PlayStation Now July Update: Bonus Game, New Look

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PlayStation Now July Update: Bonus Game, New Look

It’s a new month and a new look for PlayStation Now! We’ve completely redesigned the PS Now subscription app on PS4 to create a richer, more visual experience that makes it even easier for you to browse the catalog of 125+ games available.

In the new app, you’ll see curated categories of games organized by theme, as well as more detailed game pages with descriptions, images, and videos.

PS Now: July 2015

PS Now: July 2015PS Now: July 2015

And in order to celebrate this milestone, we are also adding an extra sixth bonus game to our usual five new game monthly lineup: Resistance 3.

To launch the newly revamped PS Now subscription application on PS4, simply click on the PS Now icon in the content launcher on the home menu of your PS4. As always, new members can register for a free 7 day trial via your compatible PlayStation console, on your enabled Sony Blu-ray player, Sony TV, or Samsung Smart TV, or right here on the web. Here are the new games for the month of July:

PlayStation Now July Update: Bonus Game, New Look

Infamous Festival of Blood

Vampires swarm New Marais, and revered superhero Cole MacGrath has been bitten. To save his soul and city, he has just one night to find and kill the head vampire. Featuring hours of new gameplay, themed environment settings and new characters/enemies, Festival of Blood explores the darker side of the Infamous universe.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

What do you get when an evil mastermind’s plan to destroy his three biggest enemies goes horribly wrong? You get a massive — and wacky — space-bound adventure featuring an unlikely partnership of heroes and villain. Play alone or in co-op multiplayer as Ratchet, Clank, Qwark or Dr. Nefarious, each with their own unique skills and an arsenal of weaponry.

Resistance 3

America is lost. 4 years after the end of Resistance 2, dishonorably discharged Sentinel Joseph Capelli is in hiding from the Chimeran Menace with other survivors, including his new wife and young son. But when Dr. Fyodor Malikov arrives with the opportunity to deliver a blow to the occupying Chimeran force, Capelli must leave his family and journey the harrowing road from Oklahoma to New York City. Along the way, he’ll encounter the remnants of humanity left in the aftermath of the brutal Chimeran invasion.

Sound Shapes

Equal parts instrument and game, Sound Shapes gives everyone the ability to make music. Play through a unique campaign that fuses music and artwork into a classic 2D platformer, featuring artwork by Pixeljam, Capy, Superbrothers and more, with music by I Am Robot and Proud, Jim Guthrie and Deadmau5. Then, create your own unique musical levels with all of the campaign content.

PS Now: July 2015

Wheel of Fortune

Spin the wheel and solve the puzzle with America’s Favorite Game Show! Wheel of Fortune captures the spirit of the popular TV show. Create your own character and experience Wheel of Fortune as never before. Solve puzzles to earn PS3 Trophies and become the game’s big winner!

Super Mega Baseball

Hammer Longballo and a friendly cast of semi-athletic baseball stars invite you out to the ballpark for a blazing fast, ultra-responsive game of hardball. Super Mega Baseball is easy to learn, but you’ll want to master jumping, diving, wall-catches, power swings/throws and cut-off plays to prevail in season mode versus the CPU, or to dominate your friends in local multiplayer.

That’s it for July! We hope you love playing this month’s lineup, and for the PS4 owners out there, tell us what you think of the new subscription experience — we hope you are as excited to try it out as we are to finally share it with you.

To check out the full list of games and supported devices for PS Now, visit We’ll be back next month with more games and more announcements!

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  • This seems like a MUCH better way to navigate for PSnow subscription games. Any word on if this app will come to PS3 and Vita?

    I still haven’t jumped in to PlayStation Now past my trial, partly because I’m kinda hoping for a subscription that ties to PS+ and offers both (perhaps with Vue too ;-) for one nice price :-)

    • Thanks! We’re really excited about this new interface. We’re launching on PS4 and we’ll see where it goes from there! Our hope is that it helps everyone find awesome games they want to play, as well as discover great new games they haven’t tried yet.

    • Well the PS Now works on the Vita and Vita TV,and If PS/Sony set it up with PlayStation4 I would be playing PlayStation4 on my Vita and Vita TV without a PlayStation4

  • My backlog of games is a little high for me to do this at the moment, but I’m intrigued. I’d like to see Plus members get some kind of discount/benefit, but that’s not exactly a deal breaker.

    One question that I’m unsure of (or haven’t researched enough): Do trophies unlock during gameplay? If I’ve played the disc version on my since-departed PS3, will new trophies fill in as I unlock them? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    And thanks to all the hard working people at the blog. You guys do a great job!

    • Yes, you can earn trophies on PS Now. Also, if you previously owned a copy of the game, you can continue to unlock the remaining trophies via PS Now. With so many games in the subscription, it’s great for trophy hunters!

  • Any chance you guys will start to allow us to purchase games through PSNow? Rental is great and all, but is costly when you want to have a game for a long time.

    Also, Resonance of Fate and 3D Dot Game Heroes really needs to be added. Thanks.

  • PS Now is so disappointing. Please make PS Now like iTunes and PS Video and NOT like Netflix and Redbox. Allow those who previously brought games digitally to get a PS Now copy at no additional cost. You can even put it behind PS+. I should not have to rent games that I already bought digitally. That makes no sense. PS Now is the best way to offer backward compatible. A Sony exec said that no one wants backward compatible because it was never used in the early days of PS3. If that was true then why have PS1 and PS2 classics, PS1, PS2, and PS3 remastered, and PS Now? Users want to play older games. I admit that not all users want it. If you are a hardcore gamer, FPS/sport gamer, or a young game (like under 30) then you do not care about backward compatible. Overall, you do not invest in one game. You play games for more skill. But those of us who are older who was around during the SNES days value these older games. We want to share it with our kids, non-gamers friends, and just for us. Please Sony, change PS Now.

    • I am beginning to understand why we can not pay or play games that are already brought on PSNow. This is due to the cost of maintaining servers and other infrastructure which can’t be maintained if no one is paying for it. Also since its streaming publishers and developers would be able to pull it down after the contract is done if they don’t like the terms, then we suffer because a game we brought is no longer available and we blame Sony for something that may not be there fault.

    • I too am VERY DISAPPOINTED by PS Now!!! PS Now fails to allow me to play a PS3 game for free if I previously purchased the digital version from the PS Store. Additionally, I’ve been a PS Plus member since “Day 1” & I’ve accumulated quite a large library of free digital versions of PS3 games. Shouldn’t my loyalty as a long-standing PS Plus member be rewarded by allowing me to play those free PS3 games on my PS4 through PS Now?

      Sony, please do take note of the fact that your competition – Microsoft – has announced plans to allow Xbox One owners to play a growing library of Xbox 360 games – at no additional cost – on their Xbox One. Many gamers (like myself) find this feature to be very appealing. It shows that Microsoft respects the fact that if a gamer already owns an Xbox 360 game – they will not be charged additional fees in order to play that game on their Xbox One (once the game is made available on Xbox One as part of their backwards compatibility program).

    • @JMBlakk Here is what I know. I want backwards compatibility. Currently, I have a 1.5TB HDD in my PS3 with 112 games. I have another 120 or so games for my PS3 that I have not installed. I want to preserve the 112 games when PSN for the PS3 goes down and the PS3 is discontinued. In 5 or 10yrs, I want to be able to play my older PS3 games. I realized for hardcore, COD/madden, and younger gamers this is not a concern. But I strongly believe it is a concern for older gamers and collectors. In my view, Sony just wants us to repurchase games we already brought. Why can’t cross buy me standard? If I buy COD on my PS3, then I should get it on my PS4 at no additional cost. If I already had Last of Us on my PS3, then I should get the remastered on my PS4 at no additional cost. We already see this in mobile and PC. Why in the console area they want us to repurchase the same game we brought? Sony owns both the PS3 and PS4 and my purchase should transfer at no additional cost to me. Due to both backwards compatible and external HDD plug and play support, I am getting a XB1 over a PS4. The PS4 storage cap is 2TB. With the XB1, I have unlimited storage.

    • I also hate PS Now. Awful idea to allow Next-Gen gamers to be able to play older games.

      And I agree with gohan16ken’s flawless logic: Sony needs to give THE WHOLE PS3 LIBRARY FOR FREE to all PS4 owners.

      And that includes Remasters too. Because…we all know that a Remastered version is just the same old game with the code word “remaster” throw in the game’s source code and that’s it. Like “Remaster UI” or “Remaster Textures”. So why should I pay for something so easy to do? It’s not like they need to pay for anyone’s time or anything. And we all know those so-called programmers don’t need any more money, since they’re all as wealthy as Bill Gates.

    • So c’mon, Sony! We demand FREE PS3 GAMES! And the streaming service should be 100% FREE too! And also…if I pay for PS+, a service that gives me rental games, discounts and a couple more perks…I should have access TO EVERYTHING!!

      Because, you know, if I have that little yellow cross that means I’m a God-like customer that deserves a royal treatment for those staggering 50 US DOLLARS that I’ve been giving you every year for like, 5 whole years! That’s $250!!! AMERICAN DOLLARS!!!
      It’s outrageous that we don’t have like…Sony Shares by now for that amount of money, you dumb, money-hungry greedy Corporation. X-(

  • Thanks for the extra game but are there plans to add more than 5games a month I feel like there should be more if we’re paying 15/20 a month

    • Right now we’re adding 5 games a month, although for July we added a bonus game! We want to make sure the games we add to the subscription are all games worth knowing – either big hits or hidden gems. We work hard to add great games monthly so that you always have awesome new games to play!

  • No one cares or wants PS Now. We want PS3 backwards compatibility as PS Now is trash and will be another sales flop like PS Move and the Vita.

    • That will NEVER happen.

      So just grab a PS Now sub…or go the “PS4 games only” route.

    • Ouch. That’s a low blow, actually PS Now is a very successful streaming game service that gives a long range based game and rental options. And the Vita is the most successful hand held unit ever made by Sony and continues to sell millions of units worldwide annually. And the move is very popular world wide with sales continuing to grow and new and exciting things to come for the move. So pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee calm down. And try to look at things from all sides not just a closed single sided view. Your opinion is well. But empty and unsubstantiated. So search online and check your facts. Thank you for your comments from your customer ambassador to the PSN your one stop for all family entertainment Internationally. Sony make.believe PSN I’d: bombbreath

  • Would like to see Demon’s Souls and Resistance: Fall of Man put on PSNow. I occasionally go back and play those games a bit but don’t like having to swap between my PS4 and PS3.

    • Thanks for the game suggestions! The subscription does indeed make it convenient to go back and revisit PS3 favorites on PS4.

  • While I already own many of the games that are offered through PS Now, I still find it more convenient to stream them most of the time. Like if I want to play God of War Ascension, I can either start downloading the 30gb (plus updates) and a few hours later start playing it, or I can go to PS Now and begin playing instantly.

    If I was just starting off with PlayStation, I would simply subscribe to PS Now and call it a day. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more kid-friendly games and co-op games in the bunch. My daughter and I had a blast playing Lego Batman, and more games we could play together on it would be fantastic.

    • I’m so glad you and your daughter are enjoying PS Now. I hear you on kid friendly and/or co-op games. Be sure to check out Super Mega Baseball, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Sound Shapes, and Wheel of Fortune – we added all of these this month!

      I agree that PS Now is fantastic for folks who are new to the world of PlayStation. There are many folks with the PS4 that never had a PS3, and PS Now allows them to catch up on all the games and franchises they missed!

  • A+ guys. Those are some solid titles, and you can’t go wrong with a fresh new look and an extra game. I think this’ll be just what my buddy needs to try the subscription. I personally don’t think All 4 One is the best R&C game, but I love playing it with the family. Plus, the best R&C game, A Crack in Time, was added to the subscription a couple months ago.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. We really try hard to select games worth playing, including both well-known titles as well as undiscovered gems. I personally had such a blast playing Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One – it is just so incredibly fun with friends. We actually have quite a number of other Ratchet & Clank games in the subscription including:

      Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
      Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault
      Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

      I’m really happy you like this month’s update!

  • I like PSNow, I think its a great concept but I would like to now how far they can that it. I don’t care about backwards compatibility since I still own a PS3 to play certain game that will never make it to the playstation store. I haven’t played a multi-player game on PSNow but if STARHAWK makes its way on I might give that a go.

    • Why? The servers are practically DEAD. o_O

      There’s no point in subscribing to a service like this one for the MP-only games IMHO. =\

  • TH3-KILL-BILL125

    Does Resistance 3 Have Multiplayer?

    • It plays just like the PS3 disc version of the game, so it’s just the single player campaign.

    • That’s an unfortunate way to implement it. The Xbox’s last-gen support actually does play JUST like the 360 disc version… to include online multiplayer gaming and voice chat. I’m honestly still waiting for Sony’s response to that whole bombshell… {crickets}

    • It did, but the multiplayer servers were shutdown back in March of either this year or the last.

      There is however a split screen survival mode with endless waves of enemies. It’s pretty fun, and has an awesome soundtrack to boot!

  • Very cool, never played more than 5 minutes of resistance 3. Looking forward to playing it.

    Please consider adding resistance 1 & 2

    Here is a dumb question, are these games rotating or once they’re added they’re a part of the subscription catalog for good?

    • Ah, if you haven’t played through the Resistance 3 campaign, I can’t recommend it enough. Such a fantastic world – it just pulls you in. Noted on more games from the franchise!

      Once we put a game in the subscription, we encourage our publishing partners to keep it there. Sometimes games do come down due to issues beyond our control, but it has been quite rare.

  • When will we be able to access streaming games, not rentals, on the vita directly? It’s annoying to go to play a game on the ps4 first just to get into the play history so it can be accessed on the vita.

    • The PS Now subscription will launch on PS Vita in the coming months. For now, if you’re already a PS Now subscriber, you can access your subscription titles through the PS Now rentals section of the PS Now app on PS Vita. Just look for the games with a “Playable” label instead of a rental price, then click and play!

  • Modnation Racers and Starhawk is at the top of my list for game on PSNow

  • Please bring more first party games to the catalog! Once SOCOM 4 and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift are added, you can have all my money

  • EgyptsKittyAngel

    Great choices. But could you please look into the SharePlay issue?

    So many people, including myself, have been unable to do so with friends or by ourselves, even though we could before the 2.50/51 update. We would love to see this bug or issue overall whatever it may be, be fixed.

    Thank you

    • There is no shareplay issue. I used to think the same thing, but I figured out whats happening.

      Update 2.50 increased the frame rate that you share at to 60fps and by default. This means you actually need DOUBLE the former upload bandwidth to successfully shareplay.

      You can actually flip it back to 30fps and you’ll be able to stream again. You do this by doing the following:

      Go to your Party Window
      Party Settings
      Video Quality for Share Play
      Frame Rate (Set to Standard)

  • Thanks!

  • Would love a discount weekend Option for those of us that work. It’s hard to subscribe to something that is expensive that we’ll barely use.

    If I could subscribe for 3 months/6 months/1 year, but only have access on the weekends, and the price wasn’t too steep, more in accordance with Netflix pricing, but only on weekends, I’d go for it.

    • That seems like a huge headache just to be able to please a really small amount of users. But who knows… =\

    • I’m just looking for a balance between their cost, versus our cost. If they don’t have to worry about the server support support as much during the weekdays, then the weekends would be all we would use. It gets the price per month way lower, so they get more subscribers. I just think, like most subscriptions, we waste a lot of it.

      Those that use the whole month, they are the reason the price is so high. For those of us that barely use services, it sucks…And we bite the bullet. They should have a cheaper option. They can’t just lower the price, cause it’s expensive on their side, so this allows another option that works for everyone who…Well, works.

  • I think this is a good idea of renting games but 2 things I dont like
    1. I dont want to pay for a game I already have on psn.
    2. There is alot of games still old that are not on psn, like 3d Dot hero or Kingdom hearts hd games.

    • I can understand your point on cost, and it sucks. You can argue about paying for a game you already own, but that’s not actually what you’re paying for. You’re paying for the service to stream it over the internet. That is expensive. And it is constant.

      Even though the provider is different, the same thing can be said about any service offering, music or video. The main difference with video games, is they are constant upload/download on all ends. It can’t have pauses to buffer, while it loads cause of traffic. They can’t just give consumers full ownership to stream any game they own.

      That’s just not realistic. We’d have to pay for that server ourselves, and it would definitely be just as, or more, expensive to host. Nevermind the legal problems that they have to settle, and the cut that those publishers get from the service.

    • They do need to add more games though. Especially 1st parties. To be quite honest, they should all be on their leading the charge.

      And to start adding PS2/PS1/PSP games as well. At least the ones they have complete ownership over. It would be a nice reason to play on the service, for classics, and cheaper to stream. Still a lot, but definitely cheaper, as there’s much less data.

    • Why in the world would I want to Stream something, which requires constant online connectivity?

      Instead of playing games already downloaded, with no connection issues, and without repurchasing a game

      Your argument to get customers to fork the bill for some experiment by Sony Higher ups?

      It sounds like YOU are the one, that not only missed the point, but the boat altogether.

      Way to lose your loyal customers, in hopes the newer generation will be more accommodating.

      Good Luck with that (PURE SARCASM).

    • @Rezolution77

      Soo…You never use anything that streams? Never use Netflix, youtube, twitch, online games, MMOs, multiplayer servers…Information is always being streamed. You don’t “buy” games on Netflix, by the way, even if you own it.

      And for the few video-exception services, such as Vudu or Amazon, where you can buy movies you can stream later, how often do you go back to plugin 80+ hours on the same video? Games require a lot more. Instead of thinking about the games deflated price, you should try thinking about the cost of streaming.

      And of course, if you don’t want to do that, cause “Why in the world would [you] want to Stream something, which requires constant online connectivity?”, then don’t. No one is forcing you to. You just will have to get a PS3 and all those games that they offer. If you already have it, the service isn’t for you. For me, if they add enough games I haven’t played, a give a better deal on pricing, I’ll jump. A flatout $120 a year makes way more sense to me, that’s $10 a month. Especially when I won’t be on it 24hrs/day at 7days/week.

  • unfortunately for you PS Now service every worthwhile last gen game is getting remastered so no one in their right minds will pay for worser quality streams of last gen games and even Sony themselves are making PS Now pointless as they are remastering Uncharted and God Of War 3 as well as the remastered The Last Of Us. i’ll bet PS Now gets abandoned and completely shutdown in less than 2 years . just look at Onlive they recently shutdown because they were bleeding money just like you will soon enough and that will be your fate as well Gakai. i’ll give you 2 years before PS Now no longer exists.

    • Not to mention Xbox One owners get last-gen gaming for free without needing to constantly tax their Internet connections. =P

    • Excellent point about the Remasters. Sony did $%@# themselves by remastering GoW, Uncharted and TLoU. All those games alone would’ve made a sub a worthwhile expense.

      A really bad move indeed. xD

    • +MisterAxle
      That’s only if the publisher allows MS to use backwards comparability on their title.

  • You guys said Vita would get direct access to the subscription service. It’s been months since then and nothing …

  • I won’t try PS Now until PS Vita gets direct acces to the subscription service.

  • Brazil someday? Please say yes

  • Do the PS Now games share the trophy set with the retail disc, or can you earn double trophies. I’m pretty certain I know the answer, just looking for some verification.

    • PS Now is literally playing a PS3 across the internet.

      It is the exact same game, with the exact same trophies. You can even copy your save file over from your PS3 (as long as you have PS+).

  • Any word on when my PS4 will be able to play the last gen games that I own *without* having to pay for a subscription service?

  • A couple things I’m still waiting for and wondering if will be available through PS Now.

    1. Shared service through one system. If I subscribe to PS Now on my PS4 and I’m the main account, I was hoping that other accounts on my PS4 can access the PS Now through my subscription rather than each account having to get their own subscription. Can be rather expensive for a family sharing one PS4. It was like this at launch, sharing one subscription, but changed shortly after.

    2. Having access to paid rentals of games already owned, digitally, for free. I own over 200 games through my Playstation account. A good bit are offered for rent through PS Now. I would love to play the games that I already own without having to pay again. I made the mistake of selling my PS3 when I got my PS4. I don’t want to rebuy a PS3 nor pay to rent games that I already own. I wish PS Now would reflect ownership. I’m talking about the digital versions not disc.

    I love PS Now and would definitely sudscribe again if these features were implemented. Thank you.

    • You will NOT ever receive free access to your digital library. Game streaming is expensive to maintain… and would bankrupt Sony to do this. You may however see your digital library added to your free games list if you are on an active PS Now subscription (NOT PS+… but PS Now).

    • That was a big mistake on your part. But it happens.

      Just wait for a couple more years and you’ll be able to buy a PS3 for $50. Then you’ll be golden. =P

    • Thanks for the love for PS Now! Regarding your first question, we’re working to bring back the functionality to allow other accounts on your PS4 to access games you’ve played with your subscription.

  • I’ve considered playing puppeteer via ps now since it was the last game I played on ps3…very enjoyable especially Co op with younger sibling. Anyways, a game I would definitely play whether through ps now or a remaster is Playstation all stars. I wouldn’t mind playing resistance 3 again but I doubt multilayer is on ps now version

  • Can you please consider adding more than 5games a month

    • To be fair, there are 2 things to consider.

      First, they need to focus on expanding their entire library on the platform. Once a game is already on the platform, its going to be much easier for them to convince the publisher to actually give it on the sub.

      Second, each game added stays (almost) indefinitely on the subscription (and includes a ton of AAA games). Bargaining power wise, its harder to convince a publisher to always keep a game on the subscription than it is to get them to offer it for free to only people on PS+ (where an overwhelming majority do not even take advantage of it).

  • I love the idea of Playstation Now, but I’ve stayed away because the pricing is too high for the value offered. My feedback, offered before, once again:

    1) Offer a subscription model that adds on to PS+ membership and adds PS+ library games to PS Now. I’d gladly pay another $50 per year for PS Now as a premium tier of PS+ if I saw some value in it — not having to download every PS3 game I got through Plus would be a MAJOR benefit.

    2) Add in an option to allow those who digitally own a game on PSN to be able to own it on PS Now permanently for a nominal fee if the game’s available. For example, if I own Puppeteer digitally, I should be able to stream it on PS Now for a small fee. This would be a nice alternative to the subscription-based model and would reward folks like myself who frequently purchase on PSN.

    3) Get Vita support (and maybe PC browser and smartphone support?) straightened out. The technology is there; Gaikai could stream in browsers years ago, and OnLive was doing smartphones not long after. Sony owns both of those services now; there’s little excuse to stick to the PS4.

    • 4) As a consumer, I’m unsure if I’d be getting access to a vanilla game via PS Now and expected to purchase DLC or if I’d be getting access to the Ultimate edition. One thing that would make PS Now differentiate itself from PSN is to always offer ultimate, upgraded editions of games with all DLC loaded in. Again, I could see the value of a subscription if I didn’t have to fiddle with DLC.

      I hope that feedback is helpful in generating some new ideas. I hope to be a PS Now customer one day, but as it stands, I don’t see enough value in the system yet. Here’s to hoping for continued improvements!

    • ThumbsOfSteel74

      I wholeheartedly agree, especially with point #2. If they can figure this out, there’s actually a huge market out there.

      Many people either: a) want streaming of previous purchases at no additional cost, or b) are laughing at those people due to the financial/technical impossibility of such notions.

      Your idea attempts to bridge the gap: Sony ought to make people’s wishes affordable. Of course, the ability to stream games on PS4 wouldn’t be offered in cases where a remaster was in the works. But the current situation (where nobody can play their previously bought Classics or buy new ones on anything but a PS3) seems untenable.

    • 1) Not gonna happen.

      2) Definitely NOT gonna happen. xD

      3) Apparently they’re working on it. So a little bit of patience I guess? =\

      4) Vanilla. ALWAYS vanilla. Maybe a couple of games, once in while, could be the “Ultimate” or “GOTY” versions…but for the most part it will be ALWAYS the vanilla edition.

  • it could be just me but I ownly see 1 ps plus game for ps4 where is the 2nd game and the 2 free ps3 game and 2 ps vta games

  • would love to check this out but servers are down now. i can log in but nothing else works. was looking forward to some of the ps plus drops as well but will have to wait. im finally off work for a day and psn is down. unreliable!

  • ugh PS NOW just infuriates me. Such a slap in the face. I want to be able to play Resistance 3 again, but not have to pay for a rental! The only thing I loathe about PS4 IS NOT HAVING BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY!

  • While I think PlayStation Now is a neat service, I think it is way overpriced and lacks any true incentive for dedicated PlayStation fans. While I consider the current pricing model as a barrier to entry for most consumers my larger issue with the service/Sony is their inability to figure out a way to use the service as a means of backwards compatibility. I own a ton of physical/digital formatted games from PS1 to PS3 (including PSP and PSVita) that I would love to be able to play again on my PS4 (if its currently offered on PSNow). That being said I still own all of my PayStation systems (except for my PS1) so I can play any of my older games, but its really inconvenient. I wish Sony would take a page out of Xbox’s E3 2015 playbook and allow me to access games via PS Now that I already own physical or digital.

    With all of that being said, keep up the great work! No doubt PS Now will play an increasingly important role as technology and the way we interface with technology continues to change. I hope to work for PlayStation one day to help keep the PlayStation brand as The Best Place to Play, whether on a home console, portable console, tv, smartphone, tablet, vr, ar, or new frontiers yet to be realized.

    • I agree that they could do more for backwards compatibility, but I also realize that it is unrealistic to be able to stream my old games on any PS Now platform for free. What I imagine is a $5 or $10 per month service as an alternative to this subscription. The service would not include any games on it like this current one does, but it would allow you to play your existing library of digital games on PS Now devices, provided those games are on the Now servers already. Maybe you could even play disc PS3 games on PS4 by putting the discs in to verify and then it would stream.

  • This update is great. App before was slow loading and clunky. Please tell the game guys to put duke 3d megaton and doom classic complete on psnow too please. Need classic shooters on ps4.

  • Am I the only one who found PS Now unplayable? And no, it’s not my internet, the service said I could stream and I usually get around 30 mbps. The games were so laggy it wasn’t enjoyable. Not to mention I tried the free trial and forgot to cancel it, so I payed for a month of useless service.

  • Nobody likes you, NOW. In the immortal words of Smeagol, “Leave now and never come back!”. SCE should stop wasting money crap like this and VR (which they’ll stop supporting 7 or 8 months into it’s life), just remaster everything PS3 and invest in PS5 BC with PSX, PS2 and PS4. Problem solved, everyone wins.

  • So many entitled crybabies here.

  • Sony I’ve been with you ever since the original PS and I will continue to support your consoles. However I will never EVER support this. This has more cons than it has pros. That is why this will never be a great solution to backwards compatibility. This has forced me to keep my PS3 when Microsoft has given people the incentive to jump from 360 to Xbox One and continue playing their old games. At the very least give us PS1/PS2 compatibility if you wanna see people supporting old games.

  • I tried it for the trial… it works well enough, but the game selection is pretty awful as I have all the big titles that are listed – then you get a bunch of stuff you don’t care about. Also the price is way too high considering 99% of these games you can buy at Gamestop for $2 – and it’s not like you’re going to play the vast majority of titles they have. If they stepped up their game and had a much better listing of content (where is Gran Turismo for example), then it could have been something. But at its current price it’s going to end up like OnLive – also with the XB1 allowing local emulation of the 360 for no cost (and no lag) I again think Sony priced this way too high.

  • This service was the First Step that started turning me away from Sony Playstation, and proved their true nature : Greed.

    It is why the PS4 couldn’t allow backwards compatibility and proves it.

    And to all you BS media “spinners” out there saying this is an old “troll”, so is the fact you completely ignore and hide it,

    I am proving it fwith my wallet from now on thanks to NewEgg, and an affordable gaming notebook for $100 more.
    Of course it comes with a screen, and is more mobile ( outlet needed of course ), and has a 1TB hybrid SSD included.

    But thanks to Steam (with daily deals like Legend of Korra today at $3.75), I will cut gaming costs considerably.

    Would have considered Infamous Bundle, even at $7 per game (whoopie)……….

    Not now Sony, and Possibly Never Again.

    *You did get me to bite on Justice league (PSP/Vita), so maybe you should rethink your plans for Vita.

  • i wish i would have known that ps now would be what sony is focusing on with the ps4.clearly it what they are pushing more than anything.if i want to play my old games ill play them on my ps3.not another billing service.i already bought most of the psn games they have on ps now so ps now just pisses me off sony and alot of people probally feel the same.i wont be buying anything from sony except the bare minimum in games thanks to ps now.

  • Where is the regular update? Did I miss something?

  • Where is the regular update?

  • Does anyone know if you can still rent individual games on PS Now?

  • I just hope when they introduce PS1 classics to this service (which they already announced they will be), they also at the same time allow digital PS1 classics cross buy/play support on PS4. Digital PS1 classics are currently cross buy/play on EVERY PSN connected Playstation system (PSP, Vita, and PS3) EXCEPT the newest most powerful PS4.


    Better not be so they can charge us again to rent the digital PS1 classics games we already purchased that are, again, cross buy/play supported on ALL other PSN connected Playstation systems (PSP, Vita, and PS3).

  • If there was no want/need for backwards comparability then why does PSNow exist? Because there is a want/need for it and Sony knows that. But they also know that if they just add them onto the PSN on the PS4 then they couldn’t charge each and every person through the door. If streaming games so expensive, just flip the switch. But oh no, they have to make it a thing* while Sony’s competitor is creating Greatness, Sony just keeps shooting itself in the foot. God I miss Jack…!

  • PS Now is a little to expensive for me. Will there ever be sales for the subscription services? I see you added Wheel of Fortune but not Jeopardy to the subscription service. Why are there some games you can only rent individually and not get them through the subscription service? You also have Dead or Alive 5 and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate under subscriptions. They are both the same game just one has more features. You should take DoA 5 out and put something else in its place. I really wanted to play Derrick the Deathfin during my subscription trial but unfortanately it wasn’t available on both sides.

  • Ryan. You gotta tell someone to add more games per month. 5 isn’t cutting it at all. We need at least 15 games added per month. I didn’t re up my sub because of this. After beating around 20 games during those three months there just wasn’t anything to play. 70% of these games are undeniably bad and old games. So if Sony is going to add crappy and boring games nobody wants to play, at least add more per month.

    Or drop the price. Or maybe respond to Microsoft’s quote: “We are not going to make you pay to play the games you already own.”

  • I start changing my mind about PS now -I really want it to support, because i thought is great idea, but every month I’m just getting more disappointed, and its not technical issue (works perfectly for me, no lag,20 mb/s), price is fine for me to $15/month its pretty cheap. Its just how is executed. I think PSnow cant be Netflix, people like their games in different way, its like a toy, have sentimental value, and your favorite toys you want to keep forever. I don’t care if its digital or physical copy, but some games i want have forever.

  • I think they need to have some purchase plan for stream, and you get your license forever when you buy a game, it would on cloud and stays there forever. I think they should definitely add PS1 and PS2 games and sell them for between $4-10 (and when you buy them you own them forever). New interface looks pretty, but still confusing i cant find anything, needs search option, and categories. But even if they add that, I personaly don’t even like Netflix interface (hard to find stuff to watch), i just think will not work for games.

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