DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition Out June 25th

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DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition Out June 25th

Hi everyone. After a lot of hard work from the team at Evolution Studios, I’m pleased to announce that we are making the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition available to all PlayStation Plus members starting on Thursday, June 25th.

We’ve spent a long time preparing for this launch after some difficult and unexpected set-backs. To make absolutely certain that all players have the smoothest and most stable experience possible we are going to be duly cautious about how we release the game this time around.

Driveclub on PS4

Starting on Thursday, all PlayStation Plus members can download Driveclub PS Plus Edition and begin playing the offline mode. Also starting Thursday, we will be rolling out online access to the Driveclub PS Plus Edition and will steadily bring more and more players online while continuously ensuring that all game systems are running smoothly. We know that this might be frustrating after your extra wait already, but hope you can understand that we are taking extra precautions to protect your experience when you do get online. We want to make sure we don’t overload the servers as we invite millions of PS Plus members to download the game tomorrow.

We have to take this precaution because Driveclub connectivity is demanding for a multiplayer game, with countless ever-growing social connections across clubs, challenges, multiplayer, and hundreds of thousands of dynamic leaderboards and activity feeds.

Driveclub on PS4Driveclub on PS4

Everybody will have full access to the offline mode of the Driveclub PS Plus Edition while this is happening and we will keep you fully up to speed via with updates on access as we bring everybody online.

Thank you to everyone who has stood by Driveclub during the past year and for everyone who has accepted the extra wait for the PS Plus Edition and the companion app which will come after. The team at Evolution Studios is working incredibly hard to make Driveclub great for you, to get everyone to have fun racing in clubs and continue the evolution of the game with spectacular updates every month. I can’t wait to see all of you enjoying the game online together.

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  • The PS + Edition of Driveclub is NOT FREE, so its not for Everyone that has a PS Plus subscription.

  • The FULL GAME is now $30 USD in retail stores… This “version” not worthed the wait.

  • Where is the free version for plus members?

  • Will the game be available at midnight?

  • Thanks, Shuhei, for the continued work Sony and Evolution has put into getting this out. I think it is a very wise decision to limit the online access until you are sure the servers are ok. I’ve had DriveClub since launch, and this is by far the most improved game I have ever seen on a console. Evolution and all those involved at Sony deserve congratulations for how they picked themselves and this project up off the floor and turned it into a great racing game.

    • bombbreath… if you are the TRUE ambassador to the psn… could you please work on your spelling? i’ve been reading all your comments, to see what you have to say… since, you know… you speak for all of us, and everything… and it’s kind of embarassing. maybe hire an editor? or speech writer? thanks.. from all of us to you, for all that you do.

  • Meh, too little too late.

  • Cool! I had written this off. Looking forward to checking it out.

  • I have the full version of this game, but haven’t played it in a while. That said, I keep hearing the updates have greatly improved the game, so I’ll definitely hop back in.

    Glad to hear the PS+ version is finally launching – I guess this is a fine example for the phrase “Better late than never”.

  • So everyone’s getting the offline mode, and you’ll be “rolling out” the online functionality…couldn’t the offline mode have been provided back in October? Never really planned to play online, but now it sounds like I could have had the functionality 8-9 months ago when I actually had a mild passion for this game (you know, after the first 11 months of waiting).

    • But then not enough people would have bought it if they weren’t forced to wait almost a year for their paid demo.

      Downright shady and disappointing stuff has gone on with this game, and it’s seriously put a bad taste in my mouth. People were asking for the offline functionality back in October, but it’s only now possible? That’s borderline impossible.

  • And I guess you will have to wait for us to “enjoy the game online together” since we’re not all getting that until who knows when. Maybe this weekend, next month, 2018…can’t wait to wait for that either…

  • My main two issues for not getting this game was, in order of importance: 1) No real tracks, must race on Nurburgring, Spa, Le Mans, Laguna Seca, etc. (2) 30fps racing seemed like a joke when used to 60fps. Project Cars was the way to go… glad to finally try this out on PS+ though maybe I’ll end up buying.

  • Millions? Probably 100s. Does anyone even care about this game anymore. Plenty of other games to play. Sorry Sony you blew this one a year ago.

    • I rented the game, and it is bad…

      But if they, oh wait, I can’t really justify them treating their most loyal customers like that. I am reading above me “but don’t be a jerk” as part of the TOS. Kind of wished they would stick to that.

      It isn’t that good of a racing game, but it can be really pretty with weather effects on. The same thing they could have put out last October offline and just not realized they made a money move.

  • SHU! BEYOND! Can’t wait to try out Driveclub =D

  • No apology for the even longer delay, and the focus on creating more DLC before fulfilling your promise? I was honestly expecting the full game (Or even half) as a way to make people feel better, but if this is the case, then I don’t really care to do much online at all.

    It’s just pathetic how these fans were treated.

    • *signs as a PS Plus subscriber for the great deals even before PS4

      Initially, my download is called a “full game trial”. I don’t like that, as if I didn’t buy a PS4 at launch. If there is no trophy support, I think Sony said it would have all the trophies in the Fall of 2013, that is pretty effed up. I bought the system at launch to help them, and then they can’t even give the ghetto version of Driveclub?

      Can’t tell as it is kind of a huge download.

  • Will it be available after midnight on the east coast? What time will it be available on the 25th?

  • I see Yoshida posted this, so apparently this is Sony’s way of taking this very late launch seriously. I eventually bought the game instead of waiting… got it on sale for $30, so I figured it was at least worth that. The game was already running smooth at that point, but I am disappointing that it forces your hand to specific cars for some races. Not even a few to pick from. That wouldn’t have been so bad if we could at least make mods to the car’s handling and performance. But nope… you’re stuck. Even arcade racers allow for this. If DriveClub wants to be taken as a serious game, it needs more options. I would be happier if they went back to Motorstorm instead. At least you could pick your ride for the race, and it was way more fun. Just leave the sim style racing to GT.

  • Great news but how about those ppl who already purchased game coz they didn’t want to wait month after month of delays?!
    Are you planning something for those fans?

  • It’s now up on the PlayStation store if u use the PlayStation app

  • Why does it say “full game trial” when I download it?

    It was said that this would include the majority of trophies. I know it only contains a fraction of the cars the developer lead said, but are you backing out on trophies?

  • Wait… wait wait wait…. It’s $25!?

  • Awesome! hope the wait was worth it!

  • Only Driveclub on the PS Store for me costs $24.99…and with that (even if it’s just a technical mishap) I’ve lost all interest in this game. Shame, I really liked Evolution studios. This game however has been a disaster from start to finish, very disappointing.

    • Oh I see what’s going on. Gee, sure would have been great if you let people know the PS Plus edition is labeled ‘Full Game Trial’…that’s not going to confuse anyone or anything…only figured that out because I looked it up on the PS App instead of the PS4 store front.

    • All games have glichs’ some have more then others. Glichs come in many forms from server problems too Codding problems’ to so many other variable s. Most of the times the consumer does not even know of these problems. But believe me there are hundreds if not thousands of people working day and night to make sure your favorite game is working correctly in and off line so let’s take off are hats to all the dedicated techs who make are awesome community the best entertainment value on the planet.Its the most demanding entertainment community on the planet the PlayStation Nation. Thank you from your customer ambassador to the PSN. Gregory S. Napier PSN I’d: bombbreath Sony make.believe

  • @ yowzagabowza

    who care that they wont see a cent from you. You should keep your penny to paid your rent at end of the month (welfare check aint big remember)

    thx for the release!! im sure many will appreciate it

  • Just one question ,, this trial is the free version ?

  • How long it will take to be a dead community? I thought the game was already dead… I guess the newcomers will resurrect the servers? Me and my PS4 can’t care less about this… My HDD is full with other better games.

  • Thanks for sticking with it Shu and Evolution Studios. DRIVECLUB is a great game, and I hope that people not too blinded by their own immaturity give this a chance and enjoy it. DRIVECLUB has gotten way more flack than it deserves, and I hope you know that there are many customers out there that truly enjoy and appreciate the game. Here’s hoping for DRIVECLUB 2!

  • I can’t wait to download this today!

  • Big thanks to all who have been working day and night to fullfill this promise and dream of the makers and devs involved in this ultimate social game experience to PlayStation plus. This will mark as a grand promise at launch of the PS4 as complete. PlayStation family and friends applaud the PSN everyday for its greatness. This is truly a stand alone entertainment system for all ages.:-)we are the best in entertainment. Thank you all for your patience. Start your engines drivers and prepare for the ultimate social raceing experience. Thank you from your customer ambassador to the PSN Gregory S. Napier PSN;:I’d bombreath Sony make.believe any? Drop me a line. Happy gaming :-)

  • P.S. see you on race day today:-) This is going to be a greatness day.

  • Wow I’ve never seen such ignorance in my life you got 1 fool speaking he can’t afford games, then how did you buy a 400 dollar console? First of all if you have plus you get many games for free no other console does that so now Sony has to listen to a bunch of spoiled brats whine and cry and moan about everything. They have sales every single week I missed BFH at launch and got it for 30 bucks try and get these deals anywhere else you won’t anyways Driveclub is a pure racer and yeah it’s been a bumpy ride lol but it’s a fun and challenging racer I’ve owned it since day 1 and still play it I love it if you crybaby’s dont like what you get for free then get the full game for 25 bucks stop being cheap skates and waiting for everything to be handed to you MAN UP

  • Wait…Some people are actually mad about this?

  • i know I’m late and probably won’t get an answer but i will try. I thought this was supposed to be free. i just checked the store. unless it has not updated yet? Is this not the game that was supposed to be free on launch and was called drive club plus addition just like this one??

  • Thank you Yoshida-san!
    The waiting has been brutal, especially in the early days. Which led into weeks, then months, until ttoday. From being told that on the day the PS4 comes out, you can play Driveclub Online w/ friends, racing AND creating clubs EXCITING!!

    As with many, I’d rather you get it right on all aspects and then release it, than releasing a buggy, glitching, lose connection time and again piece of crap. Like this did originally.

    Thank You and Best of Luck w/ the roll-out

  • So when is it going live? I have not found the so called “Free” version.

  • word. i dont see version.gonna download the full game demo for now. post a link to it!

  • Is there a reason why I can only download a demo of Driveclub, and not the PS Plus version?

  • The game is live now I just set it on my dl list hopefully when I get home it will be updated and ready to go.

  • It is not free, but I am happy it is here, but this could affect next month’s free games lineup. We could be getting 6 indies again or what not thanks to the amount of money that Sony had to pay for to make this game’s PS Plus edition possible, and since they did a triple A game this month with Metal Gear on Ps4, they might be cutting back on triple A games and AA for more indies for a few months. Just letting everyone know as this could make you upset for next month’s games.

    • ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

      Something the is going to make people upset is when they find out what games XBONE is giving for free in July !!!


  • 14GB download! No thanks! I’ve already went through 2 and half HDDs with huge digital downloads.

  • Glad to see this finally see the light of day after all of this time.
    Does anyone know if this will include all of the weather effects? That, IMO, makes the game look next gen…more so than anything else I’ve seen in this game.

    Also, I kind of figured Sony would have just made the full DriveClub a Plus freebie since its been so long and also because it’s selling new for $25ish. It’s become a budget title.

  • lol at you Sony; after all this time of waiting, and you end up giving us a “FULL GAME TRIAL” ??? it’s insulting to us, you ****ed it up!!!

  • I downloaded and played the PS+ edition yesterday. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The game plays great, the weather effects and graphics are incredible and the multi-player community (so far) has to be some of the best I’ve raced against. So many times with racing games you’ll have those that just try to go out of their way to wreck everyone and thus ruin the online experience. Out of the early games I played, I saw none of that so kudos to those I raced against/with. I plan on buying the full upgrade next week once I exhaust the starting the content. Great game and worth the wait in my opinion.

    • you got into multiplayer already? good for u. i wonder what “rolling it out little by little” means… are we chosen at random? well… i’m envious. and i second all your comments, except for the online part, which i can’t speak to, since i’m still locked out of that part.

  • I bought the game at launch with the PS + discount that was available at that time last Fall.

    I’ve loved playing the game and still play it very often.

    Not sure how everyone is upset as it’s free…yes a Timed Trial…but hey…since it came out last Fall, it’s only around $25 for the game….so not sure all the complaints..

    It’s a great game in my own opinion.

  • thanks for the demo when you guys announced before ps4 launch that the the full game would be free for ps+ members… offline line mode only? much fun?

    and the graphics are actually not that great, forza looks way better, it’s a jaggy 30fps racer.

  • The ps plus version is just a game trial? I am a plus subscriber and thats the only thing available.

  • Calling BS on Plus Edition!

    The Platinum Trophy is not obtainable, you can not race or participate in Challanges unless you Upgrade…
    Trophy – Unbeatable: Win 5 of your own Solo Challenges after sending them that least one other player.

    The trophy title says it all. This game is annoying.

  • unable to connect with server at this time… i see that statement in my sleep. i’m so sick of online gaming. i don’t understand how some developers can pull it off with no problem, but it’s becoming fewer and fewer. you would think this would get better, over time, not worse.

  • oh look another crappy “free game” that comes with my PAID subscription

  • Great game,

    It’s freeeeeeeeeee.

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