Musical Shooter Myriad Coming to PS4, PS Vita

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Musical Shooter Myriad Coming to PS4, PS Vita

Hey, I’m Erlend Grefsrud, and I’m making Myriad on PS4 and PS Vita. It’s my first solo game, published by my company Bifrost Entertainment, and I’m responsible for everything except the music, courtesy of his reverberant majesty Mathias Rudsengen.


Myriad is a beatmatched crystallization of arcade aesthetics. It’s a game that grows more and more beautiful the better you play, where you make and break worlds, control time, and bend space — all for one thing: performance.

Myriad is purely about performance. It’s stark naked, with no story, no obvious meaning at all, just actions and consequences, crisp shapes and you. Everything springs out of your performance.

The game is pretty simple: defeat enemies to build the level you play in. But beware: defeating enemies only multiplies their numbers. Your goal is to blow up the level you built in a glorious chain reaction to clear it of enemies, upgrade your weapons — and do it again. Bigger and better.


As you progress, you make and break bigger and bigger worlds along with ever greater swarms of enemies. All the while, the soundtrack builds around your performance, punctuating events and swelling towards the next explosive crescendo.

You compete to deliver the highest-scoring performance. The current best is showcased right on the title screen where everyone can see it, thanks to Myriad’s replay system.

Every performance is recorded and can be rewinded, meaning Myriad lets you control time. You don’t restart when you die — you just rewind. No game over screen, no breaking the flow, just undo your mistake and keep performing.


Your highest-scoring performances are saved too, so you can share them and enjoy your friends’ best performances — and even participate in them. Any time you watch a replay, you can just resume playing. Myriad puts you in control and lets you carry on the performance.

Myriad is about giving you as much control as possible. You can control space as well as time: every circle can be picked up and moved, whether it’s an enemy or part of the level.

This is Myriad’s purpose: to open possibilities, yield control, get out of the way and let you play — I want your performance to be Myriad’s meaning.

I made it as beautiful as I could. Now it’s your turn to make it more so.

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  • Cool beans

  • PlayStation TV compatible?

  • Looks cool (I’m kinda a sucker for time mechanics :-) though a bit challenging to know what’s going on in those screenshots. Also glad more games are coming to Vita. When might we get our eager hands on it?

  • Are you pushing for a release date of 2015 or 2016?

  • This sounds like a Colin Moriarty jam.

  • seriously. playstation used to be the very best now its more like the very worst.. sorry to say this as I used to love playstation soo reliable but all im seeing is sooo many bad games and its NOT acceptable how about giving the players what they really want playstation???? backwords compatibility.. this doesn’t mean we want crapy games this means we want to play the better games which to me things like JADE COCOON 1/PS1, LEAGEND OF DRAGOON/PS1, CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 3/PS3, FALLOUT 3 OR NEW VEGAS/PS3 STOP BRINGING OUT THIS STUFF FIX WHAT YOU HAVE MICROSOFT ACTUALY WORKES THIS TIME.. YOU CANT JUST LET THEM DESTROY YOU LIKE THIS

    • Silentzoner whatever you are smoking I want some! You are on another planet. One HUGE reason aside from better hardware Sony is doing so well right now is their support for indies and artists. If you are so anti-originality you belong on Xbox.

      To your grievance about backwards compatibility, would it be nice? Sure. Let’s be realistic though. What percentage of the consumer base for either console is playing “old” games? Next to none. Throwing a temper tantrum over it just announces your age to the rest of the mature gaming professionals who enjoy creativity.

  • I am so looking forward to this like twin-stick shooters & this is a musical thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL.. IM NOT THROWING A TEMPER TANTRUM IM TRYING TO GET PLAYSTATION TO UNDERSTAND US AS PLAYERS DESERVE THE BEST WHICH PLAYSTATION USED TO OFFER.. have you recently looked at xbox and what it has compared to PlayStation? believe me they are by far the best system right now.. and atleast the online experience works.. im an old time ps1 – ps3 guy that decided to move to xbox 360 with my friends when it came out but after 8 360s broke on me with disk read errors or red rings I came back to PlayStation.. PlayStation is so far behind the times now its crazy.. yes the grafix are better the hardware rocks BUT if PlayStation brings out really bad games like this how would you no about grafix? doesn’t look like this uses ANY.. Microsoft has backwards compat, also free if you owned the games PlayStation used to be free online now they charge? what els is there hmm how about share play it doesn’t work or works poorly on PlayStation.. xbox is getting console mods for fallout 4 incase you don’t realize what that means… ITS REVILUTIONERY

    • Xbox has a far slower and weaker system. They have no good exclusives while PS has tons. Backwards compatibility is a last ditch effort for Xbox since they have nothing else. If you really want to play ps3 games simply just buy a ps3, it is worth it. PS4 has sold nearly 22 million while Xbox has barely sold 11 million. There is a reason why PS4 is selling twice as much, because its worth twice as much. PS also has a better community and a huge array of games from Indies to AAA. If you don’t like Indies then don’t buy them. But you’d be surprised because some Indies I’ve played are the best games this generation.

    • Also PS4 is also getting mods for Fallout 4. Plus PS4 is more powerful so it’ll be able to handle better mods than Xbox. Just something to think about. =D

    • hope it also comes to PC/Steam. Indie games are crucial to finding a new audience and fulfilling the wants of current owners. Just because indie is independent does not make it bad automatically.

      Most of My steam collection is indie titles, some great ones are coming and being released on PS4. The XBOX360 did well because of XNA as well as AAA titles. it’s good that Sony has a plan in the works for PS4 for both INDIE audiences and AAA titles.

    • You are saying US but so far it is just yourself that you are speaking for. From whatever I just read, I really want this! ;O Not sure how exactly it works but sounds very unique to be able to pick up and play from where you are watching your replay. Like, what? and a twin stick shooter to rewind so you can continue..? awesome! Odd gorgeous visuals. Indie or triple A games, I loved them all. Triple A games have been letting me down more and more lately so stuff like this gets more of my GotY vote.

  • StrangerStrange

    Game looks fun to take turns with friends! And jwhyrock is too right! Go playstation! And take a hike zoner, you and your AAA crap. These indie developers put a lot of thought into these games!

  • Something i’ll keep an ear out for.

  • @SilentZoner You shouldn’t get anything after being that disrespectful. Have you played Mr. Grefsrud’s game? …No? Then don’t bash this guy’s announcement. I don’t see you making anything as unique as this. All I see is you wanting more reasons to sit on your couch.

    • Sorry Erland, looks like your game thread got derailed.

      I’m very much into music/rhythm games & I look forward to yours!

  • Sorry PSDan, I thought I was leaving a comment, not replying. lol

  • looks beautiful, can’t wait to play it

  • holy crap, this looks cool! We love Everyday Shooter (a PS4/Vita native version would be appreciated!) and this looks right up our alley. Looking forward to seeing a 1080p60 video to get a better feel for what it looks like in motion.

    • oh my! Not ever do I see a fellow Everyday Shooter fan ;O Yes, more of anything weirdly cool like that game! ;p That was I think my second PSN purchase shortly after getting my ps3 in ’07.

  • This looks really cool. I definitely want to play it.

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