Vote to Play Begins Thursday, Help Decide Next PS Plus Lineup

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Vote to Play Begins Thursday, Help Decide Next PS Plus Lineup

Today, we’re pleased to announce the games that will be part of Vote to Play — our special promotion that enables PlayStation Plus members to vote on one of three PlayStation 4 games for next month’s PS Plus game lineup. All three of these games would be a great addition to our lineup, and we want to put the choice in your hands when voting begins on Thursday, August 13th.

Without further ado, here are the games on the ballot.


A grim fairy-tale board game come to life, combining deep, tactical card play, rich tabletop strategy, and RPG elements. Set in a vibrant magical world with a tinge of darkness, Armello thrusts players into an epic struggle for power as they quest, scheme, explore, vanquish monsters, perform the mad king’s royal edicts, and face off against other players, with one ultimate end goal in mind — storming the palace and becoming King or Queen of Armello.

Grow Home

You play BUD (Botanical. Utility. Droid), a robot on a mission to find the Star Plant and save his planet. Discover a strange open-world: a planet of floating islands, with precipitous drops, caves and waterfalls to navigate, all rendered in a minimalist but beautiful art style. Grow the giant Star Plant and use your unique climbing abilities to reach ever higher ground, but be careful as you ascend because one wrong move and it’s a long way down!

Zombie Vikings

From the creators of last year’s indie hit Stick It to The Man! comes a new co-op, four-player stab-you-in-the-gut-a-thon with a dead-funny adventure. Hack through the boiling gingerbread swamps of Molgaga, take a cruise through the intestines of the Midgaard Serpent, fight giant troll poultry, and find out how Söccer was really invented.

Voting starts Thursday, August 13th at 8:30 AM Pacific (update: we are currently tracking for 10am Pacific Time) and ends Monday, August 24th, at 8:30 AM Pacific. The final result will be revealed after voting closes. If you’re a PS Plus member and you want to cast your vote, simply log on to PS4 with your PSN account, and access Vote to Play under “What’s New,” “Notifications,” or visit the PS Plus section of the PlayStation Store, where you’ll find details for Vote to Play.

The game with the most votes will automatically be included in our September free game lineup, and PlayStation Plus members can get the two runners-up at a discount. We can’t wait to see what PlayStation Plus members decide for September in our first Vote to Play event. We’ll have more events in the future, so stay tuned.

You can find more information about Vote to Play here, along with the benefits of being a PlayStation Plus member.

So tell us, what game are you planning to vote for?

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  • Great news, let the voting begin!!

  • Zombie Vikings, without a doubt!

    • I’m down for a comedic co-op hack n slash adventure… Zombie Vikings FTW! The game isn’t even out on PSN yet. It’ll be a new game for free!

  • Neither one, thanks.

    • I’m with rhonny …. None for me thanks. And i hope there will be a NONE option.

      I know this won’t mean much ,(but they want our opinions) out of these 3 i won’t even download the free one everyone votes for or buy any discounted down to a penny.

    • Let me guess, you don’t like “stupid indies”?

      Your tears sustain me.

    • Same here :) None

    • Then stay away from the voting site. Simple as that.

    • Grow up.

    • @thebgj what would be the point in including a “None” option? Why not just refrain from voting instead? One of these three is going to be the winning game regardless.

    • just as I thought… here’s 3 indie games nobody cares about, let’s the vote begin! which one of the three **** indie games you’d like to play the most!?

      None, and still no PS Plus renewal for me.

    • This is 1 of 6 games we are getting, 1 of 6!

      U really think there are 3 AAA’s to choose from? Why would R* have to beg ppl to choose gtaV?

      Likely we will get 1-2 AAA games like usual, this month we got God of War Ascension and Lara Croft Temple of Osiris, certainly NOT indies. We got a new ridiculously awesome game Rocket League the month b4.

      Dln’t Vote then, but can i have you Vote for Zombie Vikings, it looks Awesome!

    • ^ Really fun at parties.

    • Sony, can you promise us whichever 2 games that weren’t picked will NEVER appear in PS+ IGC and waste the precious slots (just like the ‘winner’ will be doing)?

    • I’m also not interested in those particular games. But I AM interested in respecting people’s opinions. Just because someone has no interest for any of these games or even any indie game for whatever reason, it doesnt hinder the people who DO like them to vote and buy them right?

      The voting system is a brand new approach and I’m very intrigued by it. Now is the critical phase by which we can still help deciding, what it will ultimately be.

      I would prefer there to be a wild variety with not only the genres. For example I would very much like to see indie games as well as “bigger” 1st and/or 3rd party games, big budget titles, etc. I have nothing against the small games, but lately I feel they’re just getting ALL the attention..

    • Yea, don’t get me wrong I like indie games, I was plenty surprised with rocket league 2 months ago, but more times then not the games that are free are nothing good in my opinion, the voting system seems like a great idea but really?? These are the choices for the grand roll out of it? Like I don’t care if these are newer, if they would’ve rolled journey out on ps4 as the playstation plus game last month I wouldve been fine even though I already have it because not everyone does, and it’s a great game. I’d rather see great indie game that has been out years on the list then new games that look cringe worthy. I used to download the games with a just cause attitude, now I mostly find myself not even being excited anymore when the first of the month comes. Now I come home and won’t even bother to goto the store anymore

    • How bout the I don’t want free games option and I pay a partial subscription some people don’t want or need Indies. But since I have to pay charge less for access. Such a simple solution to the problem I’m a big boy and I can buy my own games Sony doesn’t need to hold my hand and give me free games that suck. Online access only subscription try it and I’m sure quite a few people will be in line for it. Count on me being first or close too it I don’t like paying for junk I don’t need. If I want Indies I’ll download apps on my phone why waste precious console space on a next Gen console for kids games its against my religion.

    • That is just ignorance. If these were half-hearted barely a game titles like Sports friends, you might have a point, but these all look like fantastic titles. Refusing to even try something that is offered for free just because “its an indie” is just obtuse. Some of the very best games on the PS4 are indies. Personally, I have been looking forward to Armello for a long time, and the other two look pretty good in their own right. I know that everyone has subjective tastes, but refusing to try something you might otherwise enjoy, just because its an indie game, does not even account for taste–its just an exercise in confirmation bias. You should take the time to explore new things every once in a while instead of getting mad that you aren’t getting $60 big bix titles every month for a once a year payment of $50. The economics behind that do not even make sense.

  • What if we don’t have access to a PS4? Can we vote in other ways?

    • If you don’t have a PS4 then why would you want to vote on what game the PS4 gets?..

    • i don’t have a ps4 and would still like to vote because i eventually plan on getting one and have added all the free games since my membership began and would like to have a say in the free games that I will eventually get to play.

    • “or visit the PS Plus section of the PlayStation Store, where you’ll find details for Vote to Play.”

      Looks like the webstore will have a vote option.

    • I’m pretty sure it’ll be a brick wall.

      As with all developers, they’re going to put most of their effort into supporting the latest tech. Non-PS4’s will be left out to dry.

    • Think of it this way: If you don’t like the one that’s picked, then just buy the one you wanted that’s discounted.

      I don’t want a PS4 so it doesn’t bother me at all.

    • Hi – Just to clarify, when voting begins, PS Plus members will need to log on to PS4 to cast their vote.

    • @ Rami64. Just so you know which ever games are free on PS+ are only free for that month. You can’t buy a PS4 in 4 months and expect to download all the games that were ever listed as free for members. So if you want one of these 3 titles for free you will need to buy a PS4 soon.

    • @audia402 – You can if each month you login to the store via, and “purchase” them from there. That ties them to your account, and as long as you’re still a PS+ member, you can go back, and download them later on.

    • I understand my friend! Used my friends ps4 for like the first year and finally got my ps4 and had tons to play before I even needed to buy a game, although of course I bought a game too, Witcher 3 is too good not to buy. But I’d suggest downloading the PlayStation app it lets u access the store from your phone, so I think that would work! Fingers crossed :)

  • Grow home! Grow home! Grow home! Grow home!

  • Wow, had heard nothing about Zombie Vikings, but I loved Stick It To The Man, and I love brawlers. My vote is going there!

    • Stick it to the Man was very strange … I never would have tried it if it wasn’t part of plus, but was pleasantly surprised.

    • Perfect combo then! Even though ZV is quite different from Stick it, we still kept the same kind of art style and feeling. Hope you’ll like it!

  • Its a shame that you can only vote from the PS4, I still don’t have mine and would love to vote.

    • Only PS4 owners should be allowed to vote.

    • Maybe they pu tthis up on edit, but that does not appear to be the case.

      “or visit the PS Plus section of the PlayStation Store, where you’ll find details for Vote to Play.”

      It looks as if the webstorewill have a voting option.

    • not in my opinion, i eventually will get a ps4 and want to have a say of the free games that will be available to me when I do. I’m sure a bunch of ps+ members don’t have a ps4 but still queue up the free game download so when they get a ps4 they’ll have a nice stash of free games to try, free games that hopefully they will have voted for in some cases.

  • Please, please, please vote for Grow Home… If you don’t, you can go home. And be alone. In the alone zone.

    • Zombie Vikings

      Vote for Zombie Vikings it’s a full out legit game with a Platinum trophy i believe. It’s an awesome hack n slash that can be played by yourself or 4 player co op.

      It has a 10 hr singleplayer campaign, loot, 40 different swords, boss fights.

  • GROW HOME!!!

  • I can’t wait to vote for Armello.

  • Grow Home! Grow Home!

  • First off, this is win-win-win since all three of these games are great! Glad Grow Home is getting an official announcement, and I’m especially glad that Zombie Vikings is getting a release date and some more attention, as that name may not really jump out at people. As for my pick? I think I’ve gotta go with local co-op and Zombie Vikings :-)

    • I agree…All 3 games look great and wish we got em all for free next month.

    • Having only heard of Grow Home prior to this, I thought to myself that anyone who doesn’t pick Grow Home is dumb. After watching the videos I’m not so sure anymore, as all three seem fun. Chances are I may end up buying the other two.

    • Glad you like the games! Again, if the game you vote on isn’t chosen, you’ll be able to get the two runners-up at a discount.

  • Nice lineup. It’ll be difficult to decide. I really like the intro video idea and am glad you guys took that approach–it’s cool to see the devs give a bit of info about the games and really does a lot to spark interest in each title.

    • Thanks for your feedback, and happy to hear you enjoy the videos!

    • Adding site links and a “None of the above” choice would be nice as well.

      I love the look of these choices and voted for Armello “” but it would be nice if I didn’t like any of the choice to be able to vote and be counted.

  • Grow home is a pretty big deal. Was great on PC. If you don’t know which the vote on, go with that one.

    • Zombie Vikings has a Platinum trophy.

      Zombie Vikings is a real game with combat, loot, boss fights ect.

      Zombie Vikings has higher production value than the other 2, Grow Home has NO COMBAT & it’s a cheap pc port.

      Vote Zombie Vikings if u don’t know what 2 choose, it’s the biggest game here.

    • Can’t imagine a thing in the world I could care less about than a platinum trophy. I’ll go with Grow Home, as it appears to be right up my alley, and Ubisoft has done a good job with the smaller games lately.

  • All I see is junk. Not even going to bother.

    • You’re a child. Learn to respect the Indie Developers.
      Don’t be a sniveling brat that expects to be heard out of the very small pit of the minority. You’re going 1 to 100 here.
      The rest of up love the line up.
      Calm down, and learn to respect.

    • +Shadow179

      Why don’t you slow your role. People are entitled to their opinions about games. Some only like to play sports, others do not like playing sports. Just because you like Indie games does not mean everyone else has to.

      The PS+ used to give over $1,000 worth of top rated games. It has switched to low production/low cost games. It is great to get attention to these up and coming developers but personally I only play a couple of the indie games they have given out for free. I could not get into the rest of them. So for me those are wasted games and a wasted PS+ subscription.

      In this case you are being the child and disrespecting your peers. I respect your opinion about Indie games and developers but I disagree that I have to like what the rest of the people who are posting like.

      I pay for a service as do many others. Of the people I personally know (not internet forums) they do not like Indie games because of the play style and or graphics.

    • @Caitto
      Wow that entitlement is reeking. Ps+ provides you with hundreds of dollars worth of content every year for only $50 and yet people cry and whine that they want more. Also seriously stop it with this indie hate. I get it that not all people like all sorts of games but at least try them before belittling them.

    • @alv

      value is all relative. if i drop a 1000 baseballs on your front lawn, that’s thousands of dollars of value. they’re worthless if you don’t have any interest in throwing a baseball around though.

      this is how most people see ps+ as it has been since the ps4 launched. it’s “hundreds of a dollars of value”, but it doesn’t mean anything if it’s all games that nobody actually wants.

    • Good! Don’t bother. Vote with your wallet and let your PS+ subscription lapse and move on ;)

    • @ alv_101argand

      I think you missed the line where I said “I could not get into the rest of them.”. I was under the impression this would imply that I had tried the games.

      If that line and my previous lines did not clarify for you. I have tried the other Indie games and found no value in them for me.

      With that being said I am not a big fan of the mortal kombat style games either. I find playing with others they find the one or two unstoppable moves and exploit them. So I found little value in Injustice Gods Among Us as well. I enjoyed the story line but, anything multiplayer was lacking for me.

      Also letting the subscription lapse would be a poor choice as well. I then lose the games I do play on the PS3 and Rocket League on PS4. I am then also limited to not being able to play online with friends and family.

    • I really really dont get it. I bought a ps4 for next gen games not this sort of rubbish. Do not understand why people buy a ps4 to waste their time on this rubbish. I have ps plus account because cant be bothered cancelling it but if i could choose to have a fiver or all the ps plus games that have been offered I would take the fiver and run. Indie games are ruining my next gen experience.

  • I’m definitely going to vote for Grow Home — that’s for sure!

  • Most powerful console.

  • Grow Home! This game must me the winner, people!!!

  • Grow Home all the way!

  • Grow Home’s always looked REALLY interesting, and it’s finally coming to PS4. That’s where my vote will go.

  • I’ve heard of grow home and would get it reguardless, my vote goes to armelllo. Btw a nice way to vote would be for example armello #vote#votetoplay toplay

  • gonna vote for armello

  • Definitely Zombie Vikings!!!!

  • Grow Home

  • Option 4: None of the above.

    • I think I’m going to choose option 5: stay unsubscribed to ps-

    • You, sir, need to learn respect.
      Vote for one, support the Indie-Devs like a PROPER gamer, and shut up.
      You’re 1 to 100. Give it up.

    • Don’t be disrespectful.

    • I agree with Moog, there should be an option for the people who do not like Indie games to say so. And people like Shadow179 need to get over themselves as PROPER gamers can like whatever games they like.

    • There’s nothing “disrespectful” about saying you don’t care for any of the offerings. No one is obligated to “support” anyone. This is a business arrangement, and I agree with @moog that there should be a “none of the above” option. @Shadow179 and @Mjolnirs should “shut up” and accept that people have different preferences, and that all preferences are valid.

      And, again, PlayStation Plus should offer a “none of the above” option, else they really aren’t demonstrating that they actually care what PS Plus subscribers think, because only the people who want one of the options will vote, and there’s no way to distinguish between people who dislike all the options, or who simply (for various other reasons) are not voting.

  • Kind of happy it’s locked off to plus only people with PS4s. Less trolls. But sucks for the honest people out there that are just growing their collection with plus until they pick up their unit.

    anyways very mixed between grow home and viking,

    • The way I read this, you’ll be able to vote through the PS Store on the web (if you have PS+ but not PS4), but we’ll see.

    • I read it the same way paulogy. All you need is PS+ to vote.

      “or visit the PS Plus section of the PlayStation Store, where you’ll find details for Vote to Play.”

  • Armello is my favorite

  • Zombie games will win every month. Please re-think this idea. Let us personally choose which game gets to be free.

    • That would be a bad idea. For one, everybody would be constantly voting for a AAA title that came out a month ago. Just looking at the comments every month you can tell that most people think they’re entitled to get free $60 games every month just because they paid $50 for PS +. And also if they did it where we pick whatever game we want then we would have to vote for the month after next, at least, because they would have to tally votes and make a deal with the developers in time to actually give out the game that won.

    • Additionally, to the guy who commented before me:
      SONY doesn’t really get to make the choice. It’s allowed by the developers. Those who give the OK to make their games free.
      As you can see in the past months, a lot of Indie games came up. Why you ask? The Indies want the rep. I’m watching Indie-House because of Towerfall Ascension now.
      You’ll occasionally see an exclusive, like I think I saw Uncharted 3 in the early days of “Free to PS+”, but only by a company that’s partnered Sony.

      Sony’s just letting us choose between a select three that were OK’d, unless they’re stealing from the developers, then in that case I’m not touching the “Free to PS+” anymore. I’d rather support the developers.

    • @Shadow

      the developers aren’t giving their games away for free. each download is counted and the developer is paid. probably not a much as a the full asking price but they still get compensated very well for the millions of people who download the games.

      just remember nothing is truly “free”

  • Armello is awesome! Vote for Armello!!!

    • Armello should win, yes. That one is the most interesting, as virtual tabletop games are great to play with international friends. Grow Home seems more like a game that tries to be big, but is actually pretty shallow, and will just last you an afternoon before moving to another game. If anything, Zombie Vikings should be the alternate choice, rather than Grow Home. Since that one is actually a game. Don’t let the art gross you out of the gameplay.

  • none of these looks interesting. How come we get the crap that would get down voted in steam? Losing hope in IGC here.

  • I’ll pass. I’d rather no vote on which trash i should pick up.

    • dude, don’t be so rude. How embarrassing to share a Killzone avatar with someone so inconsiderate of developers who create GAMES.

    • I agree with KidCommando.

    • KidCommando, I’m confident you’ve got this one but I’m an Indie-Supporter so I need to add my voice.

      Andrain18…. I’m assuming 18 means the amount of months you’ve been able to think. You’re new at it, so I’ll give you a break.

      Stop being a pathetic child, grow up and make that 18 mean your an adult. Stop whining about pathetic points that next to no one cares about.

      Grow up, before I shove you down A* drain.

    • If you wish upon a star hard enough maybe you’ll get Black ops 3, Fallout 4, MGS 5 and nothing but AAA titles and new releases FREE every month instead of cr@p for your $50 /yr subscription.

      Seriously, i’ll look forward to the whinning the future Votes / offerings will bring :)

    • Sucks to be you, all these games have value, and I can personally speak for Armello being an amazing game as I have been alpha and beta testing it since early this year on PC.

  • Have to go with grow home, seen the a little of the game play. Caught my eye

  • Grow Home looks like something really new, I will vote for it

  • So now instead of having the “indie” could of been made for the Sega Genesis game forced on us, we get to vote on which piece of crap we get free. Was under the impression we were going to vote on which actual PS4 -like “AAA” title we get. Oh well , Don’t know why i’m surprised.

    • Expecting a AAA every month is wishful thinking on your part, but not all three games are indies. Grow Home is from Ubisoft and is highly rated on Steam.

    • There’s that entitlement I was talking about.. Wants AAA titles for nothing and complains when getting things for free that didn’t have to be given out for free. lol!

    • While PS can’t do free AAA titles every month. Maybe it could have done it for the starting month. Two dogs and Infamous:Second Son. Maybe next month.

    • No… and you’re an idiot.
      Why would an AAA developer allow a $70-40 game they made be given out for free….? No profit, and Triple A means they have the publicity already…

      Why would an Indie Dev allow such a thing you ask? Why that’s the easiest answer.
      Reputation. Feedback. Learn from their Losses, and Build on their Successes.

      Triple A have the money, and publicity, if you want a $60 game for free, either go back to sleep and dream about it, or go steal it (and I hope you get charged a fair amount to stop complaining about FREE CONTENT)

  • all **** dont want any of them

  • this is a great idea but the problem still remains. THE GAMES SUCK. I’ve already decided not to renew my subscription and buy single played games #betterpsplus #betterpsn

    • Good, then you won’t be on here complaining anymore.

      You are expecting Waaaaaay to much from your $4.17/month subscription. I mean seriously, you are not a gamer, just another AAA snob.

      Maybe if you had better tastes in gaming you wouldn’t be crying over $4.17 a month for 6 games.

    • KidCommando I love that you’re on here fighting along side me with this.

      FudgeNasty, the only thing nasty here is you. My question is, “Have you ever played these games?”
      Choose your path;

      Then why are you bothered about them? You’re someone who already has them and lucked out like I have before.

      – But I want more free games!:
      Well then that’s you being greedy. To any religious people, that’s one of the 7 sins. Learn to give a bit.

      – I want to warn the others:
      Why? It’s free. Is it going to kill them? I doubt it. Will it waste their time? They already decided to put time aside to play it, so you’re actually wasting all of our time by complaining….

      — — — — — Yes (Look Up) — — — No (Look Down) — — — — —

      Then… Dare tell, how do you know they suck?

      – I’ve seen a “Let’s Play” of it:
      Then chances are, your host didn’t play it to completion, or had a bad opinion that you’ve stolen.

      – I want to waste everyone’s time:
      You win. Except I had fun. So you lose.

    • @Shadow179 “Greedy”? Utter nonsense. People pay for free games each month, and they want to get his money’s worth. The entire gaming economy *relies* on this sensibility.

      The real reason people complain is so that PS will take note, and make changes. There is *absolutely nothing wrong* with that. Grow up.

    • @Pudgenet I am all about complaining, and won’t knock someone who does complain, but structure your argument better. When you breakdown numbers, a year subscription comes to ~$4 a month. You’re paying for them as a “rental” and everyone wants to get the most for their dollar. That being said, even if you -only- own a PS4, that’s about 3 games each month for less than $5.

      PS doesn’t have to make changes, and they’ll never appease everyone. What -IS- wrong with that is to be so entitled that you think they have to fit you no matter what. You know what you signed on for, so “grow up”

    • I like how someone complains about the game selection, then people complain about him complaining. Way to stick it to the consumer, PSN users.

      By the way, this games list is pretty bad. I would rather have one game I would actually play than two that I will not.

  • Zombie Vikings!!

  • Giant Bomb did an awesome Quick Look for Armello, so that one’s definitely getting my vote. #ClanWolf

    • Right? I’m so glad I could see the quick look since I don’t think the preview did it justice. Poor poor martyr bear. lol

  • Zombie Vikings looks like the lesser evil it could be good, the only actual game vote right people.

  • Zombie Vikings looks cool… I mean, even Grow Home looks OK, Armello on the other side: Uagh!

  • Gone Home! What else?

  • Wow really nice! 3 new, unreleased PS4 games to choose from?? Whaaat??!!
    Also thanks for the runner-ups PS Plus discounts.
    Armello all the way, but appreciate the discount if it doesn’t win.
    Great idea for upcoming Plus games!

  • Grow Home is $8 on Steam. Why would you want this as your free PS+ game?

    Armello is the logical choice.

    • Maybe because this is a PS4 blog and not a PC blog? What good is it being on sale on Steam for many of us?

  • My vote goes to Armello. Looks like a interesting game.

  • Zombie Vikings looks very interesting. It’d be nice to play online with all my Plus friends. But I also want to play Grow Home. Decisions!

  • Grow home

  • Armello is the one true choice. It combines features from Game of Thrones(tv show/book, not the game), Settlers of Catan, D&D, Lords of the Waterdeep, and Redwall. Also, the board is slightly randomized every playthrough. The cards look great with their animations, and the intensity of a last round victory is crazy good. I’ve been playing the early access version and I love how someone can be a clear leader, do something unfortunate, then completely lose the game in a matter of 1 or 2 turns.

    I like pretending I’m in an episode of GoT and forming pretend alliances just to trap someone or use them as bait so I can further my cause. I will have my throne.

  • No interest in Armello whatsoever, I find strategy games to be very tedious and boring.

    Grow Home seems neat but imo the whole “procedural generation” is becoming overused. It seems pretty much every other game released now has some form of it.

    Zombie Vikings will probably get my vote. I just hope there is a mixture of single player and MP content though, I don’t really care for online-only games.

    • The campaign mode is playable in both single and multiplayer, and you can drop in or out throughout the game if anyone should need to go and eat a chicken fajita or whatnot!

    • I’m right with you. I’m pretty shocked ZV didn’t win. But can anyone tell me why I can’t even find ZV on the store? I thought the games that didn’t win would be available at a discount?

  • Grow Home!!

  • When I see the phrase “Special Promotion” I get the association of something that is only for a limited time. Is Vote to Play only going to run for a few months to a year, or will it run indefinitely?


    • Probably just a test phase to see how we like it. If it doesn’t do well (i.e. too many people complain or too few participate) they might go back to the old way.

    • The EU PS Blog mentioned that it “will not be a monthly feature, but will take place at regular intervals throughout the year.”

    • I’m assuming it’ll come around at certain times. Evenly divided into the years. I’m assume one will be December (for a Christmas pick),
      One now, one in between now and December, then one in-between December and now? …. Everyone still with me?
      March, June, September, December? (3-6-9-12) An even division?

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