Ant-Man Pinball Comes to PS4, PS3, PS Vita July 15th

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Ant-Man Pinball Comes to PS4, PS3, PS Vita July 15th

Zen Pinball 2: Marvel’s Ant-Man

Prepare for an adventure of enormously tiny proportions! Our latest pinball collaboration with Marvel will showcase their upcoming film, Marvel’s Ant-Man, only in theaters July 17th! Assume the role of Scott Lang, master thief turned Super Hero, as he fights to save the world on a microscopic level. The Marvel’s Ant-Man table will be available for Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, PS Vita and PS4 on July 15th! Just remember to purchase on PS3 or PS Vita and import to PS4 to play on all three systems.

On the Marvel’s Ant-Man table, players will experience the breathtaking action of the upcoming Marvel Studios film as they’ll engage in heated combat with Yellowjacket in a multiball fight, duke it out as shrunken Ant-Man, help Hope Van Dyne train Scott Lang, and have an active role in side stories featuring Ant-Man and his friends. Heroes don’t get any bigger!

Zen Pinball 2: Marvel’s Ant-Man

Zen Pinball 2: Marvel’s Ant-ManZen Pinball 2: Marvel’s Ant-Man

We’re doing things with the Marvel’s Ant-Man table that will be completely new to both our game and the pinball genre as a whole, including shrinking pinballs and crazy new mini-games that will undoubtedly excite our biggest (and smallest) fans. We can’t wait to give all of our players a shot at this table!

Working with Marvel to bring their properties to our pinball universe has been fantastic over the years, but we’re extremely excited to have teamed up with them on not just one of their films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe releasing this year, but BOTH of them, with Marvel’s Ant-Man joining our recently released Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron table on our Marvel roster! See you on the leaderboards!

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  • Awesome!! Love me some more Zen tables!

  • Day 1 buy for me. I LOVE ZEN PINBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m always excited for more Zen, but could you guys maybe ease off the Marvel/Star Wars for a while and get some original stuff in? Like the Portal 2 table. That one was awesome.

  • Barbie you all (Zen) has been on a roll with tables lately. It seems as though a table has come out every month. I’m certainly appreciating the love here. Looking forward to the table. Thank you all for your hard work. :D

  • Anoher epic pinball table to rock out on! You guys really do great work, and I would love to see a behind the scenes video on how you design, create, and test these tables.

  • I own all of your tables and love most of them!! Would love to see a Daredevil table (now that Netflix has a reboot). Maybe create a mode (mission) where the table goes dark and only the ball glows. Anyways keep up the good work Bobby and all at Zen!!

  • This is an unexpected surprise. Thanks Zen!

  • At this point, Zen Pinball may just be the most expensive game I’ve ever purchased. :P

  • Barbie do you know if it’s po to add more trophies to current and future tables? Or would this require a new Zen Pinball sequel?

  • I wish Zen would attempt more orginal tables rather than another (yawn) Marvel or Star Wars table. Your best pins are the ones NOT based on an IP.

  • I like the Marvel and the Star Wars tables and appreciate them still releasing tables from those IPs.

    Its time for them to delve into (if they havent already and super hush hush on them) new IPs like DC Comics based tables. i would love DC Comics Zen Pinball spam table releases.

    Transformers – mostly G1 era, a table, or two based on the classic and epic 1986 cartoon movie and into G2.

    Imagine a G1 table based Dinobot table. A table where you have Omega Supreme in a corner, much like the robot on the Earth Defense table swatting Decepticons flying aroud etc. man o man Im getting squishy pantsed thinking about the possibilities. Would love for Zen to spam this IP too. (Even if it involved a table or two of the Michael Bay crap just to get the G1/G2 stuff.

    Some Star Trek tables would be nice.

    A table based on the movies like Legend and Dark Crystal would be cool.

    Some G.I Joe tables (Cartoon based) would rock.

    More Zen Originals too!!!

    and I would love to have some awesome lighting options too.

  • Love these games and especially the Marvel games. If I had one request I would so much love to see a Big Lebowski table. I’m sure there are licensing issues, etc. but it would be awesome. Bowling mini-game, trashing a Vette you think was Larry’s, White Russian multiball, bongs, marmots, a ringer case with Walter’s dirty undies. So many possibilities and maybe some Creedence playing in the background (if no Creedence then anything except the Eagles, man).

  • Excited to see more Marvel tables. But I am still holding out hope for a line of Doctor Who tables.

  • Awesome news I’m eager to watch Ant-man…will definitely get this table.
    How about a table of the “Siege of Asgard”,you guys did World War Hulk and it was fantastic.

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