on 72 games a year plus all of PS+ other perks. Check your privilege.

    • Why does everyone bring up “value” in indie games $0.69 or not these are not games i would buy so there is no value, i pay to play online, that’s it. Sony has such a huge market share they don’t need to give AAA titles for free to get the consumers. That being said, does nobody remember the games Sony gave when online was FREE.

    • @HaHaHyEnA : Wow. So you’ve decided to just COPY & PASTE all that useless math as a reply TO EVERY unsatisfied PS+ subscriber, huh? o_O

      It could be funny…if it weren’t kinda pathetic. *sigh*

      PS: Good job though. Just don’t forget to check your mailbox every day…I’m sure Sony will send you a Thank You Card sometime in the near future. SMH

  • more crappy indies

  • So what was the overall percentage of PS+ subscribers who actually voted for this, so we can actually determine the enthusiasm for these “choices”?

    • Shhh..!

      Don’t ask those kind of awkward questions, man! O_O

      Let Sony just “take the Fifth” and just accept what they’re telling you: Grow Home won “because a majority voted for it”. End of story. *looks both ways*

      PS: See Sony? I’ve got your back. Don’t worry…I’ll make sure no one doubts about your “transparent voting process”. ;)

  • Yet another month in which I may not pick up any of the free games.

  • I’m so excited for next month’s lineup! Never really been a fan of Twisted Metal, but everything else looks awesome!

    • You’re excited for games that have been around for years? These games aren’t innovative or new, I played these games when I was a child. This is just a bunch of indie devs looking to cash in on people who are stuck in a past generation and want nostalgia.

    • @Shadow_Xros : Really? I always thought that it was just because those Indie devs didn’t had any kind of resources to do anything better…and “crappy” costs almost nothing to produce.

      But hey…as good an explanation as any other, right? >;)

  • Geez im sick on getting free Indies and the only so called triple-A game is Twisted Metal which was crap! Glad my PS+ is over with im not going to renew it either better off getting a game i really want, the only thing its really good for is when they have sales

  • I didn’t buy a PS4 + plus service to play C64 games. This is ridicolous. Last month on Plus, then I’ll buy an Xbox. Sony you are letting us down…

    • Don’t let the door hit ya where the Flying Spaghetti Monster split ya!

    • Nobody asked for your reply, who are you? Your fine taste says it all

    • Actually, by posting on this blogpost, you invited the opinion of anyone who reads this with a PSN account. That being said, he didn’t even share a direct opinion, although you could extrapolate one from his reply by reading in between the lines. You see inbetween “Flying Spaghetti Monster” was what we on planet Earth call humor. Some people fail to notice it in a rush to make a point, and when someone jokes about their point, it bothers them, cause it gives the appointee much less attention then desired. The fact is, no one cares that you, the individual, has decided to leave the PlayStation community, if that actually happens to be the case. So, in the words of the great GooieGreen, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the Flying Spaghetti Monster split ya!”

    • I don’t give a damn about the Playstation community, “if that happens to be the case”. Even less about your unsolicited, undesired, unsurprisingly irrelevant comment. I just want to be rewarded for the money spent.

    • @ drd7of14 there is a difference in leaving a meaningful comment then a useless one, we play for plus like you do and we can also voice our opinion just like you do, so yeah it doesn’t go one way. If you dont like anyones comment move the heck on, instead of posting in spite and rebruttal.

  • What a next gen experience. 2-d side scroller games… the same types of games I was playing on the super nintendo and NES years ago.

    For a next gen system, the innovation sure as heck isn’t there. Why not give us titles that reflect the era we are in, not ones of an era long passed.

    • Shadow, my post was not referred to you. Actually me and you are on the same page on this (see my previous comment)

    • @Shadow_Xros : WHAT? HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!??? o_O

      I think you know NOTHING about video games!!! You’re NOT a “true gamer”! X(

      Those NES & SNES games you’re talking about WERE SOME OF THE BEST ONES OF ALL TIME!! =)

      It’s a travesty to compare them to these “new next-gen” ones! Take that back immediately, mister!!! >_<

      PS: =P

    • Calculations, processing power, and framerate are what make these games noteworthy in our modern era. STFU actually does a lot with time alteration, admittedly with the pain of eye seizures, but the biggest “issue” is that these are VITA games. Through and through, they have no call to be armed for the PS4, as a PS4-level game. They are fun, and impressive to look at, but when they these games are flooding the market, I see a problem. It seems like the 3D Platforming era is at an all time low, and that is my issue. I don’t blame SONY for giving these on Plus, it’s almost all there is. They don’t have enough 1st party titles yet to give for free on Plus, so far the only one being the Standalone InFamous: First Light. Besides that, a lot of “HD” versions are free, or lesser costing games like MGS: Ground Zeroes.

    • (Continued)

      …It does suck that we aren’t getting the near-level of AAA budget quality games for free, but I do think it is bound to happen. There are plenty of decent games, like Soul Suspect, The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, Killzone: Shadowfall, Evolve, even the recent Until Dawn that I could see being given for free. And by decent, I don’t mean okay/mediocre, I mean decent contenders for Plus. Either they sold well, or are good-to-awesome rated games.

      I wouldn’t mind some JRPG love to get some AAA Plus slots now and then though. They can be great in quality, and fair in value. Could you imagine Persona 5 being free. Or No Man’s Sky? These sorts of games would be killer console sellers. And they only need one big release like that for free Day 1 for a few months before people instantly start complaining again. This service is an option, like any other product. No one, that I know of, is forced to subscribe. Looking forward to my happy VITA titles though. Proud owner of such an awesome system.

  • Great choices for this month (even though I have half of them). Thanks, PlayStation and the various people that worked to put this lineup in place!

    • PS4 gets 3 2-d sidecrollers… the cheapest low effort games you can make. Then there is grow home which can be completed in an hour.

      This line up is the worst I have seen.

    • Nobody asked for your reply, who are you? Your fine taste says it all

    • So because I want games that reflect the era we are in it means I have bad taste? Not at all. I want games that look at feel like they were made in 2015, not games where it looks at feels like I am 5 years old back in 95.

    • Shadow, my post was not referred to you. Actually me and you are on the same page on this (see my previous comment)

    • @Shadow

      There are tons of games coming out that look like they were made in 2015. And you are welcome to buy and play them on your PS4!

    • @shadow_xros you are in the wrong place for that, check it on the Xbox Market place there you can find games like: Shadow Complex, outlast, deadlight, Mark of the Ninja, SUPER MEAT BOY and more…

    • @ PugnoDiDollari

      I see you’ve found the copy/paste command. Very clever.

    • @ pablikenemy79

      But you just listed a game that was given for free Day on PS4, Outlast, and a bunch of 2-D sidescrollers/puzzle platformers. That’s exactly what he didn’t ask for…I worry for you Sir/Madam.

  • Well Vote for PS+ was a failure this month. Lets see how it turns out next time.

    Never asked to be able to Vote for games and this is the reason why. Letting us vote for games only make the population of gamers that dont win the vote hate this system. At least when the games were picked by Sony we all got what we got cuz we had no say. Now that we have a say and end up with a game that we didnt vote for, just makes it even worse.

    Take away this dumb voting system and go back to Sony picking the games.

    • Actually it’s kinda smart. This way Sony can’t take the full blame on the garbage we get. They can simply say “Well you guys voted for it”. That’s it on their end.

      It’s rather genius.

    • You think we actually get a choice?
      Chances are they take the one most voted for and put it on a later sale.
      They only give away, what almost no one wants anymore.

      If they censor, what else are they capable of?

      -Granted games aren’t as expensive as they used to be, but I guess they keep losing their audience.

  • Sad Armello didn’t win, but major vote and all. Grow Home looks fun at least :D

    Very nice choices for the rest of the games though (aside from Vita), Time Force is a complete surprise there, and Xeodrifter I was planning on buying when it came out (didn’t realize it was next week either) and Teslagrad always looked interesting as well.

    So this is not a bad month, not a great month, but not a bad month. One of the better ones given some of the utter crap you’ve been given in previous months.

  • Super Time Ultra release date for PS vita please!

  • I know nothing about all those games. I’ll do some research but that said kind of happy my plus expires this month and I can wait till Octobers list to see if anything worth while gets dropped.

  • Always crappy PS+ games, i never play them.
    Nor do i pay for overpriced PS4 stuff or PS+ :)
    Personally i think they have to be more interesting to win me over.

    • My ps- subscription has been expired for months now and I was actually thinking about renewing it because I wanted to play Destiny. I just can’t bring myself to do it when I have absolutely no interest in the igc. I’ll stick to my single player games.

  • Letting us vote for the shiniest Turd is hardly exciting or what I’d call a Choice…. I wanna speak my mind and tell Sony off using several Choice 4-letter words, but outta respect for my fellow posters and considering many of them are under age I will refrain.

    So happy I let My PSMinus Sub run out. Huge waste of money, not to mention how much of a Joke and how disgraceful forcing gamers to pay a sub to access online games when most games are online now a days.

    I spent over 300.00 on Steam this summer and ZERO on my Useless PS4; MANY of those games I could have bought on PS4, but I chose not too because of PSMinus(forget the fact of how awesome games like Witche3 and GTAV look on ultra/60FPS). And while I bought 2 of the very few indy games that are actually worth more than 2.00, I bought NONE of them on my PS4. And now add in Xbox one games on PC with Windows 10, there really is ZERO reasons to play that Sorry excuse of a console that are not named Uncharted. I may pick up Until Dawn when it’s appropriately priced at 19.99, but that’s about it.

    Don’t mind me, just making my monthly statement, whether it’s pointless or not, It has to be done and it only takes bout 2 minutes so, just doing my part.

  • did they say somethang about a free month PlayStation Plus time if you vote on the one that won ??

  • It’s disappointing to see that many indie games, I mean I like they they are giving opportunity to amateurs programmers, but please be logical, this indie are sometimes 8bit, 16bit at the most and they charge them almost as if they where a full game, it’s almost as high valued as DLCs, just for some extra program lines .. We have to pay as if it where a full MOD… not to complaint but the X brand has better free contents, SONY please view this when you send some loyal players to the X brand.. Measure your NPS, I’m sure that you’ll get some areas of opportunities

  • Solid lineup in my opinion. I’m definitely looking forward to Super Time Force Ultra the most.

    To those hating on the indie titles SIMPLY because they’re indie titles and not knowing anything about them, alI gotta say is…
    STFU, give it a try!

    (see what I did there?) ;)

  • All these people salty over no AAA titles might wanna do a bit of research.

    Grow Home is a Ubisoft developed and published game. While it’s certainly a smaller project, it’s no less AAA than Assassin’s Creed or Splinter Cell.

    Try again.

    • it’s garbage and gamers are being forced to pay for a garbage service(ps+) to access online content. As for UBISOFT….thay have become a joke of a company and GROW Home is a P.O.S. Triple AAA companies can still make indy STYLE games and no one other than clueless Sony Fanboys wants them

      Remove the mandatory online paywall from PSMinus and watch the subs drop like flies and watch people like my self stop complaining.

      As long as Online Gaming is behind the PSMINUS paywall, INTELLIGENT gamers are going to Complain.

    • Well…AAA studio published maybe, but definitely not a AAA budget title. I wouldn’t call it Indie, but it’s like calling Patapon and Loco Roco AAA games. Sony Published those, true, but they are not AAA budget titles. Doesn’t make them bad though. I really want another Patapon/Loco Roco on the VITA. Could be a great little game, especially with touch screen changes for Loco Roco.

      Anyways…Grow Home looks fun.

  • See that on my avatar, not a PS Plus member. Stuff like this is why.

  • The PS+ members that unjustifiably hate on indies without even trying them only make up a small minority of the PS+ membership.

    You know how I know this?

    There are over 10 million PS4 users alone, this doesn’t count PS3 and Vita, JUST PS4.

    Let’s say 80% of those PS4 users have PS+, and let’s say about 40% of THEM only have it for online gaming and don’t even bother with the free games. Ok, on any given PS+ post on the Blog let’s say they get an average of around 1,000-2,000 comments. This doesn’t even make up 1% of PS4 users and I highly doubt it makes up anywhere close to 1% of PS+ members.

    The logic here is that it looks like a majority always complaining about indie games because you see them everywhere online, but it’s actually a vocal minority. The majority is too busy playing and enjoying their free games to take the time out to comment.

    Sooooo, if you hate on indies your opinion falls under less than 1% of the gaming population. Good luck.

    Pbviously PlayStation is going to look at the numbers on their side, go with what works for them, and ignore all the whiny, entitled AAA-only, indie haters, as they should. If you’re closed minded you shouldn’t be gaming. It requires an open mind.

    • you’re so full of BLEEP. How do I know this? I read your ridiculous Post and now my eyes are bleeding.

      Get lost

    • @ JerseyDevil1313

      You might want to get that eye problem checked out. I know a few Doctors.

    • …. u forgot to account for the vast majority of the people not being bothered to go online and voice their complaints… also there are a lot of people complaining about the same thing on ign and gamespot…. ur math is flawed and u should feel bad for using such terrible math….. if u cant use it properly then dont….

  • Glad im not a Plus member anymore

  • Does anyone know the price of Super Time Force Ultra? I wanted to buy it, not have it for free on plus. That’s annoying. Well I can always let my PS Plus run out first.

  • I didn’t buy a PS4 to play games like these. That’s why I didn’t renew my subscription. not worth the $ 50.

  • Ahhh PS Plus, never fails to disappoint.

  • I really wish Sony would stop the bad habit of putting a title on sale, to entice more buyers, ONLY to turn around two weeks later and make that title free on PSN. Case in point: La Mulana-Ex.

    This makes those who bought the game feel cheated. It’s very poor salesmanship on the part of Sony. At the very least, space out your sales titles and free titles by a couple of months, so your customers don’t feel like they are being mislead.

    • Actually, that’s a good point.

      I think that these other voted on titles, the 2 losers in this case, should be swap outs for a situation like that occurring. Let’s say, you already have Twisted Metal, etc. Then one of those games can take the slot of said game. It keeps the intended value of PS Plus strong. The probability of you having 2 other games, especially if they are always new, which would make it impossible to have prior, would be a kind gesture to the dedicated PS consumers.

      I’m gonna email them about this. See if they can do anything about it, cause I find this another great alternative. They planned to give any one of the 3 on Plus anyways, so I couldn’t see it being so farfetched.

  • Why no AAA for Ps4?
    Sony said they want to Improve PlayStation Plus, as Subscribers Quadruple Since PS4 Launch but what happend?
    INDIES again, all the time indie. its not even fair, its just cruel.
    Why cant they put in Games like Knack? Stop giving out indiegames, every month indie, its enough, please stop it.

    injustice was a really bad fighing port game as aaa title, wow. last light really short because the storm of angry costumers was to high. i think they want it again. ground zeroes was just a demo. rocket league was the only good indie games this year.
    but really we wan to see titles like

    • “its not even fair, its just cruel.”

      I recommend you seek counseling for that victim complex, son. Just sayin’…

    • So a little education here:
      Now just focusing on the games and NOT counting the other features of PS+ such as online play, uploading saves to online storage, etc. here is what you pay for. (This is going under the assumption of a $50 1 year membership.)
      $50/12 months = $4.16 a month, $4.16/6 games = $0.69 per game a month
      So more simple math shows it would take about 58 MONTHS to pay for a older AAA title costing about $40. Thats almost 5 YEARS!
      Now more complicated math would show that every month you are a playstation + member you are actually paying LESS than $0.69 per game as you are paying to keep ALL other games from the months since you started your subscription. (again, not counting the other perks of PS+). That math would show that in almost an infinite amount of time your subscription would not pay for a $40 AAA game, or even a $20 indie game for that matter.
      So stop being entitiled, your litterally getting games for pennies on the dollar. If you dont like it. Stop subscribing and use that $50 on a older AAA game and loose out on 72 games a year plus all of PS+ other perks. Check your privilege.

    • ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

      Mmmm…….. CRUEL ?!?!? ….. really …..?!?!? …..


  • Knack, Sherlokc Holmes, Nba, Lego Marvel, Need for Speed Rivals, Call of Duty Ghosts, Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Tomb Raider Definitve Edition, Rayman Legends, Battlefield 4, Infamous Second Son, Lego The Hobbit, Trials Fusion, Amazin Spiderman 2, Bound by Flame, MLB 14 The Show, Wolfenstein New Order, Watch Dogs, Worms Battlegrounds, Murdered Soul Suspect, Ea Sport UFC, Transformers Rise of Dark Spark, Just Dance 2014, Sniper elite III, Tour de France 2014, The Last of Us Remastered, Diablo III, Metro Last Light, Metro Redux, Madden NFL 15, Nhl 15, destiny, Air Conflicts, Disney Infinty, Shadow of Mordor, Skylanders, Alien Isolation, Minecraft, Walking Dead, Wolf amoung us, Game of Thrones, Sleeping Dogs, Evil Withi, just Dance 2015, Lord of the Fallen, Moto GP, Advanced Warfare, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, Lego Batman 3, Assasins Creed unity, MXGP, GTA5, Little Big Planet 3, Far Cry 4, WWE 2014, Killzone, Dragon Age Inquistion and so on…..

    • ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

      LOL …. keep dreaming !!! You don’t even have PLAYSTATION PLUS. ..!?!?!


  • YES! So glad to see Twisted Metal’s on IGC to breathe new life into the game. Been dying to try online but the servers have always been dead.

    Please do the same for Starhawk Sony! These gems deserve more attention.

  • Truly amazing month,

    It funny watching all the indie haters, hating on games they never played.

    Go to Xbone land and play your ONE free AAA game of the month….How to Survive: Storm warning Edition. Currently $2 on PSN

    I’ll stay here and enjoy my 6 fantastic indie games, as I do every month.

    BTW, Children

    Microsoft started the Pay to Play online wall where you got NOTHING for your money. I know I have paid it for 10 years.

    Then Sony does the same BUT gives a TON of FREE games and you still complain.

    Get some perspective

    Thanks SONY.

    • $2 for HOW TO SURVIVE…lol. glad the jacked up the price for the flash sale
      How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition PS4 $6.00 $19.99

    • @BonGzillAfisH :

      HtS: SWE = $2

      Sweet! Could you post the link to that awesome sale, please? =)

      There’s more 2 bucks offers on it? Or is it a 1-game-only kind of offer?

      Hell, nevermind! I’ll buy 2 copies: 1 for you and 1 for me. What do you think? ;)

      And Thank You for letting us know about this (unknown) sweet deal! You’re so cool!

    • @ Orpheus_Aeons

      That was in the Flash sale…Did you miss it? His price is wrong though.

      He may mean back in June when it was just under $4.

      But yeah…It’s not a great game regardless. It’s okay, but not great.

  • I want to sell my PS4, hardly used. I could make money for it, or do something better like destroying it.

  • the least sony could do is follow microsofts lead and make the ps3 free game playable on the ps4…that would add some value to the monthly free games

    • I wish BC on ps4 also but the ps3 has the CELL processor that makes BC a lot harder from my understanding.

      I bet if they could they would. its just near impossible from what I’ve heard.

      While x360 to Xbone was very similar infrastructure.

      it would be nice to pack away my ps3.

    • “I bet if they could they would. its just near impossible from what I’ve heard.”

      Sure they would…sure… *sigh*

      Man, you’re on a roll today, huh? xD


    • Can you…Stop doing, whatever it is you’re doing…And maybe, just don’t.

  • at least sony could give us in a year atleast 4 aaa titles.

    mars trials fusion
    jun knack
    sep killzone
    dec little big planet 3


    • I bet you they will, the ps4 has not even been around for 2 years.

      I bet in the next year or two we’ll get ALL launch titles on PSplus.

      But it is all still very new and those titles are still selling at retail to a certain extent and need to get back their Development cost.

      We Will See more AAA titles as the console life progresses.

    • But is also up to the publisher to OK their AAA games for free give away and I imagine most wont until 2-3 years after release.

      Its not just sony who makes the decision.

    • Ha! You’re not paying attention! They’ve already done MORE than 4 “AAA” titles this year!

      “AAA” games offered with PS+ in 2015, SO FAR (with 3 months left):

      Prototype 2
      Yakuza 4
      God Of War: Ascension
      Infamous: First Light
      Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

  • Not renewing my ps plus subscription has been one of the best decisions i´ve made in a while, and it has been like this for months. I just hate i cant play online for free anymore like in my ps3. thanks for screwing all up Sony!

    • If you want to blame someone BLAME Microsoft they started the Pay to play online. Sony had to follow.

      Also blame people like me who paid Micro$oft for a online service, because if people didn’t buy it, it wouldn’t have spread.

    • “Sony had to follow.”

      Umm…and exactly WHY is that? o_O

      Seriously, man…just…you know…stop talking.

      …please? *sigh*

  • “Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk” No one reads this. I have loved every month of PS+. Always something fun to play! =D

    • Nobody said we had to be a tool either.
      We do not all agree, especially to a media/member scam that Sony has been warned about in the past.

  • i too wanted arnello to win too bad that most didnt want to play what it seemed to be an interesting game.their loss i guess

  • Well look at that, my first month without Plus, and I of course don’t mind.
    The only title I even looked at, was Teslagrad, and it will be on android where I can even customize my touchscreen settings in console. (Imagine that).

    Of course you probably wouldn’t know that ( since I get deleted for posting about Sony ).

    So I get an outdated PSP (Fate/Extra) game for $4 bucks, that I get to play, since the up an coming visual novels will be 5 times as much, and your sales are enough to get me considering a phone with more performance for what is almost the same price.

    The only thing stopping me, is your library…………….for now.

    -Multiple Vita and PS3 owner here( since PS4 needs Definitive Editions of Games that do that already on PC).
    -Continue to censor my wisdom and wallet.

  • Should have been Arnello

  • Congrats you guys voted for a 3 hour game that has no replay value whatsoever…

  • Nothing exciting I want in September for Plus. There’s always hope for October. Till then I’ll be busy with Madden 16, Until Dawn and back log of games.

  • This selection is ok, I already have Twisted Metal on disc and won’t have much time to play the rest before my PS+ subscription expires this month. After this, I’m taking a break and will renew again until I get a PS4.

  • so congratulations to grow home on winning! the votes over, and the winner is the winner so no hard feelings there.

    i do however want to point out that 44% of the community voted for it. this means that over half of the community didnt. seems like more people will be unhappy with this choice than happy with it, and yet its the winner. the community spoke and said they didnt want that game, but its the winner? this seems like a flawed approach to picking a title IMHO. im not saying the other two titles should be picked instead, but i think we should only be given 2 titles to vote on in the future and then we can really see where the community votes.

    • And had another won, either the same or less than 44% community would have been happy with the selection. It’s as if people seem to forget this. It’s the majority.

  • This is a really fantastic month for high profile indie games. These are all games I’ve heard great things about and I’m interested in. Great month. The only thing I’m disappointed in is that Grow Home won instead of Armello.

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