Bungie Talks Destiny: The Taken King with Wil Wheaton

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Bungie Talks Destiny: The Taken King with Wil Wheaton

Hello, PlayStation Nation!

PlayStation has given me access to the Blog again to announce that the premiere episode of Conversations with Creators is now available on PlayStation Store on your PS4 and PS3 for free, and at the YouTube link below!

For the first conversation, I sat down and spoke with four guys from Bungie: Jason Jones, Jason Sussman, Luke Smith, and Ryan Ellis.

We discussed the origins of Destiny, the challenge and excitement of game creation, their upcoming release of Destiny: The Taken King, and what inspires them each day to improve their massive sandbox world…

They all had some really interesting and inspiring things to share with me about their creative process. I left this conversation with a new appreciation for the creation, development, and management of one of the biggest and most popular gaming worlds in the PlayStation universe. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Also, Bungie has declared that today is Bungie Day. To celebrate this totally not made up holiday that is a real thing, PlayStation Store will have special offers for Destiny Expansion 1: The Dark Below, Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves, and the Destiny Expansion Pass. These offers will be available on PlayStation Store this afternoon.

Alright, that’s it! Thanks for reading, thank you PlayStation for letting me drive the blog for a little bit, and I hope you enjoy the show.

Happy Bungie Day!

Your pal,
Wil Wheaton

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  • Wil Wheaton is my pal. :D

  • This isn’t the kind of talk show the industry needs. It’s a bloated commercial for upcoming games with a lot of PR speak. We need someone to go in and be unafraid to ask the really tough questions, and Bungie is one of those developers that has A LOT of explaining to do.

    • ^Agreed. This sounds more like a commercial than an honest conversation about the state of the game and it’s community.

    • Go to Giantbomb, they asked some straight questions during their E3 live shows.

    • Explaining to do about what? Destiny is a fantastic game. Huck Falo, but destiny has been great for me.



  • “Destiny has … such strong storytelling”?!

    I don’t often “lol! Wut?!” but this is an “lol! Wut?!” moment.

    • Yeah, I went: “Wuuuuuuuuuuuuut??? storytelling??? is this guy playing the same game I played? is he still talking about Destiny?”


    In all sincerity though this needs to be posted to the What’s New section on PS4. Not everyone checks the PS Blog site or the PS Store regularly. Some only go to the PS Store on Tuesday’s to check for new releases and PS+ games but ignore most of the other content. I’m a PlayStation guy. I love my PS4 and my PS3 before it, however a certain competitor of yours has always and still does a better job of informing the more casual gamers (that don’t read and post on PS Blog, or read IGN, GameSpot, Polygon etc.) what’s shaking in the industry.

  • Dear sony, no one cares about this ahole.
    I’d much rather Sid or Rey or Anthony C interview game devs.
    Gamers hate Wil cause Wil hates gamers.
    Please have someone less of a C*** to do this
    Many Thanks
    -Gamer and very much alive

    • You don’t speak for everyone so skip the “no one” bit. It shows lack of maturity and understanding of people having different opinions. Express yourself as an individual.

      I like Wil Wheaton, thought it was a good show. Some tougher questions could have been asked, I agree, but at the same time if you watched the whole episode they brought up user feedback several times. You only have so much time, you want them to focus on specific issues? Not the place IMO.

      Good episode, looking forward to seeing how it grows!

  • Shut up Wesley.

  • Don’t listen to all the hate Wil….humans will be humans….Keep up the great work and also loved your reading of Ready Player One.

  • Thought this was a pretty decent first show. Yes, it was clear that Wheaton hadn’t spent as much time playing Destiny as he should have (that comment about strong storytelling really landed badly), but there were some interesting exchanges about the process of building games in modern times when every change you make is reacted to within 5 minutes of going live.

    They needed to spend more time warming up the room too, The Bungie guys were pretty quiet for the first few minutes before they loosened up.

    My favorite line was when Jason Jones refused to answer a question about The Traveler and Wheaton suggested that maybe they could talk about Marathon. LOL

    Not perfect, but I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  • This was a pitiful Infomercial for a game with too many flaws.

    • If it has “too many flaws”, why does it almost a year later have such a huge user base playing it? Why is it such a huge commercial success with people logging massive amounts of hours?

      Can’t satisfy everyone.

  • Man. 10 comments?

    I was coming in just to say I know where the PSN server money went to, but that is just odd.

    You spend money on this thing and nobody watches it, nor cares, on the same day you have another PSN “outage” where the store doesn’t work for hours?

  • Thanks and take care Wil. I wish you all the best.

  • i support this but why must you stress it’s free was this suppose to have been something they were thinking about charging us for?

  • Either Wheaton was trolling them or he was trolling us… “repetition” is a key word in destiny, a lot of people, including me, have grown tired of Destiny, I tried to see the whole “interview” but I wasn’t able to watch more than the first 10 minutes. Destiny is repetitive and it doesn’t have any story, it’s not cinematic at all Mr. Wheaton.

    And we, sure as hell, can tell where the enemies are going to appear from behind every rock and crevice…

    There are no meaningful decision making because there are no decisions at all to make.

    This was just publicity, advertisement… there was no actual interview.

    Bungie dropped the ball, they say they’re going to amend what they did wrong when the Taken King gets released, and yet they are screwing early adopters with their “business” model trying to make us pay 60$ to play everything they are doing new for the DLC.

    Hopefully people isn’t going to fall for that, there are developers like CDPROJEKT RED that are actually delivering content and replay value to their games.

    So… common Bungie get your **** together!!!

  • I watched this because bungie was on it and Destiny is pretty much the biggest reason to own a ps4 right now

    Wheaton was as obnoxious and condescending to listen to as I thought he would be.

    Don’t have anything against him. He’s just not someone I want to listen to. Will do my best not to click any more of these.

  • I watched both Bungie and Naughty Dog episodes. Both times I wanted to play the games they were talking about. I have a few suggestions to make these shows more interesting. 1- stream them live. 2- have a call in portion so fans can ask questions. 3- have a live demo session with exclusive content.

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