PlayStation Blogcast 169: Takin’ it to the Streets

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PlayStation Blogcast 169: Takin’ it to the Streets

On this week’s show, we talk with the crew behind Street Fighter V, have a thorough discussion on Batman, and share our excitement over Rocket League (Out next week on PS4!). Also, our apologies for the technical issues with this episode, we’ll look into it for next time! If the clicking sounds are too bothersome, you can skip ahead to the interview at 24 minutes. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Street Fighter V
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Rocket League
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

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The Cast

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  • Hi everyone! Sorry about the clicking/popping in this episode. We switched computers recently and need to finetune the settings. Thanks for your patience!

    • Hey Ryan! The episode of Batman the Animated series you were talking about is ep 73 “Time out of Joint”. Thanks for another great blogcast.

  • I *really* look forward to these shows! Woohoo!

  • One of the highlights of my week! Thanks for another episode guys! Btw I’m super pumped for Rocket League next week as well. Played the beta for hours! Thank you so much for making it part of the PS+ lineup this month.

  • Hey Ryan and guys (including Tom) hehe –

    Can’t wait to jump into Rocket League and enjoy the show as always.

    Hey guys, some folks on GAF put up a “What should PSN 2.0 look like” – you guys might like to check it out. I didn’t link to it, but it’s on gaming side.

    Peace man and enjoy the holiday!


  • Great Blogcast! Rocket League does provide a 4v4 variant called “Chaos Mode”.

  • I’m off to my djing job I just came to say youtube might go bye bye apple music offers music and music vedios unlimted 3 mouth free and after that its 9.99 indavial and 12.99 family but it has music vedios witch no other music service offers and its all unlimted no ads no logo at all and you can save to play list and apple cloud

    • I haven’t had a chance to listen to the show yet. Is Rocket League the successor to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars?

  • I have a question I preordered the turnameter the movie on psn when will I get to wacth it because its ownly allowing me a 1min guy talking aboute it and when do I get my theme as while its saying it will be emailed to me

  • I think I might have got you guys a new fan. I had a friend over Thursday night when I listened to this. I didn’t think it would be his thing because even though he games he’s not like… super into it. He plays some things and appreciates the art but he’s more of a video game observer. But anyways, I was wrong. He was really into it. He said Sid made him laugh and he stands with Ryan on Batman. He’s a Superman fan himself. Owns every season of Smallville in a collector’s set. He told me to start sending your episodes to him weekly. :)

  • israelpacheco89

    Bruce Wang?! I couldn’t stop laughing at the lunch table at work! Looking forward to checking out the new features of Street Fighter V during the beta later this month. Good show guys!

  • I really need to get a PS4…

  • Sid, Ryan, Justin, Nick,
    I’ve relocated my family and job across the country over the past month, so I’ve been way too busy to get in the comments for the past few shows. Rest easy knowing that I’ve been listening and enjoying all the great content and adjectives that y’all bring us week after week. Thanks!

  • Love your shows and this one was great, until the very end when you all were praising POTUS. Not all your listeners support him and I would imagine you made many of your listeners cringe for those few minutes.

  • Hey guys, thanks for the show. Can you put New Releases as the first part of the show again? I don’t always get the chance to listen to the whole show, but always want to hear that part.

  • Hey Guys,

    Thanks for putting Michael McDonald’s song in my head with today’s podcast title. Hopefully next week won’t be “Yah Mo B There” because…..

  • Long time listener first time caller… Quick question say I pre-order uncharted then a week before release they offer a 10% discount? Am I out the cash or is it refunded?

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